Royal Lancaster London Hotel Renovation Project Portfolio Assignment Sample

A detailed letter from the Royal Lancaster London hotel manager addressing customer concerns and feedback during the hotel's renovation process, including apologies for service issues, explanations of ongoing upgrades, and assurances of improved future experiences.

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Portfolio Assignment: Royal Lancaster London Renovation Project

Element 1

We are grateful to you for taking the time to leave a review about the experience you felt in our hotel. We work hard to make our customers feel valued in our hotel but I apologize for the shortcomings that led to negative feedback regarding our service. I am the manager of the hotel Royal Lancaster London and I truly apologize on behalf of all my associates. We are continuously working to provide relevant coaching to all our associates so that they could best the best possible service to all our customers. We are currently renovating our hotel rooms and installing some innovative tools to deal with emergencies and other such issues. Due to this reason, our customers might face some problems as you have already stated (Sánchez-Pérez et al. 2019).

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We want to create customers for life and not just for once. This approach has compelled us to take many decisions and plans that are ultimately for the benefit of the customers. Through this, we have already made a huge base of reliable customers who are very much satisfied with our service (Vo et al. 2022). Our customer service will soon get in touch with you and will ask for your detailed feedback that will help us to improve better in situations that we are lacking. We can use your feedback as a training tool to improve the level of our service which will help us to serve our customers in a much better way (Osman et al. 2019). Once again, I am apologizing for the experience that you received and I assure you that such issues will not be faced further when you visit our hotel the next time.

Element 2

We are grateful to you for patronizing our hotel Royal Lancaster London and taking the time to post your experience with the hotel. We are delighted to see your five-star review for the hotel and I along with all our associates am very much grateful to you. I ensure you that the experience you felt in our hotel on your visit will be maintained in a consistent manner (Wen et al. 2021). The review you stated includes the clean, hygienic and spacious room that we continuously wanted to maintain. If you want, I will inform our customer service associates to connect with you for your advice on how we can improve further. This will enable us to improve our service more efficiently and effectively (Tassiello et al. 2018).

The review that you shared on the social platform matters a lot to us as this would help us to work harder to maintain it. At present, we are taking various steps to upgrade our facilities in rooms and implementing some innovative tools to make sure that they are beneficial for the customer. The appliances we are installing will take utmost care of the customers during any case of emergency or accident (Azer and Alexander, 2020). We ensure that you will continue to get the same experience the next time you visit our hotel and plan to stay for a longer time. I along with all my associates would be very much thankful to you if visit our hotel with all members of your family and friends. If you want more details regarding our service, you can visit our hotel site at Your suggestions and feedbacks are very much welcome to us.

Element 3

To all the guests,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the hotel management with an apology for the cancellation of rooms. Our hotel is undergoing renovation from the 7th to the 23rd of January, 2023 for installing some crucial features that will better serve the customer during the hour of emergency. The crucial tools include the implementation of hygienic materials in our entire building premises, installing more luxury elements in each room, managing more space in classic, classic family rooms and ensuring that the stay remains memorable. Some modernisation is also going on in the reception to serve better the first customer. The spa is undergoing the installation of more natural substances that will improve massage therapy, and foot therapy and would offer meditation, yoga and many more.

The hotel has a total of 411 rooms that are differentiated into classic, classic family, deluxe, superior deluxe, studio suite and many more. All these rooms are also undergoing renovation with the installation of certain luxury materials that would create an amenity in mind. These are done to provide a better experience than before. This will take time and we truly want from you that time so that we can serve you better when you visit next in our hotel Royal Lancaster London. Some customers have posted comments regarding the problems that they have faced and our customer service has contacted them for further advice. On their advice and further recommendations, the management team has decided that such issues should be resolved at the earliest.

The guests are very much important to us and I, on behalf of our management team could understand that you all have planned accordingly. All the bookings were related to a certain mood of celebration and spending some time with the family members. The hotel was quite capable of providing that comfort and luxury to all our guests but we thought of providing something more that would remain memorable. This led us to the process of renovation to provide more luxury and comfort and further enhance the view of the skyline of London. Some customers have complained about the treatment room and that they were not happy with the arrangement. This led us to take steps to renovate more features and elements that would offer the customer a better service as the health factor is very crucial for everyone.

The feedback from the customer becomes advantageous for us to take steps where we are lacking. Their reviews and suggestions matter a lot to us. We make sure that every suggestion of the customer is properly followed and implemented. We are working hard to make sure that the renovation work is complemented at the earliest and that we could continue to serve the customer as early as possible. I think that the 16 days of continuous renovation process will help us to provide our customers with more luxury and comfort. This time is very crucial for us and we all want our guests to maintain patience and grant our apology for the inconvenience.

Thanking You,

Manager of Royal Lancaster London

Element 4


We are very sorry to hear that your stay in our hotel Royal Lancaster London did not meet your expectations. In your complaint, you stated that you could not get the proper service when you called for breakfast and a meal. Our executive could not attend the call when you called them for a meal and thus the meal was served lately. This has happened due to certain renovation activities that are going on at our reception counter. This has really caused inconvenience for many customers and we have apologized for the same. The service at the usual time always meets the expectations of the customer but this renovation process has affected this process a lot. You have also stated in your letter that the room was not ready when you arrived as all our associates are quite busy in the renovation process.

A huge number of staff is being allocated to look after the renovation process and hence they could not provide enough attention to our guests. Though this is not acceptable for any possible reason, we are actually facing this real problem right now. The renovation process has affected the pace of our work and this has been a cause of dissatisfaction for our large customer base. I strongly apologize on behalf of my associates for the inconvenience in the whole mechanism that you have faced and we will soon work on that to solve it. Your letter has really helped us to look further into the problem that we are currently facing. The suggestions that you have provided in your letter will help us a lot to deal with the issue.

Your letter also stated that the room was not excessively noisy due to construction work that was going on next door. The rooms are currently in the process of renovation and for that, we have also cancelled the booking of rooms for most of our customers. This is done keeping the concern for the safety of our customers. The concerns stated by you have really helped us to follow a proper model of the renovation process that would provide seamless business operations without any disturbance to the customer. You complained that you were not provided with a new room despite complaining about the noise issue. This is done to avoid any safety issues for you as every material in the room is scattered for the purpose of renovation.

We apologize that we could have done more to make you feel comfortable but we failed to do so. I on behalf of all our associates really apologize sincerely for the problems that you have faced. I assure you that your next visit to our hotel would better meet your expectations.

Thanking You,

Manager of Royal Lancaster London


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