Academic Development And Professional Practice (Ente1203) Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Academic Development And Professional Practice (Ente1203) Assignment

Reflective Report

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We selected the Stephen Lawrence fund rising case, and my role was to make leaflets. In this study I will follow the Gibbs reflective model in order to show my learnings and elaborate my plan. The Gibbs reflective model allows me to understand my feelings better, making this study more informative (Adeani, Febriani, and Syafryadin, 2020).

 Gibbs reflective cycle

(Source - Adeani, Febriani, and Syafryadin, 2020)


A young life so brutally taken by an unwarranted racial assault on April 22nd, 1993, stunned us all. Although we cannot resurrect Stephen, the terrible loss of this young man may catalyze constructive change in our society. As a result of Stephen's death and the ensuing Macpherson report, considerable reforms have already occurred within the criminal justice system. One of Macpherson's proposals led to the repeal of the centuries-old legal notion of 'double jeopardy,' in which a person cannot be prosecuted for the same crime twice. Two of those implicated in Stephen's murder were convicted in a 2011 trial. Me and my team selected to raise funds for the Stephen Lawrence research association. I am more confident and eloquent in my speech than ever, giving me a better sense of self-worth. However, my writing skill is not as fantastic as I hoped they would be (Pieper et al., 2021). Because I established objectives for myself, this year was a success. For example, I gained a better understanding of English culture and had the opportunity to see some of the country's most stunning sights. Travelling is a very enriching and enlightening endeavour. As a result, you get a broader perspective on the globe and the many cultures that exist within it. Finally, I can say that I have achieved success in every one of the assignments that I have submitted. Some of them were pretty difficult, but I liked them. As a result of those tasks, I have gained a stronger sense of accountability, more critical thinking, and improved analytical abilities.


My father and his friends had formed a cricket team in the Caribbean, and I spent many weekends watching him play. Eltham was the location of one of our primaries playing fields. Racist slurs were hurled at us from passing cars as we were on the ground. When we played there, it was something we had come to anticipate. South-east London has historically had pockets where black residents could not feel comfortable unless they were in huge groups. That is simply the way things were back then. If I am where a black teen travelling alone or in a small group at the time, there were bus routes where you would disembark before reaching specific destinations. Stephen Lawrence, an 18-year-old with aspirations of becoming an architect, was adored by his family (Adeani, Febriani, and Syafryadin, 2020). He, too, is a native of south-east London, where I spent my formative years. Stephen was stabbed as he walked home with a buddy on the night of April 22nd, 1993, by a group of white youngsters. I felt the injustice that happen to Stephen Lawrence. I read some articles regarding the topic and I was very proud for raising funds for the research center.


There are times when my time management is lacking. This is mainly because everything is written in difficult English, while my mental faculties are more suited to simple Indian English. So, I have to confess that I have not yet found a good balance between the amount of time I spend on university work and my other responsibilities. As a result, I had to adjust to my new life in the United Kingdom (Ahmed, 2020. Throughout the first four months, I was often overcome with feelings of homesickness. Honestly, I did not expect to feel that way for so long. This is a failure for me, in part, because when I was feeling this way, I lost out on much potential. For the most part, I was not a member of any sports teams since I could not attend the first session. This assignment project allowed to me overcome my fears and through this I have become a better person.

I have to re-learn everything I have missed; I hope to start new things early in the second year. The most important thing to me is my accomplishments. I must maintain a good outlook and take stock of my accomplishments so far. The development I have made in my English as an international student has enormously gratified me. The judiciary relies heavily on magistrates. Justice is served in our communities through volunteers (Tanaka, Okamoto, and Koide, 2018). I am acutely aware of our job and the gravity of our responsibilities. I was always looking for new volunteers to join our team, and we have set up many resources to assist them in assuming this critical position.


No one had to tell us that there were people out there who despised us just for the colour of our skin. I was saddened, though, that someone had to die as a result of it. Stephen's case was notable not just for the horrific nature of the murder but also for the tenacity with which his family pursued restitution. It was two weeks after Stephen's death before the police made any arrests based on anonymous information (Dhaliwal, Singh, and Singh, 2018). I learned that some of the suspected assailants were initially charged, but the case was eventually withdrawn. Stephen's friend's treatment as a witness to a crime, the early handling of Stephen's family by police, and police did not appear to see this as a racially motivated crime were all issues that the public would later question. I understood that in 2012, two of the suspects in Stephen's assault were convicted of his murder and sentenced to prison. His family's quest for justice began a long time ago, and his mother, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, continues to lead the charge.


I can learn new things that I never thought possible. Particularly for an overseas student, the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of campus life is priceless. The freedom that comes with being self-sufficient is invaluable to me. I completed all of my purchasing and began to examine the prices of many things that caught my eye. I understood my self-assurance is rising. With confidence, I can be more open-minded and interested in people and the world around me and seize the possibilities that come my way (Tawanwongsri, and Phenwan, 2019). Being a student from another country is an incredible opportunity, and I am a curious soul who relishes the opportunity to explore new things. I have learned a lot more about other countries, their cultures, and people. I feel more connected to the rest of the world now. In my child hood I liked history but I realized this topic was not for me. For one thing, the history in England is quite different from the history in my nation. I am not saying that studying history is meaningless, but I wish to return to my home country and work there. Hence, I switch to the International Business programme, which I find significantly more engaging than my first option. I believe that making the appropriate decision from the beginning is quite vital. I attended almost all lectures and seminars since I found them fascinating. I learned that making leaflets are not easy and I had to gain more knowledge to properly make attractive leaflets.

Action Plan 

Perseverance is critical when it comes to money raising. The assumption that individuals would naturally participate is not adequate. Many people wanted to help me out with Chuck's Run, but I could not do it because of the demands of daily life. Many of my friends were happy to assist by reminding me of my tasks, which is not the same as pleading or bugging. Moreover, I would be willing to bet that none of those who could not contribute felt obligated. The most important lesson I have taken away from Chuck's Run is that it is not about moaning about hardships, comparing scars, or wishing things were different in life (Sekarwinahyu et al., 2019).

As a result of the study, I now understand how to choose relevant methodologies and procedures in the future. I may readily persuade others if he or she has good presenting abilities. He will be able to work as part of a team without any issues because of his team player qualities. When I meet new people, I will have an advantage because of my better communication ability that I have developed through the study. In the beginning, I found it tough to communicate, but it soon improved and I would like to further improve my skills in the future. My communication skills were sharpened as he interacted with the class's foreign pupils (Markkanen et al., 2020). The college's professors and other personnel greatly improved the student's ability to communicate. I was able to devote a lot of time to a single topic in this class. I learned in a high-volume front-line team, it might be difficult to revert to the role of student in order to learn and unlearn new things.


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