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Project Management Assignment

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Slide 1: Project Overview

Project objectives: The recall process requires to make sure that someone is effectively reducing the risks with the curing toys by-

  • Stopping the use, distribution and sale of affected toys as soon as possible.
  • Correcting or removing any toys which are positive risks to safety and health.
  • Stop the distribution of the harmful toys.
  • Collect the information from the user who is using it.
  • Notify the applicable authorities of the problem.

S.N: From this the customers specially the parents are very much helpful. Basically parents buy toys for their children. If they get defective products neither the parents nor the children will be happy. This has given an opportunity to those who have received damaged products. They can easily change the toy by following this project guideline.

Slide 2: Project benefits

  • Toy recall projects can help the customers who have received damaged products.
  • It is included that there is fewer hazards, taking the information from the customers about their problem.
  • toy recall techniques fully undermines government by creating selected officials scared to create unpopular but important decisions

S.N: There are various benefits of the toy recall process. They are described shortly. It is very successful in developing customer safety. They give their customers safety by implementing the wanted results. It is included that there are fewer hazards, taking the information from the customers about their problem, encouraging customers appropriately to do some action. Property of recall toys techniques argue that it performs as maintenance on elected companies, in that selected agents will not like to make a famous decision if it could create them similarly a toy recall campaign. The same thing can be also used against the statement that toy recall techniques fully undermines government by creating selected officials scared to create unpopular but important decisions. However It is declared by the opponents of the toy recall project that this mechanism can be utilized irresponsibly. 

Slide 3: Cost allocations

  • There are two different types of cost like indirect cost and indirect cost.
  • When the customer issues a recall for toys, it is sent to the manufacturer.
  • There are also a lot of things to be kept in mind that there is also some money spent on software tools, estimating methods, experienced planners, meeting with stakeholders, meeting with sponsors, experienced planners etc.

 Each activity in the toy recall project plan will have an assumpted time and there is an estimated value. Direct costs can be assumed from the project. Like the salary of the laborers, programmer, project manager, project office, transport cost, subsistence, equipment, consumables etc. besides direct costs there are indirect costs too like accounts, senior managers, HR, sales and marketing, reception, administration, cleaner etc. Also there are the costs for computers, rents, lighting, heating, photocopies, maintenance, cleaning material and stationery. If the manufacturer finds some damages or defects in the toys he will fix it free of charge.

Slide 4: Estimated Timescale

There is not any specific timescale for recall of a toy. In the terms and conditions there is no mention of the timescale. Toys recall basically does not have any end date. If any user fails to find out the recall in one year or more he has to follow the CPSE issued notice. 

Slide 5: Assumptions

Who: A successful communication system can communicate with the distributors, regulatory agencies, customers, consumers, suppliers and other important shake holders who are important to complete the toy recall process. Basically it is very much helpful to communicate with all the levels of organisations.

What: The communication requires to be concise, clear, consistent and all the information should be mentioned clearly about the reason to recall the toy, products involved and what to do with the toy. All the information like product name, product code, package size, description along with the location details are clearly mentioned there.An image of the toy is also helpful to the customers and consumers to find out the correct toy which needs to be recalled.

Where: The important topic is where to make contact with the actual audience in proper time. It will give information about the project management assignment help.

How: To improve recall communication holding statements and templates for media before a customer gets a message on time. Contacts can be done via letter, email, internet, phone etc.

S.N: For the toy recall project it is very important to have a well developed communication idea. From this communication idea one should clearly understand how to contact, where to go and what to do. The publication of toy recall was wide in 2007 which caused serious coverage among the government, investors and customers. The widespread habit of international outsourcing in toy companies further escalates investors and consumers uncertainties in toy safety. Recently it is heard that there is a stock market reaction to new toy recall notices. The stock market reaction was not positive for toy product recall announcements by distributors, retailers, higher and smaller source firms growing power. It is a very important thing that the toy industry knows that stock market punishment for the product recall grows with hazards. Now the distributors, retailers and toy companies who have high growth in the industry should be safe from the signal which is sent by a proactive recall process.

Slide 6: Constraints

  • The hard path of the toy recall process is to make a request to return the toy to the manufacturer as the whole production system is out of toys.
  • Some small toy companies are not able to recover toy recalls because they control without brand recognition and strong cash flow.
  • The manufacturer or company of the product absorbs the value of fixing defective toys and replacing toys.

So in the meantime if someone raises an issue to recall the toy he will not get the toy as it will not be available in the production house. Practically the manufacturer recalls toys when it seems that there are some safety covers for the users and it may affect a huge number of customers.In this project there are lots of risks. A toy recall is the procedure of replacing and retrieving defective toys. The toy manufacturer takes responsibility for replacing defective toys. Toy recall can also take down the toy company's name and reputation.. The big toy companies are better prepared to deal with the short term crash of toy recalls avoiding suffering long term consequences. A toy recall Is a technique of replacing defective toys.. To recall a toy from a company various times it can harm and affect the company's reputation.

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