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Blogging Assessment - IIMC & Digital Marketing

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

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Study tips can be an important part of the continuation of study abroad in the UK. Business studies are especially effective in the UK. But the expense in the UK for the continuation of the studies is very high and for this, the student tips are required to be taken. For this the planning is important for funding for the continuation of the study in the UK. a student visa is required to be retained and with this, the provision of the research scholarships is required to be sanctioned at the time of the research (Rohm et al. 2019). The presence of the bank account in the UK is important and with this, the health insurance of the student is also required to be present. The main study tips can be the presence of the proper motivation by which success can be achieved by the students.

"Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Recognition of the universities: The recognition of the universities within the UK is important and from the University the education is also required to be supported. The education quality in the UK is high and in business study, the UK's top universities play an important role. In business studies, the development of the digital marketing degree can also be developed by the students from the recognized university, Hull University. The chances can be broader to enter within the leading companies after completion of the education from the UK universities with effective degrees like masters (Langan et al. 2019). Due to the remarkable reputation of the UK universities, the students can be well placed globally.

Development of the unique culture of the UK: The culture of the UK is different and the quality of the culture is also present that is unrivaled. A good environment can be enjoyed by the students due to the presence of cultural diversity within the UK. Discussion with fellow students or the pass-out students of the UK is necessary for the increment of the desirable skills about digital marketing or in business studies. These skills can be helpful for the students due to the increment of the knowledge that is important for the workplace in different places.

Figure: Work culture of the UK


Opportunities of scholarships and financial support: Opportunities for the scholarship program are present in the UK universities and this scholarship is also available for providing the cost of living in the UK for the students (study, 2020). Besides this, the merit-based scholarship program is also available in the universities of the UK. Within the course, for the study in the UK, the applicant can get the first preference s in the UK universities. Financial support can be provided by the universities due to the presence of the provision of scholarships.

Developed research infrastructure: The research infrastructure is also well developed in UK universities that are internationally excellent. The world-leading can be 46% accepted from the UK universities. The excellence framework of the research is followed in the university, Hull university (video link: With the help of digital marketing, the business skills of the student can be improved. The students can be able to give the call of action to the customers like "go for buy" and the practical experience can also be gained by the students from universities.

Quality of education system: The choice range of the University for the Preferable Subject is a wide range. With the help of the shorter duration, the living cost and the accommodation cost can also be below. The provision of the student-teacher iteration is also present that is effective for the discussion and the increment of the idea of the students about the business skills and also for the digital marketing (Video link: The education system quality in the UK is the best in the world. Combination of the different subjects can also be possible in the education system and for this, the education cost can be lowered but the idea can be achieved.

Provision of work after studying time and another support system: After the study time the students can be involved within the part-time work that is also important for the carry out the cost. From this, the skills of time management can also be gained by the students that can also be possible by setting time for the education system in the UK. The addition of the wori\king information within CV can be effective for the placement of the student at the time of the continuation of the study period (Nunan, and Di Domenico, 2019). User-friendly behavior is also provided from the UK system which is important for the international student for receiving student visas.

Figure: Requirements of student visa in the UK




Langan, R., Cowley, S. and Nguyen, C., 2019. The state of digital marketing in academia: An examination of marketing curriculum’s response to digital disruption. Journal of Marketing Education41(1), pp.32-46.

Rohm, A.J., Stefl, M. and Saint Clair, J., 2019. Time for a marketing curriculum overhaul: Developing a digital-first approach. Journal of Marketing Education41(1), pp.47-59.

Nunan, D. and Di Domenico, M., 2019. Older consumers, digital marketing, and public policy: a review and research agenda. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing38(4), pp.469-483.

Online article

study (2020), the benefits of Studying in the UK compared to your Home Country

 Available at: [accessed on: 22/02/2022]vv

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