Health And Social Care Provision Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Health And Social Care Provision Assignment

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Health and social care is the motion of careers that includes personal and practical assistance for the people to provide extra support to survive in their life. It has included children, adults, and young and old people who are needs care related to their health issues. The report aims to discuss health and social care issues in Rochdale and try to develop a management system the challenges of health and social care services have been identified to develop the managed system to provide better service. Along with this, two specific health and care, social problem is identified in this study module to demonstrate the current environment in an ethical manner.

2. Demographic profile

Rochdale is one of the most beautiful and largest towns in “Greater Manchester, England” as it is mainly famous for its River Roch and co-operative movement on large scale. This city is also famous for its textile industries providing good quality cotton and clothes. The population of this town is 2, 23,700 as the number of females is more than males which describe its authenticity. The percentage of men is 49.49% (110,700) and the female population is 50.51% (1, 13000) in 2020 ( Diversity is one positive aspect of this city as it concedes 81.66 % (172,824) white people, 14.94% (31,630), 1.31% (2770) black people and 1% mixed peoples ( It is a place which is helping to provide various beneficial sides to start an activity and perform it well according to the demand.

Majority of people in this town, face the health issue of chronic kidney disease and diabetes which affect the social and environmental aspects of this city. This city is highly committed to ensuring better health and social care services to improve the social structure. The multiple deprivations help to uplift the organizational culture and it improves the social care service to provide support to poor people. The place is friendly to live in and it is a particular place where open can find various things under one roof. The place is famous for the health care system and it has a good transportation system that is creates the place more exciting rather than any other place. Health and social care Act 2010, has been applied to improve health and social care services (, 2022). The city is undertaking consultation and research exercises about peoples’ experiences to provide them battery quality services.

3. Health and social care structure

Rochdale is empowered with proper health facilities and social care services as it provides sustainable facilities to their natives on large scale.

According to “Rochdale Borough Locality Plan” adult social care accommodation is visionary to sustain flexible health and wellbeing services in the town. Marketing position statements are mainly focused on social care services. “Locality plan” is initiated by administrative functionality in this town as this plan is aligned to work in an executive manner ( Prevention related to health and care services is initiated to perform better quality services. In the year of 2022 majority of people in this city focuses to maintain health and wealth being services to enhance their life cycle in a positive manner. “Rochdale Care Organization” mainly works on a specific initiative to sustain current social care services by proper mitigation of the specific problem.

This city develops a well-established infrastructure for health care services as they implement innovative modules for hospital facilities. One of the major problems in the health care sector in this town is the irresponsible behavior of government bodies toward hospital facilities and the sustainability of society. There is 1774 full equivalent staff that helps to achieve the goals of social care in society. The population of the city is huge and the pollution rate is increasing day by day which is one of the vital causes of diseases (Rawlings et al. 2020).

“GP Pennine surgery” is facilitated in the form of primary health services as this service facility is provided to maintain a healthy environment in the town (, 2022). Small village of this town is facilitated with healthcare consultancy services which effectively work in every manner. A secondary health care facility is also situated in the city “Rochdale infirmary hospital” this hospital is aligned with proper facilities for different illness services (, 2022). Some of department services in this hospital are Breast cancer services, “Diagnostic Endoscopy, Urgent care centre, and Palliative care.”

The overall management system of the health and social care service in Rochdale is well established as they initiate on their well-being part to overcome the difficulties. The city prefers the developed healthcare industry and focuses on digital support services.

They prefer online feedback to improve their culture and foundation to identify people's problems. The healthcare industry facing problems due to the fragility of care markets and workforce pressure which is reducing the efficiency of the healthcare industry.

4. Challenges in Health and social care

The trust is focused on their interrogation to improve their demographic profile and service provision. The training session is not included in this organisation which is reducing the power of the trust. The management structure being flexible is helping to provide them with the freedom to be more open and comfortable with uncertainty (Sharp et al. 2018). The learning process is not integrated and it is still under improvement to evaluate the system properly and provide support to needy people. Loneliness is a specific social care problem in Rochdale as it creates a negative impact on sustainability and ethnicity in current society. Loneliness is recognized as a specific proportion of adult people that are not been in contact for a long time. Older people of Rochdale mainly face this problem as they lose their family, friend and social gathering due to illness and age factors (

According to the guidance of “independence and mental well-being” government work on improving well-being and independence among people 65 years old ( Many old and adult people are going into self-isolation due to mental depression and situational anxiety which leads to negative outcomes. Loneliness creates a big negative impact on older people of this city as it increases the problem of mental dementia and poor health. Older peoples are negatively influenced by loneliness and isolation they have undertaken mental depression and anxiety ( According to reports, government initiates many effective guidelines to resolve this issue on large scale.

Health and social care services are based on the proper management system that assists to lead the industry effectively. Proper planning, quality of training and learning approach is included to develop the structure.

5. Conclusion

The entire report is based on the health and social care industry which is necessary to develop the social culture and provide support to poor people. It is an independent foundation which improves the organisational culture and provides more beneficial support to integrate the system. The demographic aspect of Rochdale is demonstrated here to analyze the actual benefits and issues of the social and healthcare industry. The overall demographic profile of this city is explained here to provide factual information about Rochdale. Study state that chronic kidney disease and diabetes affect the local people of this city.

6. Poster Summary

Health and social care are addressed as a service that is available from the social and health care providers of the locality. This term is used for addressing the entire service of health care provision infrastructure that includes the wide range of elements of sociology, law, and ethics. This service also includes nursing, health care, the health care system and National Health Service. Social care services provide individuals with normal life to live as well as emotional and physical support to completely change the individual's life experience. Social and health care is not constricted to specific age groups and provides quality of life.

I create this report to highlight specific health care and social care problems in the present society of Rochdale city. In the case of Rochaled city, “Rochdale Borough Locality Plan” provides a proper facility to control the negative impact of loneliness and self-isolation among old peoples and adult in the city. According to the chief executive of “Rochdale Borough Council,” the organization special work to increase closeness in society and spread well-being and prosperity. Overall borough population is 220,0001 however projected population in 2024 is 224,700 (, 2022). This organization ensures the proper adoption of technological tools in the health care sector and flexible sustainbality in health and well beingness.

The organisation plans to redevelop the mental health service segments after the pandemic situation. This redevelopment includes the new integrated community such as mental health centres and inpatient facilities to provide warm service to the patients. The clinical vision in the organisation provides the calibre of mental health care service that gives the best service experience to the patients (Razai et al. 2021). The organisation also sincerely protects the personal data of the patients through the management service of the company. In the case of redeveloping the structure, the organisations change the architecture for the latest research and practice for mental health treatments practice. This organization work on “Strategic Commissioning policy” that provides specific planning module for the implementation of primary and secondary care in healthcare sector. Quality and safeguarding is main priority of organization as they initiate with safeguarding responsibilities and policies. Creating integrated neighbourhood teams and resolving the issue of loneliness and isolation is the main purpose of the organization in a specific approach.

The organisation provides emotional support to mental health patients and monitors the cause of concern for every person. As it works for both physical and mental health organisations provides five steps for well-being. Those steps are connected, activeness, learning capacity, giving to others and taking notice of present moments. The organisation also provides a suicide prevention strategy that strengthens the therapeutic relationship for the safe care of the heart and the prevention of self-harm and suicide.



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