Construction Practice & Management Of Industrial Complex Assignment

Exploring Options for Company Structure & Innovations in Industrial Construction

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Introduction Of Construction Practice & Management Of Industrial Complex Assignment

This report holds all the information about options that are available to the company about the structure of the company and the benefits and obstructions of these options. In this scenario, there is a construction farm that is the winning bidder of a tender and now became the principal contractor of building an industrial park. The activities of the company were basically private residential work but now they want to expand it to a larger non-domestic level. The company needs to change some of its basic structure in order to fulfill its desire to accrue bigger work. This report elaborates on the advantages and disadvantages of the available options that are required to change their structure.

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Main Discussion

This report is mainly about the structure of the company's Industrial Complex which is situated approximately 12 km away from the megacity of London. This project is going to give focus on the bonding between the company, and their type of performance of work even with the tender process.

Task 1

  • a) The professionalism that has developed within the construction company. The researcher here gives a major focus on the procedure that helps to evaluate how the Industrial Complex has developed into what they are now in current days. The Industrial Complex is playing a prime role here to make the industry of construction to be tolerable as well as safe industry. Besides this, that can bring various changes to that specific industry[1]. The Industrial Complex involves the formation to improve the conditions of working conditions.

Construction Management

Figure 1: Construction Management

(Source: )

This complex involves a system of factory inspection. In the beginning, only four inspectors were involved with the industry. As the site of the company Industrial Complex is separated from each other by the river that must involve the prevention of accidents by creating multiple rules and regulations. The architecture of Greece provided spectacular building that was famous to the entire world. The architectures involves stadia, theaters and many more. In the “Hellenistic period”, the Romans were producing classical architectural works which dominated from the time of renaissance to the today’s time.

  • b) Through so many years, the Industrial Complex has developed on a huge scale. The industry involves some innovative operations[2]. Those operations even the reason to increase the change to the workers. The company regulated numerous building codes. That is the reason the company needed more efficient workers with more technical knowledge. The Industrial complex even needs to involve more people who can understand the changes of the company and help the complex to implement them. Increasing the technical and professional knowledge of the workers, the company even organized training programs[3]. The construction industry involves categories like plumbers, electricians, and many others. The skilled workers from those departments of the industry can increase their knowledge by gaining working experience.

This even helps to bring cohesion amongst all the parties to maintain a proper organizational structure. The satisfaction of working together with all the parties such as professional, skilled, and technical, helps to make the working ability more efficient. This kind of approach in the industry even helps to save more time. In addition, if the workers start doing overtime, they become even more specialized to gain knowledge from their experiences. This kind of strategy helps to increase the productivity of the company and tends to the industry to maintain a positive growth rate in the market. The construction industry includes multiple parties such as the director, the associate director along with the design engineers, operatives, and technicians. The administrative and commercial departments are also involved in the complex.

The director of the construction complex is responsible to own a stake of the particular company. In addition, the role of the director is to track the rate of success as well as to maintain the profit rate of the company. A director can even hold the position to take over the latest projects along with allocating the task. On the other hand, the daily project works for the specific company are organized by the associate director of the industry. Designing and even managing the project using the professional expertise from the experiences is also the role of an associate director of the company. It is their duty to supervise the project by themselves just before handing over the project to the client. The design engineers are simply receiving the task of the company project directly to an associate director to complete multiple design works that are involved in the specific task. They have to perform their work in a cohesive way by with collaborating other designing persons along with the technicians. This particular professional job role is called the Structural Engineer

  • c) The term Tendering is an operation that includes a process of writing proposals by the contractor for the company
  • d) The structure of the company has developed the process of overtime, that the company is needed for both the technical and professional sectors.

This figure indicates how the professionals such as the directors hold the position of top deal with both the financial and managerial factors of the company. Technical workers like structural engineers design the project work.

Further, the workers who belong to the under level of design engineering are known as the skilled workers who operate the building work. This helps in a great way that provides a huge efficiency to the workers. Contractors frequently work on projects under a variety of conditions that necessitate business expertise and enthusiasm.

  • e) The construction company is getting big That is the reason to put in the business ethics to the industry as it is very important currently. Those industries include huge teams. This can create an issue to keep all the staff happy. Including heavy business ethics to the industry helps to prevent these kinds of issues. This particular approach even allows all the staff to motivate themselves and even feel safe while doing their job[12]. In addition, nowadays the construction sectors are searching for sustainable. That helps to provide a healthy environment for the workers. The ethical behavior only can be measured by the measure of trustworthiness and the integrity within the process of the conduction of the business. If it is not followed properly several fines might be added to the construction companies. A fundamental set of morals or values will typically guide a construction company's code of conduct. Honesty, integrity, kindness, fairness, and respect are frequently included.

Task 2

  • a) There are different types of construction industries out there. Such as

Small Renovation Contractors

These specific contractors are involved in dealing with the operation on small scale. They don’t have any fixed office positions. They usually operate their work from a tiny office. A very little amount of funds is required here for their office maintenance.

General Contractors

This kind of construction company is the greater version of the previous kind. The range of the work is in larger amounts, so sometimes subcontracts are included in their job profile. These specific companies provide specialization for commercial builds. Here, in this report, the specific construction company justifies this kind of contractor.


This is not considered a contractor but this determines the needs of the company. That helps further for selling or renting the purpose of the specific building.

Real Estate Developer

This particular one helps to build interpersonal ownership. That specific type of contract might sell a particular building even before the construction work is completed.

Professional Construction Manager

It is known as an agent which can make a move as an owner. For the bigger projects, it may perform individually as well as an organization as per need.

Program Manager

Here, the manager takes a major role in maintaining the business structure. In this specific type, the manager has the main control over all types of contracts along with the business plan.

Package Builders

A package builder is playing a role in designing and even constructing a building at the prior stage. The job role of the package builder is to employ the staff like the engineers, and architects for designing the work at the prior stage.

Sponsor –Builder

This type of construction company involves the planning of construction design. In addition, the maintenance and management of the building are also included in their job role. For this scenarios the best construction company that can be suggested that a company that does the job starting form planning and designing to executing the whole project. This company can conversion the project through making the architecture of the design. For this scenario the main requirement is the company to sponsor the process of the building the structure. This is why this company which does the job from start to finish is suitable for this project.

  • b) This is really essential to maintain a genuine relationship for the construction company with other different complexes. That is important for various purposes. The purposes are following below
  • c) There are some factors like networking, communication, contractual agreements, and processing of tender that are considered the key step to form a transparent strong bond between different companies. Networking plays a major role here. Thereafter the tendering helps to solidify the relationship. There are multiple ways that suit various types of relations that the companies include. They are

Open tendering

This provides a tender for the supply of the product as per the need.

Selective tendering

It simply allows the supplier for submitting the tenders via invitation. Selection of the tender is very important as many major progress of the work depend on it. At first the tender defines the final budget of the project. It must be within the estimated cost that considered for the project. The quality of work must be related with the cost. The most suitable company is which can do the project with excellent quality and with minimum cost.

Negotiated tendering

Here, the client approaches one supplier because of the previous relationship.

Serial tendering

This helps to involve the tender that is being prepared on the basis of the scheduled work.

Framework tendering

Here the client is offering a specific contract even if the project is not even continuous.

Public procurement

The term of public procurement refers to the process from which the public authorities like local authorities or public departments, purchased items for the construction and the goods and services from the company. As many projects are for the public use, the construction company must consider the efficiency and security of the services provided to public.

  • d) The main purpose is to differentiate the size of the company, and tender type between the different companies. That specific approach helps to identify the projects across the nation. The type of tender mainly depends on the size and requirement of the company and project. The capacity of the tender increases with the requirement of the project. That is why big projects often try to enquire the big tenders that are available.

Task 3

  • a) There are several modern construction methods that are popular and can be useful in this scenario such as “precast flat panel system”, “3D volumetric modules”, “Twin wall technology” and “precast concrete foundation”[24]. The first method consists of the procedure of making the wall and floor units offsite. These panel units are created as per the requirement and specifications. This method satisfies the sustainability needs as the wastage of the materials is happened offsite which leads to less expensive and less affected. After that, all the panels are transported to sites and assembled as per design. The “twin wall technology” is a good solution for wall systems as it can accrue the qualities like precast concrete and erection speed. This system basically has two wall slabs that are placed on site. After installing both slabs the gap between the slabs is filled with concrete. This method is proven faster and more economically than the general methods and for this reason, it fulfills the sustainability needs of the current scenario. Another modern technique is “precast concrete foundation” and in this process, the foundations are created separately at the offsite and assembled at the site. This process can increase quality and productivity and decrease the amount of soil excavation. It is well suited to extreme weather conditions which is why it can fulfill the needs of sustainability. Another modern type of construction is precast panels which are used by several construction project nowadays. This process is very handy as it can be done in very short time. All the related parts and bodies are made in a separated area. After that it is just assembled in the site with already made bodies. It can save time of the construction which ultimately leads to the cost consumption.
  • b) Micro projects are nothing but creating a prolific and detailed plan to fulfil specific goals. This method breaks the estimated goals into smaller parts to make them more manageable. Then it makes smaller plans on each step to achieve those goals to make sure that the difficult and complex goals are achieved efficiently. Analyzing the critical path is another strategy to do a micro project because it can identify if other work can run in parallel with the main task. This phenomenon increases efficiency and reduces the time of completion of the project.

The techniques to do macro projects are like developing structure and organizing the resources. Prior to any project, the contractors have to consider these techniques because it gives the scope of the establishment of a baseline plan. For the current scenario, it can be said that techniques of breaking the goals and creating a bigger plan at the earlier stage of the project are most suitable for this project. As the company is willing to expand its business and is looking to build an industrial park, both of these techniques will be useful. The example of the macro projects is unhide and unprotect all the hidden worksheets related to the construction project.

  • c) As “BIM” provides a simple, quick, and powerful visualization of any construction plan, it directly impacts the construction companies and their operations. Through BIM the attributes of cost efficiency and cost optimization can be done in this project which provides extra efficiency in the current As there are almost 20 buildings to be built which are connected with each other, “BIM” can activate it as it plans the site utilization which calculates all the possibilities, and recommends the best sites for the project. The main benefits of BIM in the construction field is that it can save important time and cost. It also increase the efficiency of the job by shorter the completion time. Another benefit is that it can improve the communication and coordination among the management and workers. Many new opportunities can be made in the modular construction section. The quality of the outcomes of the projects also stay high due to a proper BIM created for any project.
  • d) Involving the macro and micro project techniques have evolved the construction industry in various sectors. Due to those techniques, the planning is now done quickly and flawlessly. The errors that can occur at stake are eliminated due to the exact pre-estimating of macro projects. Apart from any precautionary measures now can be taken at the site if any obstruction came, thus it improves efficiency. Attributes in micro projects developed the innovation and designing process as analyzing critical path helps to omit the possible issues which are often neglected by designers. Introducing the “BIM” in construction makes it easier from planning to execution of projects. It holds the designing part as well as the processes of execution in a detailed manner that smoothens the whole process. As this scenario includes building new industries and making a detailed plan to interconnect them, all the techniques have played important roles in this current scenario. Through a proper BIM, the construction can be developed in many terms like designing purpose and innovation purpose. As it was discussed earlier that several new opportunities can be made due to the BIM. It consists many modern methods that can increase the efficiency and quality of the work. By including the modern techniques the spaces are created to do new attributes in construction field. As it holds the roles of management and workers, it can also develop the contacts and the relationship among the related persons.

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