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Introduction Of Social and Community Welfare 

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Health and social care are the terms are related to the healthcare services provider in U.K. This is a generic term applied to the social services in the field of health. NHS healthcare has provided the guidelines regarding the social services of the country. The guiding principles of NHS are helping the healthcare workers to provide the services to the patients from the various hospitals, nursing homes and foster care of the country (Laverty & Harris, 2018).

The NHS was born in Manchester with the help of Aneurin Bevan in the park hospital of the city. The main objective of the healthcare organization is to provide proper services to the patients of the hospitals or different healthcare system. The motivation is to provide good healthcare services and give supports to the healthcare workers. A massive change in the mechanism of the healthcare workers have observed after forming NHS in the country. NHS has tried to provide quality healthcare supports to the patients from various healthcare centers.

These values have built the principles of the healthcare system. The society was lacking proper guidelines for treating the patients and helping the associates to make ethical guidelines for the healthcare workers that must be followed by the professionals.


1.1. Influence of the key social issues in health and wellbeing

Human are associated with the society and the factors of the society have an impact over the healthcare system of the country. Various social issues have faced by the citizens of U.K. and due to that NHS has faced many issues while implementing the strategies in the healthcare organization. Poor social and economical instability can affect the current health condition of the country. Health and wellbeing are correlated with each other and if the person is facing health-related problems then wellbeing of the person will also be affected. Stressful circumstances of the society is another cause of making people sick and socio-psychological circumstances can develop various issues like anxiousness, nervousness, long-term stress etc (Mossialos  et al., 2018). Continuous low self esteem and feeling of insecurity can be a cause of poor wellbeing and this may cause the heath system of the body.

1.2. How social issues affect the health and wellbeing

Social issues are creating problems within the urban population and most of the person from this area is facing mental health issues. The social and psychological consequences are creating long term stress within the individuals. Healthcare workers are trying to help and give support those people who are suffering from different mental health problems in the country. NHS healthcare has developed a plan for the mental health issues faced by the population of the country. Physical issues are physical inactivity and obesity. Among the population, substance use also observed. LO2

2.1. Key milestones in the community for improving the services

NHS has formulated the policies for the healthcare organization to provide quality services to the patients and improve the current condition healthcare. Series of policies will be helpful to strengthen and coordinate the services provided by the organization. NHS has provided the frameworks that are helping to have structural and organizational position in the healthcare industry. The milestones are discussed in the following areas (Kline et al., 2017).

1948- Local authorities are having the responsibility to improve the community health services and try to communicate with the patients to provide them proper services for improving the quality lifestyle.

1962- The hospital plans are created to emphasis on the community to expand the current healthcare services within the country.

1963- In the local healthcare, huge variations are observed and the GP has given focus to improve the primary healthcare condition of the country.

1965- The report published in the Seebohm committee has called for the better communication within the social and healthcare services to provide quality social services to the patients.

1974- Responsibility of the social and community healthcare is transferred to NHS for tackling various incidents of poor coordination between the hospital and social healthcare services. Area healthcare has formed joint committees and consultative committees for improving the current healthcare conditions of the patients.

1987- Promoting better health become the primary objectives of the organization and NHS was working to accomplish the objectives with the help of some formulated guidelines. Primary care teams, social workers and other healthcare workers have take part to provide better healthcare services to the patients.

1989- Follow the publication “Working for people” for establishing communication with the people from the community.

1997- New NHS regulations are formed to promote integrative health and social care services in UK. In most of the community health centers, primary healthcare services are established and effective marginal PCT’s also evaluated by the management of the organizations.

2000- NHS has formulated new investment plans for the community to improve the current healthcare condition. In the new investment plan, primary healthcare and community centers are provided with some new equipment so that they can provide services to the patients coming from the locality. Care trusts can be formulated with the help of the investment plans and these care trusts will help to improve the quality services of the organizations.

2006- NHS has formulated some new-reaching strategies to reach most of the patients within a stipulated time. Varieties of measures are integrating promotions and strengthen the prevention care.

2008- High quality of care has implemented by NHS and separation of the commissions of PCT and providers functions PCTs. An organizational model is considered for the community. NHS is developing new tariffs to encourage the healthcare of the community (Feldman, 2020).

2009- Transforming the community services and provides new patterns to the healthcare centers and according to those guidelines those centers will provide services to the patients from the community.

2012- The Health and Social Care Act has transferred to the responsibilities for the commissioning the community health services f or example, local authorities are having the responsibilities to take care of the public health and health visiting.

2014- NHS has formulated five year forward view for the healthcare organization. This plan has set up the integration and developmental plans for fulfilling the future needs of the population.

2015- NHS organization is collaborating with the local partners of the community and develops sustainability and transformation plans for the healthcare system of the country. Five-year plans are very effective for promoting health services in the community (Fritz & Cox, 2019).

2016- NHS has established 44STP’s and give the proposals to make the primary care centers well-equipped to reduce the pressure on the hospitals.

These milestones are defining the achievements of NHS healthcare in UK and how these plans are improving and organizing the healthcare system of the country.

 2.2. Compare and contrast the current healthcare provisions in UK

Healthcare organization of UK is quite developed after implementing NHS healthcare provision. International comparison with the other counties in healthcare system is showing the moves in the policies for the country. The ambition of the NHS is to become number one healthcare destination in Europe and provide latest medical services to the patients of the country (Davis et al., 2017). Compared to the other countries of Europe and USA, UK is choosing high-quality indicators for providing best services to the patients and improves their current condition. Quality is very important to improve the healthcare services promoted by the healthcare organizations of the country. But UK has faced various issues while measuring the quality issues. UK is appearing much better than the other countries in case of providing appropriate approaches. The volumes of prescribed antibiotics are raising in UK comparative other countries. It can also be stated that the primary care centers are having much complex rules while proving cares to the patients and the other counties are having simplified rules and they are reaching more patients at one time.


3.1. The core values of health and social care services

Core values of the company are helping us to support the healthcare system of the country so that the healthcare organization must have followed some regulations. Health, safety and wellbeing are the major values of the healthcare system and NHS is supporting the core values to improve the quality healthcare and provide the services to the hospitals or any other healthcare organization of the country. NHS constitutions have mentioned the process by which the healthcare workers can implement their strategies to improve the current condition of the healthcare system. The six values of the healthcare system are discussed in the following sections.

Working for the patients

The healthcare workers must have provided the services to the patients. They have to give support to the patients for improving their current health condition. The healthcare workers have to do the work together to help the patients for overcoming the problems they are facing due to health-related complications.

Respect and dignity

Healthcare workers must have given respect and dignity to the patients and the associates who are involved with the healthcare profession. They have to respect their aspiration and commitment of life. Their primary objective should be to provide the services to the patients.

Commitment for giving quality care

The healthcare workers must have provided quality services to the patients so that their condition can improve. NHS has provided guidelines to the healthcare workers that must be followed. They are committed to provide quality services to the patients. Basic quality of care is associated with the safety and effectiveness of the care provided by the healthcare workers.


 Compassion is very important and that must be performed by the healthcare workers while giving supports to the patients. Compassion and empathy can give mental support to the patients. Humanity and kindness are very important components for providing the healthcare services to the patients.

Improving wellbeing

NHS healthcare workers have to improve the wellbeing of the patients. While the patients got sick they are also affected with poor mental and physical wellbeing. Improving wellbeing is another criterion of core values in the healthcare system.

Healthcare organization can tests the core values with e-tools and after evaluating the core values the management can understand the quality services of the healthcare workers from the different organization. Health Education England is providing free online tool to evaluate the values and effectiveness of the healthcare workers providing services to the patients.

3.2. Ethics underpin the social delivery in healthcare

Ethical principles are important for the healthcare professionals for guiding them to do the treatment of the patients. Eight specific codes are associated with the healthcare industry that are autonomy, justice, confidentiality, fidelity, beneficence, non-malfeasance, privacy, and veracity (Benbow, 2018). Core values are defining the strategies of the organization for providing the services. Structural transformation of development process must be followed by the authority while implementing healthcare planning in the community. Now, NHS is trying to make more policies so that the primary healthcare centers can get proper guidelines for maintaining the patients and the services provided to the patients (Hiam & McKee, 2017).


It can be concluded from the above study that NHS principles has improved the condition of health care system in UK. The core values are associated with the NHS guiding principles so that it can compete with the other countries in case of providing the services to the patients. The milestones are stating the changes happened within the organization so that the workers can do the work collaboratively and improve the quality of life. New plans are making changes to provide quality treatment and reduce the pressures on the hospitals. NHS is not only helping the healthcare workers but also helping the social workers to provide the services and gaining more knowledge about the healthcare system.


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