Factors Affecting Health Case Study Sample

Analyzing Key Factors Influencing Health: Comprehensive Case Study Guide

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Introduction Of Factors Affecting Health

This paper explains the factors that impact the health of people. This paper focuses on the case study of Mr. and Mrs. Patel discusses the factors impacting their health. There are many various factors that impact the health of people. Those can be foods, employment, housing, education, environment, community safety and financial security. Factors like old age, poverty and mental health and the disability of learning impact the health of people. Inthis case, poor quality of their housing has an effect on their health and causes many diseases. This is creating the condition of health worse nda disease and avoids people from reaching their potential.

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Learning Outcome 1: Identify factors that affect health

Definition of health

Health refers to the state of complete the mental, physical and emotional well being. Health care is defined to help people in the location of life. As per the view of Arden and Chilcot (2020), good health of people is controlling the stress, living for a long time and being active in life. There are different types of health a person requires to execute and preserve their health.

Models of health

There are two models of health such as “Bio-psychosocial model and biomedical model”. “Biomedical model” is considering the factors which take the accounts of factors of biological. As per the opinion of De Brier et al. (2020), “Bio-psychosocial model” helps to take the account of psychological, social and biological factors withthe view of different factors such as social, psychological and physical. The responsibility of the patient has a responsibility which has an impact on it.

Dimensions of health

Physical:The dimension of physical of health refers to the concept of health. This refers to the definition of tradition of health as injury, disease. As per the insights of Gomaa (2020), the ranges of physical health in the quality to combine to diseases like cancer, obesity.

Mental:Mental health refers to the concept of cognitive of health and link with the emotional health. Mental health is functioning with the brain whereas the health of emotions refers to the people and is related with the hormones.

Emotional:Emotional health is the mood of them and state of emotional. As per the thoughts of Hacimusalar et al. (2020), this has ability to express and recognize the feeling and depend on the self esteem with ability to handle the motion to control the situation.

Figure 1:Dimensions of health

Dimensions of health

(Source: pdhpe.net, 2023)

Spiritual:Spiritual health is related to the purpose of life. People had the purpose from the faith of the system whereas they made the purpose on them.

Social:Social dimension of the health defines the ability to build and maintain the connection with others. As per the words by Li and Wu (2019), “Good social health” has a connection with them and controls the standard of acceptable society.

Factors impact health and wellbeing:In this case, there are many factors impacting the health of Mr and MrsPatel. Their poor condition of housing has an effect on their health and makes the existing condition of health worse. This caused the injuries and prevented people from reaching their potential. Their work and financial condition play an important function inhealth as offers the stability of financial and promote to protect against the problem of physical and mental health. They are working to offer people with supporting into work.

Learning Outcome 2: Health inequalities impact on the family

Definition for health inequalities

Health inequities are the differences of systematic in status of health of various groups of population. The inequities have the cost of economy and social to the societies. As per the discussion by Makwana (2019), this is compared in the status of health and distribution of resources of health between the various population groups which increase from the condition of society in their family like age, work, live, grow and born. Inequities of health are unfair to decrease by the policies of the government. This makes it difficult to treat the infectious disease and enhances the rate of violence in the community. Health equity impacts the limitation to the time.

Comparison between health inequalities and health inequities

Healthy inequities have a comparison in the status of health in distribution of the resources of health between the various groups of population and increase from the condition of society. The Patel family faced those by life, growth, age, work, birth and life. The inequities of health have decreased by the mix of policies of the government. On the other hand, the expectancy of the people life with a disability of health is substantially higher than the average in Scotland. The gender depend on the violence has experienced unequally that is around 17% of women and 7% of the men has experienced by using from partner at the point in their life.

Health community

Community health is the medical prices that focus on the well being of the mental and physical health of people in a particular region of geography. As per the ideology by Özdin and BayrakÖzdin (2020), this is important for their health to help the community to develop and maintain their health and avoid the spread of disease and prepare for disasters naturally. Community health highlights the geographical location rather than sharing characteristics including the diagnosis. The community helps to avoid avoiding the diseases and promoting the healthy by know the health of structure and decision of policy.

Impact of health inequalities on the family

Health inequity negatively affects others. This led to the outcome for the Patel family with resources and power. This makes those difficult to contain with the infectious disease. The impact of the health on the people through their goods and services areaffectingthis family that damages their health. This impacts the different types of factors that have the impact on the health such as the status of society and handle to event. This is increasing the amount of financial people available to the actions on cost of their living. Inequities of the health opportunity impact theexpectancy of life and access to services such as sanitation, water, healthcare and education etc.

Learning Outcome 3: Impact of poor health on Patel Family

Definition of poor health

Poor health is defined by the inability to perform needed the work such as socially, mentally and physically. This is described as the inability of the person to perform the needle work such as socially, mentally and physically. As per the remarks of Papas (2019), this has limitations with the ability of work, outcome of medical and opportunity of economy in debts of medical and bankruptcy. Their financial condition enhances the chances of their poor health.

Impact of it on their life

Poverty impacts the health by accessing to the proper healthy and nutritious food, learning the neighborhood safety to live, work and learns. Poverty is complicated by the determination of the health of those people. With the lower financial condition of this family cannot take enough nutrients for healthy food to be fit and healthy in their life. However, the tension from their financial condition of them aregetting disease and making them sick. The impact of poverty of childhood, living of this family is at the highest issues of health impact from smoking, obesity, use of substances and starters of chronic. The adults with the lowest income experience rate of higher of the mortality and disability.

Health Belief Model

“Health Belief Model” refer to the behavior of health based on a combination of different factors, susceptibility, severity of perceived, benefits of perceived and barriers of perceived and efficacy of self. Susceptibility defines the opinion with chances of contracting the condition and severity of perception defines the opinion of the various conditions and difficulty of it. As per the mentioned by Regmi and Jones (2020), the benefit of perception refers to the efficacy of belief in behavior of health in decreasing the condition of risk.

Figure 2: Health Belief Model

Health Belief Model

(Source: psu.pb.unizin.org, 2023)

Health campaign impacts on health

Health campaigns designed to increase the awarenessof the threat of health and move to the target customer to action for supporting of public health. As per the words of Arora and Grey (2020), their health is affected by the campaigns of health and motivates their family to engage with behavior of health which offers resistance to threat of health. The campaign of health involved with the dissemination of strategy to adapt to the public in helping the people groups with resistance the threat of health and adopt the behavior which promote the health.


The summarized version of this paper has been focused on the factors impacting the health of the Patel family. This is the reason whichis caused by physical factors like changing of physiological, injury and pathogens. They have no responsibility on patients with the factor is not controlling the patient. The treatment style of this model isinterventions firstly and responsible for this is the doctor and the role of psychology has no relationship with the illness of the physical. The style of treatments is the mind, body and themes. The responsibility of the model is combined by patients and doctors. The function of psychology of the HB model has impacts and difficulty of illness of physical.


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