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Essay On Healthcare Management

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This essay introduces how can organizational behaviour improves the performance of the health care manager of UAE. Organizational behaviour, healthcare management, and the importance of organizational behaviour in enhancing the performance of healthcare managers in the UAE will be deeply discussed in the essay. How concepts of organizational behaviour i.e., OB helps in improving the performance of the health care manager will be identified and analyzed within this essay.

Organizational behaviour refers to the study of the behaviour of individuals within an organization, the way these individuals behave with each other, and organizational behaviour. It simply means the study of individual and group behaviour within an organization. The concept and principles of organizational behaviour can apply in organizations like healthcare organizations to make their operations more effective. OB also helps a healthcare organization that means the healthcare managers to analyze the internal and environmental factors along with their impacts on the ways employees behave and perform. Organizational behaviour is considered important for a health care organization because it helps to identify the way employees communicate, interact, and collaborate to achieve organizational goals (Chen et al., 2021). Understanding and application of OB principles directly affect the success of organizations.

Healthcare management refers to administrating, managing, and overseeing the whole system of a healthcare organization. Healthcare management involves planning, analyzing, directing, and managing the non-clinical matters within the healthcare organizations like hospitals and more. This is an essential branch of management that requires managers to have strong knowledge of technology along with healthcare (Bharsakade et al., 2021). Good healthcare management allows the healthcare organization to have highly motivated employees, better leaders, healthy relationships with stakeholders with effective communication, better conflict and change management processes, and proactively managed tasks and activities.

Healthcare managers perform important activities for an organization that provides healthcare services. These managers ensure keeping the hospital staff i.e., the doctors, nurses, ward boys, and other members keep running to provide effective services to the patients. The healthcare managers ensure that the hospitals have enough support and direction to give essential care to the patients to keep them healthy. The healthcare managers work behind the scenes but their role and performance matter a lot. These managers play an immensely important role in the development of innovative and new medical essentials that is helpful for the healthcare service providers, enhancing the available treatment options to serve better to the local communities.

The role of healthcare managers in UAE includes the development of strong objectives and goals of a healthcare organization, to recruit, train, and supervise the whole medical staff to perform better. Also, to ensure compliance with laws regarding patient privacy in UAE, and the other regulations of government (Laukka et al., 2020). The Healthcare managers are also responsible for creating and managing the healthcare work schedule, maintaining the health records of patients, monitoring budgets of the organization, maintaining healthy communication with medical staff, stakeholders, and the department heads, and identifying the ways for making the organizational healthcare services improved and efficient.

Organizational behaviour improves the performance of a healthcare manager in the UAE because it makes the manager work in a better way in lots of aspects. Using the concepts of organizational behaviour allows the healthcare manager to communicate and interact effectively and that too by considering the opinion of others which ultimately make the performance improved. OB allows the manager to foster teamwork within the healthcare organization like the doctors collaborating for performing a particular complex operation, and teamwork of other staff like nurses, technical staff, and healthcare specialists (Borkowski & Meese, 2020). The principle of organizational behaviour allows the manager to predict the happening and effects of internal and external environmental factors so that they can prepare themselves with better strategies. OB ensures the healthcare manager to be more flexible for improving his/her performance ultimately.

Organizational behaviour will allow the healthcare manager of UAE to manage the stress and conflicts in a better way within the healthcare organization. It is because OB will help these managers to better predict the behaviour of staff members individually and in the group as well. This will lead them to have an idea about conflicts in prior which the managers will be able to either eliminate or manage effectively with conflict and stress management strategies. This will make the performance of the healthcare manager improved. With the application of principles of Organizational behaviour, the healthcare managers are also able to manage their time better to guide and supervise the medical/clinical staff of the healthcare organization. Able to be good at time management makes the performance better. The healthcare managers in UAE, with the use of OB, will be able to make better and more informed decisions that will make improvements ultimately in the way they perform for the organization's growth and success. Though the healthcare managers do not take clinical decisions, they manage the whole non-clinical tasks and activities. This affects the health and wellbeing of patients indirectly. So, taking informed decisions is a must for healthcare managers which can be done effectively by using the principles of organizational behaviour.

Organizational behaviour makes performance improved because it allows the healthcare manager to foster much better leadership within the healthcare organization. It leads to motivating the employees and boosting the satisfaction level of both the employees and the patients as well. Better results of organizational performance demonstrate the better performance of healthcare managers. Organizational behaviour can be called a discipline that makes the healthcare managers better administer the activities, tasks, and overall working of a healthcare organization. With enough understanding of organizational behaviour, the healthcare managers of UAE make better policies to enhance the overall organizational performance by ensuring enhancement in the level of patient satisfaction. Making better policies and frameworks for performing non-clinical and clinical activities in an organization improves the performance of healthcare managers (Karanika & Biron, 2020). Organizational behaviour allows the healthcare managers to have a roadmap of their way of working which ultimately makes them perform better for the healthcare organizational success.


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