Web Design And Analytics Assignment Sample

Improving User Experience and Accessibility for Resources for Autism

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Introduction Of Web Design And Analytics

Analytical report

Several organizations are representing their activities through websites as it seems to be one of the simplest and easiest ways to communicate with the audience. Similarly, this organization Resources for Autism also maintains a website for their services. But by looking or by using the website of this organization it can be seen that the website is backdated and very simple without any attractive features in it. This organization contains a number of practical support related activities which are provided to various types of people whose families are facing various types of challenges in their world. There are several analytical differences as compare to other websites which is present such as the SEO does not indicates any keywords, the clickthrough are outdated, the home page and the landing pages are full of keyword and clickthrough’s which confuses the user and makes the page less engagement friendly and the UI/UX is also very much outdated.

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This organization performs several useful and effective activities for the common people and when any of the user get into this website he/she will feel there isnt good clarity provided by the home pages and landing pages, in that case if the user goes to the search bar then there also no keywords related to their main activities or most searched themes are not shown.

The Issue which is limiting this website to get good number of audiences is the visual impact of this website, as the modern era contains attractive and beautiful fonts and colors into the websites which makes the activity of the organization farmer superior as well as also send some message about the efforts which is been taken by the organization towards the activity. So bhai getting the initial impression an audience might get a lesser impact about this service or the organization. Another one of the most important issues which is been seen into this website is that there is no search bar into this website, do there are so many actions and details present in the initial page which can make the audience a bit confused as well as lost, the absence of the search bar will also create much more impact on the users side which can be one of the most common limit present in this website


Reflective narrative


Nowadays it can be seen that the technology aspects and the activities are being developed in each and every second. There are several organizations and industries which are in the continuous process of establishing better and newer concepts into this technological field. In that case building an effective website which can engage the audience in order to gain proper productivity is an important task. There are several changes into the homepage along with certain landing pages that are made for the organization Resources for Autism so that it can get better recognition as well as services from the user as the impact and connectivity of the website open up several doors.

Analysis/ reflection


Any website one of the main things is the homepage as it is the first thing which is being experienced along with the first thing through which the user gets engaged. In that case the homepage of the organization Resources for Autism has been created simple yet effective with bright colors, images along with important details of the organization has been present (Mogaji et al. 2023). The real website was containing a huge number of links as well as details into the homepage which certainly confused the user which is not present in this updated home page of this website.

The homepage contains the basic information about the activities as well as the functionality which has been done by the organization as it contains the links or buttons of various activities such as events, trusts and foundation, donate, participation, referral form and live events buttons (Leonardo, Fabio and Massimo, 2023). These buttons will allow the user to get the information about various activities as well as to get a simple and direct access to services. It can be seen that there is a search button where in case of any particular services or events which has been searched by the user can be gathered simply and successfully. With the help of images of various activities in the home page will certainly attract various users and will also make them get knowledge about it as representation of the work provides a certain impact on the users.

In the homepage it can be seen that the functionalities or the activities which are being done by the organization are listed out in a simple way so that it could provide details as well as make the user get the knowledge easily yet effectively.

The organization gets support from various leading organizations and trusts in numbers which is one of the proud and eye-catching details which will make the user know that so many organizations support the events and functionalities of resources of autism. One of the basic things which are the contact details as well as the address details of the organization is also embedded into the homepage simply yet effectively.

The webpage is now embedded with several keywords which represents the main and important activities which is been done as well as which is most useful for the user whether he/she is new or an older one such as events, volunteer application, fundraising, autism resources, trainings and referral form.

Flow and layout

As it can be seen that the activities of the organization can be simply accessed by using the buttons present in the navigation bar which will certainly transfer the user to that particular landing page. In that case of the event the user goes. towards the event page where the user will get the information about the upcoming events and the activities which are to be conducted by the organization. As it can be seen that the event page contains the list of the activities or the events which are to happen in the coming days right besides there is a button named participate which will allow the user to participate on that event as per their will (Zebua, Karna and Irawan, 2023). On clicking the button, the user will get the participation details along with a confirmation mail directly which will make the process easier and simpler for the user.

Another activity is the donate button which will redirect the user to a donate page where he/she will be able to donate or contribute towards various events or to the organization as an act of support. This action is also very simple for the user as the donate page will simply make the user donate a certain amount by just clicking the check button which is beside the list of amounts.


The real website of Resources for Autism contains an icon for search bar but on clicking on the icon there in action present inside it which means that the original website does not contain any search bar optimization (Aminuddin et al. 2023). In that case in this website there is a search bar created so that in case of any particular services or events which is to be known by the user then he or she can simply search it out and check the details of such activity directly. Proper search for optimization makes the user to search or identify things faster and will make the user navigate into various sites or activities but stay on the particular services. The search bar is been set in such a way that in case if any user wants to get into certain page or activity then he/she can get the idea through the keys which is shown when the user is clicking into the search bar.


In the above report it has been concluded that, while it appears to be one of the most basic and straightforward ways to engage with the public, many organizations are promoting their activities online. A number of businesses and sectors are working continuously to introduce newer, better ideas into this technical arena. The homepage is one of the most important components of any website because it is both the first thing a user encounters and the point of engagement. The redesigned official website of this page does not have the numerous links and data that the original website's homepage did, which undoubtedly confused the user. The process will be made simpler for the user because upon clicking the button, they will receive a confirmation email and the participation information. The user will browse to numerous sites or actions but remain on the specific services thanks to effective search engine optimization, which also speeds up the user's ability to search for or identify items.


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