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Introduction of Practical Video Skill Analysis Assignment

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Practical video learning skills would help to improve the counseling performances and capabilities with critical analysis. I have acknowledged many things about the video learning skills and aspects regarding cognitive and structural learning. “British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy” or BACP provides psychotherapy including counseling, coaching, pastoral therapy, etc to cope with the critical situation of the patients admitted for the therapeutic needs to come up from depression, frustration, anxiety, etc. I have watched the video from the beginning to the end and understood and the counseling method would help to recover from the psychological disorder and start to live a happy and lively life. Learning and discussing can help to understand the overall motive of the video learning skills and I have followed each and every aspect in details so that it can help to feel the temperament of the conversation and how the counselor has asked questions, body language, motive, etc facts would help in analyzing the video with detailed treatment.


The analysis section of the report would help to determine the critical aspects of video learning skills and how a counselor can effectively utilize communication strategy for recognizing the issues properly. Learning and discussing may assist to comprehend the overall objective of the video learning skills, and I have followed each and every component in depth so that it can help to feel the temperament of the discussion and how the counselor has asked questions, body language, motive, and so on.

Rogers' approach is rooted in humanism psychology that holds that humans indeed have an inbuilt proclivity for improvement, progress, and better mental health (McHenry et al. 2022). These concepts had a significant impact on Rogers' “client-centered” treatment and MI or “Motivational interviewing”. Both Rogers' treatments as well as MI, in particular, are client-centered strategies to counseling. According to Rogers, the “client-centered” method entails many fundamentals: First and foremost, it indicates a critical role for the customer. Counselors engage the individual as a collective as well and don't really limit their involvement towards the issue behavior; the problem is viewed through the customers' eyes. Counselors therefore concentrate on how patients feel situations instead of on the absolute realities that events elicit. Likewise, MI is indeed a cooperative effort that highlights the participant’s current objectives and issues. I would go through the concepts and mindsets found both in “MI and Rogers' client-centered treatment”, as well as discuss research evidence just on curative benefits of all of such sentiments (Coyne et al. 2018). The capabilities and effectiveness of the learning components can assist me in comprehending how interaction and conversation aid in the development of structured learning abilities. I have learnt many things from learning capabilities and person centered reflection and also how an effective learning method would help in evaluating criticality of analyzing a counseling session. The strategic approaches of listening and comprehending can also help to increase cognitive learning. Comparative study would help in developing my critical thinking abilities as the video content has provided adequate learning aspects including Visualization, Audible, and Communicating techniques in an attempt to conduct a counseling session. Listening is the most important component of our case, and I have concentrated very hard on it. Proper listening can assist to increase learning capacities, as well as the capabilities and performance of conducting a counseling session from start to finish.

Such a learning method would help to demonstrate the criticality of any subject matter as visualization can help to depict the discussion properly. “To perceive the patient's personal history as though it were his own, but without ever losing the 'as if' aspect,” Rogers defined empathy in this way. He considers genuine sympathy to be a crucial counseling ability within his “client-centered” strategy (Prebay et al. 2019). Rogers did, in fact, devote a significant amount of time to the research of empathy. I have also learnt a huge amount about the person centered theory which may help to increase the client accommodation within any business too.

I have also learnt many aspects regarding the video content analyzing considering sound, voice tone, personal behavior, attitudes, etc that may help in building cognitive learning capabilities. Listening and thinking are crucial factors in this scenario since they help to illustrate the validity of the debate and to get to the root of the problem (Xu et al. 2019). My personal skills also improved a lot throughout the analysis and thus it may facilitate personal growth, skill and performance.


The reflection section describes the personal perception of video learning skills and how the effectiveness depends on the attitude of the questioning and criticality of the aspects. This report would aid in describing the whole exhibition of video learning abilities, counseling style, elements, and ethos, as well as how the counselor gets closer to the patient's difficulties. A detailed explanation can assist in identifying the concerns in their whole, allowing the counselor to advise on the most appropriate and appropriate method for resolving the important circumstance. Effective communication can help to determine the core concepts of the counseling and how this can help in changing patients’ motivation towards diluting cognitive difficulties.

In this case of the coursework, I have to put in a lot of effort in order to understand the criticality of the learning model. I have also known the method of learning from the video analysis. The skills and performance of the learning aspects can help me in understanding how communication and discussion assist to develop structural learning abilities (Heriani, 2022). Cognitive learning can also be improved from the strategic methods of listening and understanding. Listening is the main aspect in this case and I have focused vigorously in this case. Proper listening would help to improve the learning abilities and further it will improve the capabilities and performance of conducting a counseling session from beginning to end.

Throughout the discussion I have followed the body language of the patient who sometimes feels hesitance during confessing her problems and this would justify how effective the change of motive would help to comprehend the conversation. I have also learnt from the voice tone of the patient that she was quite in a tough position and affected her personal life to a great extent. In case of structural learning of any interviewing method or any counselling session, the most compounded thing would be to highlight the motive of the conversation and in this case the motive was confounded in identifying Lilly's problems and issues. The organization has helped a lot in surviving such patients who are in mental distress and psychological influences. Effective counselling methods would help us to understand the communication style, compactness of the questions, frequency of the voice tone and attitudes that help in building personal and professional skills (Messina et al. 2018). Being a trainer of the BACP, I have assigned the proper ways of preparing practical contents so that the grassroot level application can be achieved. By analyzing the video to its depth, I have come to know that the learning skills can be enhanced by improving listening and thinking ability. Cognitive learning can be empowered through the method of visualize content analysis and I have also gained my personal skills and cognitive learning abilities discussing the video content.


The conclusion section of this report would help to describe the overall demonstration regarding video learning skills, counseling technique, aspects, and ethos and how the counselor gets closer to the issues of the patient, Lilly Wright. Detailed description can help to identify the issues to its depth and therefore, the counselor can advise proper and adequate technique to get rid of the critical situation. I have followed every single moment of the interview sessions and each question concerned with the problem statement of Lilly in an attempt to identify the difficulties and challenges that she is facing now. Many things concerning video learning skills and components of cognitive and structural learning have been recognized by me. I watched the video clip from beginning to end and understood how the counseling approach would assist in recovering from the psychological disease and began to live a joyful and active life. Throughout the communication, the counselor questioned numerous questions of identifying the mishaps and problems of Lilly. Proper communication can help to recognize the problem statement rightly and this would help to take right action in time.

Analyzing the counseling artifacts and concepts, in this case of describing Lilly’s problems, may help to enhance the skills of counseling knowledge or how a counselor effectively asks questions in order to determine the patient’s facts and mindset. Listening is an important fact in this case as this would help to demonstrate the actuality of the discussion and would help to derive the problem facts to its core.

Skills and efficacy can also be increased through the process of evaluating a person centered learning style that was introduced by Carl Roger. This learning style would help to develop the structural learning method by improving the cognitive and critical thinking ability.



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