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Introduction of The Problems Healthcare Professional

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Reflective analysis


Despite being a part of HCPC, HCPTS has to focus on the legal hearings through different independent groups. In one case in my working tenors, I found that a physiotherapist did not make a proper electronic diary system of their attendance. In the final hearing, HCPTS applied for a six months gap due to the registrant's clinical fitness. Due to excessive alcohol consumption, an employee in the operating department is barely alleged by the court and it is due to the extreme faith in the employee (Légaré et al. 2018). In the psychology department, the most aged employee is impaired due to their mental health. Some new employees did not complete their full training period due to proper management, skills, and fractures. The HR department is sometimes unable to prove its presence.

One memorable case is about an employee's spiritual discrimination and a little bit of racism toward a patient that I would remember up to my last breath. Many times, I have experienced that, some employees did not want to visit the patient’s house, and those employees casually ignored their role imputing the natural calamities, far distances (Bozda? and Ergün, 2020). It is true that in case of serious family matters we should look into being humanitarian. However, I can directly accuse some particular employees of their casualness over duty and just because of them; the rest of the team has to face technical difficulties. Particularly in the winter season, some employees did not come on time and that leads to an overwhelming number of patients.

That due to maternity as well as paternity leave some employees did not come for a long time span. Sarcastically, some lower division employees e.g., swiping staff, security guards, ambulance drivers did not work properly as well as on time. Generally, for this reason, sometimes operation theatres did not get a clean environment, severely injured patients died sometimes in case of ambulance driver's casualty, etc.


HCPTS is bound to hear the hearings and start elementary judgment. After proper examination, the honourable panel members gave their justice. Being a dedicated health employee, I realized that our system is running behind the time in comparison with our current society's requirements (Kunzler et al., 2020). Though higher authorities are always working to fix up the problems, still personally I believe it is not completely their job also. I feel bad when casualness is the elementary cause of in capabilities. At some time, I feel proud when higher authority is moving forward with taking risks in terms of improvements. However, in the end, we should criticize ourselves if we want to maintain democratic work culture and prove ourselves as a multifunctional health system (Schot et al, 2020). If we talked regarding the other’s feelings then it might be like a traducement case.

The actual scenario is some technical employees and lower-division swiping staff, ambulance drivers did not work with a dedication, which is directly applicable for some employees. Senior employees or employees having many years of experience now feel that they were liable for some adverse issues due to their in capabilities. We all should feel proud when someone nearby understands their misconduct. Finally yet importantly, government would not avoid their miscommunications during chronological enhancements of the intensity of the system. Before every election, they gave many proposals as well as commitments for having better health issues. After coming into power, the ruling party forgets those commitments (Mentoet al, 2020). Year by year the government reduces the allocations. They do not want to understand the necessity of well-decorated and modified medical systems. When I was in probation period on this job, the government allotted too much less in OPD department hospitals. Generally, we raised the issue of how we could manage the huge number of patients. 

 Gibbs’ reflective cycle

(Source: Naseret al, 2020)


Though the electricity problem in hospitals and emergency offices is unusual, it is not as if the problem never arrived. Both of us e.g., directly working as the health employees and the higher authority including government do not avoid our misconducts and mistakes. Many things did not go well in fact that should not happen in the health system was observed by me. Sometimes employees were arguing among them just because of a small issue. They were going to the summit to break their environmental culture (Naser et al, 2020). In that case, what would the new employees do if they saw that their seniors are in tremendous conflict?

Infrastructures that we got during our training time span were not well modified as well as advanced. Therefore, according to my personal opinion, I must say that we suffered in terms of proper and advanced learning. Highly paid research journals, papers were not available in our training time span. In case of good happenings, I can say that we were properly bound to serve the nation. The younger generation sometimes gets off track from serving the nation, that has,been observed. Population densities are nowadays forwarding them a great threat as well. The increasing rate of population is getting high at a huge level. Therefore, generally, it is a problem for the present system. As the government is still not increasing the allotment in every department, we are facing versatile issues. However, those are not just only for the financial crisis but also for proper management and some technical glitches. Natural calamities sometimes affect the fluency of all over the health system (Gavin et al, 2020). Last not but least, opposition parties are liable for some serious issues. They forget that our ultimate goal is to enhance and improve. However, just to satisfy their dirty political desires they forget that they are deteriorating the overall system. They could manage advanced treatments for themselves as well as their families (Lomas et al, 2018). However, in the case of our ground-level people, it is next to impossible to make advanced treatment for themselves.


During my work at "The Health and Care Professions Council'' HCPC, I found different medical issues. Some of these issues were regarding ethical issues. Medical professionals should maintain some ethical issues. Medical professionals serve humankind. They save human lives. However, doctors must maintain a good attitude in front of their patients. Doctors should have a good image in front of patients. Medical professionals should give respect to the thoughts and feelings of patients. Medical professionals should give the right information to the family of the patients. A doctor should provide a proper medical certificate to the patient or the family of the patient (Naser et al. 2020). Doctors and other medical professionals should put the patient on observation. Doctors and medical professionals should note the health condition of the patients after treatment. If needed, the medical professionals should communicate with other doctors. The result of a medical diagnosis should be properly explained to the patients. The doctors should not hide anything important about patients' conditions from the patient or the family of the patient. However, the medical professional should keep in mind that it is their duty to improve the health of the patients. Doctors should share their knowledge among themselves for better treatment. However, the doctors must have great relationships with the other health professionals.

During my work at "The Health and Care Professions Council '' or HCPC of HSC, I found different problems and issues among different medical professionals. Due to these issues, the treatment process of the institution was being hampered. There were some problems regarding critical cases as well. There were some cases of poor physical and mental fitness of medical staff. IF the medical professionals are not fit enough, they cannot treat others. There were also some cases of alcohol consumption by the medical staff(Gavin et al. 2020) There was a physiotherapist named "Mrs. Melanie J English by" who claims to be in hospital but there was no record of her visit. However, if there is no record of the visit of an employee, the total treatment process may hamper.

A Practitioner psychologist named "Mr. Paul Daly" had not followed his agreement with the institution. Every staff should follow their agreement with the medical institution. If they do not follow the agreement, the entire work of the institution may be hampered. A paramedical professional had a case of theft. He had a police case on it. If there are staffs that do such a job, the patients cannot feel safe in the institution (Rasmi et al, 2020). The staff of the medical institution should not be involved in such an allegation. An operating department practitioner had an allegation that he consumed alcohol while driving his car. Police arrested him. If the institution has a staff like him, patients will not feel secure. However, it brings a bad reputation to the institution. Some staff is racist and ethnocentric. However, these people do not treat all people properly; sometimes they refuse to do treatment of some people.


New employees frequently asked me for some suggestions to cope with the current situation. It is completely difficult for me as well as others too, to give suggestions to improve their performance. We all should be aware of our responsibilities and the limitations of their work. It is an important point to know our limitations of work. We will all put on extra work pressure on others. Sometimes employees involve themselves in personal relations with other employees. It might hinder the overall system (Rosner, 2020). Therefore, in that case, we should be clear about our professional life and personal life. Definitely, we have the freedom to choose the second half of our life, but if it would affect the system then it would be a serious issue. 

We all have to be more potent to increase the fluency of the health system. For that, we should be cleared of the elementary concepts regarding every problem (Jiménez-Rodríguez et al, 2020). Without having a clear concept of a problem, we all would swim in an ocean. Therefore, in the training period, every employee apart from their positions should train themselves properly. The HR department is always liable for some glitches. The higher authorities should take proper and strong disciplinary actions against those who did not obey the guidelines, policies, and protocols. Generally, experience is very important to achieving the summit. Therefore, having good and more than a year of experience matters for a better way out to prove the system is still one of the first series. At last, opposition parties might not involve themselves in such dirty politics. In some cases, just because of them the ruling parties could not get the free hand to impose advanced ideas.

Action plan

Finally, our higher authorities would make proper and meaningful action plans. Without an advanced and smart strategy, we are unable to achieve or summit whatever we can say (Suryavanshi et al. 2020). There are some extreme strategies that we can propose which will be able in the improvement of the health system in a better way. Based on our work limitations, personal feelings in professional life, professional behaviours with every employee, etc. can be done for the development of the motivation level of the employee’s payment of the employees. In my probationary period, I did not get full salary every month. That it is a heartbreaking case of not getting full salary within the time.



Time Frame


Financial allotment

Govt/Ruling parties should take proper estimation and allocates a little bit more fund from the exact value for the further development

1 fiscal year

Much that we can earn

Advanced infrastructure

With the help of new allocations, administrative authorities should make the fractures better as soon as they can.

The pre-planned short time span (2 years)

From advanced countries, we could buy those instruments as well as other system operating products.

Incensement of a well-trained employee

With the help of the HR department, well-trained and experienced candidates would get chance to serve. 

It would take about 1 year.

Where the pressure of work is greater, from there we could hire employees.

SMART goal action plan

Goal 1: Financial allotment for better treatment


? The specific goal of this action plan is the allotment of funds for better treatment in the medical institution.

? Government should be more aware of this.

? The Government can be requested to give some funds for better treatment.


? This goal may take a longer time.

? It takes time for the allocation of Government funds.

? However, for this reason, this action plan should be applied as soon as possible.

? A good amount of money can be collected from the government.


? According to the study, the health care system of HCPTS is having some financial issues.

? However, some government-granted funds are needed for better infrastructure (Gaillard, 2019).


? As mentioned before, the healthcare infrastructure of HCPTS is getting poor because of a lack of funds.

? If the government helps the institution by providing funds the institution can provide better treatment

? However, for this reason, this goal is very relevant for improving the health care facility of HCPTS


? Every action plan should have a time foundation. This time foundation gives the researchers motivation for their work.

? As mentioned before, collecting funds from the government is not always easy and it takes longer than expected (Fadare et. al. 2018).

? The expected time for this plan is a few months or maybe more.

Goal2: Implementation of Advanced infrastructure


? There are some problems in HCPTS regarding its infrastructure.

? There is a lack of modern technologies in this institution for treatment.

? The goal of this action plan is to improve the infrastructure of the health care institution.


? For the improvement of infrastructure, some modern technology can be used.20 new machines that are based on modern technology can be implemented.


? Without good infrastructure, better treatment is not possible.

? There should be more machines to diagnose the disease of a patient.

? Not only that but medical professionals should also be more careful about their treatment. Some awareness campaigns can be done.


? As per the study, the health care system is getting poor because of poor infrastructure.

? However, it is very relevant to implement modern technology and bring awareness to the careless medical staff of the institution (Schroeder, et. al. 2019).


? Every action plan should have a time foundation. This time foundation gives the researchers motivation for their work.

? This work should be completed within three months.

? Two months for the implementation of modern technology and one month for an awareness campaign has been done.

Goal 3: Incensement of well-trained employees


? The specific goal for this action plan is the Incensement of well-trained employees.

? If the medical employees are not well trained then the treatment will not be up to mark.


? Proper training can be given to the employees.

? A proper training session can be conducted for the training of the employees who are not well trained.


? If the employees are trained, they can provide better service to the patients.

? However, a training session is needed to train them.

? By this training session, not all but many employees can be trained properly.


? The most important part of a medical institution is its employees. The employees treat the patients.

? However, the quality of the treatment completely depends on the training of the employees (Mukhalalati and Taylor, 2019).

? Some employees are not well trained. It is very relevant to train those employees.


? Every action plan should have a time foundation. This time foundation gives the researchers motivation for their work

? For the training for the employees who are not well trained, it may take approximately one month to train them properly.


From the study among HCPC, several outcomes can be seen. There are several problems the Health care institution is facing was observed. Some of the problems include financial problems, absence of advanced infrastructure, lack of well-trained employees, and so on. Some legal cases can be seen on the employees. Police arrested an employee for a drunken driving case. Some employees failed to give proof of the mental and physical health fitness certificate. An employee was found to be drunk while working at the institution. Not only that but also some employees are not well trained for their jobs. Training is very important in the case of medical treatment. If the medical professional is not well-trained, proper treatment cannot be provided to patients. Sometimes, patients get a serious condition from the wrong treatment done by a medical professional who is not well trained, and sometimes it causes the death of the patient. However, a training campaign has been planned to be organized to train the employees properly. This may improve their treatment of them. There is another problem faced by the institution regarding poor infrastructure (McCorry, and Mason, 2020). Every medical institution should have instruments that are based on modern technology. Modern instruments are more accurate and are faster than traditional ones. Modern technology can diagnose better than traditional technology. However, in the action plan use of some modern technology base instruments is suggested. There is a problem with using modern technology-based machines. The problem is a lack of funds. This problem can be solved if the government provides some funds for the health institution.

However, from this study, it can be said that the treatment facility of HCPTC is not up to the mark because of several issues, which have been discussed before. To solve these issues some action plans are also made. These action plans can help the overall treatment facility of the institute and can bring a positive impact. With the help of modern technology, accurate data of a patient's diagnosis can be possible. It is a faster process than the traditional machines. Some medical employees are not well trained so their treatment is not up to the mark. The employees are given proper training they can work more efficiently. To use modern technology, a huge fund is needed. The government can be approached to grant the fund.

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