Managing People And Careers BUS020N501A Assignment Sample

A Comprehensive Analysis of Google and Apple's Hiring Practices

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Introduction Managing People And Careers BUS020N501A

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Part 1

This report revolves around the recruitment and selection processes in an organization. Recruitment is the process of finding and inviting potential candidates for the vacant job position in the organization. Selection is the method of selecting the most appropriate applicant from all the applications received. The selection method starts where the recruitment process ends, these two together forms the hiring process of an organization (Hamza 2021). This report includes the study of Google and Apple's recruitment and selection process of graduates in order to provide information to the reader.

Companies overview

Google is an Americanglobaltechnology organization founded by larry page and Sergey Brin in 1998. The organization mainly focuses on online advertising, search engine technology,computer software, cloud computing,quantum computing,artificial intelligence,e-commerce, and used electronics (Durica and Svabova, 2015). Google’s parent company isAlphabet; it comes under the top five Americaninformation technologyorganizations, besides Apple,Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft. It has been known as "the most authoritative company in the world" and generally expensive brand in the globesince its marketplace supremacy, information collection, and technological reward in the field of artificial intelligence. Google’s operation is tosystematizethe earth’sinformationand make iteasily reached across the world. The present CEO of google is Sundar Pichai replaced Larry Page on October 2015.

Figure 1 Google logo

GtechGoogle logo


Apple is a well-known technology organization; it is founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. The founders had a goal in life to create a minor, further user-friendly computer for the public to use anywhere.

The organization launched the Apple I and Apple II computers and went entirely public in 1980 (Green, 2015). The Apple II computer is the computer that used color graphics for the first time, which facilitated reputation building for Apple as a head in the technology industry.

Apple is selling a lot of products such as iBooks, mp3 players named iPods, mobile phones named iPhones, and song software called iTunes. In addition to these products apple also sells watches, TV, mac, and airbag. Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but Apple as a tech company persistently growing.

Figure 2 Apple Logo

Apple Logo

Recruitment and selection approach at Google

Google is a Dream Company for many management and business graduates. Clearing the Google recruitment and selection process is very difficult. Every year about 3 million people apply for jobs at Google, But 99.4% of people get rejection every year. The organization's Recruitment Process and assortment method include the subsequent five steps

Step 1: Screening of resume

The first step in Google’s recruiting process is, like most commercial jobs that are continue screening. In this step, screening of candidates' resumes is done based on education, technical requirements, and experience, to ensure that the candidate is a potential fit for the job.

Step 2: screenings on phone (1-2 rounds)

In these rounds, the recruiter will contact the candidate to give details section concerning the interview procedure where the position the candidate is applies to.This interview at Google lasts for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the role a candidate applied for.

For Technical roles, like software engineering, if the candidate passes the first call screening then the candidate has to perform in the next phone screening rounds.This screening includes phone coding challengesand other technical tasks (Nikolaou, 2021). If the technical phone interview goes fine then a home coding task can be given to the candidate.

For non-technical roles, such as product manager, the candidate's competency is checked based on hypothetical and case-based questions. For example, a candidate can be asked “How would the candidate improve Google Maps”?

Step 3: on-site interviews (4-5 rounds)

Formerly a candidate cleared the phone screenings, the candidate will shift on to the hard site of interview.In an on-spot interview, the candidate will be interviewed in a group of 5-6 people for 45 minutes (Henderson, 2017). On-site interviews at Google frequently consist of 4 rounds, in which majorly two competencies will be assessed. The first one is role-specific fit, which is the candidate's fit for the particular role and the second one is firm-specific fit to check that candidate will fit into the organization's Process, teamwork, and culture.

Step 4: the hiring committee reviews

If a candidate reaches this step it means applicant had to cleared the toughest round in the whole hiring process. At this stage,a few candidate moves straight to the selection group but others go from end to end the team-matching phase (Shah 2022).In the team-matching phase, the candidate meets with potential managers to talk about the team candidate will be joining and the kind of task the candidate would do.

Step 5: the executive reviews and get the offer

After the hiring committee convention the recommend list wait for final reviews from a managerial position.That is the accurate information, at Google, one of the top executive look at all offer made by the hiring committee previous to which they are general to candidate.

Recruitment and selection approach at Apple Inc.

Apple's hiring process consists of the following stages;

Step1: online application

The primary thing in the recruitment process is sending an online application for a job by the candidate. The online application form will ask for the candidate's learning and academic results and occupation knowledge if the candidates have any. This application is available on the official website of apple, this form will also ask some motivational questions that a candidate needs to answer for instance why do a candidate want to work with apple? Or why this particular role?

Step 2: Apple inc. telephone interview

Apple will invite the candidate for an interview round, after the review of the online application. This is an occasion for the candidate to display the skills, awareness, and passion that matches the job role applied (Vromana 2016). In the second step of the recruitment, process interview is conducted on the phone and the candidate's competence is assessed based on this interview.

Step 3:Apple Assessment Test

In the third stage candidate is invited for an assessment test at apple's assessment center, following exercises are done at the assessment center:

Group exercise at apple

In this round of assessment, the recruiter examines the candidate's ability and efficiency as a part of a group. Apple staff closely supervises and observes the candidate's performance including the candidate's capacity to solve the problem in the group.

Written exercise at apple

In this exercise candidate will be given an unseen case study task, the candidate needs to answer the problem provided in the case study. A candidate brief is handed to every person who appears for this exercise, this brief included all the information a candidate will need to answer the problem (Anyim and Mirabel, 2019).

Roles play the exercise at apple

This exercise lasts for twenty minutes; candidates will be paired up to perform a role-play exercise. The apple recruiter examines a candidate's ability and skills to analyze a set of information provided. Role-play exercise includes a task in which the candidate represents the staff of the organization and the interviewer act as a client of the organization

Step 4: Final interview

This is the ultimate phase in apple’s employment method. It would be personal interview with just one person – a manager or senior administrator that works in the business section choose to connect. It is a competency-based interview, and it is individual execute to know how practiced, passionate, and excited candidate are to be eligible to be an worker at Apple (Lobanova, 2021). The interview does not frequently final up to one hour. Occasionally, it may just last for thirty minutes.

A candidate needs to arrange sturdy reason to develop into an Apple staff and the candidate's obsession to play the position they chose in the corporation.

Evaluation and comparison

Recruiting and selection process at the Google and apple are very similar, in the very first step in the recruitment process both organization accepts the application and then a screening of these applications is done. The basis of screening is different in both organizations according to the job role of the vacant position (Antoun 2016). The second step includes a telephonic interview at both Apple and Google, this interview duration is approximately 1 hour in both organizations. The second step is similar to the recruitment and selection process of these two big tech organizations.

The major difference comes in the next round of interviews which is on-site interviews. At Google, a candidate has to perform four rounds of on-site interview and at Apple candidate have to examine based on three exercises (Ibrahim and Hassan, 2019). The other important difference in the hiring processes of these two organizations is, in Google in the last stage executive review by top-level managers is done, but there is no review is done at apple. On average, Google's recruitment and selection take 1-2 months to complete while apple's recruitment and selection process is generally completed in four weeks.

Carrier development opportunities are also different at Google and Apple. Career development initiatives are taken care of at Google on regular basis. Google conducts annual appraisals, which are used as the basis for career development. Throughout our past appraisals, the organization’s human resource management gives updates about potential carrier opportunities to the employees. The carrier development at apple is not up to mark as Google. Apple hires more people from outside than promotes its existing employees and on overage apple provides only a 3% raise each year.

According to previous research, 59% of employees at apple agree that the company provides good growth opportunities and carrier planning. On the other hand, 68% of employees at Google agrees with the same question asked to them.


From the above report, it is concluded that the recruitment and selection process is very important for any organization's success. The two organizations (Apple and Google) have one of the toughest hiring processes for graduates and other candidates. Both organizations make sure that the selected candidate has all relevant skills and knowledge and deserves to be selected for a particular designation. The report also highlights the carrier opportunities at these two organizations, in a nutshell, carrier growth and development opportunities are better at Google than at Apple Inc.

Part 2

Reflection Introduction

This study will offer a thoughtful analysis of the two methods that two distinct firms utilized to find and hire graduates. After much thought, Apple and Google stood out as the companies I personally found most interesting and whose employment opportunities I thought most promising. I started by looking through "The Times Top 100 Graduate employers" when I was looking into options (Times, 2018). There I found a lot of businesses with interesting work opportunities and profiles.

The two competencies

Curiosity and Forward Planning- My findings served me shows that curiosity and forward planning are competencies I must actively work to acquire because they are essential in attaining the various objectives I intend to accomplish in my future career. Managers and companies look for applicants with a combination of critical talents when hiring them, including curiosity and foresight. This was one of the areas where I performed poorly, so I think I need to pay close attention to it if I want to improve it over the following 18 months. Throughout my time at university and in my personal life, I have frequently discovered that I lack a sense of good time management when it comes to specific tasks. Despite the fact that I frequently find myself wanting to learn new things, I occasionally find it difficult to really accomplish this aim (Alexander, 2015).

Team Working- I intend to aggressively involve myself in more team work both inside and outside of the university in order to continue developing this ability to provide the effective research report. For instance, when the chance arises, I take on more leadership roles in teams, which encourages me to interact with other team members more frequently because team leaders are under a little bit more pressure. I intend to join the team where I frequently learn new things from other members and apply the skills into my practice. This will allow me to assist while also honing my teamwork abilities. This was one of the competencies I scored the lowest grade on when I took the Business Readiness Scale in the second week of this first term. This is a result of my basic personality characteristics, such my tendency to remain somewhat quiet in groups and my preference to listen to people' ideas rather than continuously offering in most team situations. As I was not actively participating in group meetings and thought that my contributions were insufficient and that there was much more I wanted to suggest to other group members, I also noted from one of my first-year modules that I was having a little trouble when it came to a group presentation.

Kolb’s learning cycle

With orientation to education process, Kolb's cycle draw it’s imminent from practical consideration, and in various way, it is an ordinary result of the effort of theorists like Lewin, Piaget, and Freire. The Kolb learning cycle emphasize the significance of understanding in education, making it experimental. This model differs from others in that it include a range of process in accumulation to reflection relatively than focusing solely on suggestion. To this point, a different model of reflection that is exceptional to suggestion might be employed in combination with Kolb's experiential learning cycle.

While the steps of Kolb’s learning cycle must be following in sequence I started my work with concrete experience which is the significant task for the self reflection. As well as given that the four-step culture progression, the model also provide four learning styles correctness how different type of group favor to discover new things.

  • Concrete Experience

Concrete experience means that it’s not sufficient to watch someone else do it or read about it. I have to do some tasks by myselves for new acknowledging my mistake or to eight things to happen.

  • Reflective Observation

The subsequent stage involve insightful inspection, which means taking a step reverse from the proceed of doing to look at the better picture and assessment what have accomplished by me and how I can do better.

  • Abstract Conceptualization

In this stage, to create intellect of what have just practiced? To do this, student don't just seem at what have presently done but also drag in other in sequence, theory, and thoughts that are previously recognizable with work already done.

  • Active Experimentation

This final stage occurs when considering how to put what have learned into performance. If student do not check and map out to understand what have just learned, then it is likely that student fail to remember it quickly.

Figure 3 Kolb's learning cycle

Kolb's learning cycle


Although Google claims to offer specialism in the part at the end of each of its graduate level plan, many of their precedent staff claimed they felt dispossessed of their opportunity to expand through review. After observing and analyzing both Apple and Google organization, I have move toward to the conclusion that company, regardless of their similarity, come up to accommodate recruitment in different ways. I have concluded from my research that, despite Apple's lower ranking on the Times Top Graduate Employers and its smaller number of graduates employed in the past year (100 vs. Google's 800) I am more likely to apply there after I graduate because of the company's welcoming culture, favorable reviews, and, in my opinion, a secure salary. It is crucial for businesses to put people before numbers when focusing on their staff. In contrast to Apple, where employees were unsure of what to achieve and when to anticipate promotions, Google also tracks employees' progress and provides explicit instructions on how to do so. (Apple, 2018) I believe that in order to be driven to conquer obstacles and pursue better chances, I will be more happy functioning at a position with a work background comparable to Google.


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