Management Information Systems Assignment Sample

Analysis of E-commerce, Internet Technology & Social Media Impact on Traditional Business Models, Along with Strategies for Effective Management of Global Information Systems.

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Introduction of Management Information Systems Assignment

The report will discuss management information systems along with their significance, roles, and need in GoGlobal Limited which is a software company. The report will also highlight the impact of e-commerce, internet technology, and social media on traditional business models. The report provides significance of information systems in decision-making within an organization with the help of the 3 task carried out in this assignment (Meeßen, et. al. 2019). A management information system is a huge phase applied and used for 3 resources such as information, people, and technology. These resources are mandatory for the effective management of resources and are formed inside and outside of business out of these main concerns given to the people. It is a computer-based system that gives data for making decisions on organizing, planning, and controlling the procedure of the firm (Martins, et. al. 2019). MIS also controls the growth and creation of decreased operation cost, records, improve competence and efficiency, maintain fundamental information, sustain improved management decision-making, and many other terms.

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Task 1- Report

Information systems are used in different organizations

The business custom report is programmed on the foundation of identical interval and demonstrates some function which enlarges in a rising system that can be used by a company’s supervisor and their main responsibility is to check all associated systems in the network of management information system. MIS is the understanding of people, technology, organization, and the building of relations among them. Management information system specialist assists firm in taking utmost reimbursement from the investment being accepted out on employees, business measures, and techniques. It is group oriented where all operations and functions should be taken on by people (Zhang, et. al. 2021).

Role of technology and information system in transforming organizations

The management information system is the procedure database of efficient information managed and financial data. This will also help in performing detailed plans in that style which can assist in constructing daily reports by working on each organization's activity of an organization. This information system can be used by the company for achieving significant information in the structure of reports from the system in a suitable manner. All along with this the major motive of management information systems is to offer a company's manager view concerning an organization's performance, also superior authority can monitor and control the whole organization at the international level (Shniekat, et. al. 2021

Role of information systems in global e-business

The e-business needs to expand and make a suitable strategy with the help of information systems inappropriate manner (KARADEM?R, 2019). The firm implementing different business strategies will help the company an efficient information system within an organization. There are various roles of information system in building successful business strategy that is explained below:

  • Information analysis and storage: various organizations handle the information and data in the structure of hardcopy format. This will play a major role in raising policies and strategies for the firm which will help them to conveniently run whole business operations in enhanced ways.
  • Helps in mounting decisions: The firm mainly depends upon the correctness of its strategic plans. Organization team is using information systems for constructing develops and planning appropriate decisions for an organization
  • Help out with business processes: it helps companies make a huge range of value-added classifications within an organization (Tallon, al. 2019).

The role of information systems in developing organisational strategy

Information system helps out the company for making sufficient use of information and data reduce work strain, and helps in the fulfillment of diverse obligatory regulations and rules.

  • Business processes: The case company needs to adopt such an information system that will identify business measures and reduce necessary issues in current business functions and activities in an appropriate manner. In adding up to this, information systems control employees' procedures and ensure that users with applicable rights can carry out various tasks.
  • Information analysis and storage: By the use of a management information system, the company can make use of a wide-ranging database that can merge with all conceivable pieces of data and information concerning an organization. Such systems are completely incorporated with information and data from diverse methods whether it is external or internal of the company.
  • Effective decision making: With this, companies adopting information systems for assessing successful information with all major sources involve information from an external reference like Bloomberg, or Reuters which will help in providing precise information in the wider economy.

Information systems contribution to achieving competitive advantage

Information systems assist firms in competing with other competitors by sustaining differentiating products, low costs, and services, focusing on niche markets, corroborating ties with suppliers and customers, and increasing market entry to be highly competitive. These rivalries are in global areas and not just within the industry. There are also plans in challenging worldwide businesses such as multinational and domestic exporters' strategies. These strategies incorporate product excellence and design to distinguish them from other products. GoGlobal limited is the application software company that allows users to admittance and run Windows, Linux, and UNIX technology inaugurated on the key server.

Consider the challenges for developing global information systems

The globe operates on abundant information systems which are developing rapidly and their functionality of it is escalating. The information system is becoming an obligation and not a choice in today's innovative and high-tech market, so companies need to implement MIS in their business activities. In recent times an electronic system which is the internet allows companies to access a huge quantity of information foundations. This indicate each and companies can store in sequence and data with no trouble if they have internet access. Every huge company internationally that relies on e-commerce has been globalized throughout the internet. The utilization of management information technology offers hold up to company procedures that permit operations like business-to-customer and business-to-business transactions to be more convenient.

  • Cultural challenge: information system is conflicted globally by the cultural difference in different other areas and countries of the globe. Each country in the globe has its own culture and tradition that may be different from another country.
  • Language challenge: it is a big issue while the transformation of data and information in other language which cause a difficult procedure of translating the specific meaning of the information from one language to a different one.
  • Confront of time and distance: Period differentiation is very challenging for people to correspond with each others that reside in diverse parts of the planet. The commodities may have a release time of existence, weeks, or months to be different from other country.

Reconsider the relationship between organization strategy, information systems, and e-strategy

An information system offers a procedure to record available information, relating to part of the company, to help business connected activities which are more than computers. Efficient use of information systems necessitates a systematic acceptance of the business, its information technology, and the management it implies. An information system is a blend of software, hardware, infrastructure, and skilled workers structured to make easy control, planning, coordination, and decision-making within an organization (Ritter and Pedersen, 2020). The major 3 activities in IT include input, processing, and output that provide the data or information which is required to make appropriate decision making, control operations, analyze problems, and launch new products. Input brings together the raw data from various sources, which is manifested into sense form by the processor, and output transfers the process information to the appropriate individual. Organizational strategy is an apparent definition of how the company requires changing the information over time to deliver the plan of the venture. This requires both thoughts and examination to evaluate the current situation to the required condition and describe the break, and the implementation capability to make the necessary changes occur.

Consider the impact of social media and internet technology on traditional business models

Social media and the internet have a significant impact on all areas including corporate, personal, and companies. In recent times, the personality of the business segment is changing quickly. Digitization and globalization have to uprise big business practices. This modification is obvious in all types of business undertakings from a small extent to large extent. The role of social media and the internet is measured as a critical aspect in today’s international business surroundings. Therefore, business projects are trying to stay updated with the current situation. The study analyzes dissimilar business models on social media platforms that are used by small start-ups, entrepreneurs, and recognized companies to arrive at a wide audience throughout the most dynamic and innovative channel. The theme that appears from the fiction and research can effort as a strategy on how some of the traditional business models can be engaged for doing trade on social media with some new embellishments bearing in mind the interactive personality of digital platforms. In today’s unstable situation business models are continually evolving in the rapidity of modification is speeded up as new technologies are developing (Howell, et. al. 2018). This brings about new consumer behaviour, the younger generation, and technological developments, especially social media techniques and tools with a wonderful impact on the development of business models. Social media apps or platforms and internet technology is creating business models more scalable and flexible. The difference in the economy of scale is not as wider anymore which is completely certified for more market companies to come in the varied industries. But with e-strategy and advanced technology small businesses can contend superior with better players. A small start-up business can get easy admittance to possessions that use to be obtainable only to large businesses.

Task 2: Queries from SMT

Query 1

E-strategy is the requirement of the company's for the use of internet which grades in a business advantage with higher condensed costs, revenues, and reaching an underserved market. Internet includes all application and technology which is enabled through the internet. E-Strategy is a procedure to produce a company’s business model. E-strategy allows for conversation to take place quickly and helps in fast decision-making which saves a lot of time in business. This is recommended to allow owners to grip their authority in a way that they have not been able to before (Bryson, 2018). Therefore, it is suggested to use the data that can be accessed to make an agreeable understanding overall for both the business as well as customers.

Query 2

For the improved indulgent of applications and social media and their impact on changes to management information systems it is suggested to use the Social media apps and platforms, as they have a great impact on management information systems for the reason that they allow trouble-free assembling of information and provide a relationship between text, images, and videos. Social media and applications are virtually varying the way to communicate and have changed the information technology of the company outside and within the company limits. It has been essential to human resource management and finance and also for the peer to peer marketing, consideration of consumer preferences, and demand forecast. The MIS is a significant function in an association as it gathers and develops many data and information applicable to a business (Ahmad, 2022). It has also achieved immense height due to numerous social media platforms and apps.

Query 3

Big data is the top frontier of today's information technology growth and development. Internet technology and the rapid growth and development of mobile communication systems have generated big data trouble and have shaped problems of structure, speed, security privacy, volume, cost, value, and interoperability. Organizations fail in their big data proposals due to inadequate sympathy (Mikalef, et. al. 2020). Workers may not be acquainted with what information is, it is processing, storage, significance, and source. The quantity of data being stored in data centres and databases of firms is rising speedily. As these data set raise exponentially over a point in time, it gets tremendously complicated to handle.

Query 4

An examination of the relationship between decision-making and information systems

Management information systems can assist the case company to make applicable decisions by providing precise and advanced data or information and performing investigative functions. The company has to ensure that the MIS that they prefer can work with the data formats available in the company and has the description it needs (Chuang and Huang, 2018). Appropriate management information systems can construct the essential data obtainable from the company’s operations and record it into information to present direction for decisions.

An evaluation of how information systems can advance organizational performance

A management information system (MIS) provides higher accessibility of data, this means reducing insecurity and allowing the manager to create improved ratio superiority decisions based on perceptive data. In adding up, when Management Information System is used to analyze circumstances, it provides all the essential information about that condition and then expects the company to make the decision (Kollmann, 2019). It also offers some structure of recommendation that provide insight into the decision to take.

The significance of having a balanced portfolio of information systems that carry organizational performance

As information technology is now one component in a well-built ecosystem of the business. Information technology procurement is not entirely unnatural by the information technology department and is dependent on accounting, legal, finance, and even community affairs unit for procurement procedures and constricting policies which can affect the performance of a Proposal. Thus, the occasion it takes to put into practice new IT systems and technologies can be summarized or prolonged based on the protocols, procedures, and practices of other organizational units (Dubey, et. al. 2019).

The impact of key information technologies on business performance

The fact that big data plays an important role in helping businesses be successful is no secret. Though that may have remained in the main untapped, companies are booming at exchanging analytics into achievement. The rising technology is also being deployed to build up a prototype, inferior competence ratios in financial services, offers cross-platform betting solutions, and firmly store nationwide security information (Palvia, et. al. 2018). The additional widespread rising technologies, (AI) artificial intelligence are an authoritative companion to big data. Insight unoriginal from a grouping of the 2 companies can assist organizations to range new heights.

Task 3 – Case Study Paper

Determines the information system requirements of your chosen organisation

GoGlobal limited is working on improving its MIS and using a multiplicity of new mobile technology for relocating its business worldwide in the manifestation of e-business. The management information system receives data from the organization unit and functions for dealing with outside customers. Adding up to this there are a variety of data which are composed by computer and also ensured it in the standard period.

The information system requirements for GoGlobal are as follows:

  • Observational method: the software company should visit the customer to watch their process and procedures. Ahead a new technology, visual inspection requirements will be more tangible and clear this helps to discover improvement areas.
  • Prototyping: it starts to get the user concerned by giving them an essential description of the system that has not been implementing for them particularly. This essential description will allow the consumer to enter customers, items, and vendors to observe what they like and dislike about it.
  • Joint requirements planning (JRP): Once all of the interview, visit, and comments are established and recognized it's time for the key project personnel to assemble together and confer the best approach to constructing the system. The company workers improved the working capability as end users, IT developers, managers and facilitator.

Assesses the security risks faced by your chosen organisation when using information systems

The risks which are mainly faced by the GoGlobal while choosing information systems are as follows:

  • Highly Intelligent ransom ware: It is a type of spiteful software, known as malware which is designed to block admittance to a computer system in anticipation of a financial ransom is paid.
  • Rapid shift to Cloud: susceptibility in the cloud are rising in harshness and number, and risk influential study on how to respond to companies turn from on-premises communications , that must strengthen safety security and policies control related to cloud compute.
  • Remote work threat: during pandemic, many workers carry on to work in hybrid and remote settings. Working from home exposed case company to be more significant in cyber security threats as it is complex for security organizations and leaders to observe and defend systems in remote work setting.

Includes a plan to manage an information system for your chosen organisation

There is effective information systems plan which are taken by case company are explained below:

  • Making an appropriate communication: With assistance to information technology emails, immediate messages, and video conferences are feasible for the GoGlobal. This will also help them in linking with individuals in a worldwide area and helps in building up strong relations with the clients of a business.
  • Globalization and cultural gap: The Company uses information systems in the global areas where they are bringing out linguistic, geographical, and cultural limitations. The case company GoGlobal limited can effortlessly share information and data, knowledge, communication, and the relation between a range of cultures, nations, and languages in a convenient way and assure that operations and tasks are satisfied.
  • Creation of new type of jobs: Business is using this information system for creating new job opportunity in outside locations (Rainer and Prince, 2021). There is a variety of job opportunity which is offered for people in the global areas which includes hardware and software developer, system analyzer, computer programmer, and web designers.

The implications of ethical and social issues for managing information systems in your chosen organisation

  • Technical solutions: Display place for privacy preferences (P3P): this allows case company websites to correspond privacy policies to company to web browser user. Users specify privacy level preferred in browser settings.
  • Intellectual property: it is an indefinable property of any category created by persons or corporations
  • System Quality: system errors and data quality: here flawless software is economically unfeasible. The tools and technologies help the case company to protectinformation systems security

The tools and technologies your chosen organisation uses to protect information systems security

Management information systems are planned by companies at the global level so that they can carry out each purpose and process of business in an efficient way. Globalization has an effect on information systems in a variety of factors like the use of the internet by ordinary people all over the globe (Ågerfalk, et. al. 2020). The information system plays a significant role in the situation of the global stage of GoGlobal limited. The important tools used by the GoGlobal are:

  • Cookies: these are the tiny files downloaded by website to users hard drive to help identify visitor’s track visits and browser to site. This also allows website to develop profiles.
  • Web bugs: these are the tiny graphics entrenched in web pages and e-mail to supervise who is reading message.
  • Fair information practices: FIP is a set of main beliefs leading the compilation and make use of information about persons. These principles are based on the idea of a support of interest between the evidence holder and individual.


The above report has disused the analysis of information systems used in various companies. The report has concluded with the position of information systems and technology in transforming organizations. The key features of the report have highlighted the role of information systems in global E-business and developing organizational strategy. It has also discussed the involvement of information systems to achieve a competitive advantage in business. The above report is made to discuss the challenges in initial global information systems, the relationship between organizations, e-business strategy with the suggestions to the queries in the Task 2. The case company is using such an information system at every stage of business operations for gathering, collecting, and processing to carry out standard business operations in an improved manner is concluded at the end of the report. It initially categorized the impact of the internet and social media on traditional business models.


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