Organizational Design Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Organizational Design Assignment Sample

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The concept of organization is very much important to align the structure of the organization with its aim, policies, and objectives. A stable organizational design can make a company more stable and efficient. Currently, most organizations focus on types of organizational designers to make their companies more stable. Fore types of organizational structures are functional, divisional, matrix structures, and autarchy. The main objective of this report is to identify the whole concept of organization design, and the characteristics of organization design. The impact of different factors on organization engines is also discussed in this portion of the study.


This study is very much useful, with the help of this study organizations can solve certain types of management-related problems. Most of cases, established organizations use the bureaucratic type of organizational design to run their organization. With the help of the study, the basic characteristics of bureaucratic organizational design can be understood. The importance of span control of departmentalization and structural and behavioral effects of the organizations can be understood with the help of this report. The critical role of advanced Technologies is also discussed in this report.

To understand the overall concept of organizational design, the main principles of organizational design need to be understood. Transparency of Organizational design can help the management team of an organization to the division the work among the labor force, play all responsibility, and united the management team. Stabilization of the whole hierarchy is possible with the help of organizational design.

A stabilized organizational design can improve the work efficiency of an organization. According to the current scenario, modern organizations currently focus on Horizontal organizational design, apart from that Contemporary Designs, Network Designs are followed to make the Organization more stable and effective. After the Global pandemic Mini organization follow the virtual organizational designs to run the organization. In the Overall scenario, it can be concluded that organizational designs help to make the decision faster and multiply business in different locations. According to Schoerling and Zlobin (2019), It is also important to improve the mode of communication in every layer of the organization. A better model of organizational design can help to reduce employee conflict and boost the performance of employees. In an overall scenario performance of the bottom line of a company is improved by implementing the correct type of organizational design. The efficiency of that organization is to improve drastically in long term.


The concept of organizational designs and structures is very much required to make a business successful. The idea of organizational design is introduced in an organization to increase productivity, and communication and inspire innovations. organizational designs are the key to retaining relationships with the management team of an organization and it helps to manage relations with the public. According to Schoerling and Zlobin (2019), the background of organizational designs depends on a couple of things. It provides financial stability, helps to understand communities' needs, and provides improved communications within the organization.

Currently, many organizations focus on organizational designs for the development of culture and character. organizational designs can be created via many steps. organizational structure initially recognized by Chester Barnard. According to him, the organizational structure is the coordinated activity of two or more people. The structure that is defined by Chester Barnard is based on the bureaucratic style of design. In the opinion of Gale (2018), Organizational structure depends on different types of theory. Modern Theoretical Foundation is one of the famous organizational designs. organizational designs of Modern Theoretical Foundation on different factors. Another important concept in the context of organizational design is organizational learning. organizational learning is consisting of a couple of facts. System learning, cultural facilitating learnings, presences of tensions.

To improve the organizational conditions management team of the organization need to work constantly on the organizational design and organizational structure. Organizational structure makes the business easier to run. President is stand at the topmost position of an organization the higher after the president vice-president is the second most important aspect of an organization followed by the managers. After the manager's employees come. For the larger organizations, the post of the president can be divided into many parts. Organizations can set different presidents for different sections of organizations. Managers can be appointed to check the quality, and quality of manufactured products, control the sales of the products or manage the workforce of an organization. The span of control is depending on the quality of the work. Ie is expected the implementations of advanced technologies can be every more effective to make an organization more functional. In some cases, an organization can appoint many managers for a particular section of the organization.


The main topic of this report is organizational design and the importance of that concept in the context of managing a business. Bureaucratic forms of organizations are discussed in this report to evaluate the whole topic. Bureaucratic organizations are very much complex in structure and are mainly used by government agencies and commercial businesses.

Figure 1: Bureaucratic forms of organizations

(Source: Influenced by Dahlvik 2018)

Some key features of bureaucratic organizations are discussed to understand and the importance of such types of concepts is also discussed in this portion of the study.

  • After the implementation of bureaucratic types of rules within an organization, a higher degree of differentiation can be observed within the functionality of an organization.
  • A higher degree of job specialization can be observed within the work p[laces after implementing such kinds of strategies within the organization.
  • A heavy emphasis is given to all the rules ar regulations within the organization.
  • Selection and promotions of manufacturing goods occur based on merits.

Implementation of such types of concepts can be very much beneficial to an organization. First of all, employees get more confidence in the company, and job security and job satisfaction increase, improvement in accountability occurred within the company. According to Dahlvik (2018), chances of success increase automatically. Apart from lots of benefits, some frequent problems can be observed within a bureaucracy. A higher level of frustration can be observed. According to a survey, which is baked on Taiwan Customs, 95 employees are not happy out of 330 employees.

Departmentalization is a key concept within Bureaucratic forms of organizations, Departmentalization can be divided into three different stages. The first one is Functional Departmentalization, where expertise is taken from a group of individuals. The second type of Departmentalization is products Departmentalization and the third type of Departmentalization is service Departmentalization. Apart from bureaucratic organizational structure, another important type of organizational structure is Matrix Organization Structure.

Figure 2: Matrix Organization Structure

(Sources: Influenced by Prasad, 2020)

In the case of Matrix Organization Structure, an organization is operated by multiple leaders. A better model of communication is established among the business and organizations to create more innovations regarding the products and services. A lot of advantages can be enjoyed by implanting such types of concepts within organizations. Collaboration between different groups becomes easier as every layer of the organization becomes equally functional. New skills can be developed by employees more easily. Rem members and employees can maintain their roles more easily. Focusing on the matrix type of structure by the management team can be very much beneficial in long run. Companies can earn a lot of benefits from such types of management procedures.

Currently, many organizations implement different types of rotational design. The Foremost attractive and interesting types of organizational design are Horizontal Organizations design, Contemporary Organizations Designs, Network Organizations Designs, and Virtual Organization Designs. According to Prasad (2020), horizontal Organizations design is a basic type of organizational design, where the organization does not consist of many layers. The working process of the organization is very much simple. Contemporary Organizational Design is a more complex type of structure than Horizontal Organization design. Such type of structure is consisting of a team structure, project structure, and matrix structure. Network Organizations Designs is also a complex type of structure where the structure is depending upon different types of factors. The last concept is Virtual Organization design, where the whole organization depends on a virtual medium. According to Wood and MacLeod (2018), it is a very new concept. Mainly after the pandemic situations, many organizations implement such types of concepts. Although this concept is very new but has great potential. Many organizations might focus on this type in the future.

Relevance and application

An organization's design is a strategic tool to manage an organization. Management of an organization and stability of an organization is depending upon the organization's design. Some of the key aspects are discussed below where an organization's design helps and the organization retains its functionality.

The environment changes: A proper mode of organizational design can be very much beneficial for an organization as it helps to change the environment of the whole business. In most cars, environmental change can help to stabilize the workforce and bring more functionality to the business.

Development of new strategies: In many cases, an organization new to changes its strategies to re-establish itself in the market. The structure and design of an organization play an important role in this regard. For example, during a pandemic situation, organizations need to change other strategies to make the organization functional.

In the context of the Philippines, the public governance runs in the republic with a presidential form. Most organizations in the Philippines focus on Bureaucratic forms of management. Which is relatively different from the other Asian organizations? In the country, most businesses focus on the Bureaucratic form of organizational control because of the success rate. Implementations of such types of organizational design can make the organizations more specialized. Job satisfaction increased gradually. According to Wood and MacLeod (2018), rules and producers are controlled in a more specific way. But in the case of another Asian country, the system is very much different.

According to the Bureaucratic form of organizational control, managers and the employees are the main pillars of the organization. At the top positions, things are controlled by the managers. A manager's post can be differentiated by many sections. Tope level of managers stands at the top positions. After that middle-level manager's standees in the structure of pyramids. After that first level of managers are standing in the structure of the organization. Bottom positions are occupied by employees. Although employees are the most important aspect of an organization. Members fall according to the post. The number of employees is higher and the number of individuals decreases as we move to the top portions of organizations.

Bureaucracy style of management can have a lot of benefits. Most important benefit i that the presents of definite rules. Definite rules can help to manage the workforce of an organization. Things become easier to guide and supervise. According to Rich (2019), organized in the recent time in the Philippines focused on such type of organizational design to grow their organizations in the local as well as in the internal, market. Respect for the employee is gradually strawed with such kinds of controls within the organizations. The potential dynamic of the Bureaucracy style of the magnet is discussed below.

Figure 3: Structure of Bureaucratic forms of organizations

(Source: Influenced by Rich, 2019)

Departmentalization is important in any organization. Functional departmentalization is one of the most important types of Departmentalization, apart from that Product departmentalization and service departmentalization is there. Many companies in the Philippines getting successful after implementing such kinds of strategies in the business. The introduction of advanced technologies might help in this regard. The structure of departmentalization is required to run an organization. The structure of the organization's department is given below.

Concluding remarks

Adopting a stable organizational design is the key to making a business successful. In the context of the study, the Philippines applies a bureaucratic type of organization style to grow the business. First of all understanding f the characteristics of the business is very important. Universal design is another important aspect in this context. In the opinion of Walden (2019), understanding modern organizational structure can make the business very smooth. Although the business process in the Philippines is a little different compared to other Asian country, the success rate is not that bad. The main benefit is that different businesses in the Philippines can adopt different types of organizational styles according to the market requirement.

Understanding the topics can be effective to divide the labor within a business according to the requirement. Expert individuals can be set in definite positions according to requirements. Hierarchy can be controlled in a more controlled way. Businesses become more flourishing when the organizations get more stability in their position. It can be expected that more organizations in the Philippines focus on different types of organizational design to make the business more successful. Diversification of the workforce and establishing current people in current positions is the key to becoming successful in any kind of business.

Understanding of universal design is another very important key outcome of this study. Universal design is such a kind of design, which is based on advanced technologies. Currently, many organizations around the world focus on universal design to manage the principal of the business. According to Limburg (2019), training of employees and implementation s of technologies in a current way is the key to making the business successful and effective. effectiveness and accuracy are automatically improved as an organization decides to focus on technologies to improve the bottom line of the company. Division of the work can be done more effectively as organizations focus on universal designs.

A well-planned organizational design can be effective to stabilize the department of organizations. It is effective, especially in the case of multiple-layer organizations. Departmentalization can make the business less complex and companies can gather feedback very easily from the employees to improve the functionality of the organizations. Departmentalization can be divided into many parts, those are Product departmentalization, territorial departmentalization, customer departmentalization, and matrix departmentalization. Understanding each type of departmentalization is important to run the organization and get the inside of the organization. Such understanding in long run can improve the profit margin of the organizations very effectively.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that organizations with proper planning are more prone to become successful in the business. According to current situations, adaptions to specific types of organizational design are the key to becoming successful in the business. In the context of this study where more focus is on the Bureaucratic forms of organizations, making common choices for most of the company. It is expected that in the future more companies might become aware of such concepts and implement such concepts in organizations to make them more effectively functional.


This report is about the organization's design. Different type of concepts has been discussed in this study to understand this concept. With the help of this management team, a company can able to make an organization more functional and efficient. Applications and implementations are probably the most important aspect of this study. Different organizations rely on different types of organizational design. Currently, most organizations focus on Bureaucratic forms of organizations. If the management team of organizations takes the right stripe and chose the correct types of organizational design can gain a lot of benefits. Profit margin and growth of the organizations gradually increased.


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