Research Method And Dissertation on Amazon

Comparison between Social media and Traditional advertising strategy

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Introduction Of Research Proposal On How Successful Social Media Advertisement Is, In Comparison To Traditional Advertisement: A Study Of Amazon

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This research proposal “How successful social media advertisement is, in comparison to traditional advertisement-a study of Amazon” gives a detailed analysis of Amazon’s social media marketing or digital marketing strategy, e-commerce as it is popularly called, compares it to Amazon’s traditional marketing model and ensures that resulting statistics are well detailed

The study involves the comparison between the performance of social media with the traditional way of advertising. Evaluation of the success factor of social media in recent days is highlighted through this study. The main topic of discussion is the factors that made the social media approach a more accessible and adaptable source of advertising for business personnel and the strategies involved. The few challenges faced by the traditional business person and the drawbacks of social media advertising are also included in this study.


To compare the success rate of social media as compared to the traditional advertisement technique.


  • To determine the rate of success in social media advertising in the last decade.
  • To discuss the drawbacks of traditional advertising
  • To determine the future growth in social media advertisement along with the strategies undertaken.

How did Amazon start?

Amazon had taken its first footstep in 1994 in the garage of Jeff Bezos, the founder of amazon. The first initiative of Amazon was taken in Bellevue which is situated in Washington DC. In the beginning companies had the preference to provide online books and amazon was related with book providing services only but after that, a lot of things have changed and items like electronic gadgets, food items, furniture, apparel have also taken its place.

Expansion history

Amazon has turned out to be a giant force in the e-commerce market as the expansion or growth has supported the organization in a positive way. Amazon has achieved the position of top most business organization in the world and the current conditions are stating the fact that amazon is acting as a top multinational company in the whole world. Amazon is acquiring corporations with a proper future plannings, not only acquiring the company is also selling products like the Kindle tablet and Alexa. Amazon has created amazon studio for showing better creativity and handling a lot of things on the OTT platforms. Amazon is engaging the entire world corporation and stepping to improve commerce growth.

The year 2018 is a crucial and important year for amazon as in this year the company has recorded arecord-breaking revenue of 232,887 million dollar, and this result has shown the best outcome in the last twenty-five years record. Amazon has decided to expand the levels of business with new diversities and started modern ventures in cloud computing, intelligence in artificial forms and streaming of videos has also gotten the priority in its new ventures.

646,500 workers are recruited by amazon in the economic year 2018 and this has made amazon the largest technology employer of the world.

The initiative of selling computer games was taken in 1998 and in the same year amazon had expanded its business by acquiring other bookstores within Germany and the United Kingdom.

2017 was also a pivotal year for amazon and amazon launched the second headquarter of the company. The financial conditions have stated that around 5-billion-dollar investment is needed for this second headquarter making procedure and this initiative will provide almost 25000 job opportunities within the economy. This newly created job will provide a salary of 150000 dollars on average which can resolve a little ofb the total unemployment problem and this can lead to good growth rates in the near future. It will definitely bring a proper change in the economy drastically.

Brief History of Amazon's Sucess!

As mentioned in 1998 with the follow of the Bezos business plan, the multinational company has expanded its initiative and expanded the business up to the European grids. Amazon has taken the initiative to sell electronic consumer items, electronic updated games and other things like home management items and toys. In the mid of the 2000’s the company launched a web service which has transformed the company into a tech company from an online retailing company.

The year 2006 has proven to be a pivotal year for the company as in this year the company has taken an expansion with its amazon web services and an elastic compute cloud was added with the expansionary frameworks. A simple storage service has been followed with this initiative. In recent days a bulk amount of income is generated from that and the company’s revenue generation procedure is completely supported by this initiative.

Amazon has started to provide an eBook market in the middle of 2012 as the management team has anticipated the growth of android in the recent future and demand of eBook reading by the customer. the inclusion of kindle in the business operations has given a lot of good feedbacks in the recent future and the initiatives were admired broadly with by the consumers, then after all this operation amazon has shown its focus on other services like shipping, production in fresh, delivery with the help of droning procedure and others. Amazon has taken the initiative to bring all the changes in at the own airports.

When did Amazon start becoming popular and when did Amazon go public?

At the time of its founding, many of Bezos' peers and other critics voiced their skepticism about his proposed business model. Financial journalists were some of the most vitriolic and often disparaged the company by referring to it as Amazon.bomb.

Many of them claimed that would ultimately lose out to more established bookstores. Especially those that were already following suit and starting their own e-commerce sites. Source, Christopher McFadden.

In the primary stages when Bezo has initiated the business plans then the plan was criticized heavily with and lots of rejection was given on the business plannings. Media has highlighted the company as an amazon bomb and huge claims were showing that this company might lose a lots of bookstore preference in the near future also. Some of the critics were even started to prove correrct as the company was not making sufficient profit which can ensure the long run sustainability and it was partly true because the company has not made sufficient profit till the final quarter of 2001. A lots of business experts and news reports has criticized the business ideology and but Bezo had confidence on the business model argued in favor of it.

In the year 1996 the company has noted an impressive number 180000 dollar in terms of growth and the year has figured 1000,000 account registration and the revenue account has shown a result of 148 million dollars. The year 1998 has noted the revenue of almost dollar 600 million revenue and this was very impressive growth rate which has caught the eyes of a lot of investors and in 1999 Bezo was chosen as the person of the year in time magazine. The revenue generation aand the other important expansionary procedures have ensured that only private investment would not provide sufficient improvement for the long run survival so the company has acquired dollar 54 million investment from NASDAQ exchange. The company has focused more on the acquisition policies and the stock sales were monitored properly. The business operation has proven to be so much fruitful that from one person in 1996 it appointed 350000 people at the end of 1999.

How does Amazon use technology to increase efficiency?

Apart from its near-universal appeal as a kind of one-stop shop, Amazon has also taken advantage of the latest technological innovations to increase its efficiency and service to its customers.

From the use of AI to handle and process orders or recruit to experimenting with drones and robots for order fulfilment and delivery, Amazon is certainly not afraid of testing out the latest innovations in tech. Source Christopher McFadden, A very brief history of Amazon.

From the beginning, this business project has attempted to achieve more business efficiency in the market and the service providing quality was never sacrificed at any cost. Latest technological inventions were introduced the uses of drones in service providing, robotics technology is also introduced for the technological innovation and the most important thing is that the company was not afraid to start any new process of providing services.

Some of the approaches were proven profitable and some of the approaches were not, For example, machine learning or current tech was introduced but not used in the final term activity but the software developers have put efforts into those innovative ideas and expanded according to the needs.

Amazon has taken various and tough policies for hiring and firing employees, so this process is hugely criticized by the policymakers. The employees get any kind of feedback like either praised or criticized according to the work performance. The software are set to show the performance with respect to the key indicators which are set by the automatic software developers. But the recent reports state that the employees are not sacked automatically by the software, the employees are given proper support for better result in the future. But the overall public reviews do not support that factor and the sum of conflicts are raised.

The latest reports show that amazon prefers more automated solutions for better efficient management and robotics instruments are getting a good preference in the company, but the human resources are still getting good level of preference at the time of customer management issues, packaging items and other important matters like delivery pReferences.

Amazon has continued to prefer more and more items or choices for the customers, the company is trying to minimize the activities of the customers and trying to control the visits to the amazon store physically. The main preference is given on getting the loyalty from the customers and the company is trying to be the first preference of the company. The updated reports show that Amazon is providing more options as substitutes of any item to the costumers for better preferences.

The recent reports are showing amazon has become a company of 1 trillion market capacity and this company has registered as only the second company which a market capture over one trillion.

Amazon in the beginning provided easy and convenient way of providing service to its customers. Moreover, it also analyses its potential customer which also enables to analyse the needs of various consumers, for example different types of purchase that different consumers wants. Amazon is also analysed to have used various automated techniques and deliver the products to its customers at their doorstep.

Acquisitions and Domination

Acquisitions and domination have played a major role in the further development and other important manner. Some of the acquisitions like, and some others. The company has initiated a policy which ensures the customers to order grocery according to the needs of the customers and this policy has changed a lot of things in the company policy makings. The policy has improved the company’s e commerce concept a lot.

An Amazon Prime membership includes various perks including free delivery, streaming, shopping and reading books on its website

Amazon has taken the concept of free delivery for better reach to the customers and this has proven pivotal for better outcomes in the near future, not only that amazon has started amazon prime membership which includes a lot of benefits for the customers. This company has touched and covered different parts of the human life in with the respect to american lifestyle.Some of the approaches were proven profitable and some of the approaches were not, as an example a machine learning or current tech was introduced but not used in the final term activity but the software developers have put efforts on innovative ideas and expanded according to the needs.

The American economy has gotten the chance to get the positive effects of the points which are hugely connected with the American economy. But it is also true that Amazon doesn't have the same power all over the world economy with the same strength and this is the main reason why this company has faced difficult competition in different parts of the world. One of the most important features of Amazon is that it includes the global expansion strategy as the prime feature of that. According to Bezos the acquisitions and the merger activities have helped the company to take a global expansion up to that level. Amazon has become more popular after the introduction of Amazon Prime in the market and this has given the company a more popular identity towards every sector because this activity has included a lot of members with Amazon whose activities are not even directly connected with Amazon.

International Expansion

Amazon has focused more on international expansion in recent times and most of the countries like India, which has a huge market capacity and huge demand on consumer goods can be generated with the help of this market. Amazon is targeting the Latin American market and the company has already started to sell its product in Brazil, Argentina and other important countries. Before 2018 Brazil used to be a limited customer but in recent times Brazil has taken a lot of steps for the continuation of better development. Amazon is targeting India also in a slow way and in a silent manner amazon is capturing the market of India, small steps are being taken from Amazon to capture the market of India. Amazon has taken the policy to give employment in Brazil and Amazon wants to use the policy just to get an extra advantage in the country. For more expansion in further markets Chile and Mexico is also set as a prime target in the Latin American expansion policy of Amazon, the targets are getting the preferences by the company according to the demanding factors set by the company.

Amazon made a bold, familiar move – it launched its coveted Prime service in Brazil. Like the tactic in India, they’re betting on loyalty to make them rise to the top. Unlike the competition in India, however, Amazon faces an already established, well-loved e-commerce megacorp in MercadoLibre. According to Bloomberg, Amazon only has two distribution centres in Brazil and therefore less selection. Prime is intended to change the playing field. With Prime, which has been “tailored for Portuguese speakers and can sing soccer team anthems—a gesture to the nation’s ardent fans.”

Alibaba beats Amazon out in its hometown China, so to really globally dominate, Brazil is a particularly important market for Amazon to conquer. To do that, they have to overtake MercadoLibre. Can Prime do it all? Amazon’s investment in Brazil needs a smart approach.

Thinking locally, Amazon is producing a documentary on Brazil’s soccer team. To please local buyers the inventory will change to fit their preferences. This is what Amazon does; it takes its time and learns who its customers are, but the company is always working on its next step, quietly as it may seem. As told to Bloomberg, Amazon Brazil’s Chief Alex Szapiro says Amazon is in no rush. “What happens in the United States today took 25 years. We want to do it fast, but doing it right.”

Amazon website before social media

Bezos and MacKenzie Tuttle were configuring the name of the venture sites with the potential effect on the consumer. In that case of accumulated name,.It has basically taken proper accumulation over the domain name that has been estimated by them are “,, and”. After such names, Bezos scrolled the search of an effective name, it had hit the name amazon as amazon is one of the biggest rivers on the planet and they also wanted to expand its business on the online platform with the effective factor to explore overall business in the world. With this philosophy, they started the name and started their online store in 1994 on the 1st of November. The valuation of the effective online sites with the effective accumulation of the online stores with the proper and effective strategy with the implicative strategy as this has the effective insight with the work that created work on the proper business plan. The business plan with the effective insight of the overall work that makes an effect on the analyzed work. The evaluation of the business plan based on the customer's attraction has provided the attraction on the work that can provide all the work to spread the business all over the world. It has implicated the total valuation of the work which has been analyzed by the use of the proper strategy. Amazon can be the major platform on which the consumer can search for new products and have implications on the analysis result

Configuration over the current statistics of the Amazon company

The valuation of the recent trends and statistics of the Amazon company has been evaluated based on various sites and sources. The current statistics and trends of the Amazon company have made an accumulated on providing information as overall revenue for the three quarters in 2020 of the company has increased by 35% (Amazon, 2020). Moreover, it has been announced by Amazon that the overall revenue of the company is at $96.1 billion in 2020 which implies an increase in the total sales by 37%. Moreover, it has been noticed that the company has made slow and steady growth in the past four consecutive years from 2016 to 2016 as the total revenue value for the consecutive years has been analyzed as “$135 billion, $177 billion, $232 billion and $280.52 billion” respectively. The value of the company's market value at the end of June 2020 reached $1.49 trillion (Forbes, 2020). Moreover, it has been expected that the sales of e-commerce have slightly decreased by 15.9% and it has been expected to be $468.87 billion by the end of 2021.

The major valuation of the changes in the company strategy has made an effective impact on the overall work of the company and reached the top-ranked company in the US in 2020. The increased sales value has helped the company to reach the top-ranked and that has been also followed by several top companies such as “Walmart and eBay ''. The recent value of the statistics has also included the comparison of Amazon's position on the “gross merchandise value (GMV)” as it is in the third position with the generated value of $339 billion in the year 2019. The first position for GMV has been mainly taken by Taobao with the gross value of GMV in 2019 being $538 billion.

Catalog of Amazon with growing products

Amazon is one of the largest retail companies and it has a catalog with 12 million products based on different products and services. On the other hand, the total number of products that have been available on the market of Amazon is 353 million (RepricerExpress, 2021). There are different categories and based on this total percentage of sales by the company has been analyzed. Frequent sales of several products as 44% for electronics items, 43% for shoes and jewellery, 39% for kitchen and home appliances, 15% for gourmet food and groceries and 9% for baby products. Based on the categories of the products and services, it has analyzed the percentage sales by the Amazon company which has been stated in the below table.

Apart from these products and services, it has acquired the top categories that have been sold maximum are Kitchen and home appliances which are 45% of the total product (JungleScout, 2020). In that case, it has made the accumulation of justifying that home and kitchen appliances have been the most sold product by the Amazon company.

Growth of Amazon market size

The market size of Amazon has also increased as the value of total revenue has increased successfully. The total number of employees who worked in amazon is more than 1.2 million of which 427,300 were hired by the company during the pandemic. The Amazon company can earn 50 cents for each dollar that has been spent on the consumer.

Statistics for users and sellers

The Amazon company has effective statistics in terms of the proper implication of using the PC session during the time of Covid-19. It has successfully made implications on the required rank as the company is on the 9th rank in January 2021 in “global internet traffic engagement”. An increase in the consistency of sales of the PC during the time of Covid-19 has been properly analyzed and increased by 65%. The value for an increase of the PC sessions has accumulated by 65% which includes a target of 65%, 15% for amazon and 11% for Walmart (Verto, 2020). The increase in the visit of the sites from amazon has been analyzed as it is very close to the 3.1 billion who visit from their desktop and cell phones. On the other hand, 89% of the users in the US are likely to buy products from amazon.

Amazon as a platform of choice

Amazon can be the major platform on which the consumer can search for new products and have implications on the analysis result. It has been analyzed that 63% of people are more likely to use the amazon app for searching for new varieties of products. After that, consumers compared the value of the particular product with Walmart and then used google search for a more effective result. Moreover, 50% of the people searched Instagram from the influence of their inspiration people. Moreover, effective implications over the required platform of amazon have been most likely used by its consumers and created an effective impact on the overall business. With the proper survey, it has analyzed that 49% of the American people can start their shopping while using the amazon app and 22% of the American people used the google app to search for new products at an effective price. The price of the product has been most likely used by 82% of consumers as they searched over amazon on the effective price. Moreover, the value of the price has been also stated by using the search engine by 36% of consumers. The analysis of the price has been properly stated by the consumers and 5% of the consumer has been influenced by social media.

On the other hand, it has been evaluated that 43% of US consumers have reviewed a particular product from the source of the advertisement on several sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. These are also the major sources that helped Amazon to increase its sales value for the company. The statistics value has created implications on showing the total number of sellers as 9.6 million by the use of the amazon platform. The total number of sellers who have available the listed product is 2.4 million. Apart from this, 6,264 sellers can join the eCommerce giant each day and generate profit day by day.

Grows of Amazon’s Prime subscription

Based on the information revealed for the prime subscriptions of Amazon it can be depicted that the rate of subscriptions has been increasing at a rapid rate. Concerning the statistics present here for Amazon it has revealed that almost 65% of the total customers beholden by Amazon are members of Amazon Prime which depicts a relatively successful outcome. It can be translated that almost 72.8 million customers are prime members of Amazon, as revealed in 2020. At the end of the year 2021, it has been forecasted that the number of users of Amazon prime will increase to 146.8 million which is almost a 142.5% increase based on the statistics of 2020. Furthermore, statistics have revealed that Amazon prime subscriptions have been renewed in the new year by 93% of the members projecting that the company has been able to retain customers successfully. In the US almost 82% of households possess prime subscriptions in 2019 which does not factor the number of households having multiple subscriptions.

Almost 68.7 million contained the prime subscription in the US household where the number has ballooned to an influence of 71.7 million by the end of the year 2021. Statistics have revealed that the US consumers of 55% are currently the beholders of subscriptions out of which 15% of them are former members of Prime and 31% are not members of Prime. The prime subscribers who buy Amazon products are almost 48% have more frequency of purchasing history once a week. Comparatively, 78% of the members purchase goods online at the interval of a few weeks which on the other hand is followed to have only 37% of customers purchasing goods fewer times within a year, who are not members of Prime. As per the statistics presented for the “Amazon Prime subscribers”, are following the prime benefits projected for its customers. This entails having “free two-day shipping” of 83%, streaming the music and videos at 10%, deriving deals of prime exclusives for whole foods at 5%, and achieving free magazines and audiobooks at 1% along with other benefits at 1%.

Based on the statistics depicted it can be mentioned that an average Prime member spends almost $1400 on shopping for e-commerce products. Comparatively, the non-prime members to Amazon spend almost $600 on e-commerce shopping items. The prime-eligible products sold by Amazon are always bought by almost 34% of the present members of Amazon Prime, on the contrary, 53% of members purchase the products frequently.

Day Statistics of the Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime statistics have been one of the most beneficial factors that can help in increasing the sales value by 60% in 2020 as compared to the year 2019. It has properly evaluated the $3.5 billion of the people registered on Amazon Prime. Proper valuation of the sales that have been done by Amazon Prime has been analyzed at $10 billion as 10 billion sold on a Prime day in 2020 (Digital Commerce 360, 2020). On the other hand, it has also been analyzed that the product view has increased by 5% on the prime day of Amazon in 2020 and overall purchase from unique products has also increased by 51% on a prime day as compared to normal days (SimilarWeb, 2020). On the day of the first Amazon Prime, 700% of the units were sold and that has been the biggest success for the company.

Amazon as a third-party seller and its statistics

The third-party seller of the Amazon company has generated a total of $42.7 billion in the year 2018, overshadowing that position and increasing the total value of the third seller in 2019 by $53.76 billion. Moreover, the prime day for the third party seller has been the major record breaker as total sales have 3.5 billion on that day by the third party seller. The value of the total sales by the third-party seller increased by 53% at the end of the third quarter of 2020 (Amazon, 2020). On the contrary, the third-party seller of the Amazon company has other outside work that makes implications on not increasing the value of sales.

Amazon’s Echo and Alexa statistics

Amazon has also spread its business by delivering the major factors in terms of Amazon's “Echo and Alexa”. The value for the “Amazon Echo shipment” has been 53.9 million around the world. Moreover, Amazon Alexa has also spread its business and this has been present in the devices for more than 100000 devices (Amazon, 2021). In 2020, amazon has controlled the speaker market in the US by 69.7% (eMarketer, 2020). One out of five consumers has used voice activation for search on Amazon and made implications on the browsed product at the online platform.

Voice Assistant Popularity in the US market

It shows the major popularity of Voice assistance and on which consumers can search for the product.


Percentage of popularity

Amazon Alexa


Google Assistant










Table: percentage for Voice Assistant Popularity on platforms

(Source: Adobe, 2020)

Amazon Statistics for Web Services

“Amazon Web Services (AWS)” is one of the biggest factors for Amazon in terms of generating revenue. The valuation of the revenue that was generated by the company at the third quarter of 2020 by $11.601 billion alone, contrary, it generated a total sales value of $10.808 billion by the end of the second quarter of 2020 (Amazon, 2020). It clearly makes an implication on providing the total value of the sales that have increased by 29% as a yearly growth and has an impact on the overall growth rate in the second quarter of 2020. The market shares of several companies such as “Google, Alibaba, and Tencent” have comprised a combinedly the 17% (Synergy Research, 2020). At the time of the pandemic, AWS was the largest public cloud that had grown and increased by 29%. AWS was in fourth place and the other three majors were “Alibaba, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud”.

ECommerce Software


Vend is one of the most effective and integrated software with the POS system. This can help in improving the overall inventory factors and managing the inventory system in the most effective manner.

NetSuite ERP

Netsuite is the most “flexible ERP suited pack” with eCommerce that can mainly help in managing numerous factors. The proper valuation of the warehouse and its payment management has been flexibly handled by the NetSuite ERP.

Shopify Plus

The Spotify plus has the major feature to manage the online stores in a successful manner and has implications on providing the proper value on the entire accumulated value based on the different context.


The transformation of WordPress sites into effective online stores has been effectively done by the use of WooCommerce as it has the collection of the toolkit.

Trade Gecko

TradeGecko is also an effective and attractive “inventory management platform” that can help the business to accumulate effective and attractive online platforms and have implications on other work. Trade Gecko is a platform that manages inventories for potential companies and it can also help other companies to improve their inventory management. Other than that, it has also been determined that business accommodation may affect the financial position of the organization. Trade Gecko evaluates the inventories of the company to determine its financial position and it can help the company manage its internal operations as well. Trade Gecko is an online inventory management service provider that provides premium services according to their needs. It has also been concluded that the comprehensive compilation has not effaced the potential statistical data which may reduce the effectiveness of the organization.

What is Amazon’s business model and how did Amazon get this big

Many academics believe that Amazon’s outstanding success as an Internet retailer compared with many of its rivals has been due largely to its ideal business model and swift response to the changing market since its inception. (Global Market Information Database, 2003) To begin with, Amazon chose the perfect product lines for e-commerce, with products that consumers did not need to handle in person before making a purchase: initially books, but then spreading to DVDs, music and other media. Furthermore, consumers in the book and music categories tend to desire information when they shop online, which Amazon was able to provide on its sites through reviews and recommendations. Amazon consumers appeared willing to pay a little extra for this convenience, although the recent competitiveness of the market has forced the company to cut prices or use other promotional techniques, and shift the focus of its business model from pure quality driven back towards price driven.

Amazon’s business model is the most effective model in the market which helps the company to hold its reputation and business ethics. After comparing the internal retailer with the many comparator companies, it has been clear that among developed the most successful business models help the company to grow more and it also increases competitive advantages in the market. Amazon follows the idea-based business model which changes according to the market since its inception (Businessmodelanalyst, 2022). Changing according to the market situation is important and it helps the company to increase its profit margin and it also helps the company to develop its products. Other than that, amazon has a team that monitors the market situation and its growth. Reducing financial risk is also a major business model implementation that helps the company understand market risk and future financial risk.

Furthermore, Amazon chooses the perfect product line for their business and they also innovate the new product and marketing model according to the market needs. For example, when Amazon started their business, they used to sell only books to their platform and now companies sell every type of item in the market all over the world. Shift and Focus is the main technique that Amazon uses in theory business operation and it helps the company become a leading organization in the world.

After the marketing teaching and potential business, model amazon tried a diversification model in the organization which hell [s the company improves its sales margin and it also helps the company to build a strong organization.

Focusing on product building is important and amazon uses this process to increase its profit margin and overall performance. Other than that, amazon focuses on building a portfolio that values the business model of the company and it also analyzes the internal business operations. The product portfolio helps the company to analyze customers’ choices. Most newspapers and articles announced that Amazon is the most innovative company in the world and they produce more products than any other organization in the world (Amazon, 2022). Amazon uses new features to run their company such as the “Instant Order Update” section in their application which helps the customers to track their products and it makes the ordering process more convenient for customers. Retail order marketing strategies are also being developed by the company and these studies reduce the financial risk of the company.

Amazon then turned to diversification, and extending its product offer in order to widen its customer base and improve margins, with the result being that the company has focused strongly on building up its product portfolio to offer customers more choice. In 2001, Amazon increased its range of electronics and tripled its kitchen selection, as well as launching computer and magazine subscriptions stores, and set up strategic partnerships with retailers such as Target and Circuit

City. In November 2002 announced the launch of a new online apparel store with items from retailers including The Gap, Old Navy, Land’s End, Nordstrom’s, Cole Hahn, Osh Kosh, Spiegel, Eddie Bauer, and Foot Locker, amongst others. This diverse business model has enabled Amazon to grow both its market capitalisation and profitability, and become largely accepted as the world’s leading online retailer (Global Market Information Database, 2003)

Indeed, a recent article by Sutton (2005) focuses on Sears Canada Inc., which has recently stated that it will turn over the technology component of its online retail presence to Amazon to capitalize on Amazon’s years of expertise in customer-facing Web sites. “ will remain very much a Sears brand,” according to spokesperson Vincent Power, (Sutton, 2005) with little to indicate Amazon’s involvement from a customer’s perspective, and Sears will continue to host the site, using the same internal fulfilment house that handles customer orders from the site and from the Sears catalogues. Amazon Services Inc., a subsidiary of Inc., will handle the arrangement which is only the latest in a series that Amazon has struck with other retailers recently. The idea of retailers, both huge and small, outsourcing their Web sites has gathered momentum in recent years, said retail analyst Jim Okamura with Chicago-based J.C. Williams Group (Sutton, 2005), and Amazon’s business model is now aligning itself to take full advantage of this fact.

Strategic alliances are another integral part of Amazon’s business model, and the company has entered into a number of agreements to expand its range of products and services by allowing selected strategic partners to sell products and services under co-branded sections on the website. These alliances have generally consisted of Amazon making, or having the future right to make, a minority investment in the companies, and the entry into commercial agreements, which vary in scope, from customer advertising activities and links, to recently announced deals involving the sale of products and services on co-branded sections of the website. These alliances have developed from the successful alliances the company forged in 2001, with such companies as America Online and Target in the US, and Virgin Wines in the UK. Amazon also expanded its product offering under its strategic alliance to include and co-branded stores at In addition, the company entered into strategic alliances with Expedia, Hotwire and National Leisure Group to create its travel store, further fulfilling its diversification aims.

Fulfilment performed by Amazon, and is remarkably successful: by 2001, more than 700,000 websites had enrolled in the Associate's Program. (Global Market Information Database, 2003)

What many consider to be the defining characteristic of Amazon’s business model is that the firm has no physical retailing activities, operating only via the Internet. However, its virtual operation is very much underpinned by administrative and service facilities, and in 2001, these consisted of US fulfilment facilities in New Castle, Delaware; Coffeyville, Kansas; Campbellsville and Lexington, Kentucky; Fernley, Nevada; and Grand Forks, North Dakota; as well as a seasonal fulfilment centre, used as necessary, in Seattle, Washington. The company also leases and operates three European fulfilment centres located in the UK, France and Germany and, in Japan, the courier company Nippon Express provides fulfilment services for orders from These fulfilment centres comprise in total around four million sq ft of warehouse space, and in addition, Amazon leases four off-site facilities that fluctuate from 340,000 to 710,000 sq ft of space, which support the storage and fulfilment functions of the US centres. (Global Market Information Database, 2003)

What are the technologies used by the organisation in pursuit of competitive advantage?

In Hamid’s (2005) article, he focuses strongly on the fact that Amazon offers many interesting variations on the strategic applications of Internet technology, in order to enhance customer relationship and acquire customer loyalty. Obviously, Amazon’s offerings of personalised services, confirmation of orders in real time and other value added activities substantiated the ability of the Internet as a competitive tool. As the number of internet users is growing rapidly around the world, retailers are under great pressure to take advantage of this huge online market potential. According to a recent study, it has been concluded that amazon partners with many other companies to build stories and it also helps the company to build a strong marketing model. Electronic products to kitchen products and all types of equipment are available on amazon because online, they do not need physical storage and they mostly use the supplier's storage to run their business operations (Mbaknol, 2022). This situation suggests that the company also has ways to focus on development and changing their business according to the situation. Promotional techniques are also being used by amazon to increase its sell margin and it also helps the company to attract more consumers to the company. The company used personalized services to the company and it is the most convenient technology that amazon has developed. Value-added activities are also been developed in the company. Amazon is an online company and the internet is the most effective technology that has been used in the company to rescue their contour reducing risk and can attract more customers to the organization.

Implementing the managing policies is important and amazon uses marketing strategies to attract consumers to the company. Lastly, amazing the target audience is the biggest strength of the company. It makes the buying process more convenient and it also helps the customers to get what they want. Tracking their last order history and this pattern of buying also helps the company to increase its sales margin. Targeting the potential customer can increase the financial position of the organization and it works according to the country and market structure. Focusing on countries and their beliefs helps the company to implement a business structure. Developing the travel stores is the next focusing point of the company and it can increase its cash inflow on the yearly basis.

and Amazon is ideally placed to turn that vision into reality (Curtis, 2005) Given that the retailer owns or leases well over four million square feet of warehouse space, no small portion of which is devoted to books, and employs 9,000 people to process orders, it would benefit immensely if it could forward orders to a printer to drop-ship books directly to customers.

Not only would this benefit Amazon itself, but also potentially the publishers, helping Amazon develop strong relationships with yet another stakeholder group. One strategy might be for Amazon to print pre-sold books in its own plant which, aside from shifting printing and shipping costs from publishers to the retailer, would also sharply reduce the guesswork for publishers setting print runs. Given current economies of scale for large print runs of big books, it’s likely publishers would, at least for the foreseeable future, continue to print books the traditional way for brick-and-mortar accounts. However, Curtis (2005) claims that even a mix of POD and traditional printing makes more sense than the current reasoning that you can make more money by printing a million copies and selling half of them than you can by printing half a million and selling all of them.

Though POD manufacturing costs are currently far higher than those of traditional long print runs, longer POD print runs, and lower unit costs, will become more common if the number of pre

orders on the site continues to rise, and as the technology continues to improve, especially given Amazon’s access to detailed customer data which it can use to predict future retail trends. advantage. Indeed, trade publishers may find themselves shifting to a system in which most books are pre-sold, regardless of the channel, further increasing Amazon’s advantage over the traditional stores. Curtis, R. (2005)

What are the implications of this technology on the internal organisation of work?

One of the key implications of the importance of technology to Amazon is that the company has to maintain its edge in technology: an edge that is more critical than ever as Amazon increasingly squares off against sophisticated e-commerce survivors like eBay, whilst controlling the potentially massive costs of said technology. Just two and a the wrong reasons.” (Thomas, 2003)

The internal staff of Amazon has initiated the coding through open source and has further started using Linux boxes instead of the Sun servers. Further, this has helped in developing the necessity of improving the development of technology. For example, it can be said that $1 is required to be spent on the hardware, while the company may consider savings of $ 10 in getting a license, upgrades related to hardware devices, maintenance fees as well as adapting to systems along with new processes.

Partners of Amazon first intend to increase revenue, which also helps them to control internal costs. Therefore, the company has started to invest in the tools relating to the Amazon application as well as in its web series. This has also enabled Amazon to develop its personal use and makes it easy for Amazon partners to increase its revenue.

There has been a recent shift in the company’s cutting costs, which has enabled an effect or shift in the work of the organization. Therefore, this has led to a restructuring plan thereby reducing the personnel numbers with a workforce of 15%. Thus, the company was forced to develop a consolidation in Seattle as well as closing the customer services centre. However, there was migration in the technological infrastructure and restructuring of hardware as well as software platforms.

Virtual operations are also done by the company and it may reduce their financial risk and it can increase the profitability level of the employees and their performance. According to a recent study, it has been concluded that Amazon develops their product and services according to the governing body of the Particular company (Garyfox, 2022). Other than that, a company developing a huge size of warehouses in different countries helps the company reduce its storage costs. Developing a team to analyze the market helps to increase the revenue of the company and it also increases the operational functions of the company.

Diversification plays a potential role in the company and it helps the company to build strong and healthy organizations all over the world. Amazon is the most innovative company and they make changes according to their needs which helps the company to create financial straight. Developing new software and implying that AI technology is a recent focusing point of the company and companies can increase their financial performance after implementing these strategies.

Explaining Amazon’s social media marketing and traditional marketing models

Now that we have looked at Amazon’s history, statistics and business model, we will examine Amazon’s social media marketing and traditional marketing models.

1.1. Justification of research problem

A research problem usually defines an issue related to the topic within a particular field (Pardede, 2018). This research is important because the information relayed in this paper can help businesses better define their audiences and do their marketing by targeting the appropriate audience.

The problem that has been identified in this study is related to a comparison between Amazon’s marketing models and it is the fact that both mediums of marketing have different target audiences.

When we refer to Amazon’s two marketing models, we are talking about:

  • Amazon’s online strategy
  • Amazon brick-and-mortar physical stores

We must add that the lines between the audiences of these two different marketing models is blurring due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic which has basically made a lot of people do their interactions, businesses and networking mostly online on social media. This will make it difficult to compare both segments of the study and to get related data on the topic.

1.2. Aims and Objectives

One of the important aims of this research proposal is to examine what way social media advertising is more beneficial as compared to conventional advertising.

The various research objectives related to the study are listed below:

  • To study the effectiveness of Amazon’s social media advertisement as compared to conventional advertisement
  • To study the various benefits related to Amazon’s social media advertisement as compared to its conventional advertising
  • To study the buyers' purchasing behaviour based on their preferences
  • To study the differences between social media advertising and traditional advertising

1.3. Hypothesis

The hypothesis statement is a presumption, a thought that is designed for contention so it tends to be tried to check whether it may be correct (Cherry, Kendra 2020). You can also say that a research hypothesis is a statement of expectations or predictions that will be tested by research.

The hypothesis for this study is mentioned below:

  1. H1: Amazon’s social media advertisement is more effective compared to conventional advertisement
  2. H2: Amazon’s social media advertisement is more beneficial than conventional advertising
  3. H3: Social media has a greater effect on buyer behaviour compared to traditional advertising
  4. H4: Social media advertising is very different from traditional advertising

Chapter 2. Literature Review

2.1 Social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that uses social media apps as a marketing tool.

These social media platforms enable brands to connect with their audience to:

  • build a brand;
  • increase sales;
  • drive traffic to a website; and
  • build a community of followers to share and engage with content.

Amazon’s Social Media presence

Amazon has a clear grip on its Digital Marketing space and that knowledge is perfectly evident in their social media efforts

The company has built its company on developing a foundation aspect in which company’s employees as well as practices related to digital marketing by using CNN reports. Further, the company has also launched the patent such as I-Click, which has helped the company to collect the data along with the advertisements, thereby helping the company to serve the customers with different types of appeal. Alongside being the first name in online retailing, they understand the effect that a solid social media strategy can have – and have a clear understanding of who their audience is.

It has been observed that social media users have been increasing at a rate of 13.13% per year. The social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have witnessed a heavy growth in the last decade. In the year 2021, the number of active users in social media increased to 4.26 billion which is about 58.4% of the population globally. As per the statistics it is expected that the number of active users in social media may increase to about 6 billion by the year 2027. Brand awareness is much better on social media platforms since over 50% of the world's population is present as active users. This allows the business composers to “approach almost 70% more customers” than in the traditional advertisement. Brand messages can be spread more easily and in a shorter time frame in the case of social media advertising (Richmond, 2018). A business may be reached on a global scale by targeting the customer online. The “large customer base” and the approach to the younger generation with the idea of the business may help the company to develop a brand image in an efficient and effective manner.

It has been observed that almost 65% of the users on Facebook belong to the age- group below 35 years. Further, it has been found that almost 80% of business operations choose the young age group as their “target audience”. Since they are financially stable and are willing to spend more money for their comfort and to fulfill other demands (Bschool, 2019). Thus the social media platform becomes the first choice of the businesses for advertisement, as maximum users belong to the younger age group with high-level demand. “Return on investment” is generally higher in the case of social media (Ac, 2020). In the case of traditional marketing, it seems less affordable for businesses entering the market. Expenses incurred in traditional advertising must be higher and may be overwhelming for newcomers to the business environment. The ROI in the case of traditional; marketing is 30% whereas, in the case of social media marketing the ROI may extend to 75%-80%, as the input cost is nominal. Traditional marketing such as television ads and newspaper advertisements may not provide the opportunity to exhibit creativity in the advertisement. However, if the business person adopts software like Bannerflow and involves minimum effort to handle such tools as well as techniques, it may provide the business with a huge opportunity to grow (Org, 2019). By hiring a web designer, any business may create its own page on any social media and organize several activities to encourage its customers to buy its product. Measurement and analyticshave also improvised as social media replaced traditional marketing techniques. In traditional advertising, it was difficult to measure the profit with the cost incurred while undergoing the advertisement procedure (Researchgate, 2019). The customer base used to diverge from the other competitors in the process as well. However, in the case of social media advertising, the business page generated by the entities in the social media may draw an idea of an increased customer base by analyzing the number of followers and by using various analytics software (Jyu, 2019). Theuser-generated content” is one of the main features of social media marketing. This ensures the involvement of the customer in the business operation more intensely. The feedback of the customer is directly posted on the website of the company which provides the feeling of inclusiveness within the customer and a fair amount of emotional attachment towards the company as well. This ensures the company generates aloyal customer basein a short period andretention of customers” becomes easier as well. The reason behind this is that the customer of the company is directly linked with the employees in the business and the feedback is directly communicated via social media. by taking immediate action regarding the issue the company may retain a loyal customer base.

Influencer marketing is one of the strategies adopted by many start-up businesses to elevate their revenue since the beginning (researchgate, 2020). Since the influencers already have a large customer base, their image may be used by the company as a tool to sell their products. Live-stream marketing strategy may also be adopted by the business entities. By adopting such a strategy, the company may choose one of its customers to demonstrate its products on their social media page. Since customer loyalty is achieved by the company, the customer spreads the goodwill of the company to the other live steamers which further helps the company to increase its customer base (sagepub, 2019). Budgeting is one of the main advantages of social media marketing or advertising. Since all the business personnel from small businesses to large businesses may adopt the advantage of social media, the budget prepared is much lower. It has been observed that the overall cost of the business operation comes down by adopting the new-age advertising technique. Advertising saves a huge amount of revenue as well as time and effort for the employees in the organization. The resources may thus be used to enhance the other operational activities in the business.

Long-term ROI

Return on investment in social media marketing is not automatic. It takes time. You have to keep consistently dropping content over long periods of time before you begin to make a profit using SMM.

Competitor Factor

Competitors can easily access your strategy and use it against you on social media. After all its readily and openly posted.

Negative reviews

There is also the problem of bad publicity and negative reviews that may negatively impact the brand image of an organization.

2.4 How to create a social media

Creating a social network means you must have the resources to follow through.

  1. Define Your Target Audience – know Your Community

The first step is to identify who your target audience is. Define the service you want to offer and this will lower your risk of failure significantly. Build your social network website around these values and you are almost good to go. You can effectively determine your target audience by conducting an online research or by testing it on people in real life. Google is an incredible resource for you to get started.

  1. Develop Growth Strategy Based on Your Users

Next step is to prepare your growth strategy. You have determined your target audience. You must now determine how to get your content across to them. Your growth strategy must be consistent and will greatly determine your social network commercial success

There are two things you can do. You can decide to start small and expand your base or you can Go Big based on larger demographies but whatever strategy you choose, the key is consistency. Facebook started small with Mark Zuckerberg in his dormitory while Twitter used the go-big strategy and is still highly successful today

  1. Build a team of app developers and web developers

Get a team of developers that best suit your budget. Communication and clarity among you and your team is key at this stage.

Factor in the fact that you may want to stick with a web-only approach or build an app as time goes on. All these are related to the preferences of your target audience.

  1. Use Minimal and Simple Social Network UX Design

How to design a social network that will be user-friendly and functional?Keep it minimal and simple. These two rules exist beecause users want to make a social network that is all about them, not you. Below are some basic elements to think of when creating a social media network

  • The elements of a standard profile
  • Chat options and features
  • News Feed design
  • Connect Buttons
  • Engagement Buttons
  • Comment Section Areas
  • Social Groups options
  • Setup Page Design
  1. Promote Your Social Network Effectively

Follow the AIDA marketing model. It’s an acronym used in marketing and it stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. Ensure to communicate with your target audience in a way that better respond to their needs and desires. The final goal is to monetize your efforts in the market properly.You can then move on to monetizing your platform by doing the following:

  • Usage of banners, sponsors, promotion through mentioning brands as well as advertisement through various platforms
  • Enabling cooperation and approaching various influencers and developing sevrral affiliate programs
  • The company also developed digital products on its websites and app which included games, e-books, electronics.
  • Developing and organizing sponsorship and charging participation
  • Incorporating freelance services such as coaching, training and consulting
  • Donations – “Donate” which could be an easier way of gaining more income
  1. Build Your SEO strategy

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Google offers free courses on SEO and it is the next step in getting your service out there. With SEO, your social site or website pops up in popular searches and gets lots of visits.

  1. Referrals

Referrals from friends are also a good way to spread the word out. This is an incredible way to build your community. Use another social network for promotion – Use your follower base to dig deeper and find out about their friends on other social media. Ask them to invite them manually.

If you are a company or a business that wants to use Facebook for instance to get your product or service known, it is quite simple. First step is to create a Facebook Page. A Page has special business features including the options to run ads

2.5 Amazon’s Traditional Advertising Model

We established in our introduction that traditional advertising refers to any type of marketing that is not online. This refers to print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, outdoor advertising/billboards, newspaper and radio. Traditional marketing helps reach targeted audiences.

Traditional marketing is not only one of the oldest forms of marketing, but also one of the most researched. Marketers lean towards this method because it’s tried and true. Everyone encounters some sort of traditional marketing in their everyday lives whether it’s getting the mail or your daily newspaper.

Traditional marketing plays an important part in reaching local audiences. Ads can be kept for a long period of time if they are physical plus there’s an audience who’s easier to reach through traditional marketing than online marketing.

Taherdoost (2014) expresses that this form of advertising is a method for organizations to convey their products and services to the purchasers offline. (Taherdoost, 2014).

As stated by Matsumura (2011) customary publicizing is utilizing media like TV, transistor, paper and bulletins etc. These mentioned mediums are commonly one-way correspondence publicizing in light of the fact that these are essentially centering to reach whatever number of buyers as could be allowed (Matsumura, 2011)

2.6 Broadcast media

Hsu (2007), depicted that TV is a very much involved apparatus for promotion because of its ubiquity and its capacity to contact crowds. The creators likewise clarified that TV and radio promotions are similar in light of the fact that both TV and radio utilize audio cues and topics altogether to intrigue the crowd (Hsu, 2007). The term ‘broadcast media’ covers a wide spectrum of different communication methods such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and any other materials supplied by the media or the press.

Almost everybody has a television or radio, to say the least. Millions of people can be effectively reached via TV and radio adverts especially the older demography that are not too tech-savvy and relies heavily on traditional media for information

Amazon’s Traditional Marketing Strategy

It is analysed that the marketing strategy of Amazon is considered under the framework of marketing mix. Therefore, it includes promotion, price, place as well as product. Thus, it also involves strategies such as the approach of pricing, promotion as well as innovation of a product, which enables the company to develop a successful position in the market.

It is also analysed that the company after incorporating a marketing strategy has enabled itself to position at a competitive place, which has also helped in achieving strategies, objectives as well and goals.

  • Product Strategy
  • Service Strategy
  • Place and Distribution Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Promotional and Advertising Strategy

Amazon Product Strategy:

The strategy and marketing mix that has been followed by Amazon is elaborated below:

It is analysed that the company sells the products online in which users log into Amazon which is done through apps as well as websites. Further, through the website as well as app, the company uses various channels of distribution which enables the company to deliver the products to consumers. Moreover, it has also developed an app where it sells its book which also shows that the company's product portfolio has also been diversified. This also helps the company to provide different goods to different types of consumers.

Amazon Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Amazon's marketing strategy:

Amazon has got a market leader and competition-based pricing strategy in its marketing mix.

As the different kinds of services are offered by Amazon its pricing strategies are also varied. It uses technology to its advantage in setting the prices. Most of the time the price of products is set following the competitive pricing strategy. Amazon offers the lowest prices and this is made possible by the efficiency of its operations and also its web-based business model. It adjusts the prices frequently based on the category of product, time of the day and season. Amazon also provides value-added services like Prime where users pay subscription charges for one-day delivery and early access to the deals. Amazon also follows differential pricing, for the same product it charges different prices depending on the place of the consumer as it has different websites in each country it operates. AWS is also a market leader in offering high-quality low-priced web hosting solutions.

Amazon's Marketing Strategy comprises of not only its Marketing Mix but also segmentation, targeting, positioning, competition and analysis like SWOT.

Amazon Place & Distribution Strategy:

Amazon is a global brand and has a presence all across the world. All consumers buy products and services from the website and Apps of to buy. Once a customer places the order the distribution channel of Amazon comes into picture where the products are procured and stored at Amazon’s fulfilment centres. These are huge warehouses constructed by Amazon in strategic locations to reach even the remotest of places. These are categorized into sortable fulfilment centres (large and small goods), non-sortable, customer return and speciality items warehouses. From these fulfilment centres the goods are transferred to distribution centres and then to customers. Amazon uses the local postal and courier services for the transportation of packages.

Amazon’s Promotion and Advertising Strategy:

Amazon uses aggressive marketing campaigns to promote its brand. When it comes to promotion Amazon leaves no stone unturned in its marketing mix promotional strategy. Its major focus is on advertising – through print ads in newspapers have increased exponentially of late. Amazon uses creative television commercials and social media marketing through SEO and targeting customers through their browsing patterns. Amazon also have affiliate programs where website and blog owners advertise Amazon product links in their platforms. Next important thing is sales promotion – Amazon has mastered this art and give effective sales promotions and discounts during holiday seasons and festivals resulting in high visits to the website.


Amazon gives a great importance to its workforce. Irrespective of what level and domain of the organization they are working people get benefits from Amazon which makes it a desirable employer. These benefits include health, financial, assistance programs, some time off like vacations and equity plans. There are nearly 2,30,800 employees working across the globe round the clock to ensure best customer experience and as Amazon is the most visited website in retail space (1.27 billion/year) it offers its employees a great deal of training and development activities.


Amazon is a world leader in e-commerce and web services and has got a strong process-oriented business. As we have seen earlier Amazon strategically divided its warehouses and fulfilment centres for operational efficiency, it also uses the best in business technology to support its daily activities and also in its advertisements, serving the customer like providing information about the location of his package.

Physical Evidence:

Amazon’s biggest physical presence is its website. As it is an online retailer the place of service is its website and apps which very user-friendly and built with great design. Amazon’s warehouses and fulfilment centres present in all countries of its operations are the largest one can ever find. It

has a logo that very well resembles what Amazon stands for, i.e. an arrow from A to Z which implies one can buy anything on Amazon. Its packages also sport this logo. Amazon releases its financial reports for its investors and users yearly providing information about where the company stands and where it aspires to go. Hence, this summarizes the Amazon marketing mix

2.7 Benefits and difficulties associated with traditional advertising

Comparing traditional marketing and digital marketing, traditional marketing is an approach in which marketers identify their audience and place ads where their audience will see, hear or interact with them offline while digital marketing is facilitated online and uses paid or organic ads on social media or search engines as well as email marketing, influencer marketing and video marketing to name a few. One advantage of traditional media is the simplicity with which adverts are placed. The target audience is easily determined and is not as complex as online ads. It is beneficial to the older generation that is not tech savvy and still rely heavily on conventional information sourcing.



In the methodology, discussion of tools, techniques and methods are done that have been used for collecting data in the present research of the dissertation. Ir helps in the analysis of the data according to the relevant topic.

Research Methodology

The research methodology can be both qualitative as well as a qualitative basis, therefore in the present research qualitative method of research has been opted in the present methodology (Mohajan and H.K, 2018). The research is based on the role of social media and its impact on advertisement as compared to the advertisement done in the traditional method. Therefore, Qualitative research can help in the analysis of the nonnumerical data like text, audio, or videos for a clear concept of understanding the experiences, opinions as well as the problems or issues arising in the research paper.

Research Onion

The research onion helps to suggest the appropriate studies required for the present research to fulfill all the requirements and objectives of the project (Melnikovas and A, 2018). The research onion can help the researcher to obtain the correct data related to the topic and check its authenticity to make a proper outline of the work proposed. The most impactful method can be easily measured with the help of this process. This will help to analyze the true effect of advertisement and how much impactful can be social media marketing in the present generation. This can give an accurate analysis of the project research to the researcher.

Research Philosophy

The research philosophy of the research deals with the assumption’s nature of the study and the knowledge development used for the research method. The research philosophy helps to identify the proper ways of data collection that can be beneficial or most appropriate for the study of the research (Hürlimann and C, 2019). positivism, realism, and interpretivism can be mainly used by the researcher to complete the objectives of the research. In the present advertisement-based research, the philosophy may help the researcher to understand the proper strategies that can be applied and the solutions to the issues according to the customer's or the buyer's demands according to their needs.

Research Approach

The research approach refers to the systematic and planned process for the implementation of the research work. It refers to the procedures and plans that help to analyze the research. The research approach provides the appropriate assumptions that are required for the detailed methods related to the collection of the data are required for the research as well as helps in the analysis and the interpretation (Frew et al. 2018). The present research can be based on both qualitative as well as quantitative approaches of the research. Therefore, the qualitative method of research has opted for the present research.

Research design

The research design refers to the pattern and the process used by the researchers for the method of evaluation of the required objectives of the research that may result in an advantage to the researcher (Bloomfield et al. 2019). The design will be helpful in understanding the issues and problems of the research that can be faced by the researcher and also take appropriate steps to resolve the issues according to the situation in the given time. In the present research, research designs like explanatory design, descriptive design as well and Exploratory design can be used by the researcher for the overall understanding process and implementation.

Data source

The data source for the present research can be collected through various sources with the use of the Qualitative method of collection (Sáez et al. 2021). The methods of primary and secondary data collection with the help of a qualitative approach to the research to obtain proper and accurate answers for the relevant question. The data source can help in the identification of the main data required for the research for the completion of the research. In the present research, the Secondary method of qualitative data collection has been opted by the researcher to improve the quality of the research. The collection of secondary data makes the work easier for the researcher for the conclusion of the research work.

Data Analyzing Technique

The analysis of the collected data is required to meet the requirements of the research therefore it is important to apply a proper and useful Data analysis technique in the research methodology for the successful result of the research (Ham et al. 2020). The qualitative data analysis can be done on the basis of the secondary data collected. The analysis can also help in the understanding of the past as well as the present situation of the methods of marketing. this helps to give a clear view of the advantages and obtain proper answers to the research done by the researcher. The analysis can be done in five major stages like content analysis which helps to clear the matter of the research. Next is narrative analysis helps to analyze the previous data collected, Discourse analysis will help to understand the present situation and the issues of the research. The comes to framework analysis may contain advanced levels like identifying the thematic framework, coding, mapping, and interpretation done in this method, and Ground theory helps to understand the other factors or the data related to the research. This overall technique will help to get the appropriate answers for the research.

Research questions

Question 1. Discuss how the traditional advertising method affected society in the past.

Question 2. What is the importance of social media in the role of advertisement in the current situation?


The research is done on the basis of qualitative research analysis of the secondary data collected by the researcher. The interpretivism philosophy of the research is followed with the help if Exploratory research design. The data was collected by the method of qualitative approach on the basis of secondary data collection. Therefore proper research ethics have been followed during the process for the conclusion of the research.

Findings and Discussion

The process of writing this project was quite an interesting one. I have sampled materials on Amazon’s social media marketing and traditional marketing models all the while staying the fact that Amazon is an online company.

Amazon has constantly outdone the competition in its marketing campaign both online and offline.

Comprehension of interpretations and analysis of social media advertising

Social media advertising refers to the type of conducting digital marketing which is utilized with the help of social networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for delivering paid ads to the target audience (Webcreatify, 2020). As social media ads are very effective for connecting all the customers for “boosting the marketing campaigns”. In this research paper, a comparison is done between the traditional advertisement vs the new method for advertisements and a full analysis has been done on that basis. Traditional advertisement helps the business in targeting many audiences with the help of billboards, television commercials, print advertising, and so on. As compared to digital advertisements it targets the narrow concept of the audiences with the help of social media, search results, paid online ads, and so on. According to the author (Ma, 2018). If compared to price-wise traditional advertising is quite more costly than new advertising because of its broad targeting as well as advertising channels.

Traditional advertising includes non-digital and market advertising which includes door-to-door advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, and so on. Whereas digital advertising includes content marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and so on, this shows that traditional advertising is more costly than new advertising. As digital advertising is more in use as compared to traditional advertising in the current market scenario (Li, 2021). “Time-consuming” in traditional advertising the decision-making, as well as the actual advertising, is quite a lengthy process. While in digital advertising it is not time-consuming as everything is done online with the help of advanced technology. Next comes Globalization in which using the traditional advertising process is quite costly and even they cannot cover a huge area as well as cannot advertise overseas. Whereas digital marketing plays a huge role in the e-commerce sector as by using this advertising process the company can advertise in any country with the help of social media (Wongjantip, 2019).

“Risk factors” in which traditional advertising involves a huge risk advertising as it is the costliest process and if the advertisement fails on the needs of the customers, then the company may face a huge loss. Whereas in digital advertising the risk factor is not very harmful as the cost which is involved is not too huge. “Customers-friendly” in traditional advertising doesn't involve any customer-friendly advertising. Whereas digital advertising focuses on the customers which means it involves the appearance of the customers searching directly with the help of social media, which is related to the advertisement (Sangil, 2019). From the research paper, it has been analyzed that digital advertising is best as compared to traditional advertising. As traditional advertising is a huge sot as well as the risk factors and so on, digital advertising does not have effects as it is mostly advertised in only media. All the businesses have to change their advertising process so that they can focus on all the customers as well as advertise in any country.


In the given research paper, the topic is based on social media which shows the comparison between traditional advertising as well as digital advertising. The research paper shows the analysis and process in which the advertising is going. It is included that traditional advertising is very costly as compared to digital advertising, and the risk factor is also high in traditional advertising. The report shows that the use of the traditional method is riskier than digital advertising as digital advertising advertises on social media which circulates a huge amount of people as well all over the world.

Linking with Objectives

The main objectives of traditional and digital advertising are the risk which is involved and also the “cost of the product” while advertising. As digital advertising uses social media so it makes work easier and fast as well s to reach all people all around the world. Whereas traditional advertising does not use such a platform which makes it lower compared to digital advertising, traditional advertising involves a huge cost and even does advise a huge amount. Another objective is the“platform” in which both processes are going on. In the current scenario of the market, each and every market chooses digital advertising.


It would be recommended that digital advertising is taking its place in the market as it gives less costly and even if it does involve any risk factors. But traditional advertising is very costly and also involves a huge risk factor. So, in the current scenario, every business oasis uses digital advertising as they can advertise in social media which can be spread to every people as well as the in every country.

Limitations to the study

The research paper is based on traditional and digital advertising and the limitation of such a research paper is the platform in which both the advertising is going on. As nowadays many companies prefer for going to digital advertising as it gioves lots opf benefits. Digital advertising gives a huge platform” to explore its advertisement all over the countries as well as all the people as the advertising is done on social media. Another limitation is the “risk factor”that is involved in traditional advertising as compared to digital advertising. For the research paper, it has been seen that nowadays the company focuses on the people that's why they are using the platform of digital advertising rather than traditional advertising.

Future scope

The research paper shows that the future of both advertisements is that digital advertising is going more in the current scenario as compared to traditional advertising. As traditional advertising involves many risks and is costly but many companies can't afford it. But in digital advertising, there is nothing costly sit is done through the use of social media which helps to reach very fast all over the world as well as to the people. All the people nowadays use social media which helps the company to advertise anything by taking the digital advertising platform.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart can be defined as sort of bar chart which shows the entire timetable of a venture or proposal. The contemporary Gantt chart also illustrates the association between the works as well as active timetable status.

Below is the Gantt chart for the above study:






1. Introduction

2. Research


3. Aims and


4. Hypothesis

5. Literature


6. Methodology


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