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Introduction of Project Management Function in Executing Corporal Strategy Case Study

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One of the main intentions behind conducting this project is to do a critical evaluation of the selected venture and discuss the various topics related to it. The term project management can be defined as the technique of leading the work of a group in order to attain the entire venture objectives inside a stipulated time period. The selected study will be focused on the project The 2012 Olympics Infrastructure. The study will particularly describe the project's role, its effectiveness, and the aspects that contributed to the project its drawbacks. Based on the important things which were missing in the project recommendation will also be provided.

Task 1

1.1 Role of project in delivering organisational strategy

Project management plays a very important function in executing corporal strategy in a commanding as well as systematic manner, It usually involves creating operational obligations as well as design for the supply of the actual work that are vital to recognize the company’s tactics (Zwikael, 2009). Also organizational strategy is a sort of long0haul design which disburses the way a firm designs to make deployment of its assets in order to assist the work related to the business or project (Md Rahman, 2019). The project which has been selected here is related to Olympics which are considered to be as the globe’s initial game competition which an excess of 200 countries take part in. In this segment of the study a brief about the role of 2012 Olympics infrastructure in delivering Olympics corporal strategy will be discussed in detail.

At the time London obtained the option to have the 2012 Olympic Games, one of the Organizing Committee's main worries was to satisfy a responsibility from its offer to abstain from parting any 'white elephants' by just creating super durable settings where they would have a demonstrated inheritance. One year on from the Games, obviously this charge is as of now being satisfied. One of the important objective of London 2012 Olympics was to increase the involvement of the it’s citizen crossways various games, the city development modification of east London as well as increasing both sustainability as well as financial open doors within the London and outside of London (Committee,International Olympic , 2013). London 2012 likewise played critical part in the improvement of a strong as well as a creative philosophy to represent fossil fuel by-products of significant occasions. This strategy was subsequently embraced by Rio 2016 and, in 2019, additionally formed by the IOC within a steady system for the estimation of the fossil fuel by-products’ of the Olympic Games. The importance on the long haul society advantages in its move towards to the Olympics is a massive occasion to raise the standards its way these massive events might ignite the communal as well as financial advantages for the coming years. Overall it can be said that the 2012 Olympics has successfully help in achieving the organizational strategy to a great extent by providing focus on the urban development (MAURRASSE ,DAVID , 2012).

1.2 Process for initiating, planning and managing projects

The 2012 Summer Olympics which was a global multi-game occasion started from 27th July to 12th August 2012 in London. The initial occasion, the team podium in female’s soccer began on 25th July at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, followed by opening function on 27th July. After having bidding headed by previous Olympic winner Sebastian Coe and the then-London chairman Ken Livingstone, London was chosen as the host nation at the 117th IOC Session in Singapore on 6 July 2005, overcoming offers from Moscow, New York City, Madrid, and Paris. So, it can be said that they have used bidding as the project management tool to get win the chance to initiate the Olympics 2012 in London. London turned out to be the primary city to have the contemporary Olympics three times, having formerly facilitated the Summer Games in 1908 and 1948. Construction for the Games included extensive re-innovation, with an accentuation on sustainability. The sport also made deployment of the sites which are already presented prior to the bidding process (copyright, 2012).

The main planning behind bidding the 2012 Olympics was to create a sustainable environment that will help both the city as well as its people. London implanted sustainability within its formal bidding for the 2012 sports as well as promised to deploying the active sites all through the UK wherever possible as well as to just create enduring forms which will have long haul deployment even after the game ended. The main plan of creating the Olympic is described below:

The Sustainability Plan of the Olympic 2012 was focused around five key topics:

  1. Environmental modification: This plan was centred on decreasing the ozone harming substance emanations in addition to guaranteeing heritage amenities can adapt to the effects of environmental modifications.
  1. Squander: the second plan was focuses on to Munising the waste at each phase of the task, guaranteeing no burn through is shipped off landfill during Games-time, and empowering the improvement of a new waste handling foundation in East London.
  2. Incorporation: Encouraging access for the entire of the commending the variety of London and the UK, making new work, guidance, and business potential open doors(SDG, 2012).

The three most important process of project administration are the financing, assessing as well as controlling the expense. For a huge scale venture like Olympic Games these mentioned three process assist in controlling the occasion to facilitate the company in attuning its aims. For managing big functions like for example the Olympic Games, maintaining the time is vital since the Games require occurring during the planned time because of the huge number of people and associations related to the occasion and the confounded operations involved. Overall it can be said that any big project like Olympics need proper timeframe and a restricted budgeting system to make it a big success (JONES, 2015).

Task 2

2.1 Stakeholder Management

Research has shown that there are various partners associated with the Olympics also there are transformation one shift from the bidding to the designing in addition to the wrap-up times. The stakeholder management is usually done by following manner:

  1. Identification of the partners: These incorporate paid short-as well as long haul workers, supplier’s specialists, seconders, and the employees who do not get any sort of payment. The staffs is accountable for the everyday making arrangements for the Games, organizing with other inner gatherings or divisions, in addition to with the various partners related to their particular practical are.
  2. Reviewing the stakeholders: The Olympics make use of this step to identify the partners those are important to them and based on that they create a list to make contact with them. The important stakeholders of Olympics usually involve OCOG employees, UK regime, groups and promoters (Parent, 2013). 
  3. Prioritise the sponsors: The general significance of the different partner team relies upon the specific appropriate issues of attention and administrative points of view.
  4. Contacting the stakeholders: This is the final stage of the stakeholder management where after identifying all the stakeholders they select the main stakeholders and starts work with them. The main stakeholder of Olympics OCOG employees, UK regime, groups and promoters(Chappelet, 2020).

So, overall it can be said that stakeholder management plays a very important role in designing and planning the entire event and making it in a hit.

2.2 Problem solving and decision making

Problem-solving along with decision making is not an indemnity. Within this phase a proper context of the issue is identified. As per the Olympic 2012 committee it’s only after receiving the appropriate comprehension of the issue that head of the committee might create a proper verdict. As Olympics from starting is a huge event as a result a lot of problems are associated with it and the country which win the bidding to conduct the event got the main responsibility to deal with the issues with proper decision making approach. As the Olympics is identified to be as prime game across the globe, there has been persistent transformation encompassing most parts of the sports. Principally centred on to highlight the requests to guarantee the game is, alluring to observers, however giving straightforwardness in the decision making of the match authorities. This has been accomplished by facilitating the game embraces the advancement in innovation. The changes at this time, extent from the span of rounds, the purposes of e-based scoring defenders, the presentation of live video audit during matches, the quantities of match refereeing authorities, the point scoring standards, the opposition region aspects, as well as rivalry rule changes and alterations to their understandings to be utilized by the refereeing authorities.

2.3 Risk Management

The risk administration is identified as the peak to great administration as well as supremacy. Its creation is of rules in addition to techniques as is key and its usage will prompt ceaseless improvement in navigation. As per the 2012b Olympic committee they see risk administration as a kind of sound as well as systematically method of generating the foundation, making classification, assessing, conducting, monitoring as well as interacting the thetas associated to any sort of games in addition to technique by different mode to assist companies to reduce down he deficit and capitalise on occasions. In addition to this 2012 Olympics also consider the community verdict as an important tool of risk administration. The deployment of thus evacuation helps in identifying the severity of the community assistance to winning predation as well as the conducting the games in a proper manner reducing the unforeseen risk. London 2012 was not a leader in this national prominence challenge, in front of just New York in the second phase of the bid assessment. On the other hand, for regime and coordinators, there stay political threats in the restriction and possibility of general assessment. They also risk matrix in order to identify the likelihood of occurrence of the risk and based on that they took the action to mitigate the risk. Overall from the discussion it can be said that the entire risk management of 2012 Olympic was administered in a proper manner which helps in making it a great massive event of that year (Law,David , 2012).

Task 3

3.1 Factors contributed to effective project management and which were absent

In project administration there are different factors which contribute to the success of a project. Outcomes differ relied on the involvement of various stakeholders and how they are conducting the project. Below mentioned are some factors that contributed the success of the 2012 Olympics as well as few points which are missing from the event.

  1. Before conducting the entire game the 2012 Olympic London committee made sure that the team associated must got all the important capabilities to supply the outcome needed as well as get a constructive attitude to the venture. In addition to this they also made sure that the all the associates connected with the event ought to function properly. Thus as per this it can be said that it is essential to create a group that is influenced to toil in the direction of a shared objective altogether.
  2. Using the methodical way to deal with the entire event is another plus point which contributes to the success of the Olympics 2012. A lot of venture executives who are working to make it a grand event work very hard to create proper set ups as well as plans so that games can be happened in a synchronised manner. It was also seen that all for the partners who were associated with the 2012 Olympics comprehended as well as agree on saving time to assess e lucid venture purposes(Venczel, 2021).

In addition to the various success the 2012 Olympic also faced various criticism. Considering the criticism it has been seen that the safeguard of the Olympic brand is identified to be as the topic of various criticism. In addition to this suitability of the sportsperson postponed from drugging is another issue which they face badly.

3.2 Recommendations for similar projects in the future

In order to make sports event a winning one just like 2012 Olympic below mentioned are few of the important points which will be important to take into consideration.

  1. The first and foremost important thing which every sports committee should take into consideration is the proper designing of the entire sports occasion. The designing stage is concerning identifying the massive picture as well as then creating the accrual needs of the entire project. This with proper planning of the budget as well as timeframe it also require to consider the well in addition to proper stay of the all the gamers and sponsors too.
  2. Second important thing is doing proper advertising of the entire event. Games are massive in advertising as a result the stakeholders and event manager will have numerous rivalries in the space. Prior to advertising of the event it will be important that the event coordinator and marketer must use an eye catchy event logo with name based on that proper posters needs to be created so as to make it visible in front of the people(Zwikael, 2009).
  3. The next phase is hosting the game properly which usually needs to takes into account the climatic situation from which they need to prepare themselves for any kind of uncertainties. It will also important to take into consideration the health and protection of the people who are associated with the game. Last but not the least they need to make it visible by using the social media so that people who are active in online can also attain the event to make it a big hit.
  4. Last but not the least following up the entire event will help in identifying the drawbacks of the event which they can rectify while conducting the event next time.


So, it can be concluded from the above done study that project management plays a very important role in delivering and conducting a project in a proper manner. From the study it can also be identified that in order conduct a massive sports events lot of project management tools are need to take into consideration so that each and every aspect of the project can be achieved properly. The study also reveals that there are various success factors that contribute to make Olympic 2012 a hit in that year.


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