Professional Skills for Business and Finance Assignment Question And Answer

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“What is Academic Plagiarism and why is academic integrity relevant to professionalism in a Business Environment? ”

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Academic plagiarism can be understood as using some one’s or one’s own prior work to be represented as a fresh source to a reader, hence deceiving the reader through appropriation of phrases and words. Usually, plagiarism is detected when four or more than four words are similar to a text that has been published or reported earlier without quotation marks. This can even take place when the reference to the original work is absent (Tremayne and Curtis, 2021). As it undermines the whole discipline of scholarly entities, it is a significant issue that impedes assessment and review critical expression drawn by the plagiarist. This paper focuses on highlighting key aspects of authenticity of a scholarly article and how plagiarism distorts academic integrity which is significant for upholding professionalism in a business environment.

Significance of academic integrity

Academic integrity is imperative in learning and developing one’s rationality and thought process. Following are some common aspects of its significance.

Liberty to own ideas

 To steal someone’s ideas or opinions impede growth of one’s own ability to curate new ideas. When academic integrity is ensured throughout the academic work, the idea can be credited to the writer’s mind and he will be motivated when the idea is acknowledged by the assessor.


When the writer maintains academic integrity, transparency of the work is ensured and it becomes the authentic source for further discussion and use for next level research work. The assessor and the reader are well-informed about the originality of the work and therefore they can trust the diligence and efforts of the writer (Abbas et al., 2021).

Originality of critical expression

It becomes easy to comprehend the thought process of the writer and attribute the criticism drawn by the writer to his own diligence and thought process. It becomes easier for the reader to connect with the writer assessing the originality of the thought process of the writer (Guerrero-Dib,, Portales, and Heredia-Escorza, 2020).

Fostering learning and understanding

True education can be characterized by academic integrity of the academic writer. If a person steals ideas and words of other scholars or forgets to give due credits, he is likely to falter in future due to ineffective learning and understanding (Chankova, 2020).

Ethical consideration

Ethical consideration is as much ignored as much; it is vital for one’s inner growth and peace. Ethically, stealing someone’s work or not giving due credit is an offense where the original writer does not get appreciated for his ideas and therefore remains oblivious of the results of his work (Tremayne and Curtis, 2021).

Relevance to business environment

Confidence in one’s skills

Business environment is dynamic and therefore, management of resources and operations is highly influenced by skills of human resources. When the person is doubtful and not confident in his skills because he didn’t maintain academic integrity while learning, he will not add to the performance of the business and might hinder the existing process and framework by giving ineffective ideas or applying wrong models at the wrong time. Sometimes,even when the person is well-equipped with knowledge, doubtfulness might exist due to lack of application in academic writing and getting assessed for it to work on shortcomings (Amzalag, Shapira, and Dolev, 2021).

Conceptualization and analyzation

To understand complex situations and dilemmas in a business environment, academic integrity while writing academic papers is imperative. For instance, an individual knows various models and its application but does not understand what elements to include in that model or what does the outcome imply for the business, analysis and conceptualization will get ineffective or adversely effected (Guerrero-Dib,, Portales, and Heredia-Escorza, 2020).

Inculcating values

Business values cannot be ignored while upholding the main objective of the business which is to earn profit and grow in the market. It is observed that unethical practices such as dishonest disposition, infringement, theft can land the business in some serious troubles. Academic integrity inculcates a sense of ethical code of conduct in the individual that helps him to sustain as a trustworthy employee and prove to be a reliable resource for the business (Abbas et al., 2021).

Coping up with dynamics

There are going to emerge different challenges that might exhort the individual to make tough decisions, while maintaining academic integrity, the individual will get well-equipped with critical thinking and wide variety of solutions for different kinds of problems that will help him cope with dynamics of the business environment (Chankova, 2020).

Abiding by the Rules

All businesses have a certain set of rules which make the framework stringent and the expectation from each employee is high regarding abiding by these rules at any cost. For example, employees are expected not to let out crucial affairs of the company to any outsider.

If the employee is lured by any outsider to leak the information, he might do it. But if the person was motivated while doing his academic work for the originality of the work and academic integrity, he will know the consequences of not abiding by rules and losing his image (Amzalag, Shapira, and Dolev, 2021).

Business etiquettes

There are certain etiquettes in the business field that you learn only when your foundation is intact and you are familiar with certain notions of the business world. You learn to respect your work and create your image by putting in efforts in your job so that a higher standard of performance is achieved. When you put in the efforts, your work turns out to be more qualitative because of its originality and newness of ideas (Chankova, 2020).


It is quite clear from the above report that plagiarism is a serious issue in the academic world and it impedes the learning and the growth of the budding scholar. Plagiarism can cause serious issues while assessing someone’s diligence and efforts and producing faulty outcomes. Academic integrity is vital for sustaining in the business environment as it has its set of rules and a certain code of conduct expected from the individual that can be influenced by the practice of academic integrity


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