Building A Sustainable Organisation Assignment Sample

Strategic Vision & Sustainability Challenges: Navigating Climeworks' Mission to Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

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Introduction Of Building A Sustainable Organisation Assignment

Climeworks is a company developed by Gebald and Wurzbacher within Zurich's energy and waste extraction industry. The company further recruited around 600 employees who help to extract the harmful emission of carbon from the polluted air and transfer it to the agricultural industry for further growing the vegetables like eggplant or simply destroying the extra emission so that the extensive rise of global learning can be reduced (OBrien and Dietsch, 2022). The study, in this case, provides a brief overview of the sustainability and competitive advantage of the company. The issues of sustainability are also described in the study.

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Task 1

The strategic vision of the founders of Climeworks

The main focus of Gebald and Wurzbacher was to reduce the harmful emission of carbon dioxide by 1% on a global basis per year, through which global warming issues can be resolved in the long run (Henry, 2020). Apart from this, the owners focused on a specific skilful base of employees who can match the company's expectation and follow the climate change measures through which they can fulfil the company's goals in the desired time period. The owner also decided to enhance their focus on the development of new technologies which can help to capture the carbon dioxide directly from the air particles with the lowest possible cost so that the demand of the customers or the potential industries such as the agriculture industry regarding the supply of carbon dioxide can be maintained efficiently (Beuttler et al., 2019). Lastly, the main scope of the owner regarding the company was to stand sustainable in the competitive world so that they are able to ensure a significant change in the Climate from the most polluted countries around the world within the predetermined budget.

To further enhance the performance of the employees according to the vision of the company, the owners have decided to implement a democratic leadership style through which they will be able to reduce the issues of employee turnover in the workplace (OBrien and Dietsch, 2022). The main reason behind this is that it helps the owner consider the employees' ideas while planning the decisions through which certainty and flexibility can be maintained in the internal structure of the company. This can contribute to achieving long-term competitive advantage and sustainability in the global marketing environment. Apart from this, the owners have also decided to implement a network enlarging strategy through which they will be able to enhance technological performance and serve the world as per the determined objectives and scope (Henry, 2020). The managers have also decided to recruit a new base of skilful employees and maintain their well-being or development of their interpersonal skills through proper communication and extra engagement activities like yoga classes through which their mental health can be maintained appropriately. Lastly, the owners have used the strategy of cost reduction in their structure to track operational costs through which a higher profit margin rate can be achieved effectively (Beuttler et al., 2019).

Issues in the sustainability of Climeworks

The owners of Climeworks face three different types of issues to maintain long-term sustainability. This includes the feasibility of the Technology, the viability of the social environment or climate change, and desirability from the customers' perspective. Apart from this, the owners are also facing issues maintaining a positive workplace culture and reducing the cost of extracting carbon dioxide from the air, through which they cannot achieve a stable business environment in the competitive marketing world (Andresen, 2021). The main issues include customer readiness which refers to the change in the mindsets of the targeted audience as it can reduce the company's profit margin. This can also increase the issues of poor financial records through which the owners cannot maintain the interest of the stakeholders or the potential investment in the future (Calabrese et al., 2019). Lastly, the lack of tools in terms of communication, performance and cost management used in the company is also a considerable barrier to its sustainability as it can reduce the company's top-level management and even lead to poor workplace structure or culture.

The concepts and tools of strategic business management

Strategic business management is referred to as a practical measure which can help the owners to align the activities performed by the employees with the long-term goals of Climeworks. The formulation is the first concept of strategic business management which Gebald and Wurzbacher can use to enhance performance and productivity. The owner, in this case, shall focus on aligning the operations with the scope and then create a strategy for the long term sustainability of the company (Andresen, 2021). For instance, the owner can use the strategy of product diversification or market penetration to maintain a competitive edge. The second concept is based on the implementation of the plan which is done according to the deploymentation of the resources used by the company to meet the desired vision and mission. For example, the owners can choose the employees based on their experience and skill sets rather than focusing on the career goals of the individuals.

One of the main frameworks which can be used for maintaining appropriate strategic business management includes the competitive advantage. In this case, the differentiation of the technologies which can help to extract the carbon dioxide efficiently with the lowest possible cost can be used by the owner to achieve the advantage in the competitive world. This can also help the company to enhance the market positioning and can even improve the brand image of the company in the marketing economy (Calabrese et al., 2019). The portfolio theory can be used by the owners on the other hand, which can help to place the employees in different departments of the company efficiently so that the issues of conflicts can be resolved. This can further help to reduce the level of risks of poor engagement of the employees in the workplace and can also increase the cost benefits. In association with this, a growth share matrix can also be used by the owners to determine the value of the company in the particular industry and can also help to plot the customers as per their demands (Martins et al., 2019). The managers of the company can also use the online communication tool to improve the coordination and interaction among the employees so that they are able to stay committed with the goals of the company without any issues of misconduct. This can also ensure proper outsourcing of the products through which the company will be able to enhance its relationship with the potential customers.

Task 2

Economic dilemmas faced by strategic leaders in maintaining the business goals

Poor availability of the skillful employees is one of the main economic challenges which can be faced by the leaders in maintaining both long-term and short-term goals. Several factors such as the lack of experience, or the improper knowledge of the workers in relation to the energy extraction industry or the decrease in the minimum wage rate of the employees can be associated with this challenge which can reduce the overall productivity of the company (Martins et al., 2019). Apart from this, the dissatisfaction of the employees with the leaders due to the issues like poor or ineffective communication. Poor explanation of the roles and responsibilities can be associated with the economic challenges of the leaders. The increase in the exchange rates of the extracted carbon dioxide can be another issue for the leaders through which the sustainability or the desired stability in the profit margins for the company can not be achieved over the time period (Berger et al., 2022). In association with this, the change in the exchange rates might also be a factor which can reduce the sustainability of the company as the leaders have to change the entire decisions planned for the operational activities of the company over a certain period of time.

Issues in social responsibility faced by the leaders of Climeworks

One of the most serious concerns faced by the leaders of the company is based on global climate change. Human activities in today's world are contributing to an increase in the billions of tons of carbon dioxide in the air which can cause serious climate change and can even harm the entire world soon (Haertel et al., 2021). In this case, the leaders can focus on extracting the harmful emissions of carbon from the air, but they are unable to control the pollution generated from the human activities such as using fuel for the vehicle and the extra chemical waste from the petroleum refineries. Apart from human activities, almost every small business uses chemicals to manufacture their products or services, which can lead to an increase in carbon emission. However, with an increase in the implementation of the advanced technologies which can extract tonnes of carbon at the time, the leaders are also unable to spread awareness among the individuals and the local or multinational businesses to reduce the emissions. In association with this, the leaders are also unable to reduce the waste streams which are the main source of carbon emission in the social environment of most of the countries like America, Asia, Canada, Africa, and many more (Pultarova, 2019). The leaders shall also spread awareness among the food industries as they use the raw materials which are technically supplied with the help of fuel based vehicles. This can increase the carbon waste by 70% by the end of 2050, which can further help to increase the risks of global warming and various long-term diseases among the individuals.

Ethical dilemmas faced by strategic leaders in maintaining the business goals

The main challenges which can be faced by the leaders of the company in terms of the ethical aspects include compromising the quality of the technologies in order to reduce the operational cost. In case of saving a few bucks the leaders might be unable to maintain the scope of the company which can further reduce its profit margin and sustainability in the competitive marketing environment (Berger et al., 2022). Cheaper quality of the technologies can also be noted by the stakeholders through which their interests of investing in the business can be reduced, and the company can never achieve its strategic goals.

Apart from this, letting the toxic clients leave is another ethical challenge which might question the structure and the scope of the company for the long run. In this case, the leaders shall know how to communicate with the clients to reduce the issues of misconduct or poor satisfaction as this might lead to an inefficient relationship among the potential clients and the leaders which can reduce the income source for the company (Haertel et al., 2021). However, the leaders of the company shall create a particular boundary which can further help to enhance the workplace interaction and can help the employees to satisfy the needs of the clients efficiently.

Due to the growth of the flexible or remote working environment, the leaders shall also learn to respond to the employees through the help of the social media applications. In this case, a slight mistake in the behaviors of the leaders with the employees on the online mediums can lower the rate of retention of the workers or can even increase the employee burnout through which the sustainability of the company can be decreased for the long term (Pultarova, 2019). The leaders shall also learn to respect the values of the employees for maintaining the objectives and scope of the company efficiently.


It can be concluded through the study that the owners of the company have the appropriate vision of bringing a huge revolution in the social environment and reducing the adverse effects of carbon dioxide. However, some of the strategies like timely training of the employees and innovation of the new technologies which can help to extract 10 tons of carbon per day can be useful for the company to further enhance its sustainability. The main challenges by the leaders, as noted by the study include the inappropriate applicants for the job requirements as it can damage the entire performance management of the company.


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