Reassessment Strategic Management Assignment Sample

Reassessment Strategic Management Assignment: Enhancing Business Strategies and Organizational Effectiveness

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Introduction Of Reassessment Strategic Management

Strategic management includes the identification of processes to set goals, objectives and procedures to complete overall activities and develop the competitiveness of the organisation. This management focuses on developing effectiveness in the deployment of staff and resources in the business process to achieve the overall goals of the organisation. Hospitality management also considers strategic implementation in lodging, flooding, events, entertainment and travelling activities to satisfy people more in tourism. Marriott International includes hospitality management services to deliver luxury feelings to its customers. This report includes an overview of the organisation, mission and vision statement, brand portfolio, target market identification, SWOT analysis and strategy analysis of the organisation. This report aims to deliver the impact of strategic management on continuing international activities and developing the business market of the organisation.

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Organisation History

Marriott International is a US-based hospitality organisation that has continued its business since 1927. The headquarters of this organisation is located in Bethesda Maryland in USA. This company is spread over different continents such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and other different locations in the world. This organisation presents a total of approx. 138 countries and territories and continues 31 different brands and more than 8500 properties in it (Marriott, 2023). This organisation focuses on connecting different people and developing their experiences through expanding business in the global market. This organisation includes five different core values such as pursuing excellence, acting with integrity, embracing change, putting people first and serving our world. The initial period of this business considers a nine-seater A&W root beer stand and gradually transforming the business to capture worldwide expansion. Diversity and inclusion increase the values of this business and focus on the health and well-being of people through maintaining effective cross-cultural communication in the organisation.

This organisation includes a lodging business after founding its first business and collaborating with Twin Bridges Motor Hotel between 1957 and 1976. This company opened its 500th hotel in Poland in 1989 this was the first western-managed building in Eastern Europe and was listed as the tallest hotel in Warsaw. This organisation included advertisements of luxury brand icons on the portfolio. The icon named The Ritz-Carlton Hotel got an interest of Marriott of 49% of the total interest and captured another 49% in 1998. Marriott included an autograph collection in 2009 and completed a partnership with hotelier Antonio Catalan in Italy, Portugal and Spain in 2011. This organisation acquired 11 new brands in 2016 and started construction of its new headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland in 2018 (Marriott, 2023). This replaced Marriott Rewards by introducing Marriott Bonvoy in 2019 and opening new headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland through completing 21-story in 2022.

Mission and vision statement

The Mission statement of Marriott International is to develop the living standards of people by delivering unsurpassed vacation and relaxation experiences (Murrell et al. 2020).

The Vision statement of Marriott International is to capture the premier provider and supporter of vacation and relaxation experiences in the entire world.

This organisation focuses on developing service quality to achieve large standards and large customer satisfaction. Luxury brands and quality living standards influence customer attention and support in the expansion of the business market in the entire world. This follows customer satisfaction through delivering different packages and quality services to attract customers to travel and tourism activities.

Product Portfolio

The product portfolio of this organisation includes three types of brands: Luxury Brands, Premium brands and select brands. This offers a dynamic and diverse portfolio including 30 different distinct brands in the organisation. This portfolio supports capturing suitability in every different trip, need and purpose of travel. This organisation includes over 6400 properties in 126 different countries and territories in the world. The guests of this business get access to hotels at any time and any place that fits any lifestyle. This service supports developing people's attraction and satisfaction with the products and services of the organisation (Ficpnet, 2023). The luxury brands include The Ritz-Carlton, ST. Regis, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, JW Marriott, The Luxury Collection, and Edition, BVLGARI hotels and resorts and W Hotels.

The premium brands consider Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, Delta Hotels, Marriott Vacation Club, Westin, Renaissance hotels, autograph collection hotels and tribute portfolio. The selected brands include a list of brands such as Courtyard, Four Points, Residence Inn, Protea Hotels, Springhill Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, AC Hotels Marriott, Moxy, Aloft and Element. These different types of brands deliver different types of standards of living and other services of the hospitality business and offer people to choose their brands (Ficpnet, 2023). This different list of brands includes different price charts and delivers flexibility to people in selecting brands as per their standards and requirements.

Identification of target market

  • Demographic segmentation: This organisation segments its business on marital status, income and occupation basis and considers equality in age and gender factors (Barreto and Mayya, 2019). Luxury brands such as The Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott, ST Regis and the Luxury collection offer suitability for large income group people.
  • Geographical segmentation: This organisation locates its headquarters in Bethesda Maryland in the USA and is spread over 138 countries and territories. This includes the availability of products and services in Asia and Pacific, North America, Europe and others (Marriott, 2023).
  • Behavioural segmentation: People having sweet teeth, children. This includes 31 different brands and more than 8500 properties to develop the experience of people. The select brand standards consider Courtyard, Springhill Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Four Points, Protea Hotels and Residence Inn to support middle-income group people in getting products and services of the organisation (Marriott, 2023).
  • Size: Targeting international businesspeople, sportspersons, tourists and executives of different organisations and focusing on 25-75 years of people
  • Reachability: Different continents such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and others and available in approx 138 countries in the world
  • Functional positioning through following benefits and affordability as considers different brands segmentation in products and services of this business

Table 1: STP analysis

(Source: Self-developed)

The above-mentioned table shows the STP analysis of Marriott International and includes segmentation, targeting and positioning factors. This organisation includes demographic segmentation as per marital status, income and occupation of people and delivers different brands in the business process. This organisation does not consider any bias in the gender of people as this equally serves any gender. As per equity theory, this includes workplace equality through capturing the goals and targets of the organisation. This theory considers treating every employee and customer equally and delivering fair benefits to everyone. This theory also considers the understanding of people's needs to develop satisfaction of people with business products and services of the organisation (Zhou et al. 2022). This organisation considers diversification in business availability and reachability as this opens brand in approximately 138 countries and territories in the entire world. The segmentation of brand groups supports meeting different age groups of people in the products and services of the organisation. Luxury brands allow large standards products and services to large income group people to meet their satisfaction and premium and select brands groups consider products and services for both large and medium income group people. The functional positioning through focusing on benefits and affordability supports expanding the business market of the organisation. Therefore, this marketing process delivers effective support in meeting customer requirements, developing satisfaction and continuing long-term advantages of the organisation.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths · Marriott has the largest hotel chains in the world · It expanded the business through the globe and established its branches in every continent · Marriott developed a respected reputation through their products and services · They maintain a code of conduct in all of their branches that synchronizes their activities everywhere (Marriott, 2022) · They are the most innovative and proactive hotel chain in the world Weaknesses · The company has a poor positioning of their mindset and believes in old cultural stereotypes · Their principles are rigid and they do not value flexibility in rules · They have done some work that leads them towards negative publicity (Zhou et al. 2022) · They have a bad reputation in case of containing customers' privacy and data protection
Opportunities · The organization might have a great future in international travel · The initiative of several offers and discounts for travelling and other activities of the company · Marriott expanded their branches in different fields which can be a big opportunity for the company Threats · The company suffered through a great financial loss for the Covid-19 pandemic · There are several other giant organizations competing against each other in the hotel business (Marriott, 2022) · They always have a fear of getting attacked by antisocial activists · Environmental activities are always counted as threats to the hotel chain and tourism companies

Table 2: SWOT analysis

(Source: Self-developed)

Marriott is one of the biggest hotel chains in the world and the company has expanded their branches in every continent of the world (Marriott, 2022). Behind the development of this giant company, there are some significant elements that worked in a continuous manner. Other than that the companies also have some effective strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that maintain the balance in the business. These elements help the company to analyse the ways that can be helpful in developing the business globally. The above table analyses the major Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Marriott.

Summary of SWOT analysis (financial information needed)


Marriott International includes the largest hospitality management chains in the entire world as this expands to approximately 138 countries in the entire world (Marriott, 2023). This organisation follows diversity and inclusion and focuses on five core factors in values such as pursuing excellence, acting with integrity, embracing change, putting people first and serving our world to influence people in selecting Marriott as per their requirements. The revenue of this organisation was $10.5 billion and increases continuously to support the development of the business market.

Weaknesses:The practising process and strategies do not consider modern applications and this decreases the positioning factor of this business. This organisation faces large capital requirements to continue the overall business process (Rosner et al. 2019). In addition, dependence on franchisees and the travel industry includes different types of issues in the business process in aspects of delays. Therefore, this can have a negative impact on the performance, sales and revenue of the organisation.

Opportunities: This organisation considers different types of brand segmentation to influence different income groups of people to select products and services as per their own choice. This diversification includes living standards in different price ranges and satisfies people with price-equivalent quality in it. This organisation is unbiased in gender and allows every person purchasing services to enjoy quality experiences in their journey. This consideration delivers effective support in developing the performance and revenue of the organisation (Yap et al. 2022). The free cash flow of approximately $1.6 billion in 2021 includes opportunities to develop business markets around the world.


The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a negative impact on every organisational activity and decreased financial outcomes. This organisation faced a decrease in financial outcomes during this pandemic period (Duan, 2022). Antisocial activities sometimes created issues and financial loss for this business. Large market competition in this hospitality market develops a threat to this business as the market size of the hospitality industry is $4.548 trillion as of 2022. A list of environmental activities such as tsunamis and other environmental hazards delivers a negative on the process and financial outcomes of this organisation.

Company's business level and corporate level strategy

The business-level strategy of Marriot

The "Business-level strategy" is described in terms of the interpretation of an organisation's attributes that are affecting its conquest or competitive failure within a certain industry. It can be noted the fact that Marriot International Inc. company aims to achieve its "Focus strategy", "Cost Leadership Strategy" and "Diversity Strategy" (Ertuna et al. 2022). The aggressive competitive position of this company is totally relying on its core matters. The business level of Marriot is focused on the advancement of "competitive advantages" that include originality, cost, and the extent of its global competitiveness. Marriott International Inc (Marriott) is an American multinational hospitality company that is generally popular for its hospitality service provider that runs global restaurants and hotels.

This company naturally operates licensed hotels, franchises, timeshares and residential properties under different premium, luxury, and selected brand names globally. The major brands that are under the MarriotJW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Marriott Hotels, Westin, Renaissance, Le Meridian, Marriott Executive Apartments, Gaylord Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, Delta Hotels, Courtyard Design Hotels, Springhill Suites and a few others. In this modern era, this company has spread over more than 131 countries (Selin, 2022). Marriot has more than 7000 properties in those countries and as a result, become one of the greatest reputable organizations within the hospitality industry.

The business level of this organisation is dependent on the "Generic Business Level"(Deng, 2022). This type of business level of Marriot manages diverse loyalty programs, including the "Marriott Rewards","Ritz-Carlton Rewards", and "Starwood Preferred Guest". This business level of this company has helped them to be an operator and global franchisor of hotels and it also focused on the provision of lodging facilities to the common people. It can also be noted the fact that this company also pursues numerous "business level strategies" and as a result, these business level strategies made a strong presence of Marriot in the global business market.

It can also be depicted the fact that this company believes in the business level of gaining advancement of "putting people first". The diversified business model of this company has been developed based on the in-depth belief of the business model of Marriott International Inc (Weinstein, 2022). Their business model or level of business includes an investigation and deconstruction of the critical business segments for future business development process. Thus the business model of Marriot International lies within the factors of business evolution, restructuring, and contract success. The business level of this company is focused on lower operating costs and more heightened profitability.

The corporate-level strategy of Marriot

The "Corporate-level strategy" can be noticed as the preference of interactions in which diverse organisations must contend and the expansion and coordination of established businesses globally. Thus, the "corporate strategy" of Marriot International Inc. concentrates on aligning the forces of this firm to improve their demand and high market competitiveness (Darsin et al. 2019). This type of strategy may allow more added value to the investment of the shareholders and provide useful support. As a result, Marriott's leaders would like to make not only significant competition in the global marketplace but also to be the first-rate company among their competitors with many competitive advantages. It can be noticed at the corporate level strategy and determines of this company is highly focused on the new market. Apart from that the corporate-level strategy of this company includes the corporate social strategy.

Marriot International Inc. is totally focused on the maintenance of corporate Social Strategies or CSR strategies. This company has adopted the CSR strategy only to maintain a positive image of the industry. In this aspect, “Serve 360" is the strategy for sustainable business development by 2025. Through this corporate-level strategy this company has taken the target to reduce carbon by 30%, water by 15%, and food waste by 50% and waste by 45% by the end of 2025 (Ramadani et al. 2020). Hence, Serve 360 is the process of development of international sight assessments via numerous responsibilities. Marriott International Inc has a CSR strategy that is known as "Spirit to serve our communities," which is a social practice to remain forward of the competitor and provide the needed subordination of stakeholders.

The company's international strategy and network strategy

The international market expansion of Marriot International Inc. is highly commendable because this company has become the largest hotel company in the world with more than 400,000 employees in their supervised locations. Apart from that Marriott transits 31 brands in more or less in 100 countries all over the planet. The international expansion strategy and network strategy of this company, Marriott International Inc is highly focused on "mergers and acquisitions" (Manda) (Bharwani and Mathews, 2021). Apart from that the strategic coalitions and alliances, finances increasing, private equity dealings, and economic as well as legal advisors and many more are the core key aspects of this company to expand their business internationally.

This American-based company Marriott International Inc. is a public corporation that is directly traded on the "NASDAQ stock exchange" in the United States. In the current era, this company has taken the target to expand its business in the chosen destinations like China and Asia-Pacific regions. Thus, the business expansion of this company in China has increased by 12 % in the quarter year of 2022 (Ganson et al. 2022). On the contrary, India is one of the fast economically growing countries within the Asia Pacific and in 2023 this company opened the 100th hotel in this country and now Marriot has opened 20000 rooms in their 100 hotels. At present this company has expanded to 40 cities in India and by the end of 2025 this company targeted to expand to more than 10 cities.

In this regard, the "4Ps Marketing Mix" theory will be effective in properly examining and identifying the network strategy of Marriot International Inc.

  • Product:This company has become one of the greatest hotel-based companies and this company has developed the largest "Luxury hotel chains" globally. This is the reason behind the smooth international expansion of this company. This company commonly uses a "unique product strategy" that helps this company to grab the attention of luxury travellers globally (Gulati, 2019). The major product or service range of this company lies within hospitality services. This company has more than 30 popular brands under Morrison International and they are popular hotel brands like Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance, and many more. Along with that, their hotel services are divided into categories like "Luxury", "Premium", "Select" and "Longer Stays" and these types of decisions can help consumers select hotels on the basis of their travel programs and comfort. Thus, the accommodation and hotel; service can easily provide exceptional guest experiences
  • Price:As per the pricing strategy this company is maintaining its pricing power properly and significantly apart from the high competition. This company has become popular among all other global hotel companies only because of their maintenance of proper pricing strategies including volume shrinkage, discounting, increased room supply and many more. Marriott International Company's price strategy varies with their various numbers of hotels, consumers, and locations. Hence, this company becomes largely popular by maintaining differentiated value propositions.
  • Place:The biggest hotel chain of this company is dependent on the number of hotels that are spread over 131 countries of the world rather than the home country US (Cha et al. 2023). This company has chosen the ideal place and distribution strategies and that helped them to expand their business in major cities and towns of the countries.
  • Promotion:This company believes in the “word of mouth” promotion strategy. This company believes inpromoting its brands via digital mediums or digital marketing g strategies. The well-designed website of this company is one of the major aspects of brand promotion (Ertuna et al. 2022). Apart from that their "User Generated Content strategy" helps them to arrange diverse "customer loyalty programs" like "Bonvoy" that provide the consumers to provide a variety of benefits.

Organisations current strategy (Plan should be identified for next 5-10 years)

Organizational strategies are the major aspect that can assist organizations to accommodate their business in a specific way. It has been observed in many cases that effective organizational strategies helped organizations to explore their business across the globe (Selin, 2022). Organizational strategies such as differentiation strategy, cost leadership strategy and franchising strategies are the three particular business strategies that Marriot and most of the larger organizations follow in their business. In this aspect, Marriot International utilizes the differentiation strategy in order to develop the quality of its product.

With the help of this particular strategy, they have also developed their service quality as well. Through providing multiple lodging systems, within a decent range Marriot International has successfully earned a fine reputation for its quality and innovation. The added value has been successfully provided through the uniqueness of the organization that allows the organization to change their business dynamics (Deng, 2022). One of the most effective aspects of Marriot International has been that it offers brands that significantly aim at a lower budget. The company has been found to excel in efficient costing regarding production that enables a lower charging price. Marriot International has done a remarkable job in offering brands that have been aimed towards a sensitive approach.

The company has been found to be excelling in the efficient production of costs that might change a lower pricing strategy to the comparative market. However, to become a global business competitor Marriot International has been found to adopt the fine strategy of franchising along with managing the existing hotels (Weinstein, 2022). In a proper property of franchising Marriot International foregoes an effective yet direct control over the labourers and at the same time, strives to build upon the system maintenance of the company. These are the current business strategies that the MNC organization Marriot has been following significantly in their efforts for achieving success.

Conclusion and recommendations

  • Recommendation: There are different strategies and theories of business and management thatare helpful in the development and growth of Marriott. These strategies and theories are the process that can analyze and increase the positive ways of the business organization internally and externally to gain the best result. Maybe your ties are very large expanded throughout the globe and therefore these strategies may be helpful for the company.
  • Business strategy: the company needs to find out if he said business strategy according to the culture and multicultural view stop on the other hand they need to focus on its financial growth and therefore they have to find out the Best financial analysis management (Martinez et al. 2019). Therefore the company needs to apply different theories such as “the net income approaches”,“the pecking order theory” and “static trade theory” to increase the financial growth of the company.
  • Corporate strategy: This strategy involves the overall direction and performance of the company. It is accompanied by mergers acquisitions and diversification of your company. There are different methods that can help him growing the values of the company. In this case, “the system management theory” can be helpful. According to this theory, the company needs to adopt some principles that can help them to flexible their rigid code of conduct and value the employees who are the most important assets of a company (Mahmoudi et al. 2019). As per this theory, the management team can organize an evaluation process to reconstruct the codes and principles to construct a better management approach.
  • Operational strategy: Operational strategies are mainly managing the day-to-day operations and create different values to perform the process of capacity planning and logistics. “The contingency management theory” can be used in betterment of the operational strategy. This strategy was developed by Fred Fiedler (Ziseret al. 2018). This strategy focused on the works and the strategies taken by the employers. Apart from that this strategy can be managed the environmental change and cultural change of a company.


Marriott is a hotel chain organization that has a he was target customer. The university mainly tracks the tourist and reputed people with their highly reputed products and services. The company is a leading hotel chain and tourism guide company that is not limited to the hotel business and expands its business in different tourism activities which is important for customer acquisition. There are different strengths and weaknesses of the company that can be counted as the workforce of the organization. These strengths and weaknesses maintain the balance and the workforce in the organization. According to different sources, it is evident that the company is focusing on different market opportunities to achieve higher labels in the tourism business. This report also found different theories and strategies that can be helpful to enhance the quality of the product and services provided by the company. These strategies can help the company to attract more people and mitigate the issues inside and outside the work environment. The company has their own social, ethical, sustainable and political responsibilities toward society and the government. Therefore they need to work on the different ethics and activities.



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