Project Management Assignment Sample

Explore a detailed project management plan for a music theatre event, incorporating methodologies like Scrum, risk management & stakeholder engagement

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Introduction Of Project Management Assignment

A management plan is created for the improvement of any project to develop. In this case study, a proper project plan will be fixed on the arrangement for a music theatre event. This project management plan will be conducted by LMAC. Basically, LMAC aims to develop this project so it is successful.

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Task 1

A music event will be arranged basically for the enjoyment and entertainment of the people. Many people want to entertain their lifestyle because most people overcome their life as busy schedules. A methodology will be used in a project plan so the project is successful. Here, an open music event stage will be arranged LMAC with the help of Samaritans. Therefore, a proper project plan will be needed for the success of open music theatre (Hayat et al. 2019). Hence, the network diagram and critical path analysis, and timetable were fixed for the improvement of this project, and, also the work breakdown structure was created to get a high chance of success for this project.

Here, a specific methodology will apply for the improvement of this project, which is the scrum methodology. This methodology is a part of agile methodologies and it also guides teams. A perfect design got from this methodology (Sankaran et al. 2020). Basically, it involves a little team managed by a master of the scrum, whose actual work is to control all types of distractions when the project continues. All types of work will be done in a cycle that is small, it is called sprints and this team managed all work. This team will discuss daily work that needs to be clear for all the project members. Scrum is a well-known methodology so it is a great chance to be successful in this project.

Task 2

Network diagram

Network diagram

Figure 1: Network diagram

(Source: Self-created)

Many plans were fixed to improve this project, the network diagram is one of the plans of this. This diagram will be used for improvement and to get success. It is used to describe all activities of this project, basically the relationship of the project and which activities are followed for success, it depends on the network diagram. It is a visual computer diagram so a clear vision will get off the structure of the project plan (Kononenko and Lutsenko, 2019). It helps to solve the activities which are critical and, also helps to understand a better plan and schedule. It helps to save money and it will be easy to discuss with all the users.

Critical path analysis

Critical path

Figure 2: Critical path

(Source: Self-created)

Many project management techniques will be followed for the success of any project. The critical path is one of the techniques that will be used in this project. It is based on identifying to complete the project time. It is basically used for the development of software, project research, and development of the product, also the construction (Cano-Moreno et al. 2019). Three different paths will follow to arrange the music event project, an organized site will be organized, prepared the arrangement, and hire good musical troop. The entire process end with the training programs trained by experienced staff.

Gantt chart

Figure 3: Timeline

(Source: Self-created)

The project plan is a short-term project, basically it takes a few months to complete the whole process. It is to be noted that this project cast rehearsal will take more time than the other tasks. Hire of the public director and set designer will be done simultaneously. The arrangements of the project take a long time to set all the requirements. Many types of platforms and the orchestra group will also take a long time to be completed in it (Goodison et al. 2019). On the other side, entry the data, set budget and actual place will take a little time. All types of learning process will be taken a long period.

Task 3

Many stakeholders are involved in this project, in this figure different stakeholders' power and their interest will be shown. The local governing body has a high power to control the project but their interest is low. This project will succeed if the project manager will consult actively with the local governing body (Ryazanova et al. 2020). The cultural commission, project sponsor, and local media have high power in this project and their interest is high in this project. Therefore, the project manager will engage regularly with them to the success of this project. On the other hand, schools and many educational hubs have low power and low interest so the project manager will keep the right information about the project and share them. In the same way, transportation companies and local clubs have low power but they have high interest in this project. Therefore, their interest will be maintained by the project manager so this project will be successful.

Task 4

This music theatre project is difficult, depends on so many personalities such as financial resources, project worker recruitment, and site workers of the project. Other activities are buying different equipment and at last, the phase is completed successfully. The financial resource is collected from the government. The project manager chooses and staff recruitment is handled by the project workers (Aziz Butt et al. 2022). Many site work of this project are choosing the location and buying project materials, preparing construction, and concert arrangements. Different types of equipment are selected and equipment purchased are two types of buying equipment. The system installation and all information will be shared with staff then this project will be completed. The managers will maintain the project and looks after the materials.

Many types of staffs are selected for project for maintaining the work. Many staffs work under the managers and the project manager looks after the financial manager, HR, site manager, also the music team.

Task 5

Risks Probability Impact Mitigation strategy
Funding clearance Low High Proper non-verbal communication with the government.
Fund allocation Low Medium Maintained event budget.
Lack of communication between authorities Low Low To increase good communication with the project authorities.
HR recruitment issue Low Low To identify high-quality candidates.
Construction issue Low High Put good quality materials.
Weather condition Low Medium The program will be postponed.
Objection from local people Medium Medium Takes government permission.
Equipment malfunction Medium High Take proper operation and good maintenance.
Permission from authority Low High Granted to the authority.
Any type of accident Medium High Program will be postponed.
Health issue of visitors Medium Medium To Keep Medical staff.
Health issue of performers Medium High To keep the right information of performers' health.
Electric issue Low High Generator will be kept in this place.
Transportation issue Low Medium To keep an option transport.
Performers’ accommodation Low Low Arrange good accommodation.
Noise pollution Medium Medium Use a high-quality sound system.
Non arrival of equipment Low High Monitoring of equipment transportation.
Time management Low Medium Decide fix time and maintained this.
Floor breaking Low High Maintained floor immediately
HR management Low Low All responsibilities were transferred to another team.

Table 1: Risk management strategy

(Source: Self-created)

There are 20 different risks if all risks will be managed then a good environment is created for this project. The managing team of the project will maintain this and develop the plan then this plan is successful.

Task 6


The risk management plan is maintained for all the risk factors that are disrupted the event. A strong relationship with all the stakeholders of this project will be the solution to all risks. Therefore, a strong communication system plan is prepared.

Quality expectation

It is to be noted that this project's quality will be good, because the network diagram, critical path analysis, and timeline of the project are selected for it This open music event plan for project includes the right analysis of different stakeholder and a plan for different risk management will be used to increase the quality of project (Saltz and Hotz, 2021). This project plan will succeed if all plan steps follow.

Criteria of acceptance

The project will get a significant acceptance as all the essential things that are used for the success of the project. A work breakdown structure will be used in the project plan for a high chance of better acceptance (Ali et al. 2021). And a risk management plan will be worked on to continue the project work for highly successful.

Specifications of quality

All the project consists of a different diagrams that give detailed breakdown, analysis through critical path diagramthe proper timeline set, and a work breakdown structure for the success of the project. Additionally organogram will be provided for the improvement of the project’s quality.


It is to be concluded in this study that the development of music theatre project includes all the important requirements of a proper project. These requirements guide improving the quality of project and improvements in the outcomes. This project plan will be based on scrum and includes a work breakdown structure, risk management plan, and set timeline for the better quality of this project.



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