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Introduction of Preparing For Success: Self-Development And Responsibility Assignment

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Self-development basically refers to consciously enhancing oneself in terms of several aspects of an individual's life (Kassymova et al., 2019). It is basically considered to be a persistent process through which an individual will be able to reinforce his abilities to set goals and to get accomplishments in his future professional life. Self-development or personal development also indicates certain methods, tactics and utilisation of tools which might support the enhancement procedure quite in an effective manner.

In this context, there will be a self-reflection considering the appropriate skills which need to be developed as well as making an action plan for further development.

Reflect On the Group Performance

What have you learnt?

From our group presentation, I have learnt various aspects which might be facilitating for me in every possible way. The prevalent thing that I have learnt during the group study is the significance of time management. It is considered to be the foremost aspect of our regular life cycle in order to get attainment in the professional and academic life. In order to accomplish this project, I have contributed enough and learnt the way to complete the task within the given deadline. On the other hand, making an action plan extensively required to make sure that any task has missed its deadline. I have also observed that it will help me to do things in a proficient manner without having any confronting issues and I have enough time to review my task to investigate any missing parts. In fact, by obtaining knowledge about co-operative working skills, I am quite spellbound that group working has the ability to decrease the working stress level and to considered facilitating for bringing rapid ideas.

What New Information Has Been Presented?

During the time of conducting this specific group presentation, I have learned a range of aspects but above all, the most important thing that needs to be discussed is to create a pattern for learning. Apart from time management, the formation of a study pattern might create an enormous impact on students learning activities. Listening to the lecture and understanding it will only be successful if an individual can apply it effectively. For this reason, it is imperative for them to note down the core aspects they have learnt during the time of attending the lecture. However, every person has their own way or tactics to acquire something yet creating a study pattern will be accommodating. I have experienced that this will directly impact your work to accomplish it in an appropriate and systematic way.

What Was Interesting?

The most interesting fact regarding that is things might not go according to your own way all the time. There might be a scarcity of resources or the planning can fail. In that critical situation, remaining calm and being resilient is the only tactic that a person can do. Some individuals might not agree with your perspective and the decision making progress might take time. By accomplishing the group project, I have learnt that managing these aspects as well as individuals' consent is indeed necessary to accomplish a group assignment. I have experienced that tackling this critical situation requires a strong presence of an individual. An individual having leadership capabilities might handle the team in every possible way. Therefore, by utilising this skill he might be able to manage the problematic circumstances in an effective manner. Regarding this fact, accomplishing an assignment might require proper guidance and effective practices. Therefore, I have experienced that keeping reminded of all thesethese interesting facts is indeed necessary for your career development.

How Might You Use the New Information?

The formation of a particular study pattern might be facilitating students to follow certain guidelines or specific rules to learn something. However, it is true that everyone has their own way of learning things by utilising their individual tactics. It has been measured that following a particular study pattern can enable students to help in understanding the learning standards in a rapid manner. In fact, during the time of giving lecturers the utilisation of pictures might be accommodating as it supports creating a visual presentation in our mind. It helps individuals to remember certain things for a longer period of time. Learning this tactic will facilitate me in my professional career. For example, I will use this information to accomplish my assignment and presentation tasks by creating a visual presentation. Therefore, I will create my own study schedule to complete my activities in a given time. Generation of this explicit study pattern might provide opportunities to get accomplished in my academic as well as in my professional life quite effectively.

What Did You Not Fully Understand or Confused You

In this group study, I have learned a lot of things and have developed several skills. There are things that I have not really understood or am not used to it. I must say that I am quite confused about utilising this skill. I don't really understand the way logical reasoning works and it can benefit the planning procedure. It is really shady for me as I have not learnt about this skill or known about it. Learning the way logical reasoning impacts the decision making procedure will be accommodating for me to prevent uncertain situations. Therefore, I am really unknown about the fact of judging my own working experience and can criticises it. These two things need to be considered and by understanding these skills, I might prosper in my academic and professional life quite meritoriously.

Elaboration On Areas Which You Require to Develop Further

By accomplishing the group assignment, I have experienced that there are some skills which have assisted me to be an effective part of this learning criteria. It is also considered beneficial for me as I have been able to investigate my key weaknesses which need to be considered. Otherwise, this might create disruption in my learning and development procedure. Conducting this group task has been quite simplifying for me as I have been able to find the areas which I needed to develop for my personal growth and development. In terms of that, mitigating the key weaknesses might be enabling me to set my goals. I have observed that there is an insufficiency of patience level and for this, I might not get succeeded in my professional career. This might effectively generate an impact by creating an obstacle during my learning process as well as for accomplishing any specific tasks too.

Not having resilience power might impact the decision-making process in particular planning. In terms of that, it will be problematic for me to get succeeded in case of efficient planning. Being resilient means to analyse the situation and then applying an effective strategic approach to overcome the difficulties. I have observed that being resilient will be accommodating for me to take effective initiatives according to the situation and there will be fewer chances of getting disappointment. For this reason, it is indeed necessary for me to learn this specific skill for further development. On the other hand, I lack leadership skills which need to be developed otherwise it will be problematic for me to manage project management. Acquiring knowledge about leadership skills might be accommodating for me to learn a range of aspects which are considered necessary to handle a project management task. Learning this specific ability will help me to enhance my several capabilities in an effective manner. Not containing this skill affected me to take an unfortunate decision, preventing me to mitigate the conflict among the team members and being unable to present my opinion. Learning this skill might help me to improve all these areas as well as develop in my professional career.

By analysing the contribution of the group assignment. I have realised that my lack of logical reasoning skills prevents me to state my opinion during the planning process. It is considered the most prominent ability through which an individual might be accommodating to defend their argument. For this reason, I have been unable to present my opinion during the time of the decision-making process. By learning these abilities I will be able to reinforce my logical thinking and can use it during the time completing any group assignment. On the other hand, my self-judgment ability is also an imperative skill that needs to be developed by me. I have experienced that not being able to analysis or measure my capability to do certain things might create an extensive influence on my academic as well as my professional career. Learning all of these skills might be extremely accommodating for me to get succeeded in my academic as well as my professional career in an effective manner.

Developing an Action Plan

In order to mitigate all the overall aspects, I have to learn some specific abilities. In this following action plan, there is proper planning about the way I am going to improve the skills.

Skills Which Needed To Develop

The Way It Will Be Developed



Physical relaxation is indeed necessary to enhance this particular skill. In that case, improving a good sleep routine will be extremely beneficial to enhancing my resilience skill quite in an effective manner. I have come to know that Resilient people don't let undesirable thoughts disrupt their efforts. It directly helps in focusing on mitigating the confronting situation rather than being devastated (Spiva et al., 2020). Therefore, learning from own experience is the ultimate way to improve resilience ability quite effectively. in terms of that, I have to learn from previous mistakes in order to stay calm in challenging situations and to take initiative.

1 month


The ultimate way to develop leadership skills is to take on more responsibility (Spiva et al., 2020). It will directly impact my professional career and will help me to have efficient leadership skills. It has been observed that stepping out of my comfort zone can is the appropriate way to enhance this specific skill quite in an effective manner. on the other hand, I have learnt that in order to enhance this specific skill I have to let people generate their ideas as well as get the best outcome possible. It is the quality of an effective leader (Winn and Dykes, 2019). In fact, I have to analyse the situation or any crisis before its occurrence. For this, I have to understand the overall perspective of a particular assignment quite in an effective manner.

2 to 3 months

Logical Reasoning

To improve your Logical Reasoning abilities, it is significant to differentiate between explanations and inferences. Observation basically indicates using your bits of intelligence such as seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling, to collect the obligatory data or information (Padmanabha, 2018). This will help me to improve my logical reasoning skills as well as taking decisions by analysing the overall aspects of accomplishing any particular task. On the other hand, playing card games might be facilitating for me to enhance this explicit skill in an effective manner. I have come to know that doing these things might help me to learn this skill.

6 months to 1 year


In order to enhance my self-judgment skill, I have gathered feedback from the individual. I have experienced that learning from the previous mistakes also might be beneficial to enhancing this skill. Self-reflection can be an ultimate way of improving this skill in order to get succeeded in academic as well as in professional life (Padmanabha, 2018).

2 to 3 months


By analysing the overall reflection, I have concluded that I have been able to learn a range of skills as well as develop my competencies. Self-development or personal development plan is indeed necessary for developing the professional life of an individual in an effective manner (Kupavsky et al., 2018). I have experienced that there are some skills which I needed to develop and learning these abilities has assisted me in my upcoming professional as well as my academic life too. Thus, it can be said that the implementation of the personal development plan is considered extremely facilitating for improving the professional life of an individual quite in an extensive manner.


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