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Introduction Of Managing People And System

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Smart Goal

Academic Writing

Helps to increase the focus level.

Language can be focused to improve this skill.

I can use this skill for E-mail and document writing in professional career.

To read more books to improve academic writing skill within 3 months.


Effective to analyse documents critically.

Documents can be analysed deeply to find critical information.

I can use this skill for understand situations effectively in professional career.

To develop effective reading skill to analyse and understand documents effectively.

Critical Thinking

This skill is important for effective decision-making.

Information collected from sources can be precisely considered to improve knowledge.

I can use this skill to effectively understand the situation and offer better solution.

To develop capability to analyse same information from different perspectives within 6 months.

Employability Skill

This skill is important to get dream job in company.

Development of this skill must be career oriented.

I can use this skill to get better occupation in future.

To focus on knowledge adaption to develop employability skill till end of university education.

Work Management

This skill is important to complete different tasks with high quality and accuracy.

Proper planning can be performed to manage all the tasks within time.

I can utilise this skill to manage all the operations effectively.

To utilise work breakdown structure to develop work management capability within 2 months.

In this report, I will be reflecting onthe development of academic skills that I have learned as a university student. I will also explain the basic requirements to be an effective university student according to experience. Areas that are important for the development of academic skills of the individual as university students also will be explained based on personal experience.

In my opinion, major academic skills that are important for a student in university are- Academic integrity and plagiarism, academic writing, Critical thinking, employability skills, critical learning skill, Reading skills, time management and work management skills(Rowland, Knapp and Fargo, 2020). I have found that most of the activities that are performed in university education are related to some critical skill that is important for the professional and personal career of an individual student. I have completed different assignments and projects as part of my university education. Activities like, Assignments and projects are designed to target learning, academic writing, reading and critical thinking skills. Due to lack of experience, I took long to complete tasks.

According to my experience in college, some aspects are important to complete all the processes that are followed in university education. Major aspects that are most important as a student in university education are- Strong and effective time management skill(Jones and Kahn, 2017). The capability to work with otherteammates is most important for the individual to perform group activities effectively. In my opinion, creativity and a positive mind-setare also important to be an excellent student in university education(Thomas, Cassady, and Heller, 2017).


In this report, I have explained my own experience in university education. I have also explained personal experience related to the skills that are crucial in university education. Skills development process and requirements also have been analysed in the reflection process. Different goals also have been created in the report to focus on certain areas that are crucial for developing academic skills.These smart goals can be used for effective development of academic skills.


Books and journals

Jones, S.M. and Kahn, J., 2017. The Evidence Base for How We Learn: Supporting Students' Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. Consensus Statements of Evidence from the Council of Distinguished Scientists. Aspen Institute.

Rowland, N.J., Knapp, J.A. and Fargo, H., 2020. The collaborative book review as an opportunity for undergraduate research skill development. Higher Education Research & Development. 39(3). pp.577-590.

Thomas, C.L., Cassady, J.C. and Heller, M.L., 2017. The influence of emotional intelligence, cognitive test anxiety, and coping strategies on undergraduate academic performance. Learning and Individual Differences. 55. pp.40-48.

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