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Introduction of International Operations Management Assignment

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The organization Pluckley Pálinka Ltd (PPL) has been a small distillery in the area of Pluckley in the U.K. The organization is focusing on the solvency of three major issues that have come up with the change in the geopolitical conditions of the U.K. Being an analyst consultant it is important to focus on the problems analysis and evaluation in order to frame reflective strategies to solve them. In this case, the business volume is already affected by the ongoing pandemic, and implementation of operational management techniques is the most effective procedure in this case.

1.1 Characteristics of the operation

The characteristics of the operation are based on the solvency of the issues created by the geopolitical decisions of two major nations mentioned as Brexit. The operation involves the analysis of the business criterion change for the organization amidst changing political and geographical restraints. It is also an important factor to determine the finances of the organization in order to maintain a more progressive business. Implementation of 4 V's like volume, velocity, variety, and veracity helps in understanding the trade rules agreed by the government. It is effective to manage them through operational management. It also characterizes the achievement of the vision of the organization’s owners to provide Pálinka to the world.

2. Operational problems and Solutions

2.1 Problem 1

The first major problem is that the rules of Brexit have transformed the free movement between the areas of the U.K and the European Union organization. This has barred the process of entry of Pálinka in the U.K from the countries of Romania and Hungary.

2.1.1 Analysis

The analysis of the situation describes the fact that the UK imposed customs duty on most of the products traveling from outside the U.K. In the case of Pálinka, it is evident that the rules are going to be rigid in the case of an alcoholic beverage. The U.K has permitted immigrants to purchase liquor from the mentioned stores at travel points. It has been observed that the present trade relationship between the U.K and the E.U is now carried under cooperative trade relationships (Jucyte et al. 2021). It is important to know that these trade relationships are helping to develop the GDP of the country to be 2.2 trillion GBP. Hence trade is the only way by which the local drink of Romania and Hungary can be brought to the U.K. In the case of the development of the drink in the U.K the import of stone fruits is also liable to this trading rule.

2.1.2 Evaluation

It has been observed that during the evaluation of the issue the Tax has been a major issue on the import of products. It is the addition of VAT on every raw material product that has transformed the business process to be costly and deterrent. It can be said that in the case of the distillery Pluckley Pálinka Ltd. the cost of operation is going to increase. Secondly, it is important to know that the currency exchange process is also a negative side for the business. An external charge needs to be paid for the conversion of currency on the basis of the import of rock fruits like plum to the U.K. The inflation rate in the import market of the U.K has increased by almost 7.4% due to the impacts of Brexit (Mircheva, 2020).

The financial evaluation of the situation also provides information about the chances of investment on the part of the stakeholders. The steps to be followed by the organization are the capacity to mass-produce the liquor to be circulated around the U.K. Hence the production rate will be higher than the return rate. This can prevent investors from delving into the project. Apart from this, the liquor market of the nation is filled with multiple options and needs rigorous marketing to uplift the product (Milne-Ives et al. 2020). The first step implicates management by government investment of financial issues that arises with the production process of Pálinka. Secondly, with trade restrictions, the organization should develop a stable supply chain amidst the pandemic. Thirdly the organization must get digitally transformed into a digitized business platform. This may contribute to the increase in the customer base, and affect the increase in the production volume.

2.1.3 Discussion

Discussion on the issue can be based on the fact that the opportunity of non-movement during the time of the pandemic can be used to concrete the supply chain in the E.U countries. It will be effective for the organization to import the rock fruit for production. Apart from that, the organization should also focus on the local production and growth of fruits in the U.K. This can help the entrepreneurs to maintain the quality of fruits rather than importing at higher costs. The production of fruits can help the organization in developing external income from other sources by selling fruits, juices, and also seeds for external plantations (Moradlou et al. 2021). Income can also be secured by the various byproducts of the printing and fermentation process for making fruit liquor. In the case of fruit farming, the government in the U.K helps by providing loans that can ward off the monetary issue needed in the growth and production of the liquor.

2.2 Problem 2

On the basic term, the second problem that arises from the rules of Brexit has main issues on the price hike and the nature of the long finance gap between the areas of the U.K and the European Union organization. This has barred the process of entry of Pálinka in the U.K from the countries of Romania and Hungary.

2.2.1 Analysis

The analysis of the problem evaluates the organic work on financial commenting and price hike of the fruit liquor market has been a rise of a dependent crisis. It has been commenced that the liquor Pálinka does have no profit at that price range of 20%. It has controlled that the progress of market price gets on the higher range and value of more than the present price range (Welfens and Xiong, 2019). There's a high range developing condition of price ranging to the higher base. It is analyzed in the formation of price growth on a rapid method so; the fruit liquor is not as much endured by people for the price. The progress of pricing is evaluated through the object and thesis. The sustaining price on increasing does not support the profit of people which hence look forward to the downfall. The change in finance can change the public assurance on a production chain.

2.2.2 Evaluation

An increase in tariffs accompanying the UK’s exit from the European Union free trade area makes formal importation of pálinka much less commercially attractive. In the component of price rise, it also involves the secondary change in opposing the change in tariffs (Cohen and Lee, 2020). When the product is reliable in the market the problem for the change is the opposition of the supply.

In grading up the market supply has provided with the opposite terms of supply when the buyers have no sufficient. The range of products may be the commerce to different times which have been a production problem. The starting of Brexit can be the opposite direction of the quality price of the drink (Alexiou et al. 2021). The condition of forming the price beneath the production of the local commodity can supply profit.

On ranging the functions of the liquor in the market the production rises. The position of enlightening the competition of different making and providing in the market has evaluated it highly. The ages of the market stability of the country depend on the production cost (Boyd et al. 2021). Whereas, the growth ability starts on the different compost of pricing has different determination. The economic ground of the country has defined the nourishing progress on the supply chain and held up the problem facing the people. The control towards the price rise is defensible in cases of treating opponent's factors (Alexiou et al. 2021). The operation of staining the component of price criticism has also been a major problem.

2.2.3 Discussion

The issues of price ceiling can be solved by the multipurpose workings which can be involved in the processing of the quality production of developing market progress of the liquor product. It is the product managing price that depicts the ranges of quality market-ready. The product is formulated according to the proposed needs of the people of the U.K can be a big name in the future (Alaszewski, 2020). It may help the convention of pricing with detectable market production of similar prices of the beverages.

In the process of market price marketing methods, the pricing must be kept under-recognition of the common person by trying to bring the developing financr4 in the conservative clubs by bringing profit to their products (Kozma, et al. 2020). The evaluation price of distinct fruit liquor in the production of new cocktails cannot control the rise of price help in the multidimensional marketing of the product. In this way, the production of rock fruits and the development and distribution of Pálinka can contribute to the Hungarians and Romanians staying in the U.K.

The wage functional system of the country hence looked forward to the facing problems and its state profiting on the international market (Scheiring, and King, 2022). The regional edge of the surrounding price developed the more exercise of goods. The out business can be convenient on the huge price of a determining factor of changing quality.

The frequent change of price has emphasized good product that is not nourished by the loss of commodity. The change of developing price can reach the change on setting no variation in the product.

2.3 Problem 3

The next issue is that the market of fruit spirit is still underdeveloped in the U.K spirits market. It is because of this reason that most of the soft fruits produced near the Kent region of the U.K are used as animal fodder.

2.3.1 Analysis

The analysis of the problem can be diverted on the aspect that the underdevelopment of the fruit liquor market has been a result of precision and lack of marketing. It has been observed that the liquor Pálinka does have the potential to hold an emerging market (McCambridge et al. 2019). It has been observed that the spirit market of the U.K has a total valuation of more than 9.3 billion GBP. Amongst which the percentage contribution of the fruit liquor market is less than 10%. It is analyzed to be so because the strength of the fruit liquor is not as much as needed by the mass of people (Pham et al. 2021).

People are accustomed to hard liquors having proof of more than 40% alcohol. On the other hand, fruit liquors contribute to 20-25% of liquor proof. Another contributing factor is that the fruits contain a high percentage of sugar which cannot be totally fermented and there remains a fruity taste (Be?uš et al. 2021). Apart from that, the acidity of the fruits grown in the U.K is generally more than the one required making good quality liquor. It is evident that plum liquors do not contribute to every kind of liquor type and cannot be introduced in pre-affiliated cocktails.

2.3.2 Evaluation

The process of evaluation focuses on the fact that liquor production needs transmissible changes in order to make it acceptable for the people of the U.K. It is important to understand that the people of the U.K’s preference on the basis of alcohol are subjected to whisky, vodka, and gin. The introduction of a new category of liquor needs a new marketing structure. The producers need to develop a procedure to increase the alcohol content of the product. In the first step, it can be achieved by the process of multiple distillations of the fermented liquor. In the present condition pot still, the process is cost-effective and efficient in nature.

Secondly, it is important for the organization to study the composition of the liquid in order to eliminate the fruity note of the liquor. It can be done by the addition of possible antioxidants that are able to cut down the acidity of the liquor. The third process involves the marketing of the product. It can be done by enlisting the product in multiple hypermarkets (Mihalik, 2021). The most favorable technique is to develop kiosks that provide free sampling and free testing procedures along with gathering consumer feedback. This may help the improvement of the product identification and help in the rectification of products. This can lead to a drastic business change with curate efforts on a progressive point.

2.3.3 Discussion

The issue can be solved by the process of engraving marketing of the liquor product. It is also said that product identification and tasting are important to make the product market-ready. The product is formulated according to the proposed needs of the people of the U.K can be a big name in the future. It may help in revolutionizing the aspect of fruits used as fodder to be fermented for the production of popular alcoholic beverages (Kozma et al. 2020). Apart from uni-functional marketing methods, the entrepreneurs must also try co-operating bars and clubs that can promote their products. Introduction of the fruit liquor in the production of new cocktails can help in the multidimensional marketing of the product. In this way, the production of rock fruits and the development and distribution of Pálinka can contribute to the Hungarians and Romanians staying in the U.K. It will also contribute to the GDP of the nation by promoting trade and business.

3. Recommendation

It is highly recommended by the study of proofing the commercial goods available to the central opposition. The problem of rising ethical consideration takes back the indiscipline of the international marketplace. In order to sustain the problems it can evaluate the circle of working conditions and mark out the frequent ability to work. The solution to the problem is developed by the profiting of function growth (Sipka, et al. 2020). The condition to protect the commuting condition frequent methods is recommended in the string the position of custom secure. The commodity price hike can be lowered if there is sustainable growth in the country. On the lateral termination of the product, the utility can evaluate in surrendering a variety of positions in the frequent time. The drawback commodity of price rates on different positions of sustaining. The process of multiple communicating the distillations of the fermented liquor can be a most favorable technique and an inefficient growth provider (Török, 2020).

In the high recommendation, the quality terms can be a benefit in position to the local market place. If the product can be raised then the price high will not be so effective in the market place of the country. The common price of departments of the country can also evaluate the circumstances of different aspects. Gross profit and production are also measured by the supply chain of the country. The price and the pricing production of portions can be also evaluated when the product is saluted in the market. The commercial market comprises a different object in stating the defending of price.


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