Global Pandemic & Workplace Management Assignment Sample

Remote Work Challenges During Covid-19: A Comprehensive Analysis of Amazon's Employer Support & Workforce Dynamics

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Introduction of Global Pandemic & Workplace Management Assignment

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a lot globally and also in many Organisations. In the years

In 2019,2020 and 2021 people will face a lot of issues due to the pandemic. According to Kaushik,Guleria (2020), Many firms, companies were going into loss and many people were unemployed. During the Covid-19 pandemic, everything was shut down and the supply of goods and services was getting low in the market. The pandemic has changed the workplace of the organisation. There is one organisation who has supported employees to work from home during the time of Covid-19, Amazon is the biggest e- commerce business which sells goods and services both online and offline. It has supported the employees during the time of pandemic.. The following report is going to cover the study of the support from the employer for work from home to employees during the Covid-19 pandemic and the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world.

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Aims & Objectives:

This proposal aims to understand the employer's support towards the employee during the time of Covid-19. However, this research aims to understand the topic and find out the issues faced by covid-19.

The main objectives of this paper are:

  • To understand how employers of Amazon support employees during work from home amid the pandemic.
  • To identify the challenges faced by the organisation during Work from home in the UK.
  • To understand the benefits of working from home during the pandemic.


  1. How has the employer supported employees during work-from-home amid the pandemic?
  2. What are the challenges faced by the employees during work from home?
  3. What are the benefits and issues faced by the employees during the time of Covid-19?

Literature review

Employer support for work-from-home employees during Covid-19

During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the employees of the organisation have faced a lot of problems which have directly impacted their mental health. According to Buli?ska-Stangrecka and Bagie?ska, (2021), The pandemic caused the well-being of the workers, it affected their workplace and the working environment. Everything has been shifted online. Working from home has affected the social environment and the satisfaction level of the job. The well-being of an employee in the workplace is very important for the organisations. According to Ardi , Mharchelya and Ifdil (2021), due to Covid-19, the employee's well-being has been reduced. Many organisations have faced the economic crisis which has faced dissatisfaction in the workplace. The leaders of Amazon have supported the employee by staying connected with them, and rewarding incentives to the hardworking employees. According to Oakman et al., (2020), The pandemic has directly impacted the mental health of those employees who were struggling to face this situation. According to Vu et al., (2022), Many employees do have to lose their job during the pandemic due to that reason the workers were facing depression and anxiety. People were getting infected due to this virus. Looking forward to this the government of the UK took a strong decision to maintain social distancing between the people and lock down the nation. As stated by Waizenegger et al., (2020), The firm has no other option, rather than to work from home. The study shows that people enjoy working from home. Due to this, the online working process brings a lot of positive impacts on human behaviour. The employees started spending more quality time with their families. As 73% of people love to work from home shown in the following report. According to Barrero, Bloom and Davis (2021), In the future, employees planned to keep at least one work-from-home once a week. Working from home increased employee satisfaction in the workplace. Moreover, the industry also achieved good results due to this Work from home. The help of video conferencing, and making new software have made the work easier for the employees of the company. In the current situation, the pandemic has been reduced, everything started to be normal employees started to work offline.

Benefits & Challenges faced by the organisation during Work From Home

Advantages and disadvantages of employees working from the home. It improves the retention of the employee’s work from home, allows the employee to look after the family, and it also helps to understand the loyalty of the employee. It also helps to find out the New talent working from home during the extra time after doing productive work. According to Xiao et al., (2021), It also improves the health and well-being of an employee, working from home is time-saving and less stressful for the employee. It is also important that employees should work from home during the time of pandemic just to keep their family members safe from the virus. As technology is increasing it makes work easier due to the internet. The staff can do video conferences, meetings and planning through the internet. Absences of less sickness while working from the workplace can make it more stressful but in work from home, the employees feel less stressed and happier. While employees work from their homes there is less chance of spreading the infection.

There are some disadvantages of the employee working from the home such as: Working from

home brings a lot of costs, while working from home an employee needs a good internet speed,

laptop or mobile and other useful equipment that brings a lot of bills. Home distraction while

meeting with the employee, might cause issues like household noise or any other family member,

and also needs to take care of the family, this might also distract the employee during work.

Negative impact on employees' mental health while doing work at home and being unable to find the routine can bring stress and struggle to get the work done. To improve this the employer can encourage the employees to make their schedule with which they are comfortable with it. The moral of the employees gets decreased sometimes while working at home it is hard to maintain the team spirit. The advantages and disadvantages of the employee working from home describe the employee's issues and the positive impact made by the Covid-19 pandemic


  • Increases productivity: It increases the productivity of the employee during work from home. Moreover, working from home has a lot of advantages. Employees can try something new after work or adopt a good learning habit rather than wasting the time and an employee can spend more time with their family.
  • Less Commuting: In the workplace, an employee used to communicate with other employees during work which can create a distraction. However, working from home helps an employee with less communication and also helps to stay focused.
  • Increase motivation: it increases the productivity and motivation of an employee. While working at home an employee can work freely without any restriction. However, it encourages and motivates an employee to work harder and complete the assigned task.


  • Distractions at home: While working, employees face many distractions. Employees' families and kids distract the working person while working from home or when the employee is in any video conferencing this can cause distraction and can bring a negative impact on the work.
  • Overworking: During the time of the pandemic many firms have faced issues and the companies were facing an economic crisis. However, to cover the economic crisis and its negative impact the employees have to work for that.
  • Team communication issue: Inan organisation teamwork is the most important thing. Employees have to work with a team and support each other. However, due to this pandemic, everything has changed, employees started working online and team meetings are done by video conferencing. Due to this, there was a lack of team meetings and lack of communication with the teammates.


Research approach

According to Pandey and Pandey (2021), the Research approach helps the researcher to collect and analyse the data. Mainly, there are three research approaches: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. The research will be conducted with both primary and secondary qualitative methods.

Research Philosophy

According to Mohajan (2018), Research philosophy is connected with knowledge, learning, study and assumption. This philosophy helps to develop the power of knowledge. The research will be conducted with the Interpretivism philosophy.

Research reasoning

According to Rinjit (2020), Research reasoning helps to draw a conclusion and make a prediction by using self-knowledge. This reasoning has three approaches: Deductive, inductive and abductive approach. The research will be conducted with inductive reasoning.

Data collection

According to Mishra and Alok (2022), Data collection helps to collect the data from the research. It also helps to gather all the information. It is the most important method in the research approach. The interview will be conducted with a few employers in the Organisation of the UK and the literary papers will help to collect data from secondary sources.

Data analysis

In the research approach, data analysis plays a vital role. It helps to analyse and evaluate the data

from the information. The analysis of this research will follow the content analysis process.

Ethical consideration

According to Fleming and Zegwaard (2018), In this research approach, ethical consideration sets a principle and guides the research practice. This proposal follows an ethical approach not taking data from authentic sources and referencing properly also the confidentiality of the employers will be maintained.


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