How to make marketing Report Assignment Sample

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Marketing Report Assignment Sample


The complete assignment includes the effective report for implementing the marketing plan for an App named “P-Cubed” which has been developed by the Australian winners of 2018 in order to Search for the “Next Tech Girl Superhero”. An effective marketing plan is been designed in order to develop the App and for efficiently investing the funds for the App’s growth and development. “P-Cubed” is the free multi-platform app, and is used to prevent the pollution created and increased by the increasing use of plastics. The app is very beneficial in tracking the use of plastic and is specifically designed with the young “Queenslanders”. The app is very unique and is very helpful in reducing the negative impacts of the environment and creating the eco-friendly nature.

Situational Analysis

The app is very easy to use and can be frequently used in the day to day lives of the people. With the help of this app, better choices can be made in purchasing the products and also in choosing those plastic bags which can be recycled and reused. This app can reduce approximate ate 8 million tons of plastic which flow in the waterways, large oceans,and landfills in each and every year. The situational analysis includes the PESTLE factors, the competitive analysis, the market trends, market position and also the SWOT analysis in relation to the “P-Cubed” app.

The PESTLE analysis or the external factors are being analyzed as follows:-

  • Political: The political factors includes the permission which must be taken by the officials and the management department of the “P-Cubed” app development from the Government of the country in order to take the measure and convincing them, telling them about the positive features of the app that how it can be very beneficial in keeping the people healthy and enhancing the positive future.
  • Economic: The economic factors include the taxation system and policies in accordance with which the app must be framed. The cost of development of the app, income of the app users and plastic consumers, economic reforms, etc. All the strategies for the development of “P-Cubed” app must be framed and implemented while considering the complete scenario of the economic World (Kolios and Read, 2013).
  • Social: Determining social factors is another essential thing which is needed to be considered while framing the marketing plan for the app. How the Brand image can be developed, what kind of nature is prevailing of the different people in the market, all these social factors are to be taken care of.
  • Technological: The technological factors include the new methods of production and the unique techniques of recycling the plastics, also how much the using of social media will be effective while conducting market research through it.
  • Legal: The laws related to consumer protection, the regulation in different industries, and the confidentiality in maintaining important records under the “Data Protection Act 1998” (Kolios and Read 2013).
  • Environmental: These factors are very important to be considered as they will have a strong impact in developing the “P-Cubed” app. The app or the product must be eco-friendly and sustainable, the increasing wastage must be eliminated through it and the content of carbon must be reduced necessarily.

The analyzing of the market trends and needs of various different customers and the demographics of the market are very necessary to be conducted in order to frame out the effective marketing plan of “P-Cubed” app. The customer analysis must be conducted by following up the three categories consisting of the “Moderate Consumer, High Consumer and Loyal Consumer”. The effective distinction must be made among all three of them on the basis of their work, income, and family, traveling source, their hobbies and also the values. The complete analysis of consumer must include all these factors and then accordingly the marketing plan must be framed (Gupta, 2013). The trends prevailing in the market, the market demographics are very necessary to be considered. According to the industry analysis, it has been founded that the majority of consumers prefer the healthy and standard living lifestyle.

Market Analysis

Market Target


Age Range

Income (Annual)

Moderate Plastic Consumer

Shoppers, farmers, students, etc.

14-55 Years old

$8000- $25000

High Plastic Consumer

Retailers, Tourists, travelers, etc.

14-70 Years old

Greater than $20,000

Environment Concerning Agencies

Environmentalists, NGOs, Government bodies, etc.

All age group


The competitor analysis includes the “Porter’s Five Forces”, these are:-

  • The barriers to entryinclude the High Power of the capital of various industry
  • The bargaining power of suppliers is now lowering down from the moderate level.
  • The bargaining power of customers is reaching up to the high-level form the moderate level.
  • The threat of substitution which consist the products of juices, water, ice teas and sports drinks (Omsa, 2017).
  • The industry rivalry states that for all the new businesses, the names of the existing brands are the vital edge for the competition.

Besides all these analyses, the SWOT analysis is also the major analysis which needs to be considered in the marketing plan. The strengths (reducing the environmental pollution), weaknesses (the inefficient strategies and policies for developing the plan), opportunities (the favorable opportunities must be grabbed promptly) and the threats (the increasing competition prevailing in the market), all four of these must be framed and analyzed in an effective manner (Ommani, 2012).


· Environmental Friendly

· User friendly and convenient in use

· Helpful in making general public aware of the pollution they create


· Need regular updates

· Poor user retention

· Need a bit of technical knowledge to use the app


· Government appraisal and funding

· Appreciation from some environmental protection agencies


· Competitors with a better approach

· Internet problems as the app run by accessing the Internet.


It is to be concluded that the efficient and proper marketing plan must be framed out in order to develop and enhance the sustained growth of “P-Cubed” app. All the analysis related to it is being described and discussed in the assignment.


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