APA or Harvard Referencing
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APA or Harvard Referencing

APA or Harvard: Which One to Choose For Assignment?

While working on your assignment data is not the only factor you have to cover there is another factor that is crucial for you to use i.e. referencing. Unfortunately, many students get confused about APA and Harvard referencing styles and are unable to use any of them in assignments. As a result, students face many issues in reference less assignments.

Students often forget that the use of proper referencing in assignments is very crucial. Hence in this blog, we will discuss both the referencing styles in brief with some appropriate examples. Along with this, we will also understand how many references you should use in your assignments. Read further to learn more:

Why Referencing Is Important In Assignments?

You have also heard about plagiarised assignments or content as it is considered criminality in every university. To avoid plagiarism in your academic paper, you must properly use citations or references in your document. In simple words when you write your academic documents you take references from online sources which other writers originally wrote. So to give credit to the original author we make use of citations or references in the assignment.

However, the university provides proper guidelines for the proper use of referencing in your academic document. You can give reference to quotes, and statements, and paraphrase context which is documented by someone else. If you are paraphrasing any content make sure to give a proper reference, because despite being paraphrased the content can still be detected plagiarised.

Every student who is reading this should clearly understand that giving reference to your assignment or any academic document is highly important. Or else your hard can easily go in vain. Therefore make appropriate use of citations or references in your assignment according to your university guidelines.

How Many Referencing Is Needed In Assignment?

As you read above citations or references matter a lot for your academic assignments. But many times students get confused and are not able to understand how many references they have to use in the assignment. Well, let us clarify that every assignment has its requirements for references. Number of references is decided on two factors: academic level and the number of words in the assignment. Usually, for 100 to 150 words you should use 1 reference in your assignment. Learn more below:

1000 words Assignments: Required Citation/References 8-10.

2000 words Assignments: Required Citation/References 15-20.

5,000 words Assignments: Required Citation/References 45-50.

10,000 words Assignments: Required Citation/References 85-100.

However, you need to note that every university has its guidelines for assignments. Therefore always go through your university guidelines for assignments and then start working. So that you don’t have to face any issues in future.

What Is Harvard Referencing?

Harvard Referencing or Author-Date is a type of citing/referencing style. It is used in the universities of the United Kingdom for writing academic documents. You can use this style in the following fields: humanities and social science. As a student, you have to write the writer’s name, journal/publication year and page number in brackets to give full credit to the original authors to avoid chances of plagiarism.

Proper Way Of Giving Reference In Harvard Style:

  • Author’s last name
  • Year of publication
  • Title
  • Volume and issue
  • Place of publication and publisher
  • Page references


In-Text Citation Style: (Thomas, 2008, 95-98)

Reference List Format: [Thomas (2008) Book title. London: Vintage. 190-198]

What Is APA Referencing?

APA (American Psychological Association) is a famous citation/referencing format among UK universities. You can use this citation/referencing source in the following fields: behavioural, social sciences, criminal justice, anthropology, psychology and nursing. You can say that it is a variation of Harvard style. However, APA traditions are the same as Harvard, with the author's last name and the year of publication in parentheses.

Proper Way Of Giving Reference In APA Style:

  • Author’s last name
  • Year of publication
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Edition
  • Place of publication and publisher


In-Text Citation Style: (Richerd, 2008, p. 110)

Reference List Format: [Richerd, (2008), Title, Subtitle, (Edition.).Publisher.]

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