Role Of RNA In Cancer Treatment Assignment Sample

Power of RNA Interference: A Game-Changer in Cancer Therapy

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Introduction Of Role Of RNA In Cancer Treatment Assignment

RNAi which is commonly defined as RNA interference indicates the group of the non-coding RNA (ncRNA). It is also called gene silencing (genetic worker bees) which is a biological process helpful in preventing gene expression in major diseases like cancer. The effectiveness of RNA can be used as a vital measure in increasing the efficiency, accuracy, and stability of the treatments related to genetic therapy. Researchers have found that in cell bodies with accurate DNA sequencing, the intervention of the RNA is imperative for making alterations to the protein components produced.

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RNA interference is a natural stimulator used for gene silencing achieved by cleaving a long spectrum of dual-stranded RNA (dsRNA) precursors into tiny and minute fragments. In cancer patients, it might bring the protein level down and kill the cancer-causing germ cells (, 2023). Alternatively, it can induce the protein level that helps in segregating the cancer-causing germs cells. According to the recent development it has been observed that messenger RNA molecules have the potential to directly promote melanoma metastasis development. The selective regulation in gene expression has brought a drastic revolution in molecular biology.

Figure 1: RNA in cancer treatment

(Source:, 2023)

The transition has been brought with the interference of RNA-based treatments proven to be therapeutic curators for serious ailments like cancer. The effectiveness of the RNA can be characterized by a higher level of efficiency, induction, and potentiality of silencing in the growing stages. In addition to that, the transmission of the silenced gene to the further generation is comparatively lower in terms of cost than that of gene therapy. Similarly, it contains a high level of specificity than other cancer methods like chemotherapy. Since Cancer is one of the prominent targets for “RNAi-based therapies”. The oncogenes mutated tumor suppressor genes and it similarities that are indulged in the progression of tumors are great for the gene silencing done by the RNAi The probable side effects of the treatment are combatively lesser than that of the chemotherapies sessions (, 2023). Tentatively, RNA therapies are better determinants for target treatments of the path physiological mechanisms that are highly found in such health ailments.

The pivotal importance of RNA in the treatment of cancer diseases is that it targets the multiple genes of variant cellular pathways that are present in tumor progression. On the same note, Simultaneous inhibition of the various genes is an efficient approach used that are used in the mild treatment of cancerous diseases that are otherwise troublesome for patients the possibility of multiple drugs usage and its side effects that the patients have to suffer from gets deducted with the proposed method of treatment. The use of the RNAi technologies such as siRNA, shRNA, and bishRNA are the main determinants that have been introduced in the clinical and efficacy of cancer treatments (, 2023).

The role of RNA methylation has the ability to treat cancer determinants by bringing prominent change in the m6A methylation. The following component is found in abundance in the eukaryotic mRNAs and was observed to play a biological determinant for cancer treatments. FTA is an enzyme that belongs to the group of “Fe2+ and dual-bond of oxoglutarate-structured AlkB dioxygenases” (Pai and Luca, 2019). The recent developments in the FTO expression and inhibitors along with the presence of certain chemical molecules are responsible for bringing promising therapeutic strategies to the treatment of cancerous diseases. Additionally, with the mixed chemical compounds and variants, the solution tends to prove a healing outcome for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.


The aim of the research is to obtain the efficacy of the RNA determinants responsible for treating cancer diseases. There have been many researches and studies conducted that state the healing and reviving properties of the RNA component responsible for treating cancer ingrowths in their later stage and bringing health stability (Xie et al. 2018). Previous research has also concluded a decrease in the side effects and usage of the drugs that were used in the traditional therapeutic session and implied on patients. The proposed research will make attempt to determine the promoters which are highly responsible for breaking the protein components and dividing them so that does not develop cancer.

The objective of the research is to:

  • To identify the usefulness of the RNA component in treating cancer patients
  • To identify the impact of RNA in treating cancer beneficiaries and accumulative changes in society.
  • To evaluate the total budget and funding required for the RNA in treatment.

Timeline of the project

“First month Second month Third month Fourth month Fifth month Sixth month Seventh month
Acquisition of the materials
Theoretical overview
Laboratory set-up and Generic agents
Combination regimes
Sample analysis
Data analysis
Write up and revision

Table 1: Estimated timeline for the completion of the research study

The material collection and acquisition is the lead time-consuming factor in the entire research study. The theoretical overview required for ascertain the effectiveness of the compounds that can bring significant change in the treatment of cancer patients will be the second imperative step needed for research completion. Once the data are vividly collected and processed they will be surpassed for sample analysis and the data derived from it in a thorough version.


The intervention of the proper statistical methods to evaluate any significant difference from the research will be done. The researcher will cover the quantitative methods for the completion of the research study will high level of accuracy and observations. Therefore, collectively it is assumed that the research will consume 7 months duration for proper analysis and information.

Conduction of research

The research will be conducted on the local societies where the patients suffering from cancers will be researched and the use of RNA will be used to treat the patients.

Beneficiaries and contribution

Potential economic and societal impact

The evaluation of the various treatment methods has the possibility to create new pharmaceutical development. In future outcomes, it can be expected that miRNA the significant component in the RNA can function as a ligand that activates the signaling pathways. The genes can be used as a preventative measure that prevents the blood vessel from collecting and starves the tumor cell to death. The research conducted by the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” anticipated that is going to be the introduction of 200 additional new drugs for the progress of the new gene therapy. It is expected that by 2025, FDA will approve 10 to 20 new additional genes and improvise the cell therapies each year (, 2023). This will bring significant changes in society and the ways the intervention of cancer treatments is going currently and way cheaper than it is at present. There are patients receiving treatments with chemotherapies usually have a longer list of medicines and long durational sessions.

The new therapeutic intervention can reduce the medicine intake and injections which have a highly negative impact on the mindset of people. The immunity system would be seen to increase highly from the cell production with every single dosage. Three will be prohibition in the drug production limit which will bring larger changes in novel therapeutic agents required for the treatment of human diseases in the forthcoming years (Wang et al. 2021). Patients will be revived from the burden of bearing long sessions and high intake dosage of medicines that cost too high. It is expected that there will be a revolutionization in the world of medical care by means of gene therapy which offers a positive future glimpse into the treatment of patients. Environmental development can be measured reduction in the diseases like hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, diabetes, and AIDS (Ma et al. 2019). Examining the broader view of examining the relationship between the promoter variables responsible for the construction of the transgenic organism and the destruction of the harmful protein compounds has far more yielding implications.

Research plan priorities

The plan for the research include the research for RNA in treating the cancers patients and Gene Therapies that will bring a major changes in the medical treatment with less cost and hassle.

Costing and level of funding required

The necessary funds required for the completion of the entire research study are decided based on the basis of the determinants used in the intervention. The allocation of the cost has been assumed as per the expenses that have been observed by the medical experts at present.

“Variables costs
chemotherapy £ 11,056.00
branded agents £ 4,671.00
wages payable £ 5,706.00
generic agents £ 3,800.00
combination regimes £ 4,500.00
physician expenses £ 920.00
radiation £ 487.00
in-patient £ 835.00
ED visits £ 156.00
out patients £ 4,318.00
Total cost(pharmacy) £ 695.00
£ 37,144.00”

Table 2: Preparation of the budget

The above table depicts the various costs that is to be incurred for the acquisition of the materials and completion of the research study. The variables that will be required to bear are the chemotherapy sessions and agents (both branded and generic) with a total cost of around £ 11056 and £ 8471 respectively. It details each and every cost that is necessarily required to be funded and prepared for the treatment process successfully. The wages that payable amount to £5706. The total pharmacy costs which are expected to be incurring in the intervention program are expected to be around £ 695. The entire evaluation of the cost summarization is determined to be the actual budget projection that the researcher will require for the completion of the research study with due efficacy.


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