Marketing Management Assignment Sample

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Marketing Management Assignment Sample

Executive Summary

In today's day and age, the event marketing is very important for making people aware of the event and for making the event a huge success. It is very crucial to make the target audience understand the purpose of the event and communicate the scope of the event. In this report, the concepts of marketing had been explained in the context of a planting event named ‘Woodford Folk Festival.' The event was organised by a not-for-profit organisation. The unique thing about the event was that it mainly focused on the involvement of the disabled person. The report discussed the aims and scope of the event along with a small overview of the event. For better understanding, the current situation analysis was explained that discussed the internal and external analysis. The SWOT analysis of the event had been done for better understanding. Furthermore, the report discussed marketing strategies (7P's) and market positioning. The last phase of the report provided the action plan, marketing budget, and contingencies in the event.

1. Introduction


The aim of the planting festival is to develop a forested parkland for people's enjoyment by reaching natural potential and community participation of a minimum of 200 individual comprising people with disabilities.


The scope of the Woodford Festival organised by Queensland Folk Federation comprises the following objectives:-

  • To enhance the environment by developing a site in a natural sound and sustainable manner.
  • To minimise the impacts of human activity on nature and provide gains where possible by contributing more to the environment.
  • To offer educative opportunities that include profiling the environment by making use of cultural activity
  • Leading by example by being a sustainable destination with high community profile and involving national events and institutions.  
  • To promote environmentally friendly practices for branding the event and attaining market leadership
  • To expand and enhance the existing environmental programmes at local and national level.

1.3.Event Overview

The festival named Woodfordia was first organised in the year 1987 at the Maleny showground during the Easter week. The festival gained immense success until 1993. In the year 1994, the festival land was purchased at Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Currently, the land is being taken care by Queensland Folk Federation which organises the Woodford Folk Festival. In the year 1997, the event was linked with tree planting and people from all around the world started participating in the event and making efforts to plant the tree and also participating in various cultural activities. Currently, the planting festival is welcoming the people with some kind of disabilities. The event is held in a rural area with terrains. Hence, the amenities for the disabled people have been installed in the land area.

The event will be held for 3 days. As per the past record, the number of attendees was 9, 642 and the average days attended by the visitors were 2. 61. Talking about the visitors' origin, the majority of them are from intrastate visitors with an overall percentage of 61.4% in the total visitor. In addition to this, the percentage of interstate and overseas visitors were 18% and 2.7%. One thing to note here is that women visitors (57%) were more than the men.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

2.0 Current Situation Analysis

2.1 Internal Analysis

The VRIO framework has been used in order to make an analysis of the internal environment of The Planting Festival. This festival is being organized in order to attract people with disabilities to actively participate in such an event. There are four components which are approached typically in a decision tree style. Following are the internal factors which have an influence over the internal elements of such Planting Festival (Gration & Raciti, 2014, p. 280):

Value: In such internal element, The Planting Festival is offering such resources as well as the information along with a chance to make environment pollution free which will surely add the value for the people coming to visit in such festival. It is also providing a competitive advantage to the business which is adding the value of the visitors.

Rarity: There are several numbers of resources as well as the capabilities in order to implement the Planting Festival. There is no competitive parity for such event as there is a good cause behind such Planting Festival and every other person will support such rarity in this event. This element of such analysis is also showing positive results in reference to such execution of the event (Vargas-Hernández & Garcia, 2019).

Imitable: The event is for the disabled people and it is hard to find the substitute for the Planting Festival. This planting event is related to the plantation of the trees which is for a good cause but there are several organizations as well as the NGOs that can be interested in executing such events as these are not so expensive to be afforded by such organizations. Hence there is a lack of competitive stability to some extent.

Organization: There is an organized system used in order to hold this event or the festival successfully. The processes, structures, culture as well as the systems used are beneficial for the capitalization of the resources to be used in the execution of this event.

The event is completely in the race of the sustained competitive advantage and is about to achieve the ultimate goal of holding such a festival.

2.2 External Market Analysis

PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE Analysis is being made in order to make the external analysis of The Planting Festival in order to gain knowledge regarding the influences of external factors on such business. Following is provided the PESTLE Analysis:

Political: The political factors include the policies made by the government from time to time. For such Plant Festival, the Government of Australia will provide support as it will help in the environmental sustainability. The good relationship between the Festival organizers as well as the Government of Australia will influence the event in a positive manner as this event is held for the people having disabilities. The Government will also provide the land space in order to plant the trees.

Economic: The economic factors that can have an influence over the Plant Festival are the economic stability of the country, the interest rates as well as the costs and investments in such an event. The lower interest rates in Australia will be helpful in raising the funds to cover the costs of the event andfurther, there will be donations also collected from the general public for successful execution of this event (Bartusková & Kresta, 2015, p. 148).

Social: Such factors are related to the lifestyle of the local people as well as their value, beliefs,andattitude. The society is in support of such festival as it is for the benefit of the whole society and will also help in reducing the carbon footprint (Gration & Raciti, 2014, p. 286).

Technological: There has been seen several technological advancements in the previous issues due to the progress of the ICT field. The technologies will prove to be helpful in the proper execution of the event and social media can also be used in order to promote such anevent (Brida, & Osti. 2012, p. 21). There are several new types of equipment available in the market in order to plant the trees and saving the cost as well as time so the technological forces are beneficial.

Legal: The legal factors include the law and standards made by the Government of Australia. There can be a problematic situation if there will not be compliance of such legislation. There may be issues related to the use of the land. This can cause a negative influence on the successful execution of such The Plant Festival.

Environmental: There should not be any harm of any particular event to the environment of the country. The event to be held is a tree plantation festival which has numerous positive outcomes for the environment as it will eliminate pollution and there will not be any harm to the environment. The carbon footprints will also be reduced which will help in making the environment healthier. Planting the trees help in reducing pollution and keeps the environment healthy and safe.


2.3. Market Analysis of Woodford Festival

  • Economic Viability: the funds for the event can be arranged through sponsors, by selling the entry tickets, and selling souvenirs. In addition to this, the organisers can involve the local community to produce handicrafts and sell them. A big fraction of the funds will come by selling plants to the visitors for plantation (Bartusková & Kresta, 2015, p. 153).
  • Stakeholders: There are internal and external stakeholders for the event. The former comprise organisers, volunteers, investors, and other supporting staff. The external comprises
  • Demand Analysis: The rising urbanisation and pollution have caused too much damage to the community. In addition to this, the society lacks the zeal to come forward and contribute to nature. Such events will help in bringing them together along with the focus on disabled people. There are very few events organised that involve the disable in a noble cause.
  • Feasibility Study: The event is organised in the outskirt area (rural area). Hence, the impact is less on the urban population. The visitors will not increase any load on the urban part of the region. The funds are already arranged to host such a big event that comes from different sources. Hence, it is economically, socially, and environmentally feasible.

3. SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis can help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the event. This information will be used in the strategy formulation.


Natural Attractions:

The festivals are organising on the sunshine coast hinterland. The location is in itself attracted. In addition to this, the objective of the festival is to maintain the natural values of the place and use them for the sustainability purpose.

Cultural Attractions

Authentic festival comprises cultural values, ethnographic values, etc.  

Community Support:

Involvement of a large number of local community people and making them major stakeholders of the event.


· Amateurism in volunteer and supporting people and community.

· Lack of funds and sponsorships

· Deficiency of well-equipped and consistent festival

· Lack of security and hygiene

· Lack of expertise and expert support.

· The localisation of the event instead of nationalisation.

· Lack of shopping and entertainment.


· Support from the local community by providing employment opportunities to them during the festival.

· Increase in conscience among the people towards nature and environment can be a great potential for the organisers.

· People from across Australia or from overseas might want to join the event. This would increase the natural tourism of Australia.

· Integrating culture with environment theme can result in mass participation.


· Inadequate support from government and lack of governance on amenities.  

· Potential disruptions caused by political changes associated with the organisation of the festival.

· Unique values of the event might get lost.

· The disruption caused by the cultural and ecologic structure.

4.0 Segmentation

Table  1: Market Segments by Age


Pre-Purchase Until April 28th

Online Price

At Gate










Child (6-12)














Child (6-12)




Friday Night










Child (6-12)




As per the given table, the market segmentation of Queensland Folk Federation for the Woodford festival is categories under the category of adults, youths,and child between the age of 6 to 12 according to the season, day and Friday night but the rates are different for the season, day and Friday night camping.

5.0 Target Market

The main aim of the Queensland Folk Federation is to focus on the people with disabilities and constantly working towards their benefits. The company focuses on the areas where the people face problems of mobility. The festival of the company held on the property that is a dairy farm and the property belongs to the rural area. People who are on wheelchairs or face mobility problems (Brida, & Osti, 2012, p. 11340). In this context, the company focuses to provide then facilities. For such purpose, the company divides the market segment into adults, youths and child between the age of 6 to 12 according to the season, day and Friday night but the rates are different for the season, day and Friday night camping. The event aims to ensure that the site selected by the company remains healthy so as to provide enjoyment for both the future as well as present generations (Herrero, Sanz, & Devesa, 2011, p. 647). The company targeted towards planting and make necessary arrangement for the people who face difficulty in movement and fight with a disability.

6.0 Physical Evidence

The company is at the position to take the necessary steps to promote this festival and attract people and their participation in the festival. To make this festival success it is important that the company interact with the people and lay out the design by making the signs, logos, reports, brochures, websites and maintain accounts to encourage the visitors for participation.

7.0 Objectives

The main objective of the Woodford festival is to enhance the environmental conditions via the replacement of weed control, vegetation,and erosion for the enhancement of the natural environment. Its aim is to provide more contribution towards the enhancement of the environment over the impacts of the festival on the environment. This festival considers the issues related to the environment and enhances the importance of the festival by considering the environmental issues. This festival expands the programmes related to the environment with the functions of the company. These wills promote the environment and its importance for all the activities of the company. The objective of the company behind this festival is mentioned underneath:

  • Enhance the environment
  • Expand the opportunities related to education
  • Market leadership
  • Reduce impacts and explore the opportunities for the betterment of present as well as future generations

8.0 Marketing Strategies (Action Plan)

8.1 Product

The Queensland Folk Federation main aim is to promote the importance of environment where more than the 2000 performers are performed and around 438 events are arranged at a national and international level. The main achievements of the company include:

The onsite wastewater treatment plant

  • Administration offices
  • Workshop
  • Visual arts studio
  • 55 km’s of all weather-roads
  • 25,000 capacity amphitheater
  • 100,000 trees, understory, sedges and orchards
  • Administration offices
  • 57 Amenity Blocks
  • Onsite Water Filtration plants
  • Pathways and pedestrian bridges
  • Major electrical infrastructure

8.2 Prices

In this festival, the company invests around $14 M to make the sites suitable for the purpose of the festival. For such purpose, the company must ensure that the more and more people are going to participate in the Woodford festival (Herrero, Sanz, & Devesa, 2011, p. 654). It is anticipated by the company that the attendance of the people with disabilities grows to 300. In this context, the budget that sets out by the company is mentioned underneath.

8.3 Promotion

The company promotes this festival to the extent level so as to attract more and more people towards the Planting Festival, 2019. The company main aim is to attract around 200 people for season camping for people witha disability. The company anticipates that the attendance of the people with disabilities grows to 300. To promote this festival, the company invests around $ 10.8 million and the total expenditures around $26.99 m in queen land. In this context, there were almost 460 groups’ performance, 2,500 performers that are individually performed, 35 venues and17 hours of entertainment on daily basis. With this, the visitation rate of this festival reaches 69%.

8.4 Place

The Woodford planting festival place decided by the company held on the property that is a dairy farm and the property belongs to the rural area and people who are on wheelchairs or face mobility problems. In this context, the company focuses to provide then facilities. The property used by the company for the arrangement of the festival is around 500 acre. On the other hand, such land is at the slope where it is quite difficult for the disabled persons to reach the sites of the festival.  

8.5 Process

The company focuses on recycling the waste materials that are generated in the WFF festival. TheCompanyencourages the recyclable practices at the site activities and implements such practices that provideless harm to the environment (Jones, Sandra & Iverson, 2012, p. 960).For the disabled persons, the company initiates such practices that encourage the disable persons and attract them to participate in the festival.

8.6 Physical Evidence

The company develops such environment that would help for customers while participating and win the hearts and minds of people and attract them to participate and mark their presence in this festival. This step of the company encourages the disable persons to know the importance of this festival and determine that maximum number of people present in the festival. This festival main aim is to encourage the environment and its importance through this planting festival.

8.7 People

The organization is more focused in delivering the benefits to the disables. A proper standardized process is being followed. It is important to attract the disable people the company should arrange the facility of mobility so that the disable persons can easily reach the sites.

The companies by organizing this festival develop the thinking habit among the people inside as well as outside. This facility generates athinking habit among the people about their responsibilities towards the environment.

9.0 Marketing Budget

To promote this festival, the company invests around $ 10.8 million and the total expenditures around $26.99 m in queen’s land. The company plans to set out the budget according to the participation of the number of people at the festival. The company allocates and anticipates the expenditures that cover all the expenses related to the performances, venues and entertainment activities (Kusumawati, Oswari, Utomo, & Kumar, 2014, p. 1765). There were almost 460 groups performance, 2,500 performers that are individually performed, 35 venues and17 hours of entertainment on daily basis. With this, the visitation rate of this festival reaches 69%. In this context, the budget that sets out by the company is mentioned underneath:

Marketing Budget Attendance Target

Year 1 = $10,000 200

Year 1 = $5,000 250

Year 1 = $5,000 300

10.0 Controls and Contingencies

There are several methods that are adopted by the company to overcome the contingencies that are faced by the company during the festival. The main contingency that is faced by the company is that the festival arranges by the company is a little bit at slope where the disable persons face difficulty to attend the festival so it is important that the company make an arrangement so that the disable persons can easily reach the festival. The company makes necessary arrangements to fight against the fires and makes such necessary conditions that abide the persons who are going to visit the festival (Osterwalder, Pigneur, Bernarda, & Smith, 2014, p. 39). Further, the company work towards the conservation of water and special conditions are imposed for the safety and security of the visitors. The other contingency that is faced by the company during this festival is to attract the disable persons to attend planting festival and mark their presence.

With the hike in the prices, the local infrastructure is not ready to cope as per the growing crowds and maintain the level of sustainability. As per the growing crowds, the parking problem that needs to be controlled by the company during this festival and make necessary arrangements for it. The expenses related to the infrastructure, amenities need to control and spend accordingly in an efficient manner. The other important thing that needs to be controlled by the company is that the to maintain the sustainability level during this festival and mark that nobody faces any problem while attending this festival. Further, for the assurance regarding safety is also essential as it is important that the visitors remain safe and secure while attending the festival.

To reduce the congestion is one of the challenges forthe company in this festival. For this, the company charges additional fees to park their cars and vehicles.

11.0 Conclusion

With the abovementioned discussions, it concludes this step of the company is very crucial for growth and development of the country, this step assists the visitors to know the importance of the environment. The decision of this festival is being organized in order to attract the people with the disabilities to actively participate in such an event and motivating the people for Planting the trees help in reducing pollution and keeps the environment healthy and safe. This festival motivates the citizens inthe plant the trees help in reducing pollution and keeps the environment healthy and safe.This factor also encourages the other companies to organize such festivals and encourage the disable people and mark their presence. Such festivals educate people about their responsibilities towards the environment. Such festivals remain in the mind of the people for the long term and provide them with opportunities to interact with the different people.

12.0 References

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