Discussion on Health and Social Care principles Assignment

Key principles of dignity, choice, partnership, and respect drive quality healthcare and support patient autonomy in decision-making.

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Discussion on Health and Social Care principles Assignment

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There is no cloud of doubt that healthcare principles support care workers in understanding patent treatment procedures and maintaining their privacy to protect their decisions. Health and Social Care are entirely dependent upon some crucial principles which are highlighted below:

  • Dignity

The phrase Dignity in care assists self-respect of an individual and recognizes ambitions and capacities in order to complete any work. It also includes respect because of their working style, lifestyle and their personality. Moreover, it has been considered as a central segment of Quality in care work.

  • Choice

This principle entails service user preferences which might be considered while planning for care. Those preferences might be respected and all services have to be provided according to all individuals.

  • Partnership

It brings all individuals who are working with other individuals and other healthcare settings. Hence, all service users are getting benefits by having sufficient resources and improving the working abilities of those individuals.

  • Independence

All service users are facing some issues while planning and making effective decisions for their daily lifestyles. As per the words of Yu et al. (2021), it has been observed that healthcare practitioners might not impose any kind of decisions on those service users. In spite of that, they may empower them in terms of making decisions on their own and having control over their own lifestyle and lives.

  • Respect

It highlights an individual's safety, well-being and creates relationships with others to interact in a positive way.

  • Privacy

Both privacy protection and ethical health research benefit society greatly. The advancement of human health and health care depends on health research. According to Nyashanu et al. (2020), privacy research relies heavily on protection of the rights and safety of research patients. The protection of individual interests is the primary justification for maintaining personal privacy (Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, 2019). In contrast, society's benefit is the primary justification for collecting personally identifiable health data for health research.

Based on the Principles of Health and Social Care, professional standards, nursing associates and midwives with having adherence to the available evidence. Health Index Score in the United Kingdom is considered the best available resource to do evidence-based working practices. According to the statement of Bonell et al. (2020), it has been evaluated that care providers might have a major concept on different areas which are required to be developed, more attention for developing and those reasons for recent health situations in that specific area. On the other hand, all those care principles are describing the health well-being and social care aspects and those healthcare providers are behaving positively towards service users. Office for National Statistics may help all patients for regaining lost weight, improving energy and strength, improving the quality of patient care and improving the appetite of all individuals (Ons, 2023). All those healthcare principles are helpful for all healthcare practitioners in order to improve the quality of patient care and well-being in Hackney London. Similarly, healthcare practitioners might be kept all patients to be free from other critical health issues like bruises and burns.

Evaluation of Domains and comparison with the countries

Health Index has calculated health at a local authority, national and regional level. All those data have been extracted from all resources which are publicly disclosed such as Office for National Statistics and government departments. The Score of Health Index has been divided in three different domains which include

  • Healthy People
  • Healthy Lives
  • Healthy Places

While comparing all those domains with the United Kingdom, Hackney London and Somerset.

Hackney Somerset
Healthy People 94.5 109.6
Healthy Lives 11.2 98.6
Healthy Places 98.8 103.5

Domain 1: Healthy People

This domain has been divided into five different subdomains which include:

Sub-domain Categories
Difficulties in daily life
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Physical inactivity
  • Excessive consumption f drug and alcohol
  • Nepean Osteoporosis and Fragility
Mental Health
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Mental health issues
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Sex-specific mortality rate
  • Post neonatal mortality rate
  • Infant mortality rate
Personal well-being
  • Social well-being
  • Life satisfaction
  • Physical and emotional well-being
Physical Health Conditions
  • Violence and injury
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Mental health conditions
  • Liver and Kidney diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer
Hackney Somerset
Difficulties in daily life 89.6 104.3
Mental Health 94.5 137.6
Mortality 88.2 127.4
Personal well-being 98.8 114.1
Physical Health Conditions 103.4 104.7


The above table has illustrated the categories of domain 1 named Healthy People and it has five different subdomains. In addition, all those subdomains have highlighted the rate of healthy people in the UK, Somerset and Hackney. The above table has highlighted the difficulties in daily lifestyle and it has been divided into Nepean Osteoporosis and Fragility and other different types of health difficulties (West et al. 2020). Based on the above table, in Hackney around 89.6 whereas nearly 104.3 in Somerset individuals are living with daily life difficulties. Based on the UK report most of the aged and older adults are suffering from the aforementioned health issue. According to the Codes of Practices 1, a healthcare practitioner is required to ensure all service users in order to understand their roles and responsibilities (Org, 2023). Moreover, this code is suitable for all healthcare practitioners in terms of gaining knowledge and providing proper care to affected individuals.

Based on the Mental health subdomain, around 89.6 in Hackney and approximately 104.3 in Somerset have been observed who are living with mental health disorders. Depending on the Codes of Practice 1.2, it is helping to check all clinical records of patients which is beneficial for improving both physical as well as mental health (Org, 2023). On the other hand, the mortality rate in Hackney and Somerset are nearly 88.2 and 104.3 respectively. Based on Professional standards of nursing practices and behaviours, healthcare practitioners are able to implement treatment and medications in order to reduce the rate of mortality. As a result, it is helpful for those healthcare practitioners in providing proper care and treatment to overcome all kinds of chronic health issues. It is also helping to improve the health index and the quality of patient care especially while giving care to those older adults, this practice is beneficial for reducing fragility.

The personal well-being category has been observed in Somerset and Hackney are around 114.1 and 98.8 respectively. Beneath this subdomain, life satisfaction and physical and emotional well-being have been incorporated. The life satisfaction rate among the service users is around 98.8 and social well-being is nearly 114.1 and it is observed among those individuals who are included in the physical well-being subdomain. As opined by Ladds et al. (2020), effectively supervising and managing healthcare practitioners is supportive of good conduct and addressing their working performance deficiency. Henceforth, according to Codes of Practices 2.2, managing and supervising all employees supports them to work positively and achieve satisfaction from both their life as well as working culture (Org, 2023). On the other hand, physical health status or conditions in Hackney is around 103.4 whereas in Somerset it is nearly 104.7. Henceforth, it can be stated that the selection of those aforementioned Codes of Practice is crucial and suitable for improving the health and well-being of all individuals in Hackney and Somerset.

Domain 2: Healthy lives

This domain has been divided into four different subdomains which include:

Sub-domain Categories
Behavioural Risk Factors
  • Excessive tobacco use
  • Physical inactivity
  • Sexual practice
  • Disease screening
  • Healthy eating
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
Children and young people
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Apprenticeship and employment
  • Pupil absences
  • Urban and Rural youth
Psychological Risk Factors
  • Obese adults
  • Overweight children
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low Birth Weight
Protective Measures
  • Eye protection
  • Coverage on child vaccination
  • Cancer Screening
Hackney Somerset
Behavioural Risk Factors 121.5 136.2
Children and young people 96.3 114.9
Psychological Risk Factors 94.6 103.2
Protective Measures 101.4 102.5


The above table has highlighted four types of subdomains which have been incorporated in the Healthy Lives domain in Hackney and Somerset. Based on the table, the behavioural risk factors have highlighted physical inactivity is 77.6, excessive tobacco and drug use at 80.1 and Sexual practice 98.7. The Codes of Nursing Practice 4.6, it includes when ensuring that safety and care of all service users is the first priority of healthcare practitioners (Greenhalgh et al. 2021). Besides, in Somerset and Hackney children and young individuals belong to teenage pregnancy 96.3 and 114.3 respectively and among them pupil absences 95.7, obese adults and children 89.6 in Hackney. On the other hand, in Somerset Low birth weight 98.8, teenage pregnancy 96.2 and employment 77.6 in Hackney. For this reason, proper assistance of healthcare practitioners to provide proper instruction to individuals to reduce the use of drugs and alcohol in an excessive manner. According to the Codes of Nursing Practice 4.6, it has highlighted that all social care workers are able to provide accurate and special treatment to those individuals who are living with behavioural issues and other health issues.

On the other hand, the above table showed Psychological Risk Factors rate it generally higher in Somerset as compared to London. The above table has featured four sorts of subdomains which have been consolidated in the Solid Lives space in Hackney and Somerset. According to the table, physical inactivity ranks 77.6, excessive drug and tobacco use 80.1, and sexual activity 98.7 as behavioural risk factors. According to Greenhalgh et al.'s Code of Nursing Practice 4.6, this includes making sure that healthcare professionals put patient safety and care first.

In addition, the number of teenage pregnancies among children and adolescents in Somerset and Hackney is 114.3 and 96.3, respectively, with 95.7 absenteeism from school and 89.6 obese adults and children in Hackney. In contrast, in Hackney, Somerset, low birth weight was 98.6, teenage pregnancy was 96.2, and employment was 77.6. As a result, proper assistance from healthcare professionals to instruct individuals on how to reduce excessive use of alcohol and drugs. It has been emphasized in Codes of Nursing Practice 4.6 that all social workers are capable of providing specific and accurate care to people who are coping with a variety of health and behavioural issues.

It carries all people who are working with others and other medical services settings. As a result, having sufficient resources and enhancing those individuals' working abilities benefit all service users. When it comes to effectively planning and making decisions about their day-to-day lives, all service users face challenges. It has been observed that healthcare providers may not be able to make any decisions for those who use the service. Despite this, they might be able to empower them by allowing them to make their own decisions and exercise control over their own lives and way of life.

Domain 3 -Healthy Places

This healthy place domain is mainly divided into 5 subdomains that focus on the place such as green space as well as economic conditions. This healthy place also explained different risk factors that mainly presents in the environment. Along with that, it helps to access services and working conditions of individuals and its impact on their life as well (Nwpopulationhealth.nhs.uk, 2019).

Sub- domain Categories
Green space access 01. Outdoor space (Private or owned)
Services access 01. Distance for the services of general practitioner (GP) 02. Access to Pharmacies 03. Access to Internet access, leisure facilities as well as sports activities 04. Nursing and hospital accessibility
Crime 01. General crime rate 02. Personal or own crime
Working as well as economic conditions 01. Poor nutrition of child 02. Training for employment 03. Rate or condition of unemployment 04. Safety within work place
Conditions of livelihood 01. Condition od environment such as air water 02. Number of people living in a house 03. Complaints against noise pollution 04. Maintenance of safety within road 05. Condition of sleeping
London Somerset
“Access to green space” 47% 32%
“Access to services” 109.9 96.3
“Crime” 66.5 15.1
“Economic and working conditions” 98.2 32.6
“Living conditions” 97.3 95.8

The categories of domain three, Healthy Place, which has five distinct subdomains, are depicted in the aforementioned table. Additionally, the Healthy Place rate in Somerset, Hackney, and the UK has been highlighted by all of these subdomains. The difficulties in daily life have been highlighted in the table above, which has been divided into Access to green spaces, Access to services, and other health issues (Nwpopulationhealth.nhs.uk , 2019). According to the table above, 47% of people in Hackney and 32% in Somerset struggle with everyday issues. According to a report from the United Kingdom, the majority of seniors suffer from the aforementioned health issue. A healthcare practitioner is required by Code of Practices 3 to ensure that all service recipients comprehend their roles and responsibilities (Bathnes.gov.uk, 2021). In addition, this code is appropriate for all healthcare professionals to learn from and provide appropriate care to affected individuals.

According to the Mental health subdomain, approximately 109.9 people have been observed living with mental health disorders in Hackney and approximately 96.3 in Somerset. It is helping to check all clinical records of patients based on Codes of Practice 1.2, which is helpful for improving both green access and service access to places (Bathnes.gov.uk, 2021). In contrast, the crime rates in Somerset and Hackney are close to 104.3 and 66.5, respectively. Healthcare professionals are able to use medication and treatment to lower mortality rates on the basis of professional nursing practices and behaviors (Gigl.org.uk, 2019). As a result, it is helpful for medical professionals to provide appropriate treatment and care for a wide range of chronic health conditions. Additionally, it contributes to the improvement of the health index and the quality of patient care, particularly for older patients, and this practice helps to reduce fragility.

Somerset and Hackney's economic and working conditions were found to be around 98.2 and 32.6, respectively. Life satisfaction and physical and emotional well-being are included below this subdomain. The Day-to-day environments rate among the help clients is around 97.3and social prosperity is almost 95.8 and seen among those people are remembered for the actual prosperity subdomain. As thought by Crystalroof.co.uk (2020), effective supervision and management of healthcare professionals promotes ethical behavior and addresses working performance deficiencies. As a result, as stated in Codes of Practices 3.2, managing and supervising all employees encourages them to work positively and achieve life and work culture satisfaction (Foye et al. 2021). In contrast, physical health status or conditions are approximately 103.4 in Hackney and 104.7 in Somerset (Lodgeservice.com, 2022). Consequently, it tends to be expressed that the determination of those previously mentioned Codes of Training is pivotal and appropriate for working on the wellbeing and prosperity of all people in Hackney and Somerset.


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