Managing Client Events Assignment Sample

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Managing Client Events Assignment Sample

Introduction Of Managing Client Events, The Experience Of Events Helps To Add Value To Character As An Individual And Motivates To Become A Better Event Manager In The Future Assignment

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This report is a reflection of my live event on 26th August and the party was based on Hawaiian culture. The report includes a brief about the event which occurred on that day including all details about the activities and games. It also covers the overall experience of the event including ups and downs within the activities and the need to make improvements as per the requirement (Allen, 2021). In addition to this, it also includes the journey of guests who are attending the event and their reaction which are very important for the overall experience. Further, it also includes the issue of risk management and control the level of risk in the event. Further, it also includes one critical issue and explained it as required. At last, the use of Gibbs's reflective theory for explaining the whole event that helps to understand the scenario. Along with this, we will also use the Driscoll Reflection Model.

Brief about the event

My group of people is organizing a live event on 26th August at my venue. Further, our party was based on Hawaiian culture that included some tropical activities along with food that gives a better feeling. In our activities, there were three main games along with different opportunities for winning a prize for those who were in the best costume. In addition to this, we also had some chocolate boxes for the winners along with the medals. It also include karaoke which was free for all the people and the winner mainly come out on the top. All of the activities are important for our group activities and it motivates people to come up with different ideas during the activities (Chow, and Luzzeri, 2019). The people were enjoying themselves in the different activities which shows the positive side of the event. It creates a manageable aspect for dealing with the different people in the activities and enhances confidence.

In addition to this, we mainly focus on the decoration part that gives a vibe to the guests as they are on a vacation in Hawaii. My team members highly contribute to attending to the guests and properly allocated jobs at the party. The guests have a good time at the party and our hard work is considered a major aspect of offering better activities to them. Our planning is the major part to consider for future activities and events so that we can offer better services to people (Grant, 2022). Some elements require improvement in the future, but overall all of the activities were good and people were engaged as we need to make changes in the planning of the event. This was all about the event and the activities included in the event.

Overall experience of the event

My general experience includes the teamwork learning process throughout the event which is considered as one of the major part of our event. In terms of gathering the kids for art and crafts activities, the team was always strong enough to conduct all events. The appropriate mind set and enthusiasm of the team member’s helps to reach our goals and objectives for the betterment and success of event. My understanding of teamwork is that people generally work cooperatively with an organization to achieve a common goal. Business often relies heavily on working together as a team, since it is essential for partners to function admirably together, making an honest effort at all times. The concept of teamwork also taught me that time management and working with a team are interconnected and that to get the best time management results, the team must work harmoniously and synchronize properly.

The overall experience of the event was good and positive as people were highly engaged in the different games and activities and enjoyed themselves. The inside of the building was filled with a variety of activities. The good part of the event was the gathering of people and playing games together which shows a significant aspect of connectivity among them. It creates a lot of energy among people while playing different games over a party. Each member of our Team had their strengths and weaknesses and came together by choice rather than by coercion (Jurcik, and, 2021). Two activities were carried out at the same time, defining the roles and responsibilities of each of the team members to demarcate our roles and responsibilities within the event, which was the primary activity the group carried out. It was commendable how the team collected information, shared it, and worked together to get this far in the event after we described the team, planning, and progression of the event earlier. I do not regret the effort that the team put in and the effort that they put in, except that we could have done two things better with a little guidance and assistance.

According to my opinion, working with my group members, the thing I realize is that the event is not only a place where people come but they also enjoy activities for better progress. The planned activities executed properly are considered a capability for a big event and in our case, the planning must be improved for better growth and a successful event. The team members must have some appropriate strategies along with their respective roles to enhance the performance in a way that can be considered a better event (James, Leonhardt, and Buck, 2018). In my view, event planning and management mainly require a huge effort of team members irrespective of the size of the event. In our group of people, I observed that there was dispersed knowledge among the people for better performance. If in case I look back on my experience regarding the group work in the event, it can be stated that I have learned many things including various ideas of people for conducting the event. It also includes the facilitation of ideas of team members that boost my level of confidence to organize the activities. Further, the ideas and knowledge among different members help me in the future when I perform other tasks that affect my career as an event manager. The performance of the team members is mainly examined with the help of their efforts in organizing different games for the people. Further, the performance of an individual plays a significant role in developing the best outcome that deals with the scenarios. My experience also includes the reaction of guests as they were happy and enjoying the activities that are considered a major achievement of organizing an event (Fearon-Lynch, and, 2019). It adds a level of satisfaction to my work and engages with the people as per the requirements. Thus, the overall experience of the event helps me to learn many things and expectations of people along with their requirements and it can be advantageous for me in the future.

However, the guest’s journey was also remarkable as people were highly enjoying their activities which shows the level of positivity in the environment. All of the members in our team are focusing closely on the guests and it will be beneficial for our process of work and event. I have understood that teamwork is most commonly done to accomplish an objective by cooperating with a group. During the conduct of this event, I learned another concept about the customer journey (White, 2018). I also considered dual client anticipation and degrees, in which I thought about how to make the event enjoyable for the guests, as well as what we can do to provide them with what they want. In addition, we were able to measure how much guests enjoyed the experience. Due to the fact that we were staying far away from each other, I felt the importance of teamwork was lessened during the entire event. The entire event was managed by myself and my team quite well, but there are some things we will make up in the upcoming events.

One critical issue related to the event

In my perspective, one critical issue is the planning issue in time management for the activities of events. Efficiency, productivity, and stress reduction can be achieved through time management. To allocate time effectively, you have to know how much time is available to you at the beginning. It is important to be realistic as well as honest regarding every single moment of the event. Further, I need to focus on effectively managing time and understanding the requirement of time for delivering tasks. As we have seen, at a party at some point people have nothing to do which shows improper planning and time management. We need to create a list of activities that covers the entire event, and then we should create a list of tasks for each day. No matter what role someone plays behind the scenes at the event, this is beneficial for them as well (Glassburn, McGuire, and Lay, 2019). When we divide a large task into smaller sub-tasks, we will make it seem more manageable and will inspire confidence as we mark off the smaller sub-tasks. Time management relies on meeting deadlines. Setting realistic deadlines will become easier once we determine how long tasks should take us and make our to-do lists. Further, the flexibility in the planning activities is also considered a major aspect of handling the event and our team must need certain things for better performance. My experience is considered a major key to success in the event and it can be beneficial for the progress of the event. We need to reduce the issues while working on the next event. Further, the issue of planning is important to solve as it can affect our performance in the coming events also. We need to set the appropriate deadlines that help to signify the event and that is one of the major points for handling the issues of the plan. High-priority activities must be carried out first, followed by those which do not require immediate attention. By planning, you will be able to achieve crucial and critical tasks well before the deadline (White, 2018). I need to develop a habit of working as an organizer where the activities should be performed appropriately. The planning issue affected the group activities and people were free during the activities which show the lack of time management. Likewise, if we consider the concept of risk management, we can point out that many adverse effects can be prevented and mitigated with mindfulness and intercession - great planning continues to be imperative in order to limit harm.

Thus, this was one major issue while organizing an event and it also includes that we need to make improvements in the litigation side of the activities and must prepare for the assessment of risks and follow certain rules to consider the changes in the plan. You can also track attendance by using the event app to track discussions, engagements, and panels. Therefore, it is important to consider the short-term and long-term goals for planning the outline of the event that is beneficial for the development and growth of the event. Prepare me mentally for how to deal with issues as soon as they arise and put in place any backup plans I may need. We need to think about the contingency plans and make a proper reaction to the difficulties it is considered to be a better aspect for dealing with the issues.

Risk Management: It is one of the major aspect in the event planning as it plays a very important role and it is considered as a critical issue while dealing with the kids and their activities. The planning part must be appropriate for getting best experience in the event and it can be considered as one of the most significant part for the journey of guests.

Controlling the Risk: Safety of children in the art craft activities is one of the most important aspect while organising an event. In our case, it is essential to manage the risk factors that can affect the safety of children and we need to prepare our team members to consider this point while performing activities.

Reflective theory explain the entire event

Gibbs Reflective Model: This self-reflection and management tool utilizes Gibbs's Reflective Cycle to help people reflect on their experiences during a specific activity or similar situation and draw conclusions. For this event activity, the Gibbs Reflective theory helps to explain the entire event and each activity performed under the event (Schulte-Römer, and Gesing, 2022). A cyclical model focusing on repeated experiences of an event, the Gibbs Reflective Cycle model was developed by Graham Gibbs. Every stage of the process encourages engagement and reflection on the events' activities. The Gibbs Reflective Cycle model by Graham Gibbs makes it simple to analyse and draw conclusions from situations in a coaching session. The six stages of the Reflective Cycle include description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan.

Description: The description includes the activities that happened in our event on 26th August. Our party was based on Hawaiian Culture along with tropical activities with food that is known as nibbles so which helps us to make better activities. Further, our work is to organize the activities as per the requirement and provide the best facilities to the guests at the party. Other people at the party are enjoying themselves as they are available with fun games and activities that help them to entertain themselves (Jian-bing, and Jun-hua, 2018). The major outcome of the situation was satisfying the guests and they are truly enjoying all activities whether it is food, games, or award ceremony. I think all of the activities happen according to the planning and some of the situations need small changes for better performance. It will create a valuable impact on my level of understanding of the situation that deals with other people. The activities happened in such a manner that the hard work of our group members bring changes according to the requirement.

Feelings: In this, the feelings before the event were nervous as well as positive and I was curious along with excitement about the event. Further, during the event there was no time to think about the activities or any other scenario and the main objective was to fulfill the requirements of guests and provide the best services (Draper, Young Thomas, and Fenich, 2018). The other people in the event are my group members and guests, well the guests were enjoying and the group members are busy in accomplish the activities. After the completion of the event, there was a sense of relief as it was completed in a good aspect as expected. However, at present, it is important to consider certain points for handling the situation of the event. The other people were happy and satisfied with the event activities so that they can understand the different scenario.

Figure 1: Gibbs Reflective Theory

Evaluation: The event has some positive aspects and some negative aspects as well where the people were satisfied which was good for us. However, the negative aspect is that planning and time management that is considered to be the serious aspect of dealing with the event activities in the future. My contribution to the event activity was highly positive as all of the things are going as per discussion in my opinion (Siegel, and Krummenauer-Grasser, 2022). Further, the people were also enjoying all the fun games and activities so it is expected to be the better aspect for enhancing the scenario.

Analysis: The event activities are going well as per planning and the main reason behind this is the support of my group members. The group members equally handle all of the guests and they are enjoying the tasks. Further, it is important to understand the situation for making a better scenario and consider the valuable changes in the event. The skills of my group members play a vital role in developing positive vibes for the enhancement of the services.

Conclusion: So, I learned as an organizer that it is important to accept challenges in any situation and that the outcome of our party was successful. Further, the guests had an enjoyable time and they were engaged in the activities. Thus, I need to make sure that planning and time management must be improved for future activities and events (Chadwick, 2019). It can be affecting aspect for the planners and need to make changes according to the requirement of activities.

Action Plan: The things which I need to improve mainly includes the planning part so that we can change the activities according to the requirement of guests. It is important to input some changing strategies that affect the event in a positive manner that motivates me to deal with the activities in a suitable manner (Liu-Lastres, Wen, and Huang, 2022). It is beneficial for the event to consider the strength and weaknesses of the group members so that we can plan according to the capabilities of people.

Driscoll Reflection Model

A structured meditation process has been developed based on this framework of Driscoll (2007) reflection model. Following each activity, there is a reflection point, beginning with a learning experience. My overall experience relating to the event will be explained using this model.

  1. Taking into account the learning experience, I learned various small notions associated to it while conducting the event, including teamwork, client experience, risk management, and how to minimize it.
  2. As I reflect on my experience during the event, I realized that teamwork plays a critical role in the success of the event. Managing an event alone is impossible, and we need to build a bond among the team members in order to work effectively together.
  3. It explains how selective factors impact the experience in the third phase. My experience of the vent has been mixed of both positives and negatives, although I have identified one particular aspect that is important: how to manage your time effectively. In order to keep guests engaged with the activities, time management plays a huge role, as well as keeping the monotonous part away (Stonehouse, 2020).
  4. As a team, we were able to achieve almost 90% of the things that were planned and I am happy with the overall experience. In conducting the team, I as an event organizer identified both my strengths and weaknesses which I will surely work on during the next event. Learning new concepts is always a fun experience, and I enjoyed learning this team as well.
  5. Based on the reflection, the overall learning was the ability to tactfully manage time, work successfully with a team, and control risks in an effective manner.
  6. The mentioned action plan will be helpful for the improvement purpose:

Action 1

Action 2

Action 3

Accountable Department

It is the head of the event's responsibility to make a blueprint for the upcoming event as a first step

As for the second action, the person who manages the food and drinks department needs to decide how much food and which cuisine to plan.

In this case, the person who will conduct the fun activities will be charged with the responsibility. Manage the fun activities while considering the time management aspects

Required resources

The complete blue print of the event

Food, drinks and meal

Activity list

Completion Time

3 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

Betterment evidence

The complete aspect of the team work is shown here

The appropriate quantity of food needed can be analysed without any wastage.

The waiting time will be zero

  1. There will be new learning experiences related to event management, event coordination, individual responsibilities, etc.


From the event activity, it can be concluded that it was a very enjoyable as well as valuable journey. The experience of events helps to add value to my character as an individual and motivates me to become a better event manager in the future. Nevertheless, I think the outcome of our party was quite successful as the guests had a great time, and the teachers appeared to be engaged as well, but there remain elements that could be improved. Future improvements can be made to all of these things, and I am confident that they will be perfected in some time. Future events where multiple foremost gatherings may take place will require us to plan to ensure that the guests have the best time and that everything is done to ensure that the parties are legal. I need to focus on time management activities and planning as it was a major issue in the present scenario. Further, the Gibbs Reflective theory provides a description of each and every activity with appropriate steps and that is a major aspect of dealing with the event.


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