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Mastering Academic Research and Writing Assignments: Strategies and Tips for Success

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Introduction Of Academic Research And Writing

This report is going to discuss about the learning outcomes of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This will also discuss the learning of construction industry sustainability. It will also discuss the learning of management approaches which has been used in building the environment. This will also tell the outcomes of innovation and technology in the field of construction technology. It will also be discussed how the learning will help in future development and in the study. This will also be being discussed how continuous improvement will impact the career development. It will also be going to talk about the outcome of the personal development plan (PDP) development and improvement.

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Process of learning and development

As stated by Ariono et al. (2022), I have learned that BIM benefit is that it is the connection of teams, workflow, and data of the entire project and its lifecycle which have been designed for constructing and operating the better outcomes through it. Implementation of BIM can help in managing and changing the transition of it which will help effectively. The benefits of the sustainable construction environment for buildings will be maintained at a low cost mostly in designing the engineering element which will help in reducing the water bill and energy bill. Reducing the management and operational cost will save lots of amount which can be invested some other place like employee's salary and product improvement.

I have understood the benefit of the construction and its innovation will help in efficiency increment. Construction companies saves most of the time by helping in finding the new ways for doing things more quickly and within the budget. As reported by Chan et al. (2019), this learning will help in saving more time, energy, and reducing cost. BIM will continuously transform the way of designing, building, and managing buildings in future. Most of the stakeholders continuously adopting BIM technology it will enhance the employee's area more. Sustainable development in the construction of industry is very crucial for minimising the impact of the environment of buildings, reducing the waste and resource consumption, and promoting the social and economic development.

As stated by Yabuki et al. (2019), the industries are growing continuously it is essential to prioritize the sustainable practice in all the aspects of construction from design to operation management and to ensure the sustainable future for all. The building of environment is very complex and face different issue in the construction industry. I learned that prioritising, I learned energy efficiency, indoor air quality, designers and builders may create buildings which will be sustainable, healthy, and safe for the surroundings environment. The innovation and technology have the significant impact on the construction industry which will improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. As stated by Jalaei et al. (2021), I understood that the industry will continuously evolve which will be expected to be seen more technologically advancement and innovative for the further transformation of the design, build, and managing building.

Plans for future study and development

In this the learning outcome of me is the construction industry will provide the valuable insights and the knowledge which will be applied in the future studies and development plans. As reported by Li et al. (2019), some of the construction plans which will help industries are like informing future research by studying the construction industry researchers shall identify the gaps in their knowledge and opportunities for the future research. This could help in guiding the development of new research of the project and areas of focused. I also learned the developing sustainable development plans is very critical issue in the field of construction industries and learning about the sustainable building will practices and technologies can be informed the development of sustainable development plans and policies.

As reported by Song et al. (2019), I have learned that in improving the building design and construction about the building design and of the construction which will help to architect the builders which can be more effective, sustainable, and cost effective. This knowledge could inform the selection of the building materials, systems, and technologies. I have also learned for identifying the best practices of the construction industry which will help in identifying the best practices and lessons have been learned from past projects. This knowledge will help in using and informing the development of standards, guidelines, and coding for future building projects. Enhancing professional development about the construction of industries can help professionals in the industry like architects, engineers, and builders for enhancing their professional development and for being updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Improvement in career development

I learned that the continued improvement of the construction industry has positive impact on my career development regarding the specific role or position in the benefit of the industry and my career. As stated by Lu et al. (2019), opportunity for professional development in the industry is has continuously evolving with new technologies, materials and building methods for emerging the time. I also learned increment in efficiency and productivity in construction industry may led to the increased efficiency and productivity which could give benefit to my career in several ways like more efficient construction methods which leads to faster completion of the projects many times which will help in meeting the deadlines of the projects moreover.

Improvement in safety of the construction of industry will continuously evolve with the new opportunities for innovation and creativity. This will benefit in my career by allowing my work on the exciting edge cutting projects which will be possible for the industries. I learned the increased demand for the skilled professionals in the construction field industries continuously growing and evolving the increased demand for the skilled professional like architectures, engineers, and builders. As stated by Mariano et al. (2021), the continued improvement of the industry will give a positive impact on my career development creating new opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Presentation of information

Skills to develop Plans to develop skills Future implementation
Technological skills Operation of the latest technological types of equipment. I can do the task of new technologically based machines after learning this skill. Doing task systematically and with speed can increase the productivity of the company (Zhang et al. 2021).
Managerial skills Managing the people in this field. Through these skills, I can manage peoples easily without facing issues. By this skill management of people which is very complex will become easy for me.
Creativity skills Thinking in a new and creative manner. Through this skill I can think more innovative and new ideas will come. If new ideas will be applied in the industry it will give a better result as compared to the ongoing old system. This will help industry in growing with creative and innovative ideas easily (Zhang et al. 2021).

Table 1: PDP plan

These all skills will improvement of my creativity thinking, innovative ideas, management of peoples, and of technologies which will further increase my value and I can give my best to the industry development and growth. By this company will grow and thinking, innovative I will also can be at the higher level with that growth of the construction industry. As reported by Selamat et al. (2019), it will further increase my knowledge and thinking, innovative my career for the future growth. Learning of new skills and techniques will further helpful for my career which will lastly help me for my increment in every field if those skills I can learn.

PDP plan for development

For developing a PDP plan for my academic skills in the construction industry some steps must be taken to improve my academic skills like identifying my current skills is the first step in developing a PDP to find my current skills in the construction industry. As stated by Mellado and Lou (2020), this could include skills like project management, building design, construction techniques and material science further. I must create list of my current skills and assess the proficiency level of it. Setting the specific goals must set a specific goal for the improvement of it. If I want to improve the project management skills, I must set a goal to complete a project management course or must gain a certification in this field.

Creating a timeline for achievement of my goal development. As reported by Ogunsanya et al. (2022), this will help me to be focused and motivated and must measure the progress of it over all the time. Setting a realistic timeline will take into my account commitment and responsibilities. Identifying resources can help me in achieving my goals easily. This may include textbooks, online courses, professional organisations, and mentors in the construction industry. Taking advantages of it will finally improve my knowledge and skills. Measuring my progress towards my goals will also help to improve (Perera et al. 2020). This can help me to stay on the track and must adjust as needed in it.

This help me in getting closure to my goal and learn from setbacks or challenges I have faced of this. Updating my plan will help me in achieving my goals and developing the skills updating my PDP will reflect my progress. This will help me to be stay focused and motivated and continue growth and development in the construction industry. Developing my academic skills in the construction industry is an ongoing process only (Stanitsas et al. 2021). After setting a specific goal, creating the timeline of it, and identifying resources I can continue grow and develop in this exciting field for the growth.

Academic skills need to be developed

Some skills I want to focus on for my PDP in the construction industry are building design if I have interest in building design I have to focus on the improvement of my skills in architectural drafting, CAD software, and building codes and regulation areas. Construction techniques fort this I must excel in the construction industry I have a strong understanding of construction techniques, including building methods, materials, and safety regulations also (Niemela et al. 2020). Project management is a critical skill in the construction industry and must include in areas such as budgeting, scheduling, and risk management. I need to consider in taking courses or certification in the project management to enhance the skills in this area. Communication is essential in the construction industry as I need to work with different stakeholders including clients, contractors, and architecture. Focusing on the improvement of my written and oral communication skills including negotiation, conflict resolution and presentation skills. Sustainability in the construction industry is increasing focused on the sustainable practices and green buildings technologies. Considering the development of my knowledge and skills in these areas like LEED certification, energy efficiency, and sustainable of building materials (Wang et al. 2019).

Impact on future studies

A well-developed PDP plan have a significant impact on my future career and the academic goals in the construction industry. Some ways which PDP could help in achieving the success are goal setting in this PDP allows to set a specific goal for the personal and professional development. After setting the achievable goals and developing a plan to achieve it I can stay motivated and focused on thew objectives. Carrer advancement help in developing my skills and knowledge through PDP by which I can position myself for career advancement in the construction industry (Zhang et al. 2021). Employers are looking for the employees who can commit in their professional development and have desire to improve the skills. Personal growth PDP help to achieve personal growth or self-improvement. After doing this and developing a plan to achieve, I can gain confidence in the ability and to develop a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfilment.


In this report it has mentioned that about the PDP process and development. It has also been mentioned about the plan study and development. In this it is also discussed about improvement of career development and presentation information. It also discussed that what the PDP plan for the development are. What are the academic skills need to be developed has also been discussed in it. This also been mentioned that what are the impact on future studies and how it will be resolved.

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