Operation Management Of Coca-Cola Company Assignment Sample

Operation Management Of Coca-Cola Company Assignment

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Introduction ofOperation Management Of Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational American beverage brand. A pharmacist from Atlanta named John Pemberton invented this beverage company at Jacob's Pharmacy in 1886 and since then Coca-Cola has become a renowned household name. The company is mainly producingsweetened carbonated beverages specifically a beverage called 'Coca-Cola' (Coca-colacompany.com 2023). Apart from this Coca-Cola Company is now producing many non-alcoholic flavoured drinks. Coca-Cola as a company offers a healthy environment to their workers and employees.

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Based on the financial report of this beverage industry, the overall net revenue amount of this company has grown by around 11% to around $43.0 billion with this "organic revenues (non-GAAP)" has grown by around 16% by this company. The overall performance of this renowned beverage industry has been driven by around 11% as per this growth price index and this industry has achieved around 5% of this concentrate sales pattern in a significant manner.

In 1960, the company acquired Minute Maid. It was the company's first growthtowards becoming a global beverage brand. The company is running under Delaware's General corporation law. The company has headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is interested in manufacturing and retailing non-alcoholic beverages. Now the company is sealed in almost 200 countries across the globe (Slideshare.net 2023).

The company is focusing on passion, innovation, diversity, quality, and integrity. The company is committed to the progress of education by organizing different educational activities. The company dreams to be a part of a diverse team in the future time to promote its "corporate social responsibilities" or CSR performance towards the growth of the sustainable community. Coca-Cola Company supports Olympic Games and World Cup. The Coca-Cola Company is going with a motto one company, one team, and one passion. The company's purpose and passion are always providing refreshments. Now the company has 200 brands and thousands of beverages from soft drinks to tea to coffee (Ipl.org 2023). Coca-Cola offers the best work experience to their employees where they can be the best version of themselves. Coca-Cola offers a rewarding environment to their workers including base salary, annual incentives, and long-term incentives in order to employee satisfaction and performance level for promoting the growth of this business.

Part-2: Analysis of Operation

Input-Transformation-output model of Coca-Cola

Transformation Process Model: A transformation process is where a company has to undertake an activity or a group of activities to put more inputs into their products to transform and add value to offer a pleasurable output to the customers. Transformation can be done through either physiological or psychological processes (Ajumo et al. 2019). This transformation model can bring a huge difference in Coca-Cola Company if applied. As stated by Plambeckand Ramdas (2020), being a global brand Coca-Cola company is serving and dealing with a hugely diverse group of people in this worldwide. As each region has different tastes this transformation process can be proved a huge success in the future aspect. Whether in terms of marketing strategy or the model of this beverage transformation process is indeed going to bring revolution in sales (Angira, 2021). The transformation process model is more likely to be applied when it comes to the different flavours of the beverages by the Coca-Cola Company which is going to increase sales across the globe. Coca-Cola Company chose a sustainable and ethical way of working (Xuet al.2021). These days' companies are focusing on sustainability and customer satisfaction. The transformation process model is an innovative way of approaching more customers globally. Through the transformation process model, Coca-Cola Company can also look forward to approaching more customers (Dai et al. 2020). It is also going to make the transportation and delivery process a lot easier than ever. The output of this model becomes customer approach friendly then, it is gang to increase the revenue of the company.

The 4V’s model for Coca-Cola

4v's model: The 4vs model is a model based on four vs. - Volume, Variety, variation in demand and visibility. This model focuses on alleging the internal beliefs and it adds values with the external actions and behaviours for the purpose of the company's growth and customer satisfaction. Every company's growth depends on these four the Coca-Cola Company is not an exception to this. Coca-Cola Company sells apron 1.9 billion bottles over 200 countries each day. And in 2022, the revenue grew by 11% to 43.0 billion and organic revenues (non-GAAP) GREW by 16% (Statista.com, 2023). The company has 700000 individualsemployed and has 225+ bottling partners who help to deliver the products across the globe. Transportation and Delivery is an important factors in Coca-Cola.

Over 900 delivery plants are there working with the Coca-Cola company. The second 'v' is termed as variety in this business sector.Coca-Cola has a variety of products selling across the globe. The company has a wide range of products including Cola, Sprite, Fanta and other sparkling soft drinks. They also have hydrating sports drinks and coffee and tea brands named Dasani, vitamin water, and smart water, Topo Chico PowerAde, Costa, Gold Peak, Georgia, Ayataka and BodyArmor (Geng et al. 2021). Coca-Cola Company has brought a lot of new flavours of beverages such as mango, orange, lemon etc. They have also come up with non-sugar drinks and energy drinks to bring variety to their products. The more variety they bring out the more customers they can reach (Geng et al. 2021). A variety of customers have different requirements for their refreshments. And when they choose a soft drink they definitely look for variety to choose from. Therefore, different variations are also needed.

The third 'v' is variations in demand. Being a global brand Coca-Cola company gets different sales from different regions (Mahadevan, 2020). And every region is demanding different types of beverages. Different regions, and different people from different diversity demand variations in beverages according to their moods and occasions. The last 'v' is visibility. Every Coca-Cola product has a complete ingredient list on the back Sid of the bottle or package. Energy amount, sugar count, and transfer are mentioned in every package (Goodluck, 2020). The consumers can go through the ingredients and choose what is best for them. This transparency builds a customer-company good relationship and the customers can rely on the company more. There are so many products in the market. That is why Ingredient transparency is needed to make a brand stand out among all the other brands (Angira, 2021).

Operation objectives of Coca-Cola Company with polar graph

The company's main objective is to reach more customers across the globe. Development of service region is an important purpose in front of this business administration in order to add more potential value to their brand image (Grgi?, 2020). Another objective is customer satisfaction. Coca-Cola Company is continuously checking the effectiveness of the distribution system. Creating an environment for a global companyand providing the customers and the employees the best of services is Coca-Cola’s top priority. Coca-Cola is continuously coming up with new packaging and new products to breach, more customers (Coca-colacompany.com, 2023).

It started with a carbonated sweet drink but now it is selling many flavoured drinks such as mango, orange, and lemon-flavoured soft drinks. As it is a global selling brand it has a lot of impact on world politics. Many political campaigns have been sponsored by the brand. Not only political but many bigger sports events are also sponsored by the Coca-Cola brand (Geng et al. 2021).Many cultural events from different regions get funds from the Coca-Cola company. Most of the packages from Coco cola Company are made of plastic bottles which are not good for our environment.

Coca-Cola Company needs to come up with eco-friendly packaging to make the environment sustainable, healthy and pollution free in order to achieve “Net Zero Emission by 2030” as well (Irwansyah et al. 2019). Coca-Cola has already come up with some zero-sugar beverages which is definitely a plus point as so many diabetic people now can also enjoy their drinks. The company is also working with local bottlers with over 225 bottling partners and 900 bottling plants to help the delivery process smoother (Statista.com, 2023). The vision of this company is clear- to touch each and every life and make Coca-Cola a household name. The Coca-Cola Company is focusing on diversity, inclusion and equity to touch more lives at work as well as in terms of customers (Liu, 2021). And Coca-Cola Company is trying their way best to make this dream come true. Manufacturing transportation, packaging sales, and customer satisfaction everything makes Coca-Cola a global leading brand (Coca-colacompany.com, 2023).

Varies types of the operating process of Coca-Cola Company:

Coca-Cola Company is based on geographical segment, this company deals with Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America (Coca-colacompany.com, 2023).As stated by Grgi? (2020), this company deals with more than 200 countries with approx. 700000 brands. This company manufacture various type of beverages like nonalcoholic vicarages, and concentrated sugar syrup.

Mass Communication: Company provides the mass communication for dealing with various companies with a mass amount of customer service. The distribution plays an important role in the distribution of the product (Liu, 2021). For improving product availability, they promote brand value by banning, audio-visual effects, or by images or any other way.

Mass Productivity: Through this company dealing with various companies along with high customer service, it provides mass productivity. The beverages provide in Coca-Cola Company’s own bottles (Mahadevan, 2021). Not only that this company work with other leading company like Fanta, Sprite, and seven up along with health drink.

The Key Operation Of The Coca-Cola Company: It is the two-way method that it's the suppliers, syrup production bottles, retailers, customers, ingredients, syrup production, bottlers, sales, and use of consumption (Coca-colacompany.com, 2023). The company has two segments which are material and information flow. The information flow has many ingredients like chain management, orders, schedules and forecasts.

Services concept of Coca-Cola Company:

This company provides concentrated and carbonated nonalcoholic beverages, and concentrated sugar syrup. This company provides beverages in Coca-Cola-financed bottles. This company provides various types of Coca-Cola like Coke diet, caffeine-free Coke, and Coca-Cola.As described byTienet al. (2019), the ingredients are including the production of the Coca-Cola syrup rate as bottling syrup, and then its sales and then consumption.

Quality Assurance: As Discussed by Goodluck (2020) this company takes a very serious role in food quality. The fundamental responsibility of the company is needed to give special attention to food safety. Associated with the food product they also look not for the packaging and the product they are using. The drink should be certified by the affiliated certified company.

Location and layout of Coca-Cola Company:

In the view of Ajamuet al. (2019), the location of the Coca-Cola Company is includingEurope, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, Australia, Latin America, and Argentina.

  • There are ingredient department and a washing area and after that, there is a mixing and blending area.
  • After that, the bottle is filled and the capping it.
  • After all that is complete then the whole thing is labelled and aiding it.

Service management of Coca-Cola Company

As described byTienet al. (2019),the Coca-Cola Company is a leading company all over the world. This company is not deal with its own it deals with many other companies like Fanta, Water juices along with health drinks, Sprite. The product supply is in most of the leading brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Ikea and others (Mialon et al. 2022).

TQM Principles Application of the Company:

The full form of TQM is Total Quality Management, which is the theory based on the company's long-term benefits or success. It is based on low-level workers to high-level workers (Tien et al. 2019).

The above process is the short concept of the Total Management Process. The key elements are guaranteed customer retention, Employee Commitment, Improved Brand Image, Error Prevention, Boosted Employee Morale, and Feedback at every level and Enhanced Productivity. The principles are customer service, integrated system, employee involvement, systematic flow, factual decision am making, continual efforts, and relationship management (Truong-Lam et al. 2022). In the Coca-Cola Company, the TQM theory is very much applicable, this includes the improvement of the management of quality at every level of the organization including customers, suppliers, and production. It helps the company to achieve its goals.

Lean Principles: The Company improves their service, to achieve its goals, in order to strong base to strengthen its customer relationship, in order to improve its manufacturing, designing patterns, and improving its food quality. As described by Tienet al. (2019), the main lean approach of the company is to supply the chain management. The other lean approach is to improve the productivity of the management beverages.

Part 3: Identification of Strengths and Weakness

The Major Strengths of Coca-Cola Company: Extensive distribution network, high customer loyalty, high company valuation, strong brand portfolio. The very important strength of the Coca-Cola Company is the image of the brand and also the high brand value. This company shares the highest percentage of market share almost about 48% (Coca-colacompany.com, 2023).

The major weakness of the Coca-Cola Company

This company has low diversification products. It was always competition with another company. It provides carbonated beverages that affect our health as well as it has a bad effect on our health it is not suitable for children. This company has environmentally destructive properties (Xu et al. 2021). The battening system is not good in the product so improve their material availability

Recommendation of the Company: -

As opinion by Fleece (2022), the company should improve their packaging and the quality of the product. The company should not compete with any other leading companies. The company has environmentally destructive properties therefore they need to look out for environmentally friendly products many factoring. As described byGoodluck (2020), the food quality should improve. They provide carbonated beverages therefore it is not good for health. The packaging should improve for a better quality of the food. Improving chain-based management. Improve the food quality and other ingredients which are taken for making the food. Improving the improve customer relationship (Truong-Lam et al. 2022). Improvement of the material quality has been used in the preparation of the food making. The Coca-Cola Company is the leading company of any other companies so the beverages should always be of high quality. This company needs to maintain proper hygiene maintain. As Described by Milanoet al. (2022) the employee should a transparent relationship with one another. The product availability is always maintained. The food quality needs to check always properly to improve the good quality of the product.

Comparison of weaknesses and strength of the Coca-Cola Company

The company provides various types of beverages like diet Coke, nonalcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, and along with health drinks. This company work with various company Lile Fanta, sprite, water solution and also other health drinks. The Coca-Cola Company provides more than 3800 choices of drinks (Tien et al. 2019). The brand work with many other companies it provides brand value. Through the product salad in various countries above the 200 countries, it supplies the most products (Coca-colacompany.com 2023). This Company deals with various companies then it provides a high amount of promotion and is also affected by their sales value.


From the overall discussion, it can be concluded that Coca-Cola Company is the most extensive and well-tested management chain system worldwide. This company is the leading company in the world wide the other leading brand. Throughout the world, this company has dealt with 7000000 among the company is most popular brands so this product is supplied by Amazon, Blinkit, Starbucks and so on. Coca-Cola Company includes a variety of products like diet coke and so on. The distributor is mainly responsible for the marketing of this company in various countries. Due to providing diet coke, this company is very much popular with the people. The company to always ton achieves achieve its goal, and for this, it should note the drawbacks and rectify the things that be happened. Improving the quality of the beverages and the food product, they are supplied among the people.

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