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Report on Effective Communication Assignment Sample

Introduction of Report on Effective Communication Assignment

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1. CV


Contact details:


Personal profile statement:

An adaptable, responsible and motivated graduate second for a position in the recreational department that will use all professional skills developed while working in other companies. I have acquired a customer focus approach which can help me meet the satisfaction level of the customers.

Career objectives:

Academic details:

Professional details:



Declaration: All the above information provided here is accurate and best of my knowledge.

Date: _____

Signature: ______

2. Cover letter


Regarding the position of recreational staff

I was very excited to get the Recreation and Activities Staff advertisement post at the Adobe Resort and Spa. As a marketing specialist with the experience of over two years of professional training, experience in recreational activities, and a good knowledge of practices and theories of recreation, I am confident that I would be able to meet all the requirements and needs of the organization. I am also convinced that I would become a valuable asset to the company.

The job advertisement shows that the company needs someone experienced in recreational activities and has a good knowledge of maintaining recreation. I have experience in both of these areas, which can provide me with opportunities to become a suitable person for fulfilling the requirements of this position. I also have an experience of around two years working at another hotel in the department of recreation and entertainment. It has provided me with enough experience in this field through which I can meet the organization's requirements effectively. In addition, while employed in the company, I have spearheaded some recreational campaigns for the company. It has also contributed substantially to the annual goals of the company.

I am confident that my proven working experience and track record of possessing work ethics, strong determination to work, high performing capabilities in the field will make me a valuable asset to the company. It can also enable me to contribute to the success and growth of the company to a large portion.

I am looking forward to discussing my abilities and qualifications with the senior recreational manager with you with a more detailed description. I would be available to discuss this at your convenience. It will be an excellent opportunity for me to work with you in the organization.

Thanking you.

Section 2

Interview and cross-cultural communication

Cross-cultural communication may be created because of specific reasons. First, cultural differences are common to arise differences in cross-cultural communication (Bauman and Shcherbina, 2018). Cross-cultural misunderstanding occurs because people tend to interpret the values, beliefs and behaviours of other people using the lens of their culture. In this way, cultural misunderstanding happens among people, impacting their mode of behaviour and attitudes (Chung, 2019).

Language issues

There was also a doubt about whether to speak loudly, maintain a silence, whether using the English language or others. Confusion also occurred to speak in which language so that everyone could understand what the interviewee was trying to express (Boldyrev and Dubrovskaya, 2019). There should be one language in the interview through which every employer and employee can communicate freely with one another. It can help in avoiding the language issues caused due to cross-cultural communication.

Habit issues

The habits, ways of talking, and the processes and styles of communicating with other people in these three countries are also different (Miao, Humphrey, and Qian, 2018). It has therefore occurred many problems and challenges to freely communicate with them. There was a hesitancy to answer their questions adequately.

Cultural behaviours issues

The main misunderstanding that can occur during the cross-cultural communication process is the differences in cultural behaviours. For example, the cultures of Australia, Bruneian, and South Korea are different. In addition, the behaviour and attitude of the people are also different. Therefore, without knowing the cultural differences among the HR, Marketing managers, and CEO, it became difficult to communicate with them (Smallwood, 2020).

STAR method

Handling the conflicts between the colleagues


During working remotely, a lack of communication between the colleagues caused a conflict because the project was not delivered within the deadline. As a result, the employees were facing trouble getting information from others regarding the project. It thus caused great trouble.


I looked forward to developing a communication system with my colleagues.


I interacted with my colleagues and told them about using various communication tools like video calling apps, chatting apps, and making calls to communicate with one another in need.


Everyone was encouraged and interesting in using these communication systems. Thus, a good communication system was developed in the workplace.

Going above and beyond job duties


I worked as a customer service provider, so marketing activities were not my job duties. However, there was a problem when the marketing department faced a problem implementing the marketing strategies. So, I helped them by developing analyses on the market and customers' demands. Through this, I helped them make necessary strategies.


I set the goal to analyze the market and say some strategies to help the marketing manager make effective decisions.


I researched the buying patterns of the customers and the market trends and thus helped the managers.


Not Fully made the research effective, but have helped them understand what they needed to do.

Working under pressure


When I was working as a product developer, a situation appeared when the demand for the products was high, and supply was decreasing. At that time, I had to work extensively to produce the maximum number of products to meet the demand level. I had to develop 20,000 products per week. For this, I had to take extra pressure to complete the work.


I set the goal to increase the product's stock to the maximum range.


I focused on developing 3000 products every day.


The result was positive. At the end of the week, I met the demand level of the products by maximizing the product stock in the warehouse.

Experiencing a major setback


When I was working as a manager in a company, I faced a huge employee conflict because of a high level of discrimination in the workplace. Many employees were being fired or not getting promoted. The employee conflict was high. It was interrupting the healthy atmosphere in the company I was working in.


My goal was to alleviate employee conflict by reducing discrimination in the workplace.


I set the action to develop some anti-discrimination policies in the workplace and made it mandatory for every employee a manager follow the policies.


It helped in reducing employee conflicts. No employee was fired because of the discrimination after that.

Section 3

Effective e-mails



Subject: a 0-star review of the Adobe


This is to inform you that we are extremely sorry for the inconveniences you have faced in the hotel. There was shortness in the communication system of the hotel for which the employees could not provide you with the necessary information. I want to say with the free activities that you are looking for a limited period. For this, you could not get the opportunity of the free activities. But a discount or offer can be provided to you if you can avail of those opportunities. I can assure you that we will work our best to improve this service. We will look into this matter to resolve the issues. We will give the correct information to the guest. We will resolve the problems to enhance your satisfaction.

Thanking you


The Adobe

Section 4


Effective communication is not all about exchanging information as it does include understanding the emotions and the agenda behind the conversation. Effective communication does promote active and empathetic listening skills. While communicating with guests, it is necessary to come up with an outcome that the message conveyed by the guest or the person must feel heard and understood (Jafari et al., 2021). Especially in the case of management, it is obvious to have pressure as the schedule and routine over there is always quite challenging, which requires patience to overcome the factors like misunderstanding, frustration and conflicts due to workload (Runtu et al., 2021). Therefore, it is necessary to understand the importance of the effective communication, which is a skill set to be learned and to do excellent in this part, one must learn the following skills- the ability to be a good observer to understand verbal and non-verbal communication, there must be self-confidence in an individual, must have respectful nature and must come with clarity at the end of conversation or communication.


Principles of effective communication

To lead effective communication, one must follow some principles to enhance their skills of effective communication, which will be discussed in the following.

A person must come up with their goal of how they want to impact their target audience, which is their guests. An individual must know that while dealing with guests, their way of action will impact the resort or the image of the company.

An individual must give importance to the feedback received by the guests. As it is obvious to have different perspectives and different kinds of experiences derived from guests must be heard so that it can help to enhance the efficiency and potential of the services provided to them.

It's quite general that while having a conversation over the phone, an individual cannot notice the gestures and postures of the attainders (Prasad, 2020). But while having a face to face conversation, the scenario is something else; therefore, it is important to work on the part of body language and gestures as this helps boost the comfy zone for the attendees.

The individuals who work in the management system must always be organized and organised. Although it can be quite challenging for a few people, effective communication is always needed in an organized format as that is a better approach, and it's quite appealing to the attendees. Being organized and organised will be an asset to achieving the desired goals by being focused on it.

An individual must be persuasive, as this is the primary necessity which assists in achieving the goal (Daniëls, Hondeghem, and Dochy, 2019). While being a part of the resort business, it is quite common to face different kinds of queries from the guests and satisfy their queries. Therefore, it is important to have ample knowledge regarding the department that an individual is linked with.

The way of communication must be engaging with the guest as that puts an impact on the experience derived by them, and the procedure of communication must bring clarity.

The most important thing that must be understood is that to enhance better communication, it is very important to be curious to know about the needs and expectations of a guest. As different individuals have different expectations to be delivered, and therefore it is necessary to show curiosity to the guests about knowing them.

Barriers to effective communication that could occur when handling guests

As maintaining effective communication is a skill set which is not a piece of cake for everyone as there are some barriers which can arise as barriers in the process of having effective communication, and those are

Emotional Barrier- it is usual that people do face various types of emotions in which self-confidence plays a vital role, and lack of this can lead to a great breakdown. Along with that, it is important that people also face emotions like anger and anxiety, which is needed to be controlled while attending to guests (Meng and Qi, 2018), as one wrong emotional outburst can affect their experience as well the quality of services received by them.

Language Barriers- while communicating with people belonging to diverse cultures, the common issue that emerges in the communication is the use of proper language, which could be easy to understand and build a strong conversation. Through the help of effective language, it is easy to meet up the needs and demands of the attendee, which leads to the enhancement of great experience derived by them.

Cultural Barriers- People visiting resorts usually belongs to diverse culture and belief, and while attending the guests, there are some possibilities for the emergence of cultural issues even after having a certain code of conduct.

Perceptual Barriers can arise easily, and they can easily affect a certain communication as it is not visible like physical barriers but can have an impact on the manner of dealing with the guests (Ilardo and Speciale, 2020). Therefore, it is important not to have pre-notions related to anything or trapped in the web of false assumptions. To overcome such a scenario, one must be non-biased in nature and give priority to the words of the guests.

  • Conclusion

Hence, it is to be concluded that effective communication plays a vital role in having proper communication and helps in building great rapport between the management and guests. And To enhance the skill set of effective communication, one must have many skills like- good observation skills, active listening skills along with patience, as the guests can have different ideologies along with needs and demands. Therefore, one must follow some basic principles like giving importance to the feedback, the management system must always be organized, communication must be engaging, and there must be a certain kind of code of conduct which will help to enhance the service quality, which will eventually uphold the image of the workers as well as the resort, by overcoming the list of barriers mentioned above.


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