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How to Reference a Dissertation?

Uncut Guide: How to Cite Sources Correctly in Your Dissertation 

"You must have to use REFERENCING in your dissertation report." This statement is commonly used by your professors while they assign you the dissertation work. So basically referencing is an important part of your dissertation. Because it provides the authenticity of your work. For a student, it is crucial to know how, where and when referencing should be used.

However, you can also understand the proper use of citation and referencing from several books on dissertation writing. But let us tell you that it will take a lot of your time to search and read for one book. Fortunately, you can read this blog to understand the solution to all your dissertation or reference-related questions.

Giving referencing in your dissertation is no rocket science. But we understand that many of you are beginner writers and seeking the right answers. Don’t worry we are here to help. But giving your dissertation report the academic finish it needs to pass is only in your hands. In the next section, we will cover some important points on referencing. So go on and read further.

Writing a Dissertation: What Is It?

Writing an academic dissertation is an integral part of your education. It is the culminating research project originally conducted by final-year students. Commonly dissertation report is 100-300 pages long, and format and structure guidelines are provided by the university itself. There are two types of dissertation: Empirical Dissertation and Non-empirical Dissertation.

  • Empirical Dissertation: This type of research is for observing and measuring any phenomenon or its behaviour. To explore or explain such phenomenon researchers use empirical evidence. The empirical dissertation has 6 different divisions and both qualitative and quantitative methods are used in it.
  • Non-Empirical Dissertation: It is different from Empirical dissertations. Researchers gather and analyse previous data to conclude. They don't use any original data for their dissertation report. Humanities and literature students normally conduct Non-Empirical Dissertation research.

Both types of dissertations are required to have proper use of referencing. Additionally, the length of dissertations is decided on different academic levels. For undergraduates, the word limit is 10,000-12,000, master’s students have to write 15,000-25,000 words and for PhD students 50,000 or more words are required. Through dissertations, students showcase their knowledge, critical thinking, writing and analytical skills.

Why Is Referencing Used in Dissertations?

Referencing your dissertation means giving credit to the original authors. When you write your dissertation report you use online sources for data and other facts. To give those sources credit you have to use citation and referencing. Also, while providing references in your work you prove the originality of your work and pass the academic needs.

You can do referencing for quotes, paraphrased content, and for context that was written by someone else. When you use proper referencing in your dissertation you can also avoid chances of plagiarism. Therefore students should give importance to referencing in their work.

Why Does Referencing Matter?

Using references while writing your academic dissertation report is crucial. Also, 99% of the UK university dissertation guidelines include compulsory use of referencing. Through referencing, you can easily prove that the dissertation report written is your own. Read further to understand more reasons why referencing is important.

  • Helps In Avoiding Plagiarism: It is well known that plagiarism is considered a crime in colleges/universities. If you properly use referencing in your dissertation you can easily build your argument and avoid plagiarism.
  • Substantiate Your Point: Through referencing correctly, you can easily strengthen your claim with supporting evidence. Because evidence is very important to prove your claim in your dissertation report.
  • Enhance Your Dissertation Authenticity: By correctly citing/referencing your sources you can prove the authenticity of your work. You can verify that the content you have written in your dissertation reports belongs to you.
  • Give Credit To The Author: It is important to give credit to the author/researcher while writing a dissertation. When you use referencing it means you are giving credit to the original author.
  • Show Your Knowledge: With the help of proper referencing, you can show that the ideation and creativity you have shown in your dissertation are yours. You can easily prove that you have enough knowledge about the subject.

Why Does Referencing Matter?

Dissertation writing is a long process. Therefore before delving into dissertation work, you should understand how many references you have to put in your report. So that you won't face any difficulties in future. The number of references you have to use in your document can differ according to your academic level and the words of the dissertation.

  • Dissertation with 8000 words: 63 references are required.
  • Dissertation with 10,000 words: 25 to 50 references are required.
  • Dissertation with 15,000 words: 95 references are required.
  • Students From Master’s Degree: 50 to 100 References are required.
  • Students From PhD Program: 50 to 200 References are required.

However, some UK universities may have changes in their dissertation guidelines. Hence, please read your university guidelines before starting your dissertation report.

How Can My Dissertation Make Perfect Use of Referencing?

Now that you understand what is referencing and why it is so important, the next important point comes. That is how to use proper referencing in your dissertation. We are providing you with a step-by-step guide, you can follow it and can give a good finish to your work. Or else, our team of brilliant writers is ready to solve your referencing problems.

  1. Last name of the author. (eg: Bred Lowrence, use: Lawrence)
  2. Year/Date
  3. The Title of the Work. ( In Italic)
  4. The type of Publication (eg: web page, article, journal, complete book)
  5. Level of Dissertation
  6. University/College Name
  7. Source link

For example: Lawrence, (2019) Deconstructing Notions of Objective Reality [Doctoral Dissertation. University of The United Kingdom]

Get Correct Referencing Assistance From The Top UK Professionals

A dissertation is an important part of your academics. But it is not necessary that you can able to craft a perfect dissertation in one go. Working on a dissertation and completing it takes a few months or a year. In between this, you may encounter multiple difficulties in your dissertation work such as with putting proper referencing. Thankfully you can always reach us out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Correctly Cite a Dissertation?

Read the following steps for proper referencing in the dissertation:
  • Last name of the author. (eg: Bred Lowrence, use: Lawrence)
  • Year/Date (in round brackets)
  • The Title of the Work. ( In Italic)
  • The type of Publication (eg: web page, article, journal, complete book)
  • Level of Dissertation (in square brackets)
  • University/College Name (in square brackets)
  • Source link

Which is preferable for dissertation referencing, MLA or APA?

Yes. APA or MLA is Better for Dissertation Referencing. Both APA and MLA are a little different and used in specific fields. American Psychological Association (APA) are utilised for technical and scientific dissertations. Morden Language Association (MLA) is utilised for dissertations such as humanities and literature.

How many references is a dissertation supposed to include?

Every dissertation has a different limit for referencing, for example:
  • Dissertation with 8000 words: 63 references are required.
  • Dissertation with 10,000 words: 25 to 50 references are required.
  • Dissertation with 15,000 words: 95 references are required.
  • Students From Master’s Degree: 50 to 100 References are required.
  • Students From PhD Program: 50 to 200 References are required.

Do You Think of Footnotes as References?

Yes, footnotes are considered as references. The notes that appear at the bottom of the page are known as footnotes. In the footnote reference, a number is given above the line that contains the source link. It is used to give credit to the original author.
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