Crime Investigations Assignment Sample

Student's journey through criminal investigation studies, from learning investigation principles to forensic strategies and real-world applications.

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Crime Investigations Assignment Sample

Week 1: Criminal Investigation

What I have learned: From the Week 1 lecture notes, I have got to know about an act is “Criminal Procedure and investigation act 1996” which includes under the act of 22 and states the definition of investigation. Another learning that I have gotten from this week’s learning refers to the investigation principles and it was under chapter 24 of Blackstone’s. There were some examples in the ppt that helps me to understand how a criminal case is investigated. I have also learned how the police should gather test materials and also the information they have collected from an inquiry.

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How I come to this opinion: In the ppt, it was clearly mentioned how a case should be investigated and I follow the presentation carefully and come to the conclusion that how to use CCTV as proof and investigate with the help of it. The theory of UPERE has also helped me to understand how can someone come to a conclusion as an investigator.

How It has changed my thinking: At first, I do not have any idea of this matter that how a case should be solved by following some particular theories. The classes have taught me how to follow the steps one by one and I got to know about some acts and some reference books. The books have helped me a lot to understand the application of the theories. After the classes now I can identify the parts which are about the constitution of the investigation. My approach towards the cases has changed completely from when I learned the definition of investigation it refers to that an investigation is always conducted by police and there is a view for ascertaining whether the suspected person is guilty or not guilty Another rule of “Home office counting” rules refer that while logging a complaint the victim has to be sure about the crime, otherwise the suspected person cannot be proven guilty. The act of “Human right Act, of 1998” has changed my approach towards the point of view of a case (Gill and Turner, 2021). The act states the fundamental right and freedom of person. Every case has to include this point.

My next step: My next step is going to be the study all the acts and the books again and then get some example cases and solve that by myself. The understanding that I get from the classes I will use in my next cases such as in the process of investigation I have to identify APP investigation and also have to use practically the investigation strategies. I believe that no education is completed without practical experience, therefore I will try to observe a real case carefully and how the investigating officer investigates the case. There are three theories of criminal behavior and they are behavioral theory, psychodynamic theory, and cognitive theory and I got to know about them (Hess et al., 2022). Now it is the perfect time to observe a case closely and gather more information. There is another theory that can be implemented while investigating a case and that is the theory of information. According to the theory, it can be said that an investigation is basically a battle between the police and crime-related information.


In conclusion, it can be concluded that I have got to know about so much information regarding the criminal investigation and which is going to help me in the future. I will definitely include this study in the upcoming criminal cases.

Week 2: Different strategies related to crime

What I have learned: Week 2 lecture notes enabled me to learn about different strategies that a case can be solved in different ways and the four generic types are volume, major, serious, and complex. Some articles were provided in the classes of the second week and that articles state clearly why an investigation is getting more difficult day by day. I have also learned how to apply different strategies at each place. The topics that we covered in this session are investigating strategies, managing scenes, managing people, and a lot more.

How I come to this opinion: Following the above points I have got to know about many strategies that should be followed and they have changed my perception towards a case. I have got to know that no case can be solved by only intelligence, but also the strategies of investigation, golden hour considerations, and managing people and managing resources have to be known. I have understood that positive action has to be taken immediately after the logging of the case, it can help to minimize the number of missing evidence.

How It has changed my thinking: Being known of the strategies has changed my perception of a case and the session has helped me to learn a lot of strategies such as the strategy of communication, forensic strategy, intelligence strategy, house-to-house strategy, search strategy, and many more. The forensic strategy states that it helps to bring the evidence from the crime scene to the lab (Rappert et al., 2021). The classes have also taught us about the process of managing scenes and brief instructions on the steps that should be followed such as the investigators should be clear on how the case should go on and have to calculate the approximate cost of the investigation. The department of everyone should also be clear and everyone should be understood their duty. The classes that I got from the second week have helped me to change my approach towards the cases as I have learned the statement of mission and values (, 2023.). It can be said that there is a circle of statement mission and values and they are gathering intelligence or information, next step is to know about the risks and threats and plan according to that. In the next step, I have to consider the power and policies and work according to them. Then the relevant information should be gathered and then take steps according to that.

My next step: My next step will be to follow all the information that I have learned from the class and remember them clearly one by one. The education will be completed when I will get the chance to solve a case by myself as it gives me a clearer understanding of the subject. The strategy that I have learned to manage people, such as the strategy of managing large people, communities, families, and many more, have to imply practically to get a better result. As my next step I will follow the rules that the teacher taught us and get to know more clearly why investigations are getting difficult day by day. I can follow an efficient investigator to know how the officer is taking steps to follow a case. The process to gathering the test materials by the inquiry of the people who can be eyewitnesses and even sometimes they need to ask questions to the victim and the suspected one also.


In conclusion, it can be concluded that I have gathered a lot of pieces of information about the topic of different strategies that are related to crime and I am going to use them in real-life cases to get a better result. Moreover, the theories I have learned, have to remember them also.

Week 3: Forensic strategy within investigations

What I have learned: From the class and lecture notes of the third week, I have learned the definition of digital forensics and also the processes to preserve them the definition of forensics study refers to the science which contains processing, analyzing, and reporting (Nikkel, 2020). The importance of evidence has also been taught in these classes. A forensic strategy in an investigation supports accountability and effectiveness also. The future capabilities of forensics and also the challenges that can be faced by forensic teams have been mentioned clearly.

How I come to this opinion: I have studied all the points that are mentioned in the classes clearly and then meet to the opinion that a forensic report does not only based on the collection of evidence but also there are a few steps that should be followed to get a better result such a s Locard’s principle that states that each contact leaves a mark and there is also individualization theory that states that every individual in this earth is different from any other. Some work also needs to be done with facts and evidence such as inceptive and corroborative.

How It has changed my thinking: Being known for the theories of forensic strategy my thinking towards it has been changed a lot. In the classes, I got to know about the ways that should be followed while investigating the forensics The ways are to put the judgment around the priority, the confidence of the public, accountability, motive that is based on proof, elimination of the suspects, and many more (Rappert et al., 2021). Getting awareness of this information has helped me a lot to be clearer about the matter and helped me to proceed in my coming life.

My next step: My next step will be to find more theories regarding this and carefully get to know about them. As I have mentioned before also no education is complete without the practical experience and to fulfill that I will try to watch any real cases and observe how the investigating officer is going through the cases. Moreover, I will try to fulfill the expectations of the scientists in terms of up-to-date information on the topic and guidance about the points so that it can be proven. The future of the forensics is pre-crime scenes, tips from fingers, and genetic and DNA profiles (, 2023). I want to learn all the methods to be more efficient in this matter.


In a conclusion it can be said that the classes had helped me a lot to get to know about the importance of the strategies of the forensics. I got to know about many information that will help me to do further studies and also can help to handle real cases.

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