Event Program Of Live Music Concert Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Event Program Of Live Music Concert Assignment

The event that has been decided for the program is the live music concert. The reason for selecting the concert is that it is very common among people and preferred by the people. Organising such an event will be successful with a significant name that will justify the program.

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Event Name: “Opera of Musically”

2. SWOT Analysis



It has a dynamic market

The specialisation can be developed in old and new music

It also offers an assembled culture

 Non-transparent organisation

 Small scale venues are vulnerable

 It possesses a tendency of conservatism.



The opportunity of cooperation and programming

Opportunity to develop a unified place

Opportunity to connect with different markets

 Pressure on volunteers

 Decrease public interest

 An event may face a budget cut.

Table 2.1: SWOT Analysis

(Sourced: self-developed)

SWOT analysis provides the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of a music concert. Several strengths can be noted of a music concert. The main strength is that it holds a dynamic market. It also offers a place that still provides an area of socialisation among various people. Different markets are connected with the concert. The Weaknesses include non-transparent organisation, small scale venues are vulnerable and also has a chance to possess conservatism. Various opportunities are there such as getting experience of cooperation, programming, developing unified places and opportunities to connect different markets (Hagen, 2021). The threat of conducting a live event is that volunteers face more pressure, budget cuts can also be experienced and public interest may get deceased at times. Handling a huge audience and also maintaining several requirements can be a threat to the concert.

3. Overview of the Event




The theme of the event has been set as a mixture of both retro and modern music.


The USP of the concert is to create a bridge of music between old and new music.


The venue that has been selected for the event is the Royal Albert Hall

Audience Profile

The audiences invited to the music concert are common people and also some popular celebrities.

Audience Number

The audience number is estimated at 2000 people


Music system supplier, security supplier, event management supplier


Organising, co-manager, security staff, management staff

Make-up artists, production manager, creative director


Sponsors of the music event are famous music producing companies of UK

Marketing Strategy

Both offline and online marketing strategy has been adapted for better coverage


Tickets are booked for the common people through online means for better convenience and to avoid confusion

Table 3.1: Event Overview

(Source: Self–developed)

4. Event Program

Event Programme



30th April, Sunday


4:00pm - 10:00pm


Singing performances of two renowned singers will be organised.

Backup Plan

Alternative strategies of music system and other activities in case of any mishap

Table 4.1: Event Program

(Source: Self-developed)

A backup plan of an event is needed to manage any mishap from affecting severely. The Backup of the second set of music systems should be kept so that it can be replaced. Mishap may happen during the design of a costume (Gul, 2018). The second option of dresses should be kept. Additional security systems should also be appointed.

5. Materials for the Event

Marketing: The marketing materials required are online platforms such as social media and offline marketing such as print media. Both offline and social media formats an effective marketing strategy. People who don't follow either one of the marketing strategies will follow the second one. It is an effective way to reach out to a wide range of target audiences. Many people will be engaged in the event. In addition, the theme of the event set will attract wider age groups

Financial: Significant financial requirements are needed for hiring an artist, managing the whole event along with security and music system and also with costume designing (Kim, 2019). Financial requirements will also be included during the promotion and distribution of tickets. Financial requirements are also seen in security and health services. Sponsors will provide a significant amount of money so that organisers do not have to face budget cuts that may affect a program negatively.

Health and Safety: several health and safety requirements should be accomplished before organising the event. It will include both safeties of the audience and performers. The main health and safety issues that should be taken care of are falling, suffocation risk, unruly spectators, fire and trip hazards. Crowd management is also necessary so that it does not create any problems for celebrities or performers; communication management should be efficient in managing health and safety risks (Shulman, 2018). More importantly, the number of exits and structure of the exit should be significant to allow conditions of emergency exit.

6. Pre-event Press release

  • Title- The news is about organising a live music concert which is named “Opera of musically”.
  • Lead- The event is all about a recreation of music with both old and new music. This combination of music from two generations will create a mesmerising experience.
  • Details- the event has been organised in order to create a musical environment and audiences of a wide age range. Renowned Singers are invited to perform for the event. Bot celebrities are common people and are invited to attend the event to make the event successful. Several groups and authorities are being assigned by the organisation so that every work is done discreetly and in an organised manner.

7. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment refers to the assessment of risks that have been identified for some specific situations. This report focuses on the event management or event plan for a live music concert. Several risks and challenges are included in live music concerts, which have been described in this report (Tsatsakis, 2021). Such major risks are continuous singing, noise, high body temperature, bad weather conditions, drug usage, emergency situations, first-aid accesses, and many more. All these risks have to be identified in live music concerts. In order to manage and maintain all the risks that have been identified, corresponding impacts of the risks are discussed so that suitable steps can be taken.

Risk description

Impact description

Probability Level

Mitigation Notes

Impact level

Technical fault

It can set a pause to the program


Better equipment


Potential Fire Hazards

May cause deaths in a large number


Increase safety level


Uncultured audience

The fellow audience may get hurt


Improve security availability


Table 7.1: Risk Register

(Source: Self-developed)

The high probability of risk but with the lowest impact is any technical fault. It may set a pause to the performance but effective event management can mitigate such issues. The medium probability of risk with medium impact is the recklessness of the audience. The audience may get hyperactive during the event causing harm to fellow audiences as well and creating a disturbing environment. Security officials need to take attention to such matters (Tsatsakis, 2021). Lastly, the lowest probability risk with the highest impact is the potential fire hazards. It has the lowest probability since safety precautions are taken first and are checked repeatedly.

8. Sustainable development goal

SDG3 refers to good health and well being. It is one of the sustainable development goals. Among all people, there are several health and safety characteristics that have been adopted by the event management company to maintain sustainable development goals (Shulman et al. 2018). This report focuses on the topic of event management on live music concerts that have been held in the UK. In music concerts, promoting gender equality and diversity is the main sustainable goal. Based on this music event, social changes based on equality and diversity are possible. It helps to reach millions of people, improve social awareness and gathered people. Many environmental challenges can be possible based on the SDG of music concerts. Music concerts contribute so much effectiveness and efficiency for improving the health and well beings of the people. Its contribution to promoting equality and diversity among different people is the main sustainable development goal of these music concerts (Zio, 2018). In order to proceed with the whole event management or event plan, the management has taken the responsibility to achieve all the goals of the live music concerts. After the execution, and evaluation of the event plans, all the steps and event aspects have been evaluated to mitigate the major goals of the concert. All these steps are taken and implemented to organize the whole event smoothly.

9. Legislation, Health and Safety directives

Event management has followed some specific factors like legislation, health, and safety concerns. This section of this report concerns all such factors based on legislation, health and safety. Several regulations have been followed for managing such music concerts or events. Many health protection acts, and safety measures have been done to conduct such live music concerts. Several health-related concerns have been selected in this event management (Stevenson, 2018). Event and production safety, children safety, crowd management, staff safety, audience safety and security, volunteer management and safety are the main safety concerns that have been followed by the event management to conduct or organize live music concerts. All these safety concerns are controlled and handled by the management team of the event, who have taken the responsibility to organize the live music concerts event. Managing the fans and the crowd safety is the major aspect of the event plan. Proper volunteers and guides have been appointed to observe and monitor all the audiences and the guests of these live music concerts. Apart from managing the audiences and the fans, managing and maintaining the chief guests is the most responsible for the management team of the event (Zio, 2018). In order to handle and control all such things, the management team has taken so many directives and steps in event management.

10. Annotated site plan

A site plan is so much important for organizing some events. In this report, a live music concert has been organized, in which several steps and aspects have been taken to organize the whole event, such as good environmental conditions, pure weather, fewer noise affections, and many more. Site plan mainly refers to the nearby area, where the whole concert has to be organized (Mio et al. 2020). In this live music concert, Royal Albert Hall has been selected to organize the whole event. This hall is so comfortable and beautiful for organizing such music events. This hall is very peaceful and well mannered for organizing the live music concert.

11. Theoretical perspective

In order to manage and maintain an event for a music concert, there are suitable and selective theories that are applicable and eligible. 5C theory is very important and effective for maintaining the whole event for a music concert. This theory states that there are five main characteristics used for managing the whole event, such as concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout. This theory helps the whole management team with efficiency and effectiveness to maintain and manage all such factors that are relevant and related to the music concerts (Fonseca et al. 2020). Embok model-based theory is also used for conducting event management for music concerts. This model mainly used three major terms that are related to the music concert, such as creating an event, developing the event, and delivering the event. Mainly five stages are taken to organize this whole event. Such stages of event management based on the Embok model is research and setting the goal, planning of the whole event, coordination of the whole planning, executing the whole plan based on the selected event, and successful event organization.

Management theory is also used for maintaining and managing the whole event successfully. In this live music concert event, several steps and processes have been taken for promoting the sustainable development goals of the event (Hagen, 2021). All these theories are very effective and efficient for managing and maintaining the whole event smoothly.

12. Conclusion

This report has depicted all the relevant topics and points that are needed for organizing the event. In this report, a live music concert has been organized in Royal Albert Hall, London. UK. Major steps for doing the whole concert have been taken. Such important steps are fixing the main aims and goals, proper planning, creating a budget, selecting a venue according to situations, applying sustainable development goals, and creating a comfortable and better environment for the audiences.



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