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Growing Together: A Journey of Love and Learning

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Introduction of Kids Planet Day Nurseries 

A global initiative called Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd aims to make preschools accessible to families, just as primary education is. Priorities for access, availability, and funding sources vary between jurisdictions and advocates. The preschool system adheres to standards for managing structure, class size, student-teacher ratio, services, processes such as classroom environment standards, teacher-child interaction, etc., and alignments such as standards, curriculum, and assessment components. Different age groups have different curricula. For example, counting to ten usually begins around four years of age. The current exam demonstrates many administrative systems used in schools, including strategic issues, difficulties, answers, and applications. General concerns that a company or industry is one of the strategic issues. Difficulties refer to how the organization is affected by wider issues. The solution describes the steps the organization took to deal with the consequences of the problems it encountered. In contrast, implementation involves a strategy for putting responses into practice. The assessment however deals with the issues and also presents recommendations to develop the preschool system and functionaries by overcoming certain unwanted challenges(Fenmachi, 2022).

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2.0 Summary

The assignment shows that the nursery school authority must first meet strict licensing criteria before starting to care for a child. If these conditions are not met and the business license application is rejected, you will not be able to do business. The school authority must be aware of why it operates in this sector and assign itself a clearly defined function. If the school administration does not take this measure, it will not have a clear idea of how the nursery will be organized and, when hiring staff, it will not know which attributes will best complement the work that the staff envisions. In addition to trying to teach lessons and impart information, preschool instructors try to apply the school curriculum correctly while supervising many children at once. This often happens after a ton of paperwork. Due to the lack of technology, documentation requires human labor, which diverts the attention of the school administration and teachers from the students. This attention diversion results in a communication disruption between the nursery students and the teachers. The assignment has also described how to get in touch with the children in a friendly way so that the school does not face any challenges while incident reporting and ensuring health and safety. The assignment shows the importance of trust and communication among the children, teachers, and various other staff in the Kids Planet Nurseries while tracking behavioral learning(BAPPAH, 2022).

The term "nursery" is often used to refer to various early childhood care groups. Although there are differences between facilities in terms of the services they offer, all nurseries provide qualified and licensed care for children up to the age of five. A nursery school often referred to as a nursery school, pre-primary school, play school, or crèche, is an educational facility or learning environment that provides early childhood education to children before they start the compulsory primary school curriculum. A preschool consists of a handful of major characteristics, including a large play area—one of the most important elements, because a child needs enough space to play and be physically active—a child-friendly and comfortable environment, teacher-pupil ratio, real-time learning, high safety standards, and last but not least, good infrastructure. Safety and security are undoubtedly two very important aspects when choosing a nursery school. Children completely rely on the preschool to provide them with a safe and secure environment when there is no parental supervision. Kindergarten helps the child to be socially active, develops his communication and educational skills, and helps the child acquire basic discipline. In addition, the child learns new skills with routine and structure and also becomes "school ready."


4.1: Strategic Issues - general problems that confront society or the sector

Regulations for daycare must always be followed, both at the federal and state levels. By being licensed, a center demonstrates that it complies with the fundamental standards necessary to operate a childcare facility lawfully and safely. Any profitable childcare enterprise must start with this. Without the correct levels of the organization, maintaining all the required documentation, safety procedures, emergency protocols, and thorough records can become difficult. Daycare facilities must adhere to strict licensing regulations in every state. The company may suffer financial consequences if they are not followed. Depending on the offense, the business may potentially be shut down. The majority of states prohibit changing the demographic mix without a fresh license application from the business.

A daycare center takes a lot of paperwork to manage because so many different things need to be tracked and recorded. Teachers and staff always record everyday activities that call for a form, so not a minute goes by that they don't. It can take a long time to go through each form and conversation log (Webb & McQuaid, 2018). The last thing a professional wants to worry about is looking for the correct form within the filing cabinet if a situation arises when a child is in danger. However, it's frequently necessary to have the right paperwork on hand and to complete it as soon as possible to avoid liability concerns.

Revealing occurrences is a huge part of desk work. It is important to give the parent an occurrence report if a youth sneaks off the slide and strains their wrist. The time and date of the event, what happened, any side effects the youngster showed after the episode, and how the matter was taken care of locally are remembered for occurrence reports (or off-site, as in a clinic, for crises). Indeed, even inconsequential events like potty accidents, roughhousing with different children, or unusual ways of behaving should be reported. Legitimate gatekeepers should be educated regarding these episodes by the staff to save open correspondence that advances security and trust as well as to restrict possible responsibility.

While searching for the best childcare for their children, trust is one of the primary concerns guardians have. The inability to completely speak with a lawful gatekeeper is the most terrible thing a childcare supplier can do. Guardians are keen on the day's exercises, as well as any sure or negative encounters their youngsters might have had. Speedy data can calm guardians' interests, instead of radio-quiet, which makes them stress over their kids. At the point when get time shows up, straightforward staff individuals go through the whole day with countless children to ignore the minor minutes that stood apart for every youngster.

The essential concern is for children's security, well-being, and prosperity. Even though they are by and large safe spots, childcare focuses have found it very challenging to manage the Coronavirus danger over the last year, as it has for every other person (Jones et al., 2019). The prosperity of every youngster, parent, and staff part is vital with regards to working your childcare office again in a protected way. Everyone, including the guardians of different youngsters who join in, is at risk of assuming one of the kids is sick. To keep each youngster in a spotless and safe climate during Coronavirus, childcare offices wish to comply with CDC guidelines. This involves exhaustive cleaning, watching out for every youngster's temperature, and looking out for any potential infection side effects.

Staff individuals at childcare offices not just watch over and connect with the kids; they likewise have a critical impact in noticing and directing their formative advancement. Each lawfully working youngster care office evaluates the learning of the messes with its houses. How the youngster is satisfying formative prerequisites should be unveiled to the school and the kid's folks. If the singular directing the assessment isn't with the kid the entire day, it might require some investment, become intruded upon, or be ridiculous to offer every youngster the consideration and assessment they require.

4.2: Challenges - the impact of the general problems on the organisation

If Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd does not keep its classrooms neat and orderly, it may face licensure issues. They must guarantee that the restrooms and diapering stations are spotless and that there is enough room in their facility for storage, outside play, and the preparation of meals and snacks. Every piece of furniture needs to be scaled for the age group for which the organization has a license.

Paperwork is boring and takes up a lot of time, which prevents teachers or other staff members from spending quality time with the kids and forging deep relationships. The price is not even mentioned. A single absence due to illness can devastate the environment because Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd operates with a skeleton staff at all times (Spann et al., 2020). Because staff members are always understaffed, they are unable to spend time interacting with the organization's kids and forming strong bonds with them, leaving no time for practitioners to conduct observations, paperwork, or any other responsibilities related to the care of the kids.

Daycare providers are required to report any instances of child abuse, including abuse by parents or other legal guardians. This means that the daycare center is subject to criminal liability if any suspected instances of abuse are not reported to the appropriate authorities. Kids Planet takes great pride in its training academy, however, occasionally the management does not help the personnel in caring for the children. There is a safety issue; staff members are frequently left alone with up to 20 youngsters, which makes it difficult to manage so many kids at once. Management shows no concern when a safeguarding issue is brought up. Management never followed up on any of the typical stated safeguarding concerns.

The security of the children in the association's consideration should be confided in by the guardians. Associations like Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd, notwithstanding, can neglect to keep up with open lines of correspondence and to deal with the workers in a manner that can fashion areas of strength for families. A solitary occasion, for example, neglecting to distinguish a parent's kid when they show up unannounced, could cost the business a client. Most guardians are educated regarding the features and critical occasions of every day, except they are rarely educated regarding the kid's most imperative accomplishments. Even neglecting to illuminate families about a flare-up regarding lice or an infectious infirmity could make guardians can't help thinking about how genuinely Kids Planet takes their youngster's well-being and prosperity and what else it has forgotten to advise them regarding.

Youngsters younger than five much of the time convey infections, and they only occasionally cover their lips when they hack or wheeze. Subsequently, Kids Planet must have a proactive infectious illness strategy at the office. In addition to the fact that it is significant for the clients and the staff's well-being, it will likewise cause a fast loss of business if guardians begin to accept that the strategies don't decrease risk. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) expects that surfaces be cleaned consistently and that toys be disinfected consistently or in the wake of coming into contact with a youngster's mouth. Kids Planet needs to ensure that they have an adequate number of laborers to satisfy or outperform this norm. They ought to have a reasonably wiped-out kid strategy that subtleties when children should remain at home as well as having a spotless climate (Vygotsky, 2019). The technique for separating a youngster who becomes sick while under the watchful eye of Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. ought to be made unequivocal.

On the night before an open day, it's ordinary at Kids Planet to see the children clustered over the PC watching a film while the staff is hurrying around setting up the room with exercises that are most certainly not for the children to appreciate. Anticipate that your administrator should need class and have little initiative capacities since apparently the business strategy is to recruit Nursery Managers with no related knowledge. They can set up for toys yet All of the toys they choose to purchase should be painstakingly thought out. They ought to consider the instructive worth of the items they pick as well as their straightforwardness of cleaning, notwithstanding security and age-fittingness.

4.3: Solutions - an organisation level solution to the impacts of these challenges

It has to be made sure that proper tracking is in place at Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. They must always stay abreast of license renewal deadlines, renewal dates, and new regulations. It is customary to conduct checks, which helps avoid any record-keeping problems in the future. They should think about using a technology approach to assist, especially to keep data and track legal documents that they don't use frequently.

Maintaining all paperwork on hand and prepared is a no-brainer whether it is for a child check-in, an inventory of the supplies, to record an accident, or to complete a behavioral slip. To make it more convenient for each employee, think about replacing paper forms with digital ones. In addition to making life easier for parents, this can prevent hours per week spent printing and scouring physical copies in a folder. For the children to be taken care of, the childcare centers must have a large staff. They must be present at all times the center is open and must meet the necessary educational qualifications.

All frequencies might be recorded carefully by Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. To build the security of the nurseries, they can ponder introducing cameras. Programming is trusted by staff individuals as well as by guardians since it has all the desk work recorded and accessible inside it. Moreover, it gives speedy admittance to episode narratives for any events requiring a report. To avoid any amazement during the unsavory occasion, they should ensure that the families are all mindful of the circumstance. The association should be prepared to deal with on-location mishaps notwithstanding incidents that happen beyond the consideration office. Most states require Kids Planet to completely report every event to authorize specialists and protection suppliers.

These days, guardians can get ongoing updates about the thing their kid is doing over the day because of innovation. Guardians can see photographs and text refreshes from their youngsters utilizing applications like Everyday Interface, which remembers data for what their kids had for lunch and photos of their special projects (G?ogosz, 2021). This improves guardians' days, works on their relationship with the organization, and adds to the advancement of solid staff-parent connections. To be transparent with families regarding disturbances and upsetting circumstances, the head of Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd should be completely mindful of what's going on in each class. The strength of the kid is significant regardless of whether there is a pandemic (Blum & Dobroti?, 2021). It has never been less difficult to monitor one's well-being markers. Guardians and educators can screen their youngsters' status utilizing specific applications' elements, giving them inner serenity that the site is capable and secure. Taking on a standard against running inside. keeping kids from utilizing instruments or gadgets without a grown-up present. imparting in kids the appropriate ways of taking care of apparatuses like seats or scissors. To guarantee that any positions that require bowing and lifting are accurately arranged, executed, and taken care of with due care and thoughtfulness regarding back and body act, staff individuals ought to likewise be prepared in safe manual taking care of methods and the related dangers.

There are numerous phenomenal formative benefits of picking fabric toys. Likewise, It is a tremendous improvement to utilize progress global positioning frameworks that contain arrangements of long-haul information accumulated over time. A youngster's advancement toward significant formative achievements can be followed over the long haul with the utilization of mechanized reports, which can likewise keep everybody informed. It's essential to remember that many states and countries each have their remarkable instructive systems and norms. Educators may effortlessly screen their understudies' advancement comparable to the relevant learning structures in their space thanks to the huge assortment of gaining systems from across the world that Day to day Associate has implicit.

4.4. Implementation – a plan to put a solution into practice

Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd must design a proper strategic framework to implement proper problem-solving measures to implement policies and put them into practice. The school is to implement a School Improvement Plan. Differences in the specifications of a school improvement plan or SIP between states do not change the fact that its main purpose is to record goals, action plans, and methods designed to raise the level of children's education. The goals of school improvement plans are often aligned with national assessment results. The effectiveness of school reform strategies is questioned by many educators. According to the survey, only 44% of teachers and 67% of principals think that school development programs are changing the way instructors teach. According to 62% of teachers and 81% of principals, school development plans are expected to strengthen schools over five years.

The decision-making team should be trained and introduced into the school's administrative system, which will help the school to be more effective in problem-solving skills, and handling any type of crisis, and most importantly, the school can increase its strength and talent to help children. with more opportunities for children to cope with the pace of modern education and disciplinary behavior. Teachers should be more likely to think that their school improvement plan is effective if they have more knowledge about it. According to the studies, there was a big difference in how teachers perceived school development plans depending on whether or not they were familiar with the key components of the plan(Ngobi et al., 2022).

Troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming. The instructors of Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. can learn how to proceed systematically and be patient and persistent with the example of a practical problem-solving model. Woods' model can help Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. be more effective by focusing on problem definition, thinking about the problem, planning a solution, implementing the plan, and evaluating the entire process. In the case of Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd., authorities should focus on implementing a problem-solving strategy along with the welfare of children, because kindergarten is where a child begins his or her learning phase. As a result of widespread recognition of the value of early childhood education, both the federal government and local governments occasionally provide financial support to institutions. However, the difficulty of grasping what is happening right in front of them overwhelms most 5-year-olds. Too much fantastic content confuses them. Teachers will accept any dream that students submit but only do so when the students are ready(Yuan, 2022).


Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd is an establishment that has built itself up to provide an opportunity for child care and also as a child development and skill enhancement institution. Like other institutions, daycare centers face several strategic difficulties, such as licensing issues, as each state has specific licensing requirements for childcare facilities. If they are not followed, the organization may face financial consequences. The company may be closed depending on the violation. Most states prohibit changing the demographic mix without a business applying for a new license. The next strategic challenge that the nursery has faced is uncountable paperwork due to the unavailability of technological speedy advancement. This results in a crack in relations between the teachers and students. On the other hand, because there are so many different things to track and record, childcare facilities require a lot of paperwork to run well. Teachers or staff rarely fail to note routine tasks that require a form. It may take some time to review each form and communication protocol. If a child-at-risk scenario occurs, the last thing a professional wants to worry about is searching for the right form in the filing cabinet. To avoid liability issues, it is important to have the relevant documentation available often and to complete it as quickly as possible. Parents will only agree to send their child to a nursery school when they are well informed regarding the health security and child safety notions the school initiates. This is because the parents as well as their children will completely rely on the school and its authority when they are linked with the school. Each child in the crèche has a personal carer who attends to their specific needs, especially if the child is extremely young. The child is fed and put to sleep according to his nap time and participates in activities such as building blocks or music, depending on age and interests. In this way, a preschool teacher can track the behavioral learning of the child. There is a broad agreement that kindergartens and kindergartens are crucial stages in a child's education. However, the goals and teaching strategies used in preschool education vary from country to country. Children's health is a priority for the children of Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. A thorough physical examination before starting school and ongoing health monitoring are features of good programs. Depending on the needs of each child, they try to balance rest, quiet activities, and active physical exercise(Jozwiak, 2022).

6.0 Recommendations

The researcher has presented a handful of major recommendations for Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd., which can be used by the school to overcome any possible unwanted challenges and also to establish itself as one of the best preschools for children.

Based on the license issued, daycare facilities must adhere to strict licensing regulations in every state. The company may suffer financial consequences if they are not followed. Depending on the offense, the business may potentially be shut down. The majority of states prohibit changing the demographic mix without a fresh license application from the business. Preschool education often focuses on preparing children to become contributing members of society in socialist countries, but in individualistic countries such as the United States, the individual potential is usually emphasized in a competitive environment. Regardless of the driving force, it has been shown that even very young children are capable of learning in the classroom beyond the broad knowledge gained by satisfying their insatiable curiosity. So it is important for the school to always focus on the laws of the country, laws of education, and the laws of the state or locality where it has established itself to get along with society(Touckly, 2022).

Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd. must introduce technologically advanced database computers and other machines so that they do not have to waste crucial time on paperwork instead of caring for the children. The enhanced skills of the administrative team of the school in Microsoft can help them do tons of paperwork faster, which can bring in speedy development for the school itself. Technological development can help school teachers do their job easily while spending more time with children with advanced ways of learning. Moreover, for children who are too young to enroll in kindergarten or first grade at a public school, kindergarten offers structured play programs and basic instruction. These schools were created and are operated by religious organizations, research facilities, child welfare organizations, and some school districts. This factor brings the strategic functions of the school into the spotlight. A proper decision-making team and strategic management can help a nursery school get into a good position regarding childcare development while earning profit from the competitive market(Hussein et al., 2022).

To enhance its business Kids Planet Day Nurseries Ltd needs to emphasize the child facilities they provide. They need to be keen and observant regarding the health, safety, and behavioral learning of the children. This is because a nursery school will only be highlighted in the locality if it demonstrates the utmost care to its children without fail.

Lastly, proper and strategic training of the nursery teacher is regarded as the most significant factor for a nursery school because a nursery school is about taking care of little children who rely on the elderly in every part of their lives. So it is important to enhance the skills and techniques of every employee in the nursery school, including the administrative staff, teachers, and other employees of the school who will always be active and keen regarding their job roles(Lawton, 2021).


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