Aircraft Management And Operation Module Assignment Sample

Environmental and Economic Impacts of Overture Supersonic Jet in Modern Aviation

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Introduction of Aircraft Management And Operation Module Assignment

In modern aviation technology, there are several types of modern aircraft designs that have been implemented in several types of aircraft. There are lots of new technology and engineering excellence that have been improvising to sustain to create lots of the system because there are an increasing amount of passengers that are traveling long. Also, there is a need for decreasing travel timing for more business timing. In this report, the discussion will be about the Overture Supersonic jet, a modern time technology that eventually launch.

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Environmental sustainability And Economic point

According to the information, there are lots of specifications that have been given to environmental sustainability that have been related to the impact and sustainability and future scope of the particular system (Piccirillo et al 2022). As the aircraft is a supersonic aircraft of Mach no 1.7 so there is a possibility of sound pollution, as the older generation supersonic aircraft like Concord and Tupolev also there should be lots of fuel consumption systems. The older history of supersonic aircraft has been made has had lots of environmental impacts previously.

Aviation Fuel Sustainability

Figure1: Aviation Fuel Sustainability

(Source: Self-made in MS word)

The kind of the fuel that used in the system of this kind of aircraft that there are lots of the possibility in normal fuel system there is a cost of about $200,000, and the cost of the sustainable fuel is almost 8 times of the particular normal aviation fuel. That means almost $1600000 (Akatsuka et al 2022). Overture supersonic jets are using sustainable resources for fueling and powering the system also there are lots of new inventions of new aircraft technology that help to avoid the sonic boom towards lands and water and building which is approved by the civil aviation association. The main attraction of this particular aircraft is there is special aviation fuel that has almost zero carbon emission.

Critical analysis

The particular system of the aircraft is a special type of aircraft having a supersonic speed of Mach 1.7. Also, there are lots of advanced systems of the engine and different types of parts that are very aerodynamic and also there are lots of systems that have the ability the sustain the system of flying in a particular manner system there are lots of things that need to manage the system (Matthews et al 2022). The engine is the specific system that is the most important thing that needs to maintain in the system, this kind of engine is made for reaching the speed of Mach 1.7 also it needs to be a system in the part that it can be sustained in the system fully in the part of the maintenance. Using 100% sustainable fuel as the basis of the system and having the resilience of delivering a system of zero carbon emission. The engine has a 4-system engine and has capacity of 6320nm horsepower. Which have the ability to fly to the lowers record of flying to new work to London in just 3.54 hours.

Comparison of the aircraft Maintenance

The Engine system of the aircraft possesses high Maintenance cost. There are lots of systems that (Kopiev et al 2022). Initially, there is a high maintenance cost in the particular aircraft that there are similar as the previous types of supersonic jet in the system. The initial system and the pricing for the maintenance of the Overture system are near about 10000$ per hour, but there are lot backward systems that have the possibility and there are lots of systems that create environmental impacts also there are many many options that can be newly implemented in the system of calculation. As the record of a Bowing 707, the average maintenance cost per hour is almost 8000$ per hour. The initial cost may be high at the beginning, but eventually, it sustains the system. This system of Overture supersonic jet has 4 turbojet engines which help this aircraft mention a sharp speed. And the aerodynamic design of the system also gave the fine speeding delivery system that have the many implementations

Recommendation of the aircraft

According to the company, this kind of advanced aircraft have lots of future possibilities in the system of aviation flying. Also, there are lots of advantages to the system of flying and there are system of time-saving maneuvers that can create saving of time in flying. Thus saving of the fuel have the main sustainability in the Maintainance systemThis is a plane that uses a special type of fuel which is a low carbon (Berton et al 2022). At present this aircraft has a capacity of 60-70 seats so it has the possibility of creating a special executive type of flight. There are lots of systems that this kind of airplane sustainable for environmental safety and there are lots of profit margins that have the possibility in the system of fuel saving and money saving.

Recommendation of the process of improving the Aircraft maintenance

As discussed earlier there are lots of possibilities in the SAF system as the particular fuel system has lots of environmental benefits in the carbon emission system. As there is a necessity in environmental sustainability in saving for the global environment and system of natural sustainability and lots of the other systems in the particular process, it’s time for a change in the fuel consumption system and the system in the processing in the lots of the new technologies. As there will be a new immerging system in the process and there should be a new system on the Maintenance angles of the aircraft Schematics. The SAF fuels is based on forestry materials, vegetable oil, and green hydrogens, which have the capacity of 70% less carbon footprint. Also, there are lots of the system has the possibility that there are many systems of the aviation fuel industry that have the system. Also, there is a system of implementation of renewable fluid of fuel in the process.


In the conclusion, it's been viewed that there are lots of possibilities in the particular overture jet aircraft that have a lot of potentiality in the particular system. As the new technology of the system created in the system in the creation. As the excellence of technology is creating a big impact in the system of aviation technology, there are lots of other systems that need to be system. There are lots of potential in the system for the allocation of the kind of aircraft technology. With this modern technology, there should be lots of opportunities.



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