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Introduction of Component Written Management assignment

Critical reflection on the importance of leadership effectiveness

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Leadership skills help a company to achieve their goals efficiently. For the last two years I have been working in a company. I have mixed experience in this company. Some of the experience gives me strength and motivates me to move forward. While some of them holds me back and makes me disappoints me. For the past one year I was chosen as the leader and I was directing six people in their work. I used to manage their working hours and routine, train them to do better and guide them to do well. I love to guide them so I used to like my job. They were also promoted when I was guiding them and this is really a proud incident for me. One day we had a meeting with a client. The meeting was running smoothly at first but in the midst of the meeting one of my team members showed a presentation which I rejected because it was irrelevant. The employee got furious and started to shout at me continuously. I was shaken at that time. I tried to make him understand that hiss presentation is not to the point and he needs to rectify it. But he was not ready to listen; suddenly he threw his laptop on the floor and left the meeting.


At the meeting there were many people from staffs to clients and they observed and listen to everything because we use speakers for meeting. It was very embarrassing for me because I was just doing my job with patience but the reaction was unexpected. I was myself given the responsibility to look after the work of these 6 employees by my senior. Seeing him shout at me I also lost my temper and behaved rudely with him, insulted him. Nobody expected such behaviour from me. My senior then called me and asked about the incident and it was again very embarrassing for me because I could not keep my calm too. Then I realised that I should have kept control over my behaviour and behaved a little better. Although I was hurt, insulted and disappointed but I tried to resolve the matter with him.


Some of the team members supported me and said that I was right at my evaluation but some of them were against me. According to them I should have behaved more maturely because I am the leader and I should always keep calm. The employee then resigned from the company and I felt guilty. I was so guilty that I started blaming myself for this incident. I could sense a communication gap between me and my team members. Due to this communication gap, the team members could not understand my feelings and point of view and vice-versa


“The Situational Theory” explains the incident more clearly. This theory says that there is no particular style of leadership (Chon and Park, 2021). The strategies and skills depend on the type of task. A leader becomes successful only if he is able to adapt himself to the situation and just focus on the goal of the company. The leaders need to guide, encourage, contribute and coach its team members according to the demand of the situation. The more flexible the leader the more successful he will be. Being a leader myself I tried to handle different types of situation with calm head.


The journey of being a leader has taught me different lessons not just in work but in real life. I have realized my weak points and realized I need to improve myself in my leadership skills. I need to be more patient and calm and react to situations more sensibly. I need to improve my communication skill because it is important to build a good relation with the team members. Positive attitude and being energetic is very important which was somehow lacking in me. Now I have realized the area I need to focus. This will help me in building my leadership journey and make it easier.

Action Plan

I am working hard to develop my communication skill but somehow I am lacking behind. When I discussed my problem with my senior they suggested me to join a course of communication skill development for 2 months. I am planning to join the course which will solve my problem. I decided to convey my thoughts in meetings through presentation which will make it easier to understand.

Recommendations for development of leadership skills

For the development of career Leadership skills plays an important role in the life of a person. For being a successful leader communication skill is really necessary. One of its parts is listening. As I am already a leader I need listen to my team members and co-workers. I should be able to take the feedbacks from them and prioritize their views to some point. Listening will help to understand the projects from my seniors. While listening I must maintain eye contact and avoid any type of distractions. My body language and gestures should be in the correct way (Thompson and Miller, 2018). On the other hand I should also be able to convey my actual feelings about the project to my seniors and team members. I should be capable of communicating through phone, video, chat, email and social networking sites. I should be able to build relationship with other organizations or with other groups of people that would give profit to the company.

I must also improve my motivation skill. I should spread positivity among my team members. Sometimes team members lose motivation because their efforts and hard work are not recognised; it is the duty of a leader to praise them for their hard work (Thompson and Miller, 2018). Nowadays simply praising the employees is not sufficient so I must try to establish rewards for hitting targets. The staffs can be rewarded for achieving client goal or error-free week. Rewards can be in the form of lunch or evening snacks or tea. At the same time building trust is important. There should be mutual trust and mutual respect for each other’s. The employees should be able to question the managers about their queries.

Again to be a good leader I must be creative. I should think differently because this will help me to take decisions which will be helpful and profitable for the company. Leader sometimes act as an icon for the team members and they try to imitate them (DeMatthews, Kotok and Serafini, 2020). Previously I did not have any feedback to my team mates and this this I will make sure that I encourage my team mates for their hard work. I should be more responsible towards my work because as a leader I will be answerable for any success or adversity of the team. I should always be ready to accept any blame for the adversity.

SMART objectives:






Communication skills

Able to communicate and build relationship effectively with my co-workers

Course on communication skills.

To engage my team members to achieve the goal. I will be able to guide them properly. When all the staffs will be able to collaborate properly it will result in profit for the company.

3 months

Motivation Skills

Encourage the team members to do more work and give them feedback about their work positively.

Course on motivation skills

 The workers when encouraged will focus on their work and the goals will be achieved faster. They will have positive attitude towards their work.

2 months

 Creative skills

For the success of a company it is necessary to think different from the competitors. Unique thinking will result in brand awareness.

Course on being creative and reading books.

Traditional way of thinking is lapsing nowadays. To think with the modern world is necessary for the growth of the company.

6 months

Critical review of relevant theories & paradigms

According to “The Great Man Theory” leaders are ‘born’ leaders they are not ‘made’. This theory tells that there are people who are born with the qualities of being a leader and this sets them apart from the normal people (Mouton, 2019). A leader achieves his target against all difficulties. The theory tells that the people who are already ruling are ruling because they are born to rule. Leaders have inborn qualities of charisma, self-confidence, intelligence, communication skills and social fitness. This hypothesis tells that the qualities are present from birth and cannot be acquired in the lifetime. According to Forestal and Philips (2018) there is no particular study for management and there is no particular sample of personal development that builds leaders. I have always tried to guide my team efficiently though I have never proved to be a good leader. I tried to help my team members when they were facing problems. My experiences as a leader have taught me many things and it is surely helping me to be a better leader day by day. I also faced some problems with my co-workers because everyone is not the same; there are different varieties of people. But I have only learnt how to deal with the situations in a better way.


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