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Introduction of Destination Branding Strategy Assignment

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Destination branding can identify the destination’s strongest and most appealing assets in the eyes of its prospective tourists. Appealing the destination branding to Swat valley can attract tourists to the place. This report will discuss the destination branding of Pakistan and Swat valley which wanted to rebrand its reputation and tourist attraction places. The company is trying to change its whole business to Pakistan. This report will focus on destination branding and how a company can rebrand the place. The assignment will also discuss the reasons behind the chosen destination and how a rebranding strategy can help the company to rebrand the place. A description of the place will include in this report and discuss the potential rebranding strategy for the destination. Rebranding strategy and stakeholder involvement is the main aim and objectives of the work. This report will also talk about potential promotional tools and the target market for the place. Destination rebranding for a tourist place is very important and this report will briefly discuss rebranding strategies for the place. Asian Gateway Company would like to rebrand Swat valley to attract more tourists.

  • Rational

The reason behind the chosen destination

The chosen destination is Swat valley, Pakistan, and this place will be the best destination for the company. The Swat valley is basically a high-altitude tourist destination which is located in the northwest mountains of Pakistan. This valley is connected to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan (, 2022). Mountains always attract tourists and maximum tourists are preferred the mountains for their holidays (Pakistantourntravel, 2022). Tourists are already attracted to the maintains and this destination will be the best choice for the company because of this reason. Pakistan is the most cost-saving country in the world and most tourists prefer the low-cost destination for their holiday (Cozma et al. 20210. The weather in the place is very pleasant and tourists can witness the snowfall in the area and snowfalls can attract tourists.

Swat River is the main attraction of the place and this place can offer rivers and valleys together and this can be the plus point of the place. The place is very small and the nearest city is Islamabad. Tourists can directly fly to Islamabad and this route will be easy for the tourists to reach the destination. This destination would fill perfectly with the company’s idea of business. On the other hand, the valley has reputation for its beautiful natural beauty and that is a tourist attraction. Militant activities affected the place in the past and the place needs rebranding to attract tourists. Hindukush Mountains are connected to the Swat valley and tourist can visit the place more easily. This place is also famous for Buddhist temples; tourist can visit this place for ritual aspects of the place. Other Pakistani places are very congested and dusty but this place is very clean and more developed than other tourist destinations in Pakistan. Other Pakistani tourist destinations do not have mountains and rivers together and this factor snake the valley more unique than other places (Arshad et al. 2018). This place is called Switzerland of Asia for its generic vies and rivers. This place is very important for Pakistan for its tourist prospect.

The reason behind Re-Branding Strategy

Militants' activities were the most common factors in Swat valley, and the place need to clear its image in front of tourists. Rebranding strategy and destination branding can help the place to gain its old charm to gram more tourists (Hingemarketing, 2022). Many local businesses are failing to run their business because of past images of the place. Rebranding the place can attract tourists and it can make improvements to the place’s reputation (Jain et al. 2018).

The reputation of a place for tourist business is very important. Militant activities can hamper current tourist business and tourist activities. Branding a place can change the image of the place and more tourists will attract to the place. More tourists mean, more business and more business mean more development in the place (Jain et al. 2018). People will recognize the changes after using the rebranding strategy for the place. Rebranding can feature proof the place and develop it in a way that differentiates the place from other places. Swat valley needs rebranding and destination branding can help the place gain its old image in front of tourists. Rebranding can promote the place and add extra brand value to the place (Makki and Ali, 2019).

Description of the destination

Pakistan is the most cost-saving tourist attraction all over the world and Swat Valley is the most popular tourist destination in Pakistan. Swat valley is located in corner of the Pakistan and it is a high-altitude tourist destination. Swat valley is the preferred destination for the company and this destination need rebranding for the place. Swat valley is located in the northwest mountains of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Swat River is the main attraction of the place. The nearest city is Islamabad which is also capital of the Pakistan. Distance between Swat valley and Islamabad mostly sounded by M1 motorway with a travel time of around 3 hours. Islamabad and Srinagar highways are also connected with the place (, 2022).

The place is isolated by the Hindukush Mountains and those mountains are always covered by snow. Snow falls is the most common factor in the place and these factors can help to attract the tourist. Destination branding and rebranding strategy can help the place gain more tourists into the place. The mountains are created from the Peshawar plains and the local people are very engaging and welcoming to the tourists. The area is sounder in China and India. This place is also amounts to its cultural aspects, and the main local religion is Buddhism. This place can also cater the religious tourist (Spengler et al. 2021).

Militant activities were the main problems in the past and those activities are decreasing over time (Jabeen and Sheikh, 2022). This place has more generic beautiful and natural beauties that can attract tourists all over the world. Swat valley is also called Switzerland of Asia. The valley has pleasant weather and for this reason, locals and tourists call it paradise on the earth. Pakistan is facing problems with the military issues and that is the most problematic issue for the companies to run their businesses in the valley. Malala Yusuf is a Nobel Award winner and she was a resident of Swat valley (Moreillon, 2019). This place is famous for its apples, red hut cotton, Swat River, and for its landscape.

  • Aim and objectives for Re-Branding Strategy

Define the target Tourist

Knowing the target tourist is very important for and tourist business and that can help the place create branding objectives to reach. Previous target tourists can help the strategy to get accurate target tourists for the place. A rebranding strategy can help to define the target audience for the place (Le?i? and Skakavac, 2018). The main objective of rebranding is to change the perception of the place. Modularizing the destination image is the main objective of the rebranding strategy (Alaji et al. 2021). The target audience can incense by the rebranding strategy. Rebranding is a time-consuming procedure and sometimes it entails some risks for the place. Swat valley can understand its target tourist by applying the rebranding strategy.

Outgrow the negative reputation

The place has a negative reputation all over the world because of past militant activities. The rebranding strategy can help the place improve its reputation in the world. Long-term damage is very harmful for the destination as well as brands (Scorrano et al. 2019). The tourist business and companies are facing losses because of the reputation of the place. A rebrand can help the companies and places

Cater to these issues. The rebrand could help the tourists see the destination in a new light and change their perception (, 2022). Current scenarios of the place can be changed by using a rebranding strategy in the place.

Sales and Visitor’s decline

A rebranding strategy is basically used to incense the sales of the business. The visitors are not coming to the Swat valley because of past militant activities that happened in the place. On the other hand, the tourist business owners often consider the rebranding of their company. Other than that, without proper tourists, it is nearly impossible to develop the place. A decline in sales is the main reason to apply the rebranding strategy (, 2022). Immediate rebranding is not ideal for the place and these rebranding can help the place increase its tourists. Traveling is the largest business all over the world and this market keeps increasing. Advertisement of the place can help to increase its tourist and rebranding strategies the Swat Valley.

Build the brand identity

Development is the key aspect of the rebranding strategy, destination re-branding can develop the visual elements of the brand. Branding for accompanying is very necessary nowadays and without proper brand the product is unnecessary. Swat valley needs its own brand to market its business. New elements that the place survey is can be recognized by applying the rebranding strategy (, 2022). Busing the place's website and advertising can help the destination to increase its tourists.

  • Achieve the Re-Branding Strategy

The right reason to rebrand

The destination's problems need to be understood to get proper rebranding solutions. Rebranding is complicated and it takes a huge amount of time and money. The local government of Swat valley can help local tourist businesses re-brand the place. Many places are losing their tradition by using a rebranding strategy(Clark et al. 2020). The necessity of rebranding is very important to maintain the destination's tradition and nature. Natural beauties are the main attractions of Swat valley and rebranding is possible by developing the natural beauties of the area. The right reason is very important to rebrand a place.

Solve Problem of Earlier Issue

Past branding issues need to be decisive by using the rebranded strategy. Militant activities are the most famous and most popular past in the place. The militant activities are decreasing the tourist population and it also decreases the profit margin of the business. The business is failing to run the operations in the valley (Javaid, 2020). Appling military services can help the place more. Tourists prefer hassle-free holidays because, for that reason, the Swat valley needs to be safer for tourist.

Marketing Communication

 Marketing Communication Mix

(Source:, 2022)

Marketing is the most important factor to re-brand the destination. The destination needs to be marketed properly to get more tourists in the place. Marketing a place is not easy and it is very expensive as well as time taking. Marketing of the destination can make popular the place in the world. Pepper marketing is very important for the brand, proper marketing can attract more international tourists (Krizanova et al. 2019). The international tourist business is the most profitable business. Local tourists can also visit the place but the marketing has been proper. Think pitch decks, proposal temples, brochures, and one-sheets are the most common marketing strategy that can help the place rebrand. Adverting social media is the most common strategy to get tourists. The local government can approach the local celebrities to promote the place. Tourist companies need to approach the local government for development in the placer and it may attract the local visitors (Prikhodko et al. 2019).

Travel motivations

Travel motivations are very important and for a travel destination, without pepper motivation, people generally do not travel often. Tortoise companies need to approach local brands and TV channels to promote the business. Local brands can help the place's destinations to promote In front of tourists (Rita et al. 2019). Destination factors can influence the tourist and there are some factors that can boost the travel motivation among the tourist. The range of attractions is very essential to rebrand the destination and that can attract the local tourist. Knowledge of the hosting community and local culture can motivate the tourist to visit the place. Availability of local products and essential things is very important to cater to tourists. Accommodation of the area is very essential for the tourists, without proper accommodation and restaurants, tourists are may not visit the place so often. Tourists will also visit the place for special events happening at the destination. The place needs to conduct more special events for the tourists, and it can motivate the tourist to visit the place (Herbold et al. 2020). The swat summer festival is very popular among the tourists, need to rebrand the festival to attract more tourists in the valley. Kalam summer festival is also popular among the visitors and these types of festivals can motivate the tourist to visit the valley. Improved ion local infrastructure is required in the place, condition of the road, proper doctor facilities are essential for the tourist, property accessibility can motivate the tourists to visit the place (Terzidou et al. 2018). The weather condition of the tourist destination is the most important factor to motivate tourists. Swat valley’s weather is pleasant that can attract more tourists to the valley.

Sales promotions

Sales promotions allow the companies to boost short-term revenue for the company. The boost comes from the wide variety of customer benefits. Sales promotions are one type of marketing strategy that shows the current sales record to attract more tourists’ ion the destination. Destination’s attraction points are the key sales promotional element. The most beautiful areas are highlighted to promote the place in front of tourists (Aldebi and Aljboory, 2018). Key highlights and key reasons to come to the destinations are discussed in the sales proportion, it makes the place more valuable for tourist.

  • Discussion of stakeholder involvement

Tourist Authorities

The swat valley is run by the local tourist authorizes and a low tourist rate can affect the local tourism arthritis and local business (Azis et al. 2020). Tourism authorities play a vital role in helping design and deliver the best possible experience for the customers visiting the tourist destination place. Local markets understand the importance of tourists and without tourists, they can lose thesis business. Tourist authorities are mostly affected by the problems.

Tourist Operators

Swat valley is run by tourist operates and whiteout theorist operates it can be difficult to run the business. Local business owners, local restaurants, and local shops are the main tourist operations and without them, it is impossible to attract tourists. Leading tour operators are mostly affected, by this issue. Rebranding can help the local tour operators. They help the tourist to visit the place and they are totally involved in the rebranding procedure.

Government Agencies

Visitors demand safety and security for them and local governments are responsible for that. Local police offices, banks, and tourist offices are the main government agencies that work in the destination (MEJÍAS et al. 2021). Visitors are associated with the economy and activity. Spending the money is essential for the place and without tourists, it is impossible to manage the tourist destination.

Airports and railways

Airports and railways are the most common way to travel in Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan is a developing country and they need to develop more in the country. Railway authorities were also involved in the tourist business. Most of the tourists are coming from railway services and, they are also involved in the tourism industry and they are also affected by the issue.

Communicating the brand

 Social Media Marketing Communication

(Source:, 2022)

Experiment marketing works externally and internally for the brand. Reinforcement of brand is dependent on experimental marketing. Seasonal changes are the most common tourist factor and this branding can help the place cater to this problem (Skinner, 2018). This is more essential during the rebrand, the website and social media can also help the company to gain more tourists to the destination. Communication needs to keep it simple. Showcasing the destination in the real world is a very innovative and interesting idea for destination rebranding. Instagram, Face book is the new generation proportional tools. Social media is a new way of marketing and pictures of the place can attract tourists to visit the place. The website of the destination can help the place to get more customers (Skinner, 2018). The website is easily available and it has all information about the place. The website can answer all the queries like, how to reach, the best time to visit the destination, what feasibility the destination has, and so on. These are the main key communicating tools for the destination.

Promotional tools

Promotional tools are generally used for promoting the destination as well as rebrand the destination

  • Data reporting can help the destination to get more customer
  • Influence marketing can help to promote the destination
  • Social media is one of the best promotional tools nowadays
  • YouTube videos, this video influencer can helped the destination to promote
  • Promotion by creating the continent

Intended target market

The intended target market is very essential for the destination rebranding. Understanding the target tourist is very important for business as well the necessity of rebranding is very important to maintain the destination's tradition and nature. Natural beauties are the main attractions of Swat valley and rebranding is possible by developing the natural beauties of the area. The right reason is very important to rebrand a place for the roust suspect (Hammami et al. 2019).

Budget of the Project

Budget for 1st Year





Capital introduced




Total Cash Inflow



Cash outflows(£)






Raw materials


Devlopment Charges






Accountant's fees






Manager's car


Marketing cost








Total Cash Outflow


Net Profit



That report is based on rebranding the destination Swat valley. The Swat valley is a high-altitude place in Pakistan. The work is discussed the rebranding strategy of the place and how the place can improve its business. Destination rebranding is also discussed in this file. These are the reason behind the problems in the place. This report also discussed the aim and objectives of rebranding and it also talk about target tourists, travel motivation, sales promotions, and so on . The assignment includes the stakeholder's involvement in the destiny and how they are also affected by the issue. The following work is also discussed the brand communications and promotional tools for the destination.



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