Leadership In A Multicultural Team

Fostering Inclusion: Building a Unified Team Culture

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Chapter 1: Introduction of Globalization has been encompassing every part of the world

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1.1 Background

Globalization has been encompassing every part of the world, and every sector has adopted it, which has helped them expand their business. Organizations such as MacDonald's hire people from various cultures to expand the business and run it effectively. The benefits that have been observed are that there has been an increase in the sake of the product. Despite providing standardized customer service, various challenges are associated with the multicultural team. Thus, effective strategies must be taken by leadership that will help them to manage the multicultural team efficiently. It is important to take necessary steps, such as addressing the issues faced by the employees (SZYDLO et al., 2022).

Along with providing a resolution that will be satisfactory for the employees. Effective Strategies will help make the entire process much smoother for the employees. The management of MacDonald's will be able to expand and run the business smoothly.

1.2 Rationale

Leadership is one of the vital elements in managing and handling a team in a particular organization. However, there are researches that have not entirely discussed different types of leadership that can be implemented in a multicultural environment. Therefore, the purpose of the research is to illustrate different leadership skills and behavior that are vital for managing a multicultural team. On the other hand, multi-cultural teams also consist of conflicts that are not discussed in most of the research. This is one of the reasons for performing the research. Different conflict issues and management styles through aligning leadership skills and principles will be discussed in the research.

1.3 Research Problems

The issues that are expected to be faced are various strategies that a leader applies while working in an organization. There will be a difference while dealing with a heterogeneous team and a multicultural team. There must be different strategies that are required to be adopted by the leadership while resolving the issues and providing the necessary solutions that are required. Initially, it is expected that various issues are expected to arise while dealing with a team that has people from different cultures. Thus, challenges will be present, and leaders might initially feel tough while dealing with the situation (Schweimler, 2022). Various methods and strategies require to be implemented, which will help in resolving various issues. The leadership must identify the challenges, which will; help provide a required measurement in resolving various issues. Moreover, there are various ways different team reacts or work, thus, explaining them to work under a common method might pose a serious challenge.

1.4 Aims and Objectives

The paper aims to identify the leadership skills that are effective on the multicultural team in MacDonald globally.


  • To study the possible benefits that the outlets of McDonald have due to multicultural team
  • To analyze the importance of having a multicultural team at McDonald
  • To research the issues that might be emerged from the leadership while handling multicultural teams
  • To understand and present the strategies in a way that will help in redressing the difficulties faced by leadership in the organization

1.5 Research question

  • What are the possible benefits McDonalkd's possess with having a multicultural team?
  • What is the significance of a multicultural team in the organization?
  • What are the emerging issues of leadership while handling a multicultural team?
  • What are the different strategies that help in mitigating the issues faced by leaders in McDonald's?

Chapter 2:Literature Review

2.1. Effective leadership in a multicultural organization

Multicultural leadership must be followed to help manage the team with people of diverse cultures. The entire process that requires to be followed by the leadership is important rather than focusing on the endpoint. Various skills are required to be an effective leader in a multicultural organization, such as the leaders required to have a quality that must be value driven. The leaders must instill confidence among the employees, who will be motivated to perform in the organization. Importantly, employees must be required to be adaptive to the organizational culture along with the other employees. Important factors such as the leaders must be knowledgeable and aware of the various factors of various cultures that will help them communicate well with the team members. Thus, communication is the best way to interact with the team members, making the work much easier for the leaders (Gren and Ralph, 2022). The important factor required to be present leaders while dealing with multicultural teams is required to have patience and open-mindedness. Leaders must be patient while addressing any demographic differences and developing rapport.

The reason that has been studied behind the leaders requires developing and embracing multicultural factors existing in the organization. These leaders' gestures help the employees remain loyal, which helps in their unique contribution to the organization. Fostering a diverse culture among the employees is an important factor that needs to be developed by the leaders that will help them to motivate the employees which will not only improve the performance of the organization. It will help develop the mutual harmony required among the employees of various cultures in the organization. The best way to help leaders be effective in their workplace is to understand cultural stereotypes(Rodríguez-Rivero et al. , 2022). This will help them to address any issues pretty effectively in the organization. The leaders must be aware of the power gap management and, accordingly power required to be applied. Communication must be done more smoothly, which will help resolve the issues that the team members are facing. Thus, the team is expected to perform as per the management's expectations.

2.2 Leadership skills required in a multicultural organization

Leadership skills are required to overcome the cultural barriers present within the employees in the organization, which will help the leaders improve the employees' performance. This value-driven leadership style is known to help the employees with the values that the organization follows. Moreover, the employees must be aware of the values that embrace the organization. Thus, following the values will not only provide a positive response in the organization. It will also help achieve the mutual harmony that must be present among every employee in the organization. The leadership style requires to be adaptive; the leaders must know to take up the challenges within the organization. Thus, the issues that are faced by the employees while interacting or communicating with each other will be resolved (Engelsberger et al. , 2021). There must be a mutual respect that must be present within the team, which will help the team coordinate with each other smoothly. Social leadership remains one of the most important forms of leadership that must be followed while interacting with a multicultural team. It is a new form of leadership that focuses on empathizing with teammates if they face any issues. This leadership believes in collaboration among the team members which will help get better output in the organization. Communication requires to be given more stress which will help in reducing the number of issues that are being faced by employees who are from different cultures.

The leaders will face various challenges while dealing with employees from various backgrounds. It has been observed that the leadership requires to be pretty open to various challenges that might arise while taking any issues. Thus, they have to be rigid or firm in their own decisions. The leaders must be smart enough and know how to work amidst all the negativity in the organization. Thus, abiding by negative discussions must always be a top priority of the employees in the organizations. Whenever there is an issue, the issue must be addressed with utmost seriousness, which will help resolve other pending issues within the team. Moreover, the leaders require to be keen observers where. They must keep a watch on how the employees are behaving with each other.

2.3 Challenges to manage employees in a multicultural organization

The major challenges that are expected to be faced by leaders while dealing with employees from various backgrounds are that there may be major issues that might arise due to language. The language barrier happens to be pretty serious at certain points. Thus, leaders are required to deal with these situations in a very serious manner that won't hurt the sentiment of any individual. Direct communication versus indirect communication might harm the performance of the employees. Thus, there must be direct communication that must be encouraged by the top leadership to help resolve the issues. Major issues that have been observed are that when the leaders communicate with employees from different cultures, they have trouble understanding the accent in which it is being told. Thus, the leaders must arrange for the translator who will help translate the entire facts and figures associated with it. Language has been observed to be posing a major challenge within the organization (Kharroubi, 2021). Thus, major issues are caused within the organization when there is a difference observed in the communication style.

Different approaches have been observed regarding hierarchy and authority. Various cultures have different ways of addressing their authorities or maintaining the hierarchy. Thus there is a severe chance that challenges might be faced in such cases. Thus, the leaders must train the employees in that one common way of maintaining the hierarchy required in the organization. The benefits and challenges associated with following the common style must be installed and well explained. Thus, it will be easy for the employees to follow the required factors while maintaining the hierarchy. Conflicts have been observed when there is a decision taking in the organization. Various cultures have different ways of approaching various issues. Thus, it has been observed that while a single decision takes place, a series of conflicts occurs. The leadership must control the situation and ask the employees if there will be a single way that requires it to be followed by the entire team while there is a decision-making situation that is taking place. Moreover, the benefit of taking a decision unanimously must be delivered to them that will motivate the employees.

2.4. Importance of multicultural team in an organization

Several factors have been contributing that make the multicultural team an important part of the organization such as there is the creativity of the organization. When there is a team of employees coming from various cultures, then there are dashes of creativity that helps the organization in performing above the par level. There are various ways that are being found that help in making the work much more interesting. Thus, when people from various cultures work together, there are various solutions that are observed in a single problem. Thus, the leadership might find it pretty smooth while dealing with the problems. There is a sense of open-mindedness that has been observed among the people working together with the multicultural crowd. It has been observed that people have the tendency to accept challenges and provide the proper feedback that is required for that job. Thus, challenges are being mitigated with an immediate effect. At the same time, there are no hard feelings that have been absurd among the members of the organization. Thus, various issues are mitigated through open discussion, which provides a series of options to resolve any particular issues that have been bothering the entire team.

There is an integration that has been observed in the team of multi-cultures where there are promotions of various cultures that are present within the organization (Shankar, 2021). Thus, there is mutual respect has been observed among the employees, which helped them to coordinate with their teams in a respectable manner. Thus, there is a positive outcome has been observed when there are groups of multicultural people working together as a team. The employees learn to respect each other through the series of activities that they are involved in. Thus, there is a positive outcome of the culture that has been observed in the organization. There is a sense of tolerance and open-mindedness that has been observed among the employees while they are working with people coming from various cultures. They tolerate each other for this kind of discussion. Conflicts do take place that is being eradicated in other ways. Moreover, there is a sense of respect that is working behind every person who is working with the multicultural team. Thus, there are various positive effects have been observed when there is a presence of multicultural groups in the organization.

Chapter 3:Methodology

3.1 Research philosophy

The Saunders Onion model will be employed by the researcher to carry out the research's methodological portion. The researcher will execute the research using a variety of factors, including “research philosophy”, “design, approach”, and “strategy”. The researcher's research philosophy will be interpretivism (Mohajan, 2018). This philosophy will aid the researcher in understanding the fundamental components of the study as well as the environment and surroundings. The researcher will be better able to comprehend the underlying aspect and the elements that influence people's perspectives on leadership in a multicultural environment. OPn the other hand, the interpretivism philosophy will help in understanding the views of employees of McDonald's and the leadership process that are being implemented in the organization.

3.2 Research Approach

The research approaches are known as the procedures that are being used by the researchers while collecting or gathering data. There are various methods that are required to be followed by the researchers, such as qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. There are two approaches such as deductive and inductive approaches. It is proposed that an inductive research approach requires to be followed that will help in greeting from normal observation to detailing approaches. Thus, there must be detailed analysis must be done that will help in making the right decisions regarding the factors that require to be analyzed (Eger and Hjerm, 2022). Thus, it is important that inductive research be followed that will help in getting a depth analysis of various factors that require to be present within the organization. Hence, it is important that researchers require it to be done with the help of getting or collecting the right data from the multicultural organization.

3.3 Research Design

Research design is known as the logical way through which the information requires to be collected in logical and coherent ways. There are various research designs that are being used by the researchers. The researcher is being proposed to use a descriptive research design that helps in gathering the information systematically. The information that will be gathered by the researcher needs to be collected in a way that will help in getting the inner features of the challenges that are being faced by the leadership while dealing with the multicultural group (Kosie and Lew?Williams, 2022). There are various methods that help in researching various variables that are associated.

3.4 Data collection

There are two data collection methods that are generally used in the research that helps in providing the required results. The researcher is proposed to use a secondary qualitative way that will help in providing the data that is required to understand the challenges faced by the leadership while dealing with the multicultural team in an organization. The data that will be collected through secondary sources are authenticated journals, websites, and various e-books, which will help in providing the challenges faced by the leadership and the necessary actions that are being taken. On the contrary, it is not possible to get real-time data that will be collected through primary data collection on this topic.

3.5 Limitations

Various limitations have been observed while the researchers are collecting information from trustworthy sources. The researchers have to depend on journals, websites, and books for information on the challenges that are faced by the leadership. The interviews with the manager could have given a much clearer view. Moreover, without any consent, no materials required in the research can be accessed, which will breach the policies. Moreover, journals that are verified and published on and after 2018 can be used only in the research as they are only authentic and have all the updated information in them.

Chapter 4:Findings & discussion

The research will help in identifying the issues and problems that are faced by McDonald's in handling and managing multicultural teams. An effective method for qualitative investigation is narrative examination. The use of narrative investigation can disclose activities, feelings, and purposes that are not vocally conveyed. Additionally, it will offer an affluence of philological evidence that might brighten frequent sides of social or communal occurrences. The researcher will be able to obtain accurate evidence about multicultural teams and the issues faced by McDonald's in handling multicultural teams using narrative examination that is not conceivable through other means. In qualitative research, narrative examination will expose fundamental instincts that are problematic to clearly detect. This is especially true when a investigator is studying a specific philosophy and has to peel back its many layers.

After the accounts have been gathered, the researcher will examine and evaluate the material to identify patterns and themes. The individual will take note of them, compare them to other studies on the topic, determine how everything fits together, and then come up with a theory that can account for these results. This will help the researcher in gaining additional information about the multicultural team structure of the organization and the strategies used by the organization in handling different teams in the corporation.

Numerous social scientists have found that story research is a useful technique for dissecting their ideas and beliefs. The fundamental reason for this is that narrative analysis is a more full and comprehensive process. It aids scholars in not just developing a deeper comprehension of their subject but also in understanding why individuals behave in certain ways. With in depth comprehension the possible mitigating strategies will also be identified for the present research. The researcher will be able to identify the importance and significance of having a multicultural team in the organization. Multicultural team will be able to depict different ideas and opinions as a multicultural team consists of employees from different cultures and locations. The importance of a multicultural team will help the researcher to identify strategies that are used by the organization in handling and training employees on cultural diversity.

Leadership is one of the vital elements of multicultural teams. McDonald's employees support cultural diversity which can be identified with the help of narrative analysis in the present research. The researcher will be able to investigate the cases and the issues that have emerged due to diversity in the organization. Role of leadership in handling cultural diversity and managing multicultural teams in the organization will also be identified with the help of narrative analysis. On the other hand, gathering secondary data and information will also help the researcher in focusing on vast knowledge which may result in the emergence of additional and vital information that will be an added advantage for the research.

Distinct types of leadership skills, attitude and behavior that are practiced in the organization will be extracted in the research. With the illustration of the leadership process the researcher will be able to demonstrate the ideas and concepts of leadership to the readers and audiences.


Different leadership has different impacts on the employees. In the present times, democratic leadership is one of the leadership styles that are practiced in the majority of organizations. This has led to minimal research on other leadership styles such as autocratic leadership which is considered to be used on a fear basis in a particular organization. Because of the authoritarian management style used in McDonald's eateries, staff employees are not involved in judgment-making. It is also true that employees and workers recommendations are usually not acknowledged since they are unproven. The employees are new and work in these eateries throughout the summer, thus they are unable to deliver the front-runner with suggestions. If team associates receive quick sum of their salary and other inducements like lunch and transport, they will be youthful and interested. Despite the crew's autocratic management, this inspires them to work hard. This is one of the pieces of evidence that will be illustrated by the researcher that despite autocratic leadership employees motivate themselves to contribute their efforts towards the organization. This is one of the statements that will be broadly discussed in the research.

On the other hand, the researcher will be able to discuss persuasive leadership and democratic leadership and compare the two leadership with the autocratic leadership. Democratic and persuasive leadership styles do not match the goals and objectives of the organization. This is another point of discussion that will be illustrated by the researcher. At McDonald's, team members' eagerness to contribute as individuals rather than as a group is what drives them to work hard. McDonald's might adjust its organization method, but it is alarmed that the squads may reply destructively and request greater autonomy. McDonald's cannot afford to authorize its staffs or advance them into self-starters. McDonald's is a prime example of globalization, which inspires adjustment. All McDonald's positions teach their team front-runners to signify senior administration's perspective. Therefore, in this global food chain, authoritarian leadership will be the only one to succeed. Transformation in the change management process of McDonald's may result in several changes in handling and managing multicultural teams which will be illustrated briefly in the research.

The experiences and opinions of individuals at different levels will be one of the findings of the research through which the researcher will be able to present the impacts and issues of different leadership styl;es in the business. On the other hand, the roles and duties of the senior management will also act as an evidence for the findings of this research. The senior management is also responsible for the regulation of policies and allocating leaders to different teams in the organizations. Interpretivism philosophy will help the researcher in identifying the views and opinions of the leaders in managing multicultural teams in the organization.

It is suggested that administrative philosophies that value collaboration would prevent oppressive management styles from thriving. However, McDonald's staffs at thousands of sites across the world appear to have comprised being given instructions, and the business seems to flourish on autocracy. Under this management method, the squads have prospered and shown commitment. At McDonald's, authoritarian squad management survives despite not fully applying the strengths and services of available human capitals, generating more revenue for the corporate conglomerate and increasing consumer pleasure. Hence the researcher will be able to discuss the key element of authoritarian leadership in business that helps the organization in gaining success.

Squad front-runners at McDonald's eateries may have better impact over staffs because of the incomplete range of accountability. Team associates are gratified since they are a part of a large international firm with a strong standing, a great image, and strong product fairness, despite being disgruntled by their low self-admiration. The sole solace for squad memberships is their reimbursement and benefits, as well as the salutation and gratitude of their coworkers, assistants, managers, and happy customers. The role of the team leaders of the precise organization will be discussed in the research. The researcher will be able to illustrate the roles and responsibilities of the team leaders in the organization. The opinion of team leaders about the challenges that are faced by them will also be illustrated in the research.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Leadership leads to the success and disruption of a team depending upon its types. However, several leadership that included dominating behavior and attitude also resulted in a positive impact on business. It can be concluded that McDonald has been able to gain success with the help of autocratic leadership which will be reflected in the research. It has been found that the researcher will be using Saunders Onion Model to concur the methodology section of the research. It has also been found that the research will be able to demonstrate the issues and challenges faced by the leaders in McDonald's and the strategies to overcome the issues will also be illustrated in the research. On the other hand, additional information regarding different leadership styles will be presented in the research in comparison to the leadership styles used by McDonald's


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