Newspaper Editorial On Russia Vs Ukraine War Assignment Sample

Analyzing Newspaper Editorials: Russia vs Ukraine War Assignment

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Introduction of Assignment (Newspaper Editorial On Russia Vs Ukraine War)

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Russia Vs Ukraine War ANALYSIS

Conflict and fight occur in that time when the disagreement happens between countries, individuals, communities and groups. Disagreement happens when the concerns, interest and need become at risk. People get threats like political, status, emotional, physical and more (McKee and Murphy, 2022). They filter their thoughts on the respect of gender, values, experiences, culture, beliefs. It is important to recognize modern opportunities by changing conflict into a constructive learning experience. It is really important to resolve the fight between conflicting parties.

After the breaking in 1991 of the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine controlled close ties. In 1994, the Non-proliferation treaty of nuclear weapons happened, Ukraine became a nuclear weaponless state. Nuclear weapons are dismantled in Ukraine and removed to Russia. In return, The United Kingdom, the USA, Russia agreed to hold the political independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine with security assurances in the Budapest memorandum. In the European security charter, Russia became one signatory of them that every participating state reaffirmed the inherent right and freedom to change or chose the agreements which are related to security, including alliance treaties as they change (Kuzio, 2018). The breaking of USSR in the years, former several eastern Bloc nations joined NATO, Russia involving several threats of regional security as in 1993 constitutional crisis of Russia in the Abkhazia war and the Chechen first war. Russian leaders defined NATO as the violator of the informal assurances which is provided by the western powers. The presidential election of Ukraine was controversial. when the campaign of the election was going on, at that time the opposition leader was tried to be killed by the poison of TCDD dioxin. The involvement of Russia was implicated by him later. Despite vote-rigging allegations by the election observers, the prime minister of Ukraine became the winner. Then the orange revolution happened in two months, peacefully a large protest challenged the result. After the supreme court of Ukraine said that the election was not legally valid in respect to the reason of fraud that happened in the election (Nygren et al. 2018). Vladimir Putin who was the president of Russia in 2011 is accused of being a former advisor and described the protest of that time as the Orange Revolution transfer towards Russia. In Putin's favour, anti-orange movement and rallies happened at that time.

At the summit of Bucharest in 2008, Georgia and Ukraine wanted to join NATO. The response was divided between the members of NATO. Concerning avoiding conflict with Russia, the countries which are western European the action plan among members. Ultimately NATO refused to join Georgia and Ukraine, but they issued an agreeing statement which said that countries may become members of NATO in near future (Kuzio , 2018).

A big military set-up was built in Ukraine and the Russian border in March and April 2021 and again followed by October 2021 to February 2022 by both countries Belarus and Russia. During these types of fatal developments, the government of Russia denied repeatedly that they have any plan to attack or invade Ukraine. The spokesperson of the president, Assistant foreign minister, the ambassador of Russia who was present in the Czech Republic and the US also repeatedly denied their action plan of them (Mölder et al. 2019). The plans of the Russian Invasion was released by the US intelligence team, including photographs of the satellite showing the troops of Russia and their equipment near the border of Ukraine. The intelligence team repeatedly reported that the presence of the Russian army in the important sites and few individuals could be Neutralised and killed upon invasion. The US always tried to release various reports accurately and continuously. The government of Ukraine did not prepare for a bug invasion.

In the time of invasion proceedings, the officials of Russia tried to give the blame inciting tensions, repression of the speakers of Russia and russophobia to Ukraine. Different security demands of NATO, Ukraine and Non-NATO countries were also claimed by the Russian intelligence (Hunter, 2018). These exclusive actions were denoted by western officials and the commentators as they tried to justify the war. In the process of genocide, Russophobia was step one. The claims of the Russian president was rejected by the International authorities and the baseless claims of the genocide was fully rejected. In a speech on 21st February, the president of Russia asked legitimacy of the Ukraine state (Åtland, 2020). Russian president inaccurately and repeatedly claimed that there is no genuine tradition of statehood and described incorrectly that Ukraine is part of Soviet Russia. For the justification of the war, the president tried to falsely implicate the government and the society of Ukraine that is being depended on by the Neo Nazism theory. President telling the history of the second world war when some part of Ukraine was occupied by Germany and echoing a conspiracy theory which is based on antisemitism which is cast by the Christians of Russia. Despite the Jews, because of the real victims of Nazi Germany (Harris, 2020). During the second time build up, different demands were issued to the NATO and US by Russia, including a legal agreement to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and multinational forces removal which is stationed in members of eastern European states in NATO. An unspecified response by the military of Russia and threatened if NATO follows the aggressive line (D’Anieri, 2019).

At the time of 22.35 on 21st February President of Russia announced that the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republic is part of the Russian government. In the evening, the president of Russia directed the Russian troops to go into the Donbas. Russia called it the peacekeeping movement. The intervention which happened in the Donbas was strictly condemned by the different members of the Security Council, UN. There is no voiced support for it (Käihkö, 2020).

In response, Zelenskyy, who is the president of Ukraine ordered the army to condemn the Russian army. A nationwide emergency for 30 days was proclaimed by the Ukraine parliament and a mobilisation order was given to all Reservists. Then, Russia started to remove its embassy from the capital Ukraine, Kyiv. The websites which represents the government and parliament of Ukraine along with the websites of various banks were faced cyber-attacks and DDoS attacks, which is done by hacker based system of the Russians. On 23 February night, the president of Ukraine gave an appealing speech in the Russian language for the citizens of Russia to prevent the war. He also expelled Russia's claim with the respect to Neo Nazis' presence in the government of America and tell that the Ukraine government has no thought of attacking the region of Donbas. The separatist person of Luhansk and Donetsk had sent a message to the president of Russia that the civilian death had been caused by Ukrainian and requested support from the military organization of Russia. In respect to that Ukrainian asked for an urgent meeting in the security council of the UN which happened at 21:30.In the meeting of half an hour which is held in an emergency set up, the President of Russia announced the beginning of military operation and aggression in Ukraine (Barthel, et al. 2020).


Biden thought of warning the president of China against supporting the military for Russia. Bombardment happened in Ukraine's east portion by Russia. In Mariupol, streets where more than 350,000 people have been waiting with a small amount of water and little food. Armed forces of Russia are attacking around the full city, a spokesperson of the defence ministry of Russia said that. In the eastern portion of Kharkiv city, Ukraine's emergency state service said that a big teaching apartment had been destroyed, eleven wounded and one person dead on that case. An aircraft repair organisation in the western city named Lviv of Ukraine was destroyed by Russian missiles. A plume that is mushroom-shaped looks like smoke seen in the sky when the blasts happened in the morning and a frightening sound of an air siren is heard (Lichtenstein et al. 2019).

Six people were wounded and two people were killed in the city of Kramatorosok was said by the shell. In the Ukrainian capital which is present in the northern part called Kyiv, there are four other people wounded and one person became dead by the missile attack by the Russian army (Sasse et al. 2018). More than a hundred people remain covered under the broken bricks of a theatre in the Mariupol city that was done by missile attack of Russia. Officials said that more than hundreds of people were rescued by the Ukrainian army but the social services of the city were destroyed in the fear of Russian attacks. The administration of Kyiv city said that 222 people were killed. Since the invasion of Russia began on the twenty-fourth of February, four children and 60 civilians became dead (Fix, 2018). Further said that 889 citizens became wounded including 18 children and 241 civilians. According to a media outlet of Ukraine, a journalist said that Russian armed forces are very much cruel and "holding captive". Hromadske said in a statement that he believed that by the end of 15 the march Russian FSB could detain the Roshchyna. Xi Jinping who is the president of china told his counterpart in the US, Joe Biden that the confrontations and conflicts such as the unfolding events of Ukraine are not in anyone's interest (Melnik et al. 2019). Chinese media quoted that the crisis of Ukraine is something that china don't want to recognize. In a rare speech at the stadium in Moscow which is recognized as national, The president of Russia address the citizen of Russia and requested them to keep the unity of the nation. The patriotic song suddenly showed on the television and suddenly cut off the broadcasting when the president of Russia just finished the speech. The spokesperson of the Kremlin blamed it as a technical failure when he was justifying the cut-off. The supply chain of Ukraine's food was collapsing, warehouses, grocery stores, infrastructure were destroyed as the officials said (Bazaluk et al. 2020). The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has deliberately changed the scenario of the world. The rise of civilian casualties, the escalation of military conflict promotes the economical war.

According to a statement of NATO, the military members provided a tough message about the solidarity and unity of Ukraine. Ukraine's invasion by Russia happened as they wanted to join NATO membership. The president of Ukraine addressed different self-regulatory bodies for help. Ukraine also looking for more humanitarian support and more weapons.

A foreign and defence policy said that there is not any global level consensus for the deal of invasion that happened on Ukraine by Russia. Thirty countries declined from voting in the UN condemning the Invasion of Russia and withdrawal of Russia's armed forces though that was absolutely a general vote. Factories and Residential buildings of Mariupol city have been pulled down, concerning the images of the satellite. The images and photos of a commercial satellite that works for the agencies of the US government showed the factory and apartment buildings that are damaged. Swedish parliament was told by the Ukraine president that they are deserving a permanent place quickly in the organisation which is known as European Union. The president of Ukraine said that they are not only fighting for the citizen of Ukraine but for the security of Europe and they want permanent membership in the EU. In the time of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ukraine applied for full-fledged membership in the EU. This is not possible right now to grant a permanent seat for Ukraine as the diligent process of all countries should go through to join the system. The Mariupol council claims that fifteen thousand residents have been deported without any legal rights. President of Russia said that the unfriendly countries of Russia will have to pay for the Natural gases are only in rubles. India and other 12 countries who are members of the security council, UN refused on a decision by Russia for the crisis in Ukraine. The President of Ukraine urges people all over the world to come on the roads and streets for the stop of the war.


During the one month of the war, the military personnel of Ukraine have proven that they are not leaving the battlefield as easily as the Russian invaders thought. Putin has immense superiority of firepower, manpower which is a very powerful strength of Russian forces.

The army of Russia seems to be demoralized and poorly led. On other hand, defenders of Ukraine have opposed with skill and striking tenacity. In that case, Russia has not carried off any of the key military goals and has suffered from catastrophic losses. If the Ukraine army provided the correct weapons with sufficient quantities, Ukraine can win the battle (Pantti, 2019). Different types of International sanctions have been inflicted on Russia since the war started. A ban is imposed on the various goods exported with both military and civilian purposes like different vehicle parts which are done by the US, UK and EU. This is having a huge impact on Russian manufacturers. Canadian airspace, UK airspace, EU airspace, US airspace banned all flights of Russia. The private jets which were chartered by Russia has also been banned in the UK. Luxury goods like vehicles, art and top-end fashions to Russia will ban by the UK as the officials said. The UK, EU and the US have together imposed sanctions on over one thousand Russians Businesses. All Russian oil and gas imports are banned on Russia by The US and The EU said they will not take any oil or gas from Russia and they will choose alternative oil and gas suppliers for them. The EU also decided that they will independent of the energy of Russia before 2030. Germany has also restricted two gas pipelines from Russia which are based on the Nord system. In Ukraine more than two hundred people dead by the Russian army. The health system was affected by bombs and bullets. The infrastructure of Ukraine was damaged by the Russian army which will take many years to reorganise the system. Children, elderly people, women, and people with disabilities faced various problems in the time of war. A half-million refugees were created in Ukraine by the invasion of Russia. A heartbreaking family separation incident happened in Ukraine (Ojala et al. 2018). Clinics and Hospitals were damaged, pregnant mothers also suffered. The foreign students who were in Ukraine at that time faced various problems.


In the era of modernization and socialization, war is not an acceptable thing. Maybe there is the difference of opinion, disputes on borders, the difference in language, the difference in religion but all the issues can be settled by mutual meetings and agreements. Now the war is not only restricted within the countries who are taking part in the war, It also makes a worldwide impact. Every person has a moral, ethical, legal right to live with peace in society. The world also felt the fear of the third world war when the Russia and Ukraine war started. The war is not only restricted to the battlefield, it has a huge impact on worldwide economics. The self-authorized international bodies were also involved in the war crisis actively and passively. Now we are living in the twenty-first century, this is the time of globalization also (Edenborg, 2020). The world should give more attention to Environment Now. In the Russia vs Ukraine war, a vacuum bomb is used which is a thermobaric weapon that sucks oxygen from nature. Oxygen is very much essential for all living organisms, then oxygen used for bombing is not justified at all. According to various news reports, more than seven thousand Russian armies were killed and fourteen thousand were injured. In Ukraine, approximately three thousand armies were killed and almost four thousand people injured. The casualties of humans is not a justified incident in the twenty-first century. Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy should recognize and understand the effectiveness of human resources and stop the war as soon as possible. Few news reports also said that Russia can go for full-scale invasion or genocide which is not acceptable at all. Russia is a country that contains nuclear energy that's why the fear of nuclear fights is increasing gradually. If a Nuclear fight takes place between Russia and the US, the world can be devastated. The countries that have Nuclear weapons have to control their mind and restrict them from any type of nuclear war. War is not only limited to fighting on the battlefield and armies. The war can be chemical, an economical war, a nuclear war which has a greater impact on the full world. All the Russian and Ukrainian people have suffered and contributed to the war. Countries should be responsible for their citizens and human resources and stop the war. Russia wants to keep the war going and benefit from the war. The citizens of Ukraine have to understand that the Ukraine government is the lesser evil of the two of them. A stable government and a self-sufficient nation should be the priority of the Ukrainian people. The crisis of Ukraine became an international issue from a domestic issue due to the intervention of the Russian government (Moen-Larsen, 2020). The situation becomes complex day to day, two countries have to implement fruitful meetings and have to take mutual decisions to conclude the war. Nations should fight against incompetent authorities, poverty and corruption. The people of Luhansk and the people of Donetsk have to make creative thoughts and constructive decisions. The government of Russia and the government have made a constructive decision keeping in mind that the people's interest and progress of Luhansk and Donetsk means a lot. US role also to promote the peace between Russia and Ukraine. The four aspects of development political, social, environmental, social, economic should be interlinked deeply. Four developmental and growth aspects should be connected in the manner of peace and progress of countries. The United Nations, World Bank should donate to Ukraine for the infrastructure development of the country.

Ukraine and Russia exchanged their prisoners in which soldiers became free in the first swap which was a very good step. In a full-fledged prisoner’s exchange, ten Ukrainian servicemen were exchanged with ten Russian captured occupiers. Moscow accused by Ukraine that hundred thousand students are forcibly taken from shattered cities of Ukraine to Russia. A news source said that four lakhs two thousand people with eighty-four thousand children were illegally taken by Russia. The BBC was told by the United Nations that Ukrainian people were forced to disappear from the area which is controlled by Russia. Dramatic pictures were showed that the black smoke and billowing fire was destroyed by the ballistic missiles of Ukraine. Russia is more reliant on the artillery and dumb bombs said a senior official of a pentagon. Forty buses were waiting in Mariupol with civilians but the Russian army did not permit them to go. NATO strengthened its defence system in the eastern area with forty thousand troops. Boris Johnson said that UK will help Ukraine economically and strategically to improve the Infrastructure. The United Nations voted in the general assembly to tell Russia to stop the war. One forty countries voted in the favour of the resolution, five countries voted against the resolution Syria, Belarus, North Korea, Russia and Eritrea. Thirty-eight countries abstained from it. Russia took a fatal attack on the big cities civilians of Ukraine. They took illegal methods to terrorise the Ukraine civilians which is very pathetic. Schools, Hospitals and Homes were destroyed by terrible attacks. Various airstrikes, rocket assaults were done by the Russian army. The public property of Ukraine was damaged by the Russian forces. In the stochastic, a Russian flag was raised which is unethical. Ukrainian civilians still are brave enough to fight with the Russian army. Everyone loves their motherland too much. The citizens belonging to different professions took the weapons to fight against the Russian army. Russian army professionals also suffered, many people lost their families due to the war. Russian civilians also indirectly suffered from it as many countries imposed different types of sanctions on their countries. Every problem has a solution. In that case, the only solution is to stop the war and reconstruct the Ukraine buildings, hospitals, schools etc. Now Russia and Ukraine have to understand the reality and end the dirty politics and end the war for the betterment of their civilians, soldiers and the nation too (Makhortykh, 2020).

War is not a solution to anything. The problem which arises between Russia and Ukraine can be solved constructively. Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy will have to think about this matter with broader interest and have to solve every dispute without any battle. Other countries should have tried to give their input without any partiality. Countries have already become affected by the covid 19, now they have to focus on the health issues, environmental issues. The world becomes beautiful if there is no violence in the world, peace is very important for every individual, every family, and every country and all over the world.



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