Promoting global health and wellbeing in public health practice Assignment Sample

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Promoting global health and wellbeing in public health practice Assignment


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Global health is important because global health is preferred to the health system of the world or worldwide. Although it can also be said that there is no single standard or proper definition of the health of an individual. Global health is considered about the factors that are determined about the health and its issues which are directly related to the health status of an individual according to the world health organisation (WHO) promoting global health and its wellbeing is most relevant. The world faces different global problems that are then measured by the mental, physical, as well as it's focused on the social well-being of an individual

Global health mainly deals with some problems like it has to control infectious diseases as well as it provides the proper infrastructure to the healthcare system globally. It also increases the interconnected health system that includes more nations as well as it also includes international organizations. It also deals with the medicines and public health that are needed in the development that focuses on the public goods. Some important keywords are directly related to global health, such as belief in global perspective, multi-level approaches as well as developing health policies.

Part A: A plan for a public health intervention

Global priorities are interrelated to each other. It is important to emphasize prevention at the popular level; it also helps in improving the worldwide health structure. It assesses the health care services as it improves the quality of health care globally, this mainly focused on the public attention and health policies that realize the burden of illnesses as well as it improves the self-worth. That mainly reports the global priorities like global health security as well as it controls HIV tuberculosis and it’s preventing also from malaria (Theobald et al.2018). The main priority of the health system includes wellbeing in relation to healthcare that involves the improve the hospitals and it also change the optimal configuration of health system that is very subjective to the wellbeing that protects the people from the physical illness that derived from the source primary care.

The primary priorities of the health care to strengthen the health system hospital and community services that mainly conclude community services, as well as reconciliation servies, are also provided with the cost of containment such global priorities are mention here they are  Global health security this mainly includes the existence and also help to restore and improve the public health system that prevent from the detect the infection as well as it helps to recover the disease that is mainly spread and communicable that become a treat for the country like the UK and globally change the health structure like the deadly virus COVID that affect the whole world and become an infectious threat to the people all over the world. Then global health security system provides protection towards that it also provides vaccines as well as provide medicines (Gostin et al.2020). It helps to prevent the treat another health priorities are preventing from diseases like tuberculosis and malaria this mainly deals with the threat to global public health and undermine the development in many resources that mainly highlight the challenges that overcome the disease at the global level. it can be found that HIV is the diseases that is the most serious challenge in the socio-economic development for the individual in the society as well as its impact on the global health. The global health system is developing the new strategies for this disease to control the spread of these diseases.

Another global health priority is about the Women and children this is very important to the global health structure to protect and provide antenatal care to pregnant women. This is related to the birth that needs time management that is very important to the would-be mother as well as the newborn for their better health that makes the difference between the life and death proper care as well as medicine and the proper nutritious chart for both the child and mother are very important globally. They mainly focus on the maternal newborn globally this also helps to end malnutrition and hunger. Another global priority is to prevent from cardiovascular disease and cancer this is very challenging for the global health care because these are the diseases that kill more people globally than any other disease. This is the disorder function in blood vessels and heart hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading causes over 10 million of people globally according to the research it is found every year peoples got affected by this disability

 disability globally that affect the global health system

Source: (Sallis et al.2020)

The above picture shows the relevant report that the disability like cancer and cardiac problem, heart attack, and HIV are the problems that affect the global health structure. Due to this NHPA provides or has taken the initiative to control health problems, injury prevention, and control mental problems that cause hypertension causes heart disease, diabetes. About the half of the people in the UK have faced the problem or are affected by the heart problems. According to the research, it is found that high blood pressure that causes heart problems, as well as this, is caused due to the in taking of high calories in food and consumption of wine as well as smoking this causes some risk factors that cannot be controlled if it comes from the family history. due to all this history of global health try to prevent this disability by providing proper care to the health structure new medicines as well as treatment as been used for this type of problems.

 Global priority in health and well being include the proper surveillance as well as it provides better workshops and well trained the healthcare unit work on the rapid growth in public health growth laboratory, providing emergency responses to the patient using innovative techniques and making proper decision-making hubs as well as it also works on establishing the proper health services with WHO in the worldwide (Sallis et al.2020). Their main aim is to focus on improving health equity for all people this also works on different infectious diseases and their prevention control outpaces the international health aid. good health also depends on the surrounding that increases the support to mental health that provide good sleep release the tension as well as it provides the suggestion to deal with the stress sometimes family and good friend circle also decrease the health issues and overcome the difficulties that also helps in solving the menstrual trauma that focused on the well beings attitude as well as change the health state release positive impact in health as well as number of children deaths has been cuts into half ensure worldwide good health promote a healthy lifestyle and also include good efficient healthcare for everyone. Good health creates human happiness and develops for progress in the well being contribute different perspective in global health and develop the well being

Epidemiology in medical science mainly state about the study that focused on the incidence and distribution of the diseases that spread worldwide and influenced the spread of severity of the disease, as well as the main aim of epidemiology, is to control the diseases this study about the diseases like it involve the two diseases like communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases this is the two major branches of the epidemiology this involves the study about the diseases in a large population that mainly include the health disease condition it also monitors the infection diseases this also affected the other problem in the public health agencies that include the public health workers that investigate the pattern and cause of the disease and technology that include the two diseases like communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases here it will discuss about the epidemiology of communicable diseases state that the diseases that occur in the population that also helped to find out the origin of the diseases that helped top understand the whole diseases and its impact . This information control helped to gather and control the spread of the diseases and prevent it from a future outbreak. 

Epidemiology in communicable disease helped in the classification that is mainly based on the mode of transmission that helps us to know from where it is spreading that mainly include the diseases that come from water such as waterborne diseases, air-bone diseases, foodborne diseases, or vector bone diseases(Wickramage et al.2018). That mainly prevents the control of and that are measures from the diseases that helps to take proper steps that are required to control the diseases. Communicable diseases in epidemiology mainly focused on the factors such as components like population: which mainly helps to know about the epidemiology that helps us to get the exact spread of the diseases as well as it helps us to know about the diseases affected on the population. It also studies about the Frequency  that mainly states the effect of the diseases or the virus-like Covid and also tells us about the measures it is basically a quantitative science another point it is basically related to the distribution  it mainly states about the distribution of the diseases that mainly deal with the spread of diseases that is likely to the places, time and persons this help to classify the places where the diseases it spreads more another study is the relevant to the determines this mainly detect the factors that are relative to the factors that help to understand the person from where the persons get the diseases this is very important factors of communicable disease that spread from one person to another this factors are very important to prevent the diseases this mainly evaluate the strategies that guide the management to solve the affected cases that are globally spread through contacts such as COVID that also help to find out from whom the disease have developed . such as in the time of COVID this mainly help to gather information about the information about the virus and it also finds out the steps to control future outbreaks it also helps to control the contacts by finding out from where it is spreading without the information the treatment cant be stated that helps to gather the information of the sources. This way this also prevents diseases like chickenpox similar to Flu or any other communicable disease is detected from the epidemiology.

 Similarly, epidemiology also helps in non-communicable diseases that involves two known about the risk factor that is huge information about the diseases that is related to the prevention of the diseases as well as it helps to know and gather knowledge about the invention of the reduce the burden of the disease that also help to synthesis’ individual studies and help to involve in the public policies that are the measurement required to cure the help to endanger the civilization as well as it also helps to guide the management how to deal with it diseases as well as it investigates the public health that include the host, environment as well as developed the agent that mainly deals with the risk factor that can be affected the person by the result in long term health consequences that needed long term cure and care that mainly affected the process of breeding in non-communicable diseases like cancer if it does not have a proper information of this diseases the treatment cannot be start that the process of cure is not possible so before dealing with the diseases it is needed to focus on the information. These are the factors that are considered while detecting and information and gathering knowledge of the diseases that affect to the treatment that is relevant for measuring the impact of diseases by epidemiology it applied to both communicable as well as to the non communicable.

Part B: public health intervention programmer addressing global health

 Public health programs that affected global health that will be discussed over here that mainly discussed about the improvement of mental and physical health as well as mental health globally. Public health can be both public as well as private common types of invention include both screening programs as well as health promotion

that mainly include the common issues that are obesity, alcohol, drug as well as it also includes supplements that are needed for public health intervention to provide food, water, nutrients like that reduce the other diseases and deficiency they also provide camps to make the public aware about the camps as well as that make them aware about the proper diet that they should take for being healthy. The implementation that is required for global health that are monitoring this tell us about the function of monitoring it is mainly done before executing any plan related to public health this is the key effective of implementation that is required for global health. This is considered as the process of development. another step that is Evaluating this mainly deals with the number of programs that is benefiting from the making policies regarding the global health this is better to understand the term and conditions that are made for the stakeholders that also helps to know about the scenario that is possible to know about the disease structure how to evaluate the prevention process that helps to understand limited treads that change every day like in COVID situation. Another step that is important is research this also helps to understand the positive impact of the research that has been done before implanting any project(Jensen et al.2018). That helps to get the answer to the question that has been done while doing this research about the public health care or health structure that is called the research community that is done for the betterment of the health structure. Another implementation is done before executing any program is Improvise that is mainly done to achieve the target goal and strengthen the program if this is focused on the right steps that help to learn the findings as well as it helps to identify the mistake that has been made for executing any plan under global health. Another point is the repeat this mainly helps to understand the research that has been done before the project any plant that creates sufficient solution for any program. So there should be no repetition on implanting new ideas that are made for global health.


 Here in this research work will work on the global health that promote public health care any here it also discussed about the relation of the health care priority of the own country, here in this research works on the health and well being of the health care structure globally. It also promotes the role of epidemiology and its effect on communicable diseases as well as in non-communicable diseases here it also states about the implementation program taht has been done in promoting a new program for the global health invention program. this all has been discussed above in this report.



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