The Representation Of Masculinity In Mens Magazine Assignment Sample

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Introduction of The Representation Of Masculinity In Men’s Magazine Assignment

The social expectation of being a man is one of the greatest representations of masculinity in men’s magazines. Moreover, the social expectations of masculinity are discussed in this assignment with the attributes of the major areas in the men’s magazines. The impact of the overall aspects of the magazines of masculinity has also been provided in this assignment effectively.

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Social expectations of masculinity

  • Masculinity' refers to the roles, behaviors, and attributes of the men with the differentiation factors within the community based on the representation of the men's magazines (Jones, 2018)
  • These aspects are explored in the magazines showing the aspects of the achievements of the people with the major contribution towards the growth of masculinity in the men's magazines
  • Showing strength and dominance are noticed on magazine cover page by the application of skills and behavioral changes to represent the factor of masculinity in the community
  • Characteristics of masculinity as described in the magazine articles: strength, courage, assertiveness, independence, and leadership for the development of the men's magazines efficiently

Four major areas that magazines show

  • Commoditization of masculinity is one of the greatest achievements of the men’s magazines which help in determining the overall aspects of masculinity in a smooth way
  • Connection of sexism and misogyny are the factors responsible for the decline of men’s equality towards the growth of masculinity. Fong and Nyathi (2019) have commented that masculinity affects the entire behavior of men and forcing to attain unusual behaviors with the correspondence from sexism and other aspects of masculinity.
  • Body image anxieties are leading cause of the men's in which they are not able to perform efficiently in order to mitigate the risk factors that occurred for representing the masculinity of the men's magazines
  • The vulnerability of men to women and overall attitude are increasing extensively with the evaluation of the desire for equality from men's magazines in an effective way. The affectivity and equality need to be applied efficiently to manage the overall factors that help in the representation of the masculinity aspects in the men's magazines.

Impact of magazines on masculinity

  • Increased sexualization in the country depicts the culture of the community with the failure rates which is determined by the compatibility and accessibility of men in terms of masculinity
  • Men's attitudes towards women need to be treated properly which helps the overall aspects of masculinity in the growth and development of the men’s magazines in a well-mannered way
  • Sexist and predatory behavior of males plays an essential role during the representation of masculinity in men’s magazines (MacDonald and Lafrance, 2018). The analysis of the equality behavior towards the men and women are not equal that is the major cause of the superiority of men in the representation of masculinity
  • Representation of body modification practices helps in analysing the aspects of masculinity which helps in demonstrating the overall strategy of the men’s magazines effectively.
  • Technologies to attract males to invest from time to time is one of the greatest factors towards the growth of masculinity. The management of the overall aspects of the men's magazines helps in managing the social attributes behaviors of the men in a smooth way with the implementation of technology.


From the above analysis, it can be concluded that the representation of the different types of body modification practices is discussed in this assignment. The analysis of the overalls aspects of masculinity is also determined for the growth of the men's magazines effectively. Hence, predatory behavior and the superiority of men play a significant role in the representation of masculinity in men's magazines.


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