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Introduction Of Sales Management

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Sales management refer to the process of working on the sales and developing the company overall process of selling. It is the working of management related to the sales of product and services of company. It is essentials for the company to create a process and increased the overall change to develop the sale management. They work in to develop the increase of sales in market. Argo are groceries retailer and working in UK and EU region. The report will explain the concept of sales management and its principles at workplaces. The roles and sales structure will be discussed in the report to provide brief information on the concept of sales management. Further the report will explain the Sales strategies used by the Argos in the workplace (Ingram and, 2019).


Sales Management:

Sales management refer to the process of developing the product and services sale of the company. It is a process of sales force, coordination’s sales operations, and working on different techniques of sales that allowing the working hit and achieve the sale target. It is the process of working on the strategies of sales to develop better performance in the revenue of the Argos.

Principle of Sales management:

Consistency: the company need to be consistent for their working and they need to develop a process of making the sales to remain consistent. Argos wants to make sure that they are developing process by changing in pricing.

Delegation: the manager needs to understand that being delegated towards the working is crucial but on the other hand there are people and process which can impact on overall performance and increase in sale. The management need to give the rights and agency to employee so that they can contribute in the sale management.

Equality: it is similar to consistency in Argos as the management need to understand the importance of equality and provide the best of workplace for the people to increase the sale of product and services.

Conviction: As a manager there are several conversations and decision which can make a lot of acquisition on the management. But working on the development of sales management at Argos it is essential to deal with the situation diplomatically.

Scope and Key Aspect of Sales management:

Scopes of Sales management: -

Planning: planning is very important and Argos working on their planning with the entire research on the issues they are facing in workplace. Working in the sales management the manager needs to develop a proper plan to impact the best on their sale and promote the planning with the employee to develop working at Argos.

Structure of sales team: Sales team structure is that hierarchy of the people working in the sales management. First is the sales manager, after that the assistance sales manager, executive sales, sales intern etc.

Sales training: Providing the best of training and development to the people working under the sales team so that the company can develop a better process of work through the sales and increase their productivity and profitability in Argos.

Key Aspects of Sales management: -

Setting targets: It is crucial for the sales manager to set the target at Argos so that they can work accordingly and can also analyse working of employee. This help in understanding of employee performance as well.

Demand management: sales work on the demand of the product and services in the market. It is essential for the business to control the production and match with the demand of market to develop better increase of sales (Chunawalla, 2021).

Demand supply forecast: the demand and supply work together and it is crucial for the management to work on both as the organization need to produce the product which can fulfil the demand of market and the chain goes on.

Task of Sales person to understand customer

Be proactive: it is important for the sales person to develop a habit while accessing the customer to work on the proactive basis to handle them fast.

Positive attitude: working in the sales need to provide the best of the positive attitude towards the workplace and with the product so that the customer gets attracted. It is crucial for the Argo to hire the candidates who are positive towards the work and develop in increase performance.

Understanding of client: working in the services sector it is essential for the manager to develop a process for the sales person after their training to make them understand that it is critical to understand what the client is actually asking for. This can help in development of better working in the market and create better workplace review of the company.

Follow ups: taking follow ups with the client so that they can develop a better working in the market and get a better customer relation in the market.

Consumer buying behaviour:

Consumer buying behaviour refer to the process of understanding on what issues the behaviour of the customer changes and on what need the behaviour are impacting their buying nature in market. There are 4 type of consumer buying behaviour:

Complex buying behaviour: The behaviour works on the choices and after the completed research about what they are expending in the market with their money. Complex people make things confused for the company as they are too much on the thinking than buying.

Dissonance-reducing buyingbehaviour: These kinds of people are those who are much into the shopping and buying and it is also important for them to do buying regularly but they stuck in the process of choosing between brands (Razmochaeva and Klionskiy, 2019).

Habitual buying behaviour: these are the people who are habitual for the buying and they just wanted to buy the product and services in market which can be a great factor for the Argos.

Variety seeking behaviour: these behaviours of people are on the basis of their nature as they always seek for the variety in the product and services as they wanted to try new things always.

Sales promotion and incentives:

Sales promotion is crucial and it is essential for the Argos to make the best use of it to increase product awareness in market and it can increase a huge level of people to get aware about their product and services. There are 4 types of sales promotion used by Argo:

Consumer Sales Promotion: Consumer sales promotion refer to the process of promoting the product and service through coupon’s, rebates, price packs, samples, premiums, prizes etc.

Dealer sales promotion: dealer promotion is through the packages and the dealer contact which help them in creating a buzz in market. Dealer promotion makes it into the print media promotion as they promote on their stores and develop market awareness about Argos.

Business Promotion: Business promotion are the ways of joint promotions, exhibition fairs, exclusive showrooms etc. business promotion helps the parties to develop more about the market

Public Relation: this process of promotion refers to the publicity of product and services by Argos and also with the help of public relation in the business. This help in creating a promotion through the public relation to increase working.

Impact of technologies on sales management:

The impact of the technologies is helping the company in promotion and it is also creating an impact on their performance as this is helping them in development of more awareness about their product in market to people. Working on the technologies is including the new promotion and making the working fast through social media marketing and digital marketing which company is using to promote and sale of product to customer. Argos are developing their working on the technologies adapting new ways to increase the process of operation fast and also quick payment methods so that they can increase the sales in market and develop working. Promotion on the social platform to make people aware about what Argos are offering and creating market awareness about the offer and services to increase more sales in the business.


Role and Structure of Sales team

Roles of Sales team:

Setting Goals: One of the main roles of the sales team management is to provide the goals to the team member so that they can work according to their goals. It is crucial to make the goals which reflect what the Argo are looking to achieve in business.

Planning, Budgeting, organizing programme to achieve results: Planning the budget by the sales management to make it working in the team of production. Budgeting to control the process of workplaces and take decision of finance and organizing the overall process of Argo sales management to develop the result and increase in overall performance.

Controlling and evaluating results: Controlling and evaluating the results on the planning sand organization production made by the sales. It is crucial for the management to work on the performance and develop a procedure of evaluating their results and working which can help them in understanding the issues they may find within the process of roles as a management in sales.

Structure of Sales Team:

The structure of the sales management in Argos:

General manager: The first head in the structure of the department of sales is the General manager of the Argo who led all the responsibility and take decision accordingly.

Assistant Manager: Assistant manager are the person who works as a responsible person for all the results and information converted to the general manager from the department of sales.

Deputy manager: deputy manager is the person who is responsible to convert the information to the assistant manager and let them know the information of the floor as how the product is responding and what change need to be taken to increase more on the sales of product at Argos.

Ethical behaviour of Argo Sales Manager

Developing a code of conduct: IT is crucial for the sales management to work in the workplace with the code of conduct in Argos which people need to follow as the ethics of workplaces. It helps the people in getting motivation and respecting the office. The sales boss of the Argos created code of conduct for the people working in Argos so that they can get the best of responsible people in the factories and develop impact on business of Argos.

Hire the right sales person: working in the management and have the authority to work with the HR and hire the best of the candidate to develop process of right person who can provide an impact on the Argos to develop a better process at workplace. When the right person is hire it can provide the best of working in Argos and the manager understand the role of their work. This can lead to a responsibility for the manager and the sale manager is working to provide the best candidate to them, to increase working.

Commitment towards: The ethics reflects the commitment of the manager towards the organization and the working responsibility of the manager of Argos to provide the best of commitment through actions. It is essential for the manager to provide the best professional working with the employee in the organization. The commitment shows the responsible skills of the manager which can provide an impact n the working and develop a better performance in workplace.

EU legislation helping Argos

EqualityAct: the equality act has helped the Argos in development of performance in the market from UK and Eu legislation. It is crucial for them to develop a procedure of equality in business. This helps the company in performing in the country and work with all equal rights to work in market and sell the services with all legal policies.

Trade policies: trade policies helped the Argos in working in international market and develop a better performance in their business so that they can develop a better performance in workplace to achieve objective (Fatima, 2017).

Sales Channels used by different organizations are:

Retail: Retail business refers to the process of selling the product and services of the company to its end customer for profit, either in stores or in phone or online is retail. Amazon is using the retail process of sales channel to work in the business and develop the market. It helped them in getting one of the best results in market and reached to the top in retail.

Pros of Retails:

One of the major benefits of getting working in the retail is that it helped them in making a good control on how to reach and sell to customers and gain deeper customers insight. It also maintains in creating and making a good connection with the customer and make sure to stay in communication to understand better. It also helps in increasing high profit margins in business. It also helps in controlling the brand identity when the business is producing products.

Cons of Retails

Working as a retail channel it causes in the large budget of marketing and also initiates the marketing strategies which cause in footfall and web tariffs. The customers from the retails are having high customer expectation which can be impactful on the business if the organization is not fulfilling the desire expectation of customer.



  • Setting goal is very important and the organization is working with the management to develop the best of objective to be achieved by the performance of Argos as it is developing huge in market. Goals help in making the analysis and evaluation of the performance of the Argo and its employees working in business (Singh and, 2019).
  • The process of sales management needs the process of organization the results so that they can take decision accordingly (Herman and McAndrews, 2021).
  • Implementing and Programming: Implementing on the management plan and working on the procedure made by the sales management to the sales people to develop the action and create an impactful in the results of organization.
  • Executive: executive is the person working on the front desk and work on the sales and increase the process to develop better sales at the workplace in Argos.
  • Interns: interns are the people who are working on training to get the knowledge about the procedure of sales department in Argos and how they work.
  • The code of conduct is vital as it makes the society responsible working in the sales and understands the criticality of their working (Fatima, 2017).
  • Leadership: leading from the front is always crucial for the best of results and the sales manager of Argos work in this as they develop leading from front. The manager is leading from front by making the best of work input to initiate the performance and make people get motivated and work better in their input. This help the company in getting better results by the leader and the people who are following them in the workplace to get the results to increase company aim objective. Leadership is very important for the employee performance and the manager of the Argos sales department are creating different session with the employee to make them motivate and understand the working to impact the results (Al Halbusi, 2020).
  • Open communication: Open communication from the leader and manager can impact the overall performance of people in the workplaces. It can lead to development in better results and it can also create an impact on overall performance of the company which can further lead to development in business. Manager need to be good with their ethics and behaviour at Argos and the manager of sales department is focused in the development of open communication in the workplace which is helping them in development in the results as the manager is free to talk and the employee can tell them with the issues they are facing in workplaces.
  • Environment Act: Environment legislation is crucial for the business and it also support from the government when the companies are working on the environment cause and social welfare. The environment safety is crucial as it help in increase of overall performance. Support from the government increase overall results in making the business gets developed (Gustafson, Pomirleanu and John-Mariadoss, 2018).
  • Selling through others:
  • Selling through other refer to the process of sales channel which different companies use in their workplace to develop the best of results and increase the overall performance of business in market. This can lead to development in sales management and increased performance. There are retailers, wholesalers etc. which works as a sales channel for the company and help them in increasing business.
  • Online Market Places: online market places are the example of selling the business on online for example the eBay, Amazon is the working on the online marketplaces. This is one of the selling through other process which Are used by all type of organizations.
  • Distributors: Distributors are one of the wholesalers who are working in development of selling to retailers and not to the customer directly. Every organization works in the working with the wholesalers which provide the product to the retailer and then to end customers. Distributors are used by the Argos to increase the process of providing to the retailers so that they can send to end user and help the company earning more Sale.
  • Affiliate Sales: this is the process of selling the product and services through other service organization to increase the overall process of selling in market to customer. Sometimes these sales can create false advertisement which can impact the overall image of the workplace for which the company need to develop and control.



Sales Strategies

Sales strategy refers to the process used by the Argos to develop more of sales in the market and develop better proposition in the business. It is a planned approach to understand and evaluate the qualifying prospects; sales presentation, generation order etc. companies work on different strategies and the Argos used both the inbound and outbound strategies at workplace. The sales strategy is important for the Argos as it help them in developing the business and increasing the business awareness to develop more in sales of commercial. Sales strategy also helps in increasing the rate of interest in the workplace and in sales team as well. Hiring of right people to develops more of the sales in the workplace to provide better results.

Financial principle of portfolio management

Project aligns to strategy: it is crucial for the management to control the portfolio management to work on the align strategy by company. Argo need to make sure that the sales management of the company is working in the development of strategies and working on strategies to utilise the best of result.

Strong Process: Strong process for shutting the project refer if the company is working on the project they need to be focused in working on the level of increased performance and develop an overall process of creating a better working in market. They need to be focused on the closure if the results are not in favour.

Work on Risk: working in the retail sector need to understand that the company can face risk and while working on the management strategies the risk needs to be considered in process and they also need to develop according to the workplace (Chatterjee, Ghosh and Chaudhuri, 2020).

Promote Transparency: working with the transparency in the management helps in increasing the efficiency of portfolio management and it also create an impact on the overall performance of the workplace and develop results.

Lead the change: leading the change in market of the industry from Argo to understand the concept of change and its important in workplace. The change can make huge impact in overall results and also increase in diverse results for the business and create a better impact (Che and Zhong, 2021).

The sales cycle:

The sales cycle refers to the process of sales in the workplace and industry the Argos working in. it is essential for them to create an impact on the overall performance and develop better working in industry. There are 7 stages of sales cycle:

Prospects for leads: it is the process for the Argos to find the rights customers and identify the target customer to increase and start process of sales. Every organization need customers to develop more of business generation.

Potential customers: working on finding the potential target market customer on which the company is working so that they can develop impact on business market. Potential customers are those on which the company is looking to target through their services (Syam and Sharma, 2018).

Quality customers: quality customers to increase the sale management and to develop the sale cycle to complete the overall working. The Argo works on the quality customer and not on quantity

Presenting of product: The Argo need to present the product now in market so that they can get a information about the product and services the company is offering and create a better working in the overall market

Overcome customer objection: the organization need to understand the customers and overcome their objection which they are making and creating in market so that they can impact the sales in future as well.

Close the sale: the sales close after the sale process is completed; the stages for the closed of the sale are according to how the project started.

Generate referrals: asking the customers for the referrals after they enjoy the services of the organization as this can help in increasing market of customer and develop better working in business.

Performance management:

Performance management refer to the process of developing the overall performance of the organization. The Argo works in increasing the overall performance of workplace in sales management through providing of training and development to the people working in organization. It is essential for them to make the best use of resources and train the people working in business to get better performance. The performance management works in calculation of the overall process of what the employee are performing in the business and how to improve their working in workplace (DeNisi and Murphy, 2017).

Training and development: working on the training and development of the sales person so that the sales manager get the best out of the people working in the company and develop in the market. This is crucial for them to develop best of people and train them to increase the overall process of work. Training and development can help the sales in the improved of performance and create a better result in over result of the company.

Leadership: leadership help the company in getting g best of the work from their working people it is essential for them to increase the process of leading in the workplace. Leadership can impact on the performance of people and develop the overall process (Heger and, 2017).



The report concluded the importance of the sales management, it is essential for the workplace and Argos to create the best of strategies to increase the performance of sales in market. Creating a better working in the workplace can create a change in the results. The sales management needed proper strategies and development training to get the result. Further the report concluded the strategy of sales cycle in workplace and provides the best result in the chosen company.



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