A System For Managing Student Attendance Records Assignment Sample

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A System For Managing Student Attendance Records Assignment Sample

Introduction of A System For Managing Student Attendance Records Assignment

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1. Overview

Student attendance records are a type of register to see the regularity of the students attending their class for any educational institution. Teachers can maintain a record of the students for their presence or absence in the class for a whole academic year with the help of the register. It is a list of gathered authorized information to keep the records officially. During previous years, records of the students are taken mostly by register books or documents. But in the modern world of technology, different programming languages can make a platform for an online student attendance system. It provides accurate reports and is easy to use. In today's world of competition, working hours are increasing and classroom time for the teachers is decreasing because of that, teachers often struggle to complete their daily duties such as taking the daily attendance of the students. Manually taking attendance by the faculties reduces the classroom time and because of this, an online student attendance system has been implemented. To speed up the attendance process and reduce manual work, various school software systems have been introduced in modern schools. An attendance management system is a software that is developed for the maintenance of the attendance of students daily in schools. Staff who are handling the subjects are responsible to mark the attendance of every student every day. Each staff has a separate username and password based on their teaching subject and this system evaluates the eligibility criteria of a student. Reports of the students are generated on a weekly or monthly basis (Godla et al. 2022).

1.2 Aim

The primary aim of this project is to create a student attendance system using the java programming language. Java has become the most user-friendly programming language and because of this, the project work is done on the Java platform.

1.3 Objectives

  • To create a system for student attendance records through Netbeans, JFrame and Java
  • To evaluate the features of JFrame regarding building this system
  • To visualize the overall statistics of student record
  • To see each subject's attendance details of this record system

1.4 Research question

  • How to create a system for students' attendance records by using Netbeans, JFrame and java?
  • What is the process of evaluating the features of the JFrame for building this system?
  • How to visualize the overall statistics of students' records?
  • What is the visualization process of each subject's attendance details in this record system?

1.5 Research background

The student attendance record is for collecting the data on their presence or absence in the class. Nowadays students are less motivated to come to the schools and the lecture rooms. Laziness is among the main reasons for not attending classes and extra social activities that have no importance to their work. In most institutions, learning has become more advanced to ensure a healthy environment of learning and to give the students more knowledge. Interaction between the student-teacher has had a great impact and in some cases like roll calls, surprise quizzes, and extra credits in classes can consume the valuable time of the lecture. These strategies need more efficient and effective methods and because of this, an automated system for student attendance management has been introduced. In the present method of taking attendance, there are many challenges a teacher or lecturer can face. Usage of sheets, papers and books for taking the attendance could be stolen, lost or can be damaged and can also be time consuming and inefficient. Because of this, there is a need for a system that can eliminate all the troubles related to the attendance system of students in school. There is some significance in using an automated student attendance system such as:

  • An automated attendance system can reduce the risks of human errors and gives an easy, impartial and orderly approach to the specific needs without confusion.
  • To make day-to-day operations more convenient and more efficient, the productivity of the system increases. Freeing up teachers' time by using the software can decrease their overhead staffing and can manage their operations perfectly.
  • Introducing a new technology based on attendance management will help to reduce labour costs. Collecting data manually, calculating and processing it can take a lot of time but using an automated attendance system can save the institution money and can increase the efficiency of their work without consuming time (Rizkya et al. 2021).

To overcome the existing traditional system, the modern online attendance system has been introduced to reduce paperwork and save time. The system is trouble-free to use, relatively fast to approach, highly reliable, approximate in result, best user interface and has efficiency in reports. Development of this software is highly economically feasible and the main thing to do is to make an environment more effective with supervision.

1.6 Dissertation structure

 Dissertation structure

(Source: Created by self)

1.7 Literature Gap

The classification of the school attendance problems is based on the structured checklists. Functional analysis has opened various ways for establishing the norms and the social reference. However, many articles provide that there are questions about the school attendance system such as what is the approach, methods and the solutions for the student attendance record. Some innovative treatment programs are presented in this work to illustrate the mental and physical inventions for the school attendance record. Several journals represent the paper based on the employed code as well as program, however, the concept has not been cleared regarding this segment and it has been considered a big issue that occurs during the evaluation of the research. Besides this, all the journals have several key materials that relate to the work. Further, the major issue occurred during the implementation of the programming language. On the other hand, the literature gap has been created based on the given scenario during storing the record. The record has been generated after fulfilling all the issues based on the research paper.

1.8 Significance of the research

Institutions take records of students' attendance to understand the mindset of the students for their school. This literature shows that the timely, early and sensitive interventions improve the outcomes of the students and gather the attendance tracking data to facilitate the approach. Using attendance tracking data, not only enhances the academic outcomes but also can reduce the debt of the students during their studies by minimizing the need for an extension. Student attendance systems help the teachers to mark them during their classes online and reduce their manual work. Absentee records, attendance history and other related documents can also be managed by this system. The attendance tracking system delivers an improved and clear way for the institution funding. There is a positive impact on generating the revenue for a better reputation. Students who are frequently absent from school are also likely to drop out of high school, be in trouble with the enforcement of the law, engage in sexual activities or need financial support from the government. Student absenteeism is not only a mere concern to an educator but also affects the citizens directly or indirectly. Absenteeism directly affects the success of their academy of the students and has a strong association with employment. School student attendance management plays a vital role in their academic year. The faculty urges the students to come to the class on time. Improve learning efficiency and increasing the grades ensure the improvement of the level of school. Attendance management in traditional ways during the class will consume more time and reduce the learning time. With the help of an automated attendance recording system, the time of the learning will increase and this could help the students in their courses. According to reality, a system has been introduced for the existing software of attendance record system and the project work is based on the characteristics of embedded ARM and RFID technology. School administrators and also principals will benefit from this system and an automatic generation of reports will make the work faster than the traditional manual process. Gathering the data of the absentees is a daily task and every member of the school community has been involved in this process. This system helps the school administrators to collect the information based on the dropout numbers. The way of learning the students can be in different ways and incorporating teaching methods will work best for their studies. This attendance management system helps the parents to monitor if their child is attending the classes of their teachers in school regularly or not. Parents are also responsible for their attendance. School administration can resolve the problems of the non-participation of the students in consultation with parents while their parents should be reminded of the legal position (Omer et al. 2021).

1.9 Summary

Student attendance record generates a form of a report that includes a total number of absences, lates and other reasons to categorize several students associated with the reason for a custom date range. Student attendance report provides the details of the attendance at the individual students' level. Teachers, headteachers and other school support officers can use these reports for assessing the needs of the students. To develop the strategies for the improvement of the school community, these reports have been introduced. The main motive of the attendance system is to do less work with great efficiency. Netbeans, JFrame, and Java have been used in this project to develop the software. To make the system automated, Java is needed for the particular website. Java is a more object-oriented programming language and this can allow the use of old codes to create new modular codes. The software is based on Java and for this, the software can run on different systems and platforms. To replace the traditional method of taking attendance, this project work is done. It reduces the paperwork and the whole data can be stored in the computer which reduces the labour of work and keeps the data longer. It also enhances the productivity and profit generation of the organization. Biometric attendance or giving attendance from mobile devices has changed the world of education. Face recognition and fingerprint detection have been added to the software for better efficiency and result. Currently, there is a huge pandemic all over the world. Institutions are taking classes from home via zoom call, google meet or some other educational platforms. Some of these educational platforms have the system of taking online attendance in various ways. This ensures the keenness for their learning and attending the classes. Java is a flexible language and can be used in various platforms with many capabilities and can reduce security threats, and thefts. It is a very cheap programming language to develop, run and maintain the software. It is a high-level language and more easy to understand because of its human-like nature language and is independent. Java supports multithreading and different applications in Java help to grow the technology easier. Most mobile applications are based on Java and the application or software development in Java can provide better security and simplicity. The attendance management system makes the whole system automated to store the data of the students for a longer time and to gain the information with a single set of input.

Chapter 2: Literature review

2.1 Introduction

An office solution in a systematic and organized way is crucial for every organization and organization. There are so many organizations and administrations that use student management systems for college or employees and keep that information in a database. All of this information contains all data of students and it can provide many types of records regarding students. Many types of information can be provided regarding student attendance, name, roll no and many other things to be considered a bulk of data. All of these data are interconnected with each other and for now, they are maintained manually. For that, they should be maintained centralized and automated as any information from any module can be linked with other modules (Bah and Ming, 2020). For example whenever a student needs to complete his graduation or any degree that particular student needs to have checked his attendance all the projects reg no joining year and passing year and so many other details. With this in mind, industries need to maintain the traditional Database Management System of students and need to improve on that that is necessary that streamline. Higher authority management of any administration finds this process useful for retrieving student information in Database Management System including attendance, name reg no, and so on. After this management can edit that information and even improve the features and improvements to allow any achievement. With this database management system, data retrieval becomes much easier and more user-friendly. Here data planning and managing can utilize a more powerful database. It will ease the problem of managing the data that traditional method of managing the data manually. This method will reduce time and paperwork and also ease the system for managing bulk data by the database management system.

 Development of the project

(Self made)

Data structure developers are needed for a good use for this project. Data structure developers are focused to achieve the goal by so many processes that need to be done.

2.2 Impact of Java Programming Language on student attendance system

This project is used in the student management system making it automated. This project is mainly to rearrange and make administration in student records. Java needs to be used for this attendance record on a particular website. Java is used for many purposes Java is so much easy to learn because it is made for beginners and it is very much easy to compile, write debug, and learn this program (Salim et al. 2018). Java is more object-related this can allow us to use old codes and create modular programs. Java is more independent of the platform as it can easily move from one system to another. This ability brings java to run in many different systems on the World Wide Web and java can work on any platform so easily. For the versatility of java, user friendly, and capable of working in any system capable of securing any features, so that it has become the language of choice. The main reason for using Java is to create an attendance system that can bring automation to the traditional method of taking attendance. The other reason is to generate a report of bespoke that can conclude in any session or it can conclude in the middle of it, and the last objective is to improve by creating this project in this required area. The project is important if it is used in Netbeans of java because Netbeans is user-friendly with retrieving data quickly. This system also provides a graphical user interface to work with that allows us to interact with the system very easily and more quickly (Arif et al. 2018). With the system, it reduces the paperwork and whole data can be put into the computer very easily with the report that is made using the computer and which brings that the labor is easier and the data is no longer being kept. Here are the top advantages of the workflow management system.

Easy Workflow management

This is the biggest advantage of using an automated attendance system that it can access very easily. With a proper analogy set the user can have a clear vision of the attendance regulatory system, reg no, percentage, and many more without any communication. Those tasks that are taking much more time for doing manually become faster with a few clicks furthermore the with this system attendance checking in the workflow environment is so easy that it can provide more workflow and time management (Mohammed et al. 2018).

Paperless work

With this attendance and monitoring system, it can be able to cut down any paperwork related to that workflow. A paperless system is very crucial for any work environment for corporate responsibility (Adamu, 2019). For that, all of the work is controlled by the cloud-based hosting server and it becomes more automated. Reducing resource costs to the system is also possible with cloud-based attendance systems.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is the method of tracking the location of any students for GPS tracking. Today's technology can bring real-time tracking for student attendance. With that technology, authorities can trace students during exams or classes. Other than GPS there is also GEO tracking that can automatically represent the attendance whenever the student comes into the organization premise.

Reliable Data

The central attending system always provides accurate data that can be used. With this attending system, it is possible to cut down the cost of human intervention and human errors to make it more efficient and more productive. With the help of a central attendance system, it can track the data in real-time so that it is impossible to steal during college time. It makes sure that no one can take advantage of the misuse of college policies.

Enhance Productivity

The very first factor that can provide any advantage is productivity and profit generation for any organization. There without any human intervention, productivity becomes more reliable, and human error-free and it can cut costs very effectively (Chen and Li, 2021). With an automated system, it is possible to cut down the manual work of campus time or any project-related work with this simple and effective technology.

Maintaining the culture

Many organizations may be unknown with the automated technology but this technology can build a strong culture and it could be a rare and possible advantage for any organization with an automated attendance system. Students can easily access any data related to them without any third-party involvement. It can be beneficial for them also that they can get more time to study to gain proper knowledge related to their field and not waste any time related to unnecessary work. Students can be involved with some feature that can monitor their attendance scores and result for any test online (Gupta et al. 2018).

Flexible environment

In current times, students can lose their morals very easily. They can learn and adapt to the situation they are in. They can be biometric or in any mobile app computer software desktop application facial recognition device.

2.3 Advantages of Java programming language

Java is the top position holder in the Tiobe index rather than all other programming languages. With time many programming languages continue to be discovered but java its popularity never goes down. Java has been the king of software language for more than 20 years. The major experts continuously prefer Java rather than other programming languages ever created and it has become the most used programming language in many areas.Java is used for many purposes like Java is so much easy to learn because it is made for beginners and it is very much easy to compile, write debug, and learn this program. Java is more object-related this can allow us to use old codes and create modular programs. Java is more independent of the platform as it can easily move from one system to another. This ability brings java to run in many different systems on the world wide web and java can work on any platform so easily. For the versatility of java, user friendly, and capable of working in any system capable of securing any features, so that it has become the language of choice. The main reason for using Java is to create an attendance system that can bring automation to the traditional method of taking attendance (Sawhney et al. 2019). The other reason is to generate a report of bespoke that can conclude in any session or it can conclude in the middle of it, And The last objective is to improve by creating this project in this required area. This ability brings java to run in many different systems on the World Wide Web and java can work on any platform so easily. For the versatility of java, user friendly, and capable of working in any system capable of securing any features, so that it has become the language of choice. Java is oriented with any program, the general purpose of this program is that it can help or create any program with these Java can come up with these types of advantages.

Java is a simple language

Rather than other languages, the Java programming language is simple and object-oriented. It is very much straightforward and it is much easier for any student to learn to code or compile. So it can conclude that Java is fewer complexes than other languages in this category like C, and C++ because these are contained some complex features that Java did not have for that such as pointer concept storage or operator overloading.

Java is a flexible language

Java is more likely to be used in any windows or system for it becomes more flexible and the reuse capability of java is much more. OOPs, the concept helps java to reuse in all the other programs. Java can bind the data with the function in a single unit and with that, it can increase the security and cannot be accessed by the outside world (Zori? et al. 2019). Making any bigger module transfer into a smaller one is the ability of the Java programming language.


By avoiding implementing explicit pointers java can reduce the security threat or theft. Some other memory addresses of other values can be stored by the pointer which can increase the security theft.

Java program is very cheap

Java is made out of specific hardware that is very cheap to develop and maintaining these programs is very cheap to run its infrastructure. Executing and maintaining reduce many cost cuts with the uses of the Java programming language.

Independent in Nature

Java has one more advantage it is independent of any program we use or platform. The main reason for independence is its compile code that can run on any machine or any operating system. With Java Virtual Machine it is very easy to run on any system.

High-level Language

Java is more reliable and maintains a higher level of efficiency than the syntax of c++ but in an easy manner. It is more like a human language that is easy to understand.


It also has a feature of portability as this code can run on any hardware or any platform. With this advantage, it can be very portable and can run on any platform.

Collecting Garbage

Java virtual machines or java managers have automatic memory management. Java can search for those objects or programs that are not used for a long time and deselect or remove those programs from the memory of explicit programming. Java can automatically remove those programs which are unused longer where java garbage collection helps in this process.

Supports multithreading

Java can run more than one thread that's why it is a multithreaded language. The smallest unit in the process is called a thread. With these multiple threads, CPU utilization becomes maximum. More than one thread shares a common area so that it can increase the performance and efficiency of the CPU. These threads are not linked with each other so any work cannot be dependable on the other work.

Application of Java

Technology is growing constantly in the race of programming languages and Java is easier than several of them are. Java is becoming more and more popular day by day and holds no one language in the past 20 years. Here are some of the applications that are useful to Java.

Mobile Application

Java is used mostly for mobile app development because it can be used in android studio and Kotlin. The reason for only Java is for the Java Virtual Machine neither like android DVK ("Dalvik Virtual Machine") for using class files. OOPs, the principle of Java can provide better security and better simplicity.

GUI application

All of the desktop applications were developed easily by only using Java. Java provides GUI circumstances for that programming in Java is coding less and more delightful. Java fx, Abstract Windowing Toolkit with these applications there is an advantage that it can pre-assembled components like button swings list and menu and it also contains pre-assembled elements like tabbed panel, trees, tables, and lists.

Web-based Application

Java is also used for the development of web applications. It helps with the vast type of web applications through serves and struts. With these applications, any type of web application can be made.

Writing Application

For writing any type of software application java is used most for it. With Java Enterprise Edition scripting is easy with API and runtime environment.

Scientific Application

For scientific calculation software, developers think java is the main key to coding any calculation. When it comes to banking applications Java comes to mind.

Gaming Application

Java can support the most powerful 3d-engine, there is software Jmonkey that is most suitable for making 3d games.

Big data Infrastructure

Hadoop is a leading big data industry that came into existence and became reality and also powerful programming languages like scale came into existence because of Java. Java is the main application for creating big data Infrastructure.

Business Application

Java can hold many data that is why it's used in the workplace where that organization works with bulk data. Java EE is more reliable for creating large-scale, multi-tiered networks with less security threat. Other languages than java are not compatible with Java because after implementing such security and reliability the language becomes complex but that is not gonna happen with Java programming language (Arora et al. 2020). It becomes so much easier when it comes to Java EE with it reducing the program complexion of this application development.

2.4 Conceptual Framework

 Conceptual framework

 Java as a market topper

In the world of technology, many programming languages come and go but only a few of them can claim the popularity and longevity of Java. This trend will continue far beyond because of its fundamental usability and the growth in the market. Java, SQL developers and JavaScript are the most demanding roles in today's world.

  • Fundamental Utility: After 30 years of its invention, java is now the most popular programming language and it will continue for many years. Java is a well organized and well-rounded programming language with a very large set of libraries. To solve some challenging programming problems, Java is there to help. Java offers an extraordinary combination of performance, productivity and observability. Obtaining a high choice of performance and security is the right choice for the applications. In the future, maintenance needs to be supported for many years and to develop the programming language in-depth. Java was designed as a user-friendly language from day one to solve various complex problems that are within a high network environment. This is required by modern system enterprises or IT organizations (Fauziah et al. 2021).
  • International Markets: In the internet market of the internet, especially in China, 99% of people use the internet from mobile phones. They often use mobile phones rather than pc or laptops. So the phones in China are powered by Java. The internet in China was developed more rather than in other countries. So users suffer using desktops and most of the mobile phones are Android phones with a ratio of 8:2 to the other smartphone OS giant iOS. Android was built on the Java programming language which is specifically Google's version of the programming language. The demand for android applications all over the world especially in China has pushed this programming language to make it to the top of all programming languages.
  • Compatibility with Clouds: Some popular application programming languages(API) such as Servlet, JSF or JavaServer Page specifications have proved that Java is the powerful force of server-side computing. The popularity and the power of Android and Java Virtual Machine based languages have made Java all over the mobile markets internationally. As the enterprises move Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based software or applications to the cloud, the choice of Java programming language helps to develop different native frameworks and microservices like Spring Boot or the Eclipse MicroProfile (Graur et al. 2021).

Usage of Netbeans and JFrame: NetBeans IDE is an open-source language that is free and is an integrated environment for the development of the application on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris operating systems. The IDE simplifies the way of development of some web services, enterprises, mobile applications, and desktops that use the HTML5 and Java platforms. JFrame is a high-level container that provides a window on the screen. Menu bars, labels, panels, buttons, text fields, etc are the common objectives that rely on the window of the frame. Almost every Swing application starts with the JFrame window (Indah et al 2022).

2.5 Summary

Java is the main application for making big data infrastructure of the attendance system. It has become the primary application when it comes to the bulk data attendance system. With the help of GUI. There are so many types of student information that need to be concerned like attendance reg no and name. The main goal of the attendance management system is to make the whole attendance system automated. With the traditional method, it requires more time. This project helps to learn and make the whole attendance system very easy to identify and less human intervention. The data like student attendance and reg, not all are interconnected and with Java programming, it is very easy to gain any information with only a single input.

Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1 Introduction

This chapter particularly tries to discuss the techniques and related methods that critically analyze data and practically collect the same. The specific methods that are essentially used for the purpose of this dissertation report, are specifically to focus on the related experiences of people that definitely involves reasons and attempts to understand certain descriptions of behavior. The evaluation of the same has been specifically pulled through to specifically carry out interviews and techniques that are potentially used to collect data. To describe the whole purpose of the same in general terms, a specific method is predominantly being used in the whole dissertation report.

The method that is essentially being used to determine the execution stated that particularly encompasses to cover all the various steps that are specifically needed to induce all the certain challenges that are essentially met to encompass the outcomes that are specifically essential to cover all the various topics that are specifically related to assigning the system to record attendance of the students that definitively use the implementation of JAVA.

According to the necessary understanding that specifically encompasses the predefined method of the project that specifically requires developing an attendance management system by developing the same with Java. improvising the specific face that necessarily challenges the specified outcome that practically overruns the specific output that practically determines the quality to configure necessary outcomes. To develop this particular project along with the management system, defines the practical responsibility of the required measure that is specifically required for the partaken members or the researchers who are henceforth can control outcomes the necessary means to determine the specific outcomes of the same methodology that could effect changes that determine the practically maintain to get the required outcome. Identification of specific resources that are practically required to maintain and subjugate the same outdoes that are specifically required to complete the specific tasks.

3.2 Project Planning

This is the specific part that is essentially considered for the definitive research that is specifically needed to conduct the approach to implement that is specifically required to develop the planning stage. In this stage, a definitive blueprint for all the essential measures is crucial enough and is carefully integrated into the plan. Essentially though, the requirements that are neatly basic that essentially need to be taken care of before the specific project could be created.

To implement the same, the platform for NetBeans has specifically been used to deploy the codes that are to be constructed to generate the structure of the attendance record system of the students using JAVA.

As JAVA is a high-level programming language, the use case that is specifically determinant in choosing this programming language to develop this project are:

  • ava being a high-level programming language, implementing the structural and functional properties of the same have been useful enough as the specific features that are essentially required to build such a sophisticated language, the key functionalities that are specifically required are all present in the Java programming language.
  • Java is an object-oriented programming language, the specific instances that can be created in the Java framework are one of the specific reasons to select this specific language to encode the system features of the attendance record monitoring system of the students.
  • To plan this certain development of the project the practical and hypothetical understanding of the conceptual knowledge that is specifically required to develop the framework structure of the same has been specifically incumbent to consider the deterministic outcomes for the purpose of the dissertation project.
  • The plan has been considered to have reasonable outcomes of the same that would definitely consider the face that will have an overview of the plan of the same. Considering the whole scenario, deployment of the project has not been extremely easy, but considering the strategies that have been used to implement that same, have been predominantly effective.

Collection of data and organizing the same to conduct this particular research is particularly the agenda of the dissertation project. Organizing the members to inordinate individual obligations and roles that specifically imply conducting the actual paradigm of the research work that has been presented for the specific project outcome.

3.3 Software Analyzing

The purpose of this particular stage is to understand the associated challenges that might pose as a resultant outcome of the same. To conduct the required interview for the purpose that has been preordained in NetBeans, have particularly the agenda of the discussion scenario that has been presented in this stage (Jena. 2020).

The researchers, those who are specifically associated to collaborate on this dissertation work, have been individually tasked to collect all the required data for developing the necessary methods and conceptual framework for developing the current system that is under discussion for the purpose of this project. This is particularly essential to audit the pre-described transactions that are specifically operated manually. Post the assigned task, that is to collect the related data to analyze the specific problem that essentially poses a problem for the existing system. Researchers or the participants who have been prevalent to analyze a solution that is predominantly concrete enough for the specific solutions that are generally based on the problem.

3.4 Project Designing

The designing phase for the completion of developing the attendance monitoring project has practically been infused to gauge end-users roles and clients' roles of the same. As per the general understanding of the project that is specifically been designed in JFrame using Java for its flexibility and functions that are having characteristics to develop a monitoring system that specifically includes an in-built framework that works for the students to regularly mark their attendance devoid of any manual intervention (Berger et al. 2018).

Designing the interface of the same that practically includes teacher's registration form, student's registration form attendance transactions, reports, and lastly, teacher's and student's information for managerial purposes. This particular design of the system is specifically built to be very user-friendly.

3.5 Process of Software development

  • coding

To develop the architecture of the system, JFrame has been specifically used along with the NetBeans Platform to encode the source code for developing the framework of the system that is specified to develop the project that is essential to integrate with the SQLite database.

  • testing

Post completion of the development of the specified parts that are specifically required to complete the project framework. The implementation that is specifically obtained to specifically require the preordained structure of the java code essentially determines the necessary outcome specifically proactively determining the circumstantial understanding of the specified framework. Requiring the same out for testing the implementation of the design blueprint that would definitively require to enable the phase that predominantly identified the preordained vulnerabilities to be caught before it is specifically targeted for the purpose of the same.

Essentially, there are parts of three that are practically essential system transactions, propagating the required test samples for the specified client and the defined learning outcome that have been practically encountered for the purpose to make it predetermined the major and minor mistakes that are specifically associated with the structural architecture of the system. Specifying the research methodology in the testing phase to specifically determine the development of the project.

3.6 Implementation process 

Documents that are predominantly compiled to bring out the output that is final to be practically submitted for the client report. Documentation of the same and software integration is specifically included in the implementation phase of the pacific project that is being partaken for developing the attendance management tool for the students using Java (Lekwa et al. 2019). specific to the circumstantial scenario that predominantly takes charge of preordained facilities that specifically take the understanding that is specifically necessary to produce an outcome of the same.

  • Constraints

The list on the following specifically provides the challenges that practice may be encountered while the timeframe has been developed to develop this application.

  • Natural disaster - interruption of any particular operation such as earthquakes, floods, or typhoons.
  • Hardware - for some cases that are practically unexpected for the differential purposes that particularly poses a predefined challenge that necessarily provides the outcome of the same. The transaction component that specifically is sometimes unavailable for computational purposes, and hardware components such as motherboard, power supply, and specifically hard drive could practically be affected by shutdowns that are essentially improper to specifically cause hardware problems.
  • Software - computer viruses that specifically are causing problems for the main functionalities that are specifically causing these deteriorating outcomes for the same method. Necessarily speaking, the preordained task could specifically face software-related challenges as newly developed software is very prone to get corrupted. After a couple of iterations and re-iterations, the software specifically is controlled and determined by the same.

Viruses that are specifically most common for the functionalities for the same cause. This is specifically achieved when a user downloads items from the internet such as music, images, videos, and games. The file when gets downloaded into the system that specifically corrupts the whole system to malfunction without the preordained root cause.

3.7 Architectural design

The architecture specifically shows the necessary interface of networks that could be specifically used for Java to be used in JFrame. Specifically for the purpose of outcome that essentially measures the starting process that predominantly shows the registration of teachers and specifically students form workstations of server and teachers and students that practically saves data in their required databases (Mbuguah et al. 2019). Post the process of registration, the staff can specifically record attendance from the client-side of the computer that is specifically located across teachers' or students' computer systems. Retrieval of information that is specifically about the student can process recording attendance and the associated databases. The specific record of attendance can automatically save the same for purposes of backing up the specific database for total data security.

3.8 Implementation and system testing

For successful completion of the project of developing the software architecture that is specifically required to develop a system that is in regards to the prevalent system of attendance record architecture. The proponents that are to be practically tested are to be specifically used for the purpose of representation of the JFrame that is specifically being used to deploy the source code in the NetBeans environment. Deployment of the same in database architecture that is specifically developed using SQLite database system architecture. The desired outcome of the same specifically requires evaluating the specific functions of the system to specifically produce information that is practically required to make the system more effective and efficient.

Implementation of the system is specifically very important to tangibly incur the importance and specific effects that are predominantly required to develop the usefulness of the required system that is practically proposed over the purposes of the existing system.

The JFrame that has practically been used along with Java using the platform of NetBeans that practically facilitates the servers that are specifically required for the server to be administratively prevalent (Mazur et al. 2019). Other servers that are specifically required for the same are practically being used by the deterministic measure for the purposes of the staff.

3.9 System features

The specific list specifically derives the specific features that practically includes the monitoring system of attendance for the framework that is being developed by using Java on top of JFrame.

  • Registration of students.
  • Registration of teachers
  • Monitoring of attendance for teachers and students.
  • Information management of teachers and students.
  • Attendance report for teachers and students that is specifically generated daily and monthly.

3.10 Recommendation for hardware specification

  • Intel i3 processor
  • 8GB DDR3
  • 1GB LAN port that is dual
  • Fixed UPS of 400W
  • 1TB hard disc drive
  • Keyboard
  • Optical mouse
  • LEC/LCD monitor.

3.11 Recommendation of software specification

  • Windows 10
  • Netbeans
  • JFrame
  • SQLite

3.12 Summary 

For the development purposes of the project that is specifically required to break the specific outcome of the project to build a framework to record attendance for students. The specific requirement of the same specifically requires to provide an outcome that essentially is preordained to deliver this required task to acknowledge the fact that is specifically for the purposes of the same making it particularly require to conceptualize the outcome that the monitoring project of students' attendance would practically deliver to end-users such that to the teaches information is specifically viable and of the record that is delivered for the purposes of the same. Ensuring the same specifically determines the required outcome to be specified for the required outcome that is predominantly used for the required purpose. Delivering the same according to the methodology has been deterministic for the particular outcome of developing the attendance monitoring system (Fojtík. 2018).

Chapter 4: Result and discussion

 In this chapter, the entire student attendance records system procedure has been discussed to understand a better overview of the record systems. The record system has been configured by utilizing the Java programming language in the Net Beans software platforms. There are various types of methods, buttons, panels and other elements have been applied to create the JFrame page and execute the task successfully. Java is one kind of high-level, object-oriented programming language that has various types of applications in today's world. Various types of devices or systems that have been built by applying the java programming language, such as desktop applications, smart cards, Robotics, and others. Moreover, in this task, the java swing platform has been utilized to create the student Attendance record system corresponding to the task.

4.1 Analysis and designing the Student Attendance Records System

In this section, the entire analysis part has been discussed regarding the student attendance record system. There are different types of java functions and loops that are utilized to build the attendance system successfully.

 Display the database for the Attendance system

(Source: Generated by the learner)

The database file includes different types of values, such as integer, varchar, and others that have been created by utilizing the SQLite database software platform. Moreover, four different tables have been designed that include different attributes, such as staff login tables includes, including id and password attributes that means staff login details are saved in this table after executing the program successfully. The student details table is designed for the storing the student details by roll number, department, and others. 

 Code is utilized to create the login page

(Source: Generated by the learner)

The login page is designed by utilizing the JFrame software platform in the NetBeans software platforms. The above-included picture visualized the java codes that are applied to create the login page corresponding to the task. Moreover, the Result () command is written to fetch the login details from the login_db database file. The if condition has been utilized here to insert the error message when the user did not enter any details in the login time. The else if condition is applied to check the username and password from the database file. Moreover, the username, as well as password, is set as strings in this program to execute the task successfully. The JOptionPane.showMessageDialog () command is used to display the error message if the user inputs any wrong password or username. The select option has been designed on this login page, user users can choose the member positions and enter username or password to proceed to the next page.

 Code to create the Student registration page

(Source: Generated by the learner)

In this program, the student can register by entering different details corresponding to the task. The included picture visualized the codes that have been applied to create the registration page. Different types of text boxes and labels are utilized to build the student registration page successfully. Moreover, the try and catch function is included where database connection codes are written to insert the student details into the SQLite database file. The conn=DriverManager.getConnection () commands is written to identify the database file location. The insert into () SQL commands has been written to store the student details, login details, and others regarding the student attendance records systems

 Code for Teacher Dashboard

(Source: Generated by the learner)

The inserted figure has shown the codes that are utilized to design the teacher dashboard corresponding to the task. Moreover, different types of variables are defined here, such as roll number, name, subject details, and others. The try and catch function has been applied that includes database connection codes to retrieve the data from the student.sqlite file. In the case of the catch function, the Logger.getLogger () command is written to establish the server accurately. The JOptionPane.showInputDialog () command has been utilized to create the dialog box after executing the task successfully. Apart from this, the update_attendance_btnActionPerformed method is created and includes different functions, to retrieve the subject’s details as well as subject attendance details regarding the task. On this page, the conn= Driver Manager.get Connection is utilized to set up the database connection. The system.exit(0); action is performed here to exit from the teacher dashboard page. 

 Code to display the Attendance Statistics

(Source: Generated by the learner)

The above java codes are written to create the statistics view regarding the student attendance values as well as the subject's wishes. The conn = DriverManager.getConnection () function is applied to establish the connection between the SQL server and student attendance record systems. The subject 1 += rs.getInt(2); java codes are written to calculate the subject's statistics regarding the teacher details in this task. Moreover, the conn.close(); command has been implemented to stop the connection after completing the task. The dataset.addValue (); codes are utilized to display the titles after executing the attendance systems. The SQL query has been applied to fetch the attendance details by student roll number. Furthermore, the for loop is applied for checking the raw data length values corresponding to the attendance system.

 Designing the student card details

(Source: Generated by learner)

In this section, the designing process is shown for the student details regarding the task. Moreover, various types of labels are utilized where student details are written. The text areas tag is applied to fetch the student details from the database file. Furthermore, all the designing process has been completed by utilizing the JFrame in the net beans platform. 

 Create the principle dashboard

(Source: Generated by learner)

The above-included figure shows the codes that are implemented to design the principle dashboard corresponding to the attendance records system. The display graph method is utilized to visualize the bar charts after executing the task that is based on the student attendance records or subject details.

 The designing process of the student portal

(Source: Created by self)

The included picture shows all the design processes of the student dashboard in the attendance management system. Besides that, the table tag is utilized to display the subject-wise details as well as the percentage of the attendance details regarding the student attendance record systems.

4.2 Result of the Designing Part

In this section, the student attendance system results are discussed as well as application outcomes are visualized. In this application, the user has to input the id and password to enter the attendance system. The teacher has the access to check all the students’ details as well a teacher can check manually by imputing the student roll. In the principal dashboard, the principal can check the overall statistics of the attendance systems.

 Display login page

(Source: Generated by learner)

The figure 4.9 visualized the login page after successfully executing the program in the net beans software platform regarding the attendance system. The user has to enter the login id and password to access the attendance systems. Further, the user can choose the user positions from the drop-down box on this login page.

 Display the Student registration page

(Source: Generated by learner)

The student registration page is shown in this attendance system. Students can register by entering student name, email-id, roll number, department, and other details corresponding to the task, the quit button is used to exit the registration page. Besides that, a user has entered all the details to register in this portal. 

 Visualize the student dashboard

(Source: Generated by learner)

The above-inserted outcome shows the student dashboard page in this attendance system application. Users can check the details subject-wise, also users can check the overall percentage that is calculated depending on the subject attended by the students. The sign out button has been applied to quit the student dashboard portal in the attendance system.

 Outcome of the teacher dashboard

(Source: Generated by learner)

In the above-included picture, it shows the results of the teacher dashboard after successfully executing the task. Besides that, the teacher checks all the student details as well as subject-wise attendance details. The teacher can insert the attendance reports by entering the student roll and subject name corresponding to the attendance systems. After completing the task, the teacher can use the sign out button to exit the teacher portal in the attendance systems.

 View the student details from the teacher dashboard

(Source: Generated by learner)

In the teacher portal, a teacher has the access to view the particular student details by entering the student roll in the attendance portal.

 View Principle dashboard

(Source: Self-Created)

The included figure shows the principle dashboard corresponding to the attendance system that is created in the net beans software platform by utilizing the java language. In the principal dashboard, the principal can check the bar charts that are based on the student attendance as well as subject-wise attendances. The x-axis shows indicate the subject-wise values and the y-axis is shown the student presents values.

4.3 Discussion

In this research paper, the student attendance record system has been created by utilizing the Java programming language in the Netbean software platform. Therefore, this system includes different pages, such as the admin page, student page and teacher page. Students can register in this portal by inputting the name, department, class, year, and other details corresponding to the task. Students can also check the attendance records after successfully logging in to the student portal. On the other hand, teachers also have the id and password to enter on the teacher dashboard page. Teachers have the access to insert the subject-wise attendance reports. Furthermore, the teacher can view the specific student's details by entering the student roll number in the program. In the case of the principal portal, the principal can check the overall summary statistics of the student attendance reports. Different types of methods and functions are utilized here to execute them successfully. Besides that, the JFrame tool is utilized to design the entire program of this student attendance records system. Apart from this, an SQL database is implemented in this task to store all the details. In the software part, students need to login to their portal with their valid id and password and after the login, students need to go to their registration page where they need to fill up their login_id, password, student email, their roll number, departments and other criteria to show their attendance record. Apart from this, after filling up the registration details students can show their attendance based on each subject that has been chosen by them. This student's attendance record is very useful for all the organizations to save student records within the system database. For the database system, SQLite has been used for saving their entire credentials based on the subject. Each page of this record system has been made through JFrame where it has been already made by using NetBeans software.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

5.1 Conclusion

To conclude the journey of objective outcome for determining the necessary objective that is specifically achieved for the purposes of the same. The specific researchers that have predominantly been essential for their individual conceptualization of the work that has been deployed by them. Identifying the specific challenges that particularly require doing the output that is practically necessary to carry out individual outcomes of the same. Post conceptualization of the framework that is to be built to practically impose the required outcome for the framework to be developed that definitively integrates the source code of Java by using JFrame that is practically deployed in NetBeans environmental architecture. Developing this whole project has been time-consuming and deeply involved. Coordination from all of the members has been particularly crucial. Determining the practical challenges that could pose as a necessary threat has been mitigated by identification of the threats beforehand. The project has been completed upon critically understanding the same challenges that specifically mitigate the preordained outcome that is specifically required for this task.

5.2 Recommendations

Finally, it will practically require to mitigate all the challenges that have practically been mitigated by the relative teamwork that agave practically made us able to compile all the deliverables. The specific tasks that have been allocated for the same purpose individually, require the outcome of individual people. Upon considerating for completion of the project, the development and writing of the dissertation work have been subdivided amongst the members of the research group. The required outcome would have been specifically for the purpose of deployment of the necessary software architecture of the same.

The development project will be consolidated to incur the outcomes that have been specified in the deliverables of the project. Inclusive of all the, to effectively conclude this particular dissertation project the practical outcome of the same has been critically challenging enough. Deployment of the framework would have been critically efficient for the required outcome. Deliverables will essentially be met for the same purposes to work seamlessly for the required outcome of the effective tasks that have been considered as the deliverables. Time constraints would have posed to be one of the issues that have practically posed a challenge to mitigate all the associated risks. Determining all of these factors specifically will correspond with the required outcome that is consolidated in the work.

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