Contemporary Issues In Nursing
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Contemporary Issues In Nursing Practise and Study

The Difficulties Of Being A Nurse

Is nursing something you consider to be an easy profession? However, it’s not. Being in the nursing profession means you are a solo warrior in the medical field. The responsibility of everything from critical care of the patient to reporting to your seniors falls on you. Whether you are a junior nurse or a senior in your department you have to upkeep your patient entirely.

Standing as a nurse in society means you are taking responsibility for their healthcare entirely on your shoulders. To fulfil your responsibilities as a nurse you have to give your 100% in both academics and nursing practice. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done.

In this competitive era, nursing students have to face numerous challenges in exams as well as in practice. In an upcoming blog post, we are going to discuss all the challenges nursing students face during their academics and practice. Along with that, we’ll also inform you why these challenges are important for you as a nurse.

Insufficient understanding

In the practice or study of nursing, students face the biggest problem when they do not have sufficient knowledge. At this point, new nurses are unable to understand nursing work completely. Understandably, learning medical science is not everyone's cup of tea. Even before coming into practice, students have to spend many years understanding medicine.

However, applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations is a bit difficult. Therefore to avoid such a situation you should take your nursing assignment seriously. As they are the bridge between your book knowledge and practical situations.

Vital Patient Attention

Nursing students face major problems in taking care of their patients. Because patients are very fragile by their health, nurses have to give the best possible care to their patients. For this, they have to be emotionally strong, practical, physically and mentally available for the patients. When nurses are working they also forget about their personal and social life. It is not so easy to immerse yourself completely in your work. But for your patient’s healthy recovery, you have to give your 100%.

Student Hygiene Concerns

A hospital is a place where everyone faces hygiene issues due to infected patients. Especially the one who treats them: doctors and nursing staff. While treating patients, nurses embrace their diseases which is somehow dangerous. High chances are that doctors and nurses may contract the disease from these patients.

Nurses also handle needles and medicines, take care of patients, change bed lines, etc while having close contact with the infected. All these things throw thousands of hygiene-related problems at their face. Hence while treating your patient it is also necessary to take utmost care of yourself.

Uncomfortable Nursing Staff 

Nursing students also face challenges with their subordinates or senior staff. New nurses/students require special attention and advanced guidance from their seniors. But due to the uncooperative behaviour of staff new nurses suffer. In many medical situations nursing students have to show their Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Unfortunately, lack of support and insufficient guidance from staff nurses students are unable to perform well. Despite all the difficulties as a nursing student, you should give your best.

Never-ending Changes

Nurse's schedules are very demanding and stressful. More than 90% of nurses work 60 hours per week. It can be because of a lack of staff or critical patient care. Many times they have to work more than 12 hours continuously to do double shifts or to attend medical emergencies.

Nurses even do not get enough time to take a nap or eat something. Working this long is not only exhausting but also challenging for students. However, to become the best you have to undergo many medical practices.

Is A Victim of Workplace Violence

Nursing students often suffer from workplace violence. For instance, Nurses are responsible for monitoring patients, giving them medications, etc. But during this time risk of mental and physical abuse by patients occurs. Patients try to harm their caretakers and behind this many reasons are possible.

Sometimes relatives of the patients misbehave with the nurses. In both case scenarios nurses are the one who suffers. Therefore the student nurse needs to work carefully at their workplace.

Communication Difficulties

Nurses who are in practice often face challenges in communication with their seniors and colleagues. In many situations, nurses have to share vital and critical information related to patients. If they unintentionally miscommunicate the facts then it can be dangerous for the patients.

On the other hand, nurses are the first people who attend to the patients, so they also have to communicate and listen to their situation. Therefore nurse students need to learn effective communication skills and try to be good listeners.

Years of Practice Are Necessary

To create a bright future in nursing students have to continue their practice for years. Being a nursing student you are required to learn continuously. Not just theoretical but also practical and giving time to internships also counts. Nurses have to practice patient care, health monitoring, medication and more.

Providing this much time and dedication to certain courses is undoubtedly challenging. Many times students have to sacrifice their social life to create a stable professional life.

Composing Prolonged Assignments 

Assignments are an integral part of the education system. They are not only necessary for students' knowledge but also work for academic progress. However, assignments for Nursing studies can be daunting for students.

Writing assignments requires plenty of time from students. Yet due to a busy schedule, they are unable to give enough time to their assignment work. As a result, the burden of incomplete assignments rises along with stress.

Frequent Inspection

No doubt nursing is a field of tough competition. To prove oneself and for a better future nursing students have to constantly go through the fear of examinations. This course has numerous exams and practicals throughout the years.

Unfortunately managing numerous exams, training, and practicals simultaneously is hard for students. They often suffer from work stress and exam anxiety which is definitely not good for their health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the influence of technology on nursing education?

Technology has effectively impacted nursing education. Students are continuously improving their interactive learning experiences. Also, tech tools are helping nursing students practice clinical skills in a more controlled and environmentally friendly way. So students can treat real patients with utmost care.

What part do nurses play in maintaining a sustainable environment?

Nurses can play the following role in environmental sustainability:
  • Nurses can support reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly products.
  • Nurses can make sure that hazardous materials are being disposed of properly.
  • Nurses can address environment-related issues.
  • Nurses can educate patients about health issues.

How can nurses deal with issues related to mental health in their line of work?

Addressing mental health challenges in the nursing profession may take various forms, such as:
  • Build good communication with patients.
  • Provide utmost care to critical patients.
  • Addressing health education in communities.
  • Advising patients to exercise daily and eat healthy food.

What are the projected nursing trends for the future?

The following trends will be the future of nursing:
  • Development of telehealth.
  • New opportunities for virtual Nursing care.
  • Job growth for registered nurses.
  • More demand for home care services.
  • Evaluation in nursing education and training.

How can nurses keep up of current developments in the medical field?

The following ways can help nurses stay updated on contemporary issues in healthcare:
  • Nurses can attend professional workshops and conferences.
  • Nurses can be updated through online resources.
  • Learn from professional journals and publications.
  • They can follow professional experts/leaders.
  • Join online discussion forums.
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