Social and Health Issues In Barking And Dagenham Assignment Sample

Discussion on policies and public health interventions aimed at improving community health through better diagnosis, treatment, awareness, and lifestyle changes.

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Introduction of Improving Community Health Through Policy Interventions in Historic UK Cities Assignment

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Barking and Dagenham are considered among the famous historic cities in UK. This is mainly situated in east London. Overall development of society mainly includes the health and well-being of social groups. Health management includes proper diagnosis and management of the disease, to avoid further complications and for health improvements. This report mainly aims for discussing and analysis of the social characteristics by describing demographical profile of Barking and Dagenham, followed by identification of the health issues in this borough. Overall identification of the issues involves recognizing the health inequalities, social determinants of health in this place, and effective policies that can be applied to prevent and overcome the health issues.

Demographical profile of Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham is one of the important boroughs of London. Its population is nearly 187 thousand. A drop in the overall population has been observed since 2001 at the rate of 20%. Since 2011, the population has increased by 17% in 2021 (, 2021). The overall children population aged between 0-14 years in this region is approximately 25% of the total population; population of adults aged 15-65 years is 67%, whereas rate of older citizens includes 9% (, 2018). The rate of children is highest in this region when compared to other boroughs of London. This region includes residents from a different origins, such as black, brown and white.  Also, a higher rate of private renting processes has been observed in this area.

Health issues in Barking and Dagenham

As the children rate is higher in this community, a higher dominance of child health issues is observed. The regular vaccination service for children is available. Smoking is considered a major risk factor for health. It also includes exposure to highly polluted air, which includes pollutants such as tobacco smoke and other potential pollutants produced from the burning fuel. In case of elder population, hearing and sight loss health issues are common (, 2021). Social health issues such as drug and alcohol addiction are observed. Mental health is also a major health issue, including anxiety, depression, along with suicidal tendencies. Reports of sexual and domestic harassment are also observed in a certain areas. Dementia and Alzheimer's are also observed among the elder population of this region.  

Health inequalities in Barking and Dagenham

Health inequalities refer to the social and economic determinants, such as the poverty level. Education, income rate, ethnicity, cultural background, and gender impact the overall health of a population (, 2018). The disparities are impactful for determining different factors affecting the health status of a selected population. Presence of large varieties of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds is also a major factor for low health safety, as it impacts the availability and utilization of health services among the population. Hence the overall management is needed to be referred to as the condition that can be associated with lower income rates. Lack of financial support leads to late diagnosis of the disease and causes readmission to the hospitals (Doiron et al. 2019). Also, poverty is also a major factor in disease prevalence, as low living standards and high-stress levels may lead to cause COPD, asthma and other respiratory diseases. 

Social determinants for health

Social and environmental factors play a major role in health and disease prevalence. The backgrounds and lifestyles of people , including diet, sleeping patterns and quality of well-being , create a major difference in health. Children care and their management is a major approach for the overall well-being of society. On the other hand, proper management and control need regular medical checkups and care, along with a healthy lifestyle. Lack of proper care and management leads to an increase in the rate of diseases in people living in poverty , which is impactful for the approach (Halliday, 2022). Different therapies and treatment procedure associated with disease management is necessary to include within daily practice. Hence the educational background is also a mandatory factor that is affected by poverty in most of these cases.

Policies related to health and social care in Barking and Dagenham

The health and safety of children are major factors for the overall well-being of society is mandatory. Resolving a higher rate of children's health issues includes effective collaboration between Health & Wellbeing Board and the "Children's Trust" of Barking and Dagenham. This enhances the overall management process, and protocols for children's wellbeing, including vaccination, diagnosis and care within time (Jacob et al. 2020). The Children's partnership service has been developed for the effective care of children. The schools and health service-providing centres collaborate for effective management of children health. Quitting smoking leads to an impact on the overall management and treatment efficiency for the disease, as certain drugs cannot work properly while smoking is continued. The policy involved in the process includes NHS Smokefree, which provides free advice and support to people for quitting smoking (, 2018). Also, there are various drinking and other addiction related treatment options available for people that can be consulted with general physical before referring. The sexual disease is also another major factor that can be treated through effective community development.

In the case of diagnosis, the disease prevalence can be developed for the overall management aspects. As per the mental health policy for Barking and Dagenham 2016, development of healthy and effective community is majorly aimed. This policy mainly includes the development and management of healthy mental health status of every person, of every family and then community (McFadden et al. 2022).  As per the record, nearly one-third of the mental health patients are diagnosed. This leads to leaving the health issue unattended; this policy will lead to aim for early detection and diagnosis of mental stress, identification of risk factors and related symptoms. Also, an increased rate of rehabilitation for mental health disease management is also necessary for the process. This can be identified as the major factor for the overall management and control of chronic situations among people.

Expenditure on the right medications is also a mandatory aspect of health management. As per the NHS health plan 2019, proper education and learning for drug administration, is a necessary aspect of the treatment (, 2019). The pharmaceutical approach for educating the patients and care providers by identification of the symptoms is a necessary approach. Awareness and development of healthy routine in the lifestyles is a necessary approach increased knowledge regarding the dietary needs, weight management, avoiding obesity and including physical activity in daily lifestyle. in case of eldercare and management, the Alzheimer’s and dementia is considered a major factor their wellbeing can be affected through increased rate of older care management (Giebel et al. 2021). Also, the sensory management approaches are also considered mandatory for controlling the activity level and social contribution of elders. Hence increased sensory management approaches are a necessary factor.   

Public health interventions

The mental health of a person affects their physical health as they can be associated with premature death and decreased living quality. As per the mental health strategy applied by mental health policy for Barking and Dagenham 2016, the intervention involves effective participation of the community. It helps to create awareness and sharing the information for a greater approach. This is followed by carer strategy group that is effective for increasing the effective of carer through developing management strategies based on community requirement (, 2018). A children and maternity sub group can also be developed through effective analysis and identification of the procedure. The Public health programme board is also developed for developing mental health management policies followed by the NHS guidelines.

Management of child care intervention is mandatory for reducing the adult disease. Identification of children at risk and providing them safe and secure environment for growth is the major approach. the family and child welfare policy of barking Dagenham include effective safeguarding of young children. special facilities for children physical and mental disabilities, and perntal help for child care and support (Chen and Wang, 2021). Public intervention may spread awareness and reduce smoking and drinking by sharing the health risks and difficulties associated with addiction. Also, the impact of passive smoking and environmental pollution is also massive, and this may affect close people and family members. Avoiding smoking in crowded places, near kid zones and in hospitals needs to be promoted.

Proper education and learning regarding the symptoms and risk factors different diseases is mandatory. Learning may lead to identifying the symptoms and risk factors. Especially in case of child treatment and health management, the symptoms are mandatory to understand for considering overall management of the process. While managing the sex diseases and its prevention, knowledge regarding available prevention options help to avoid the critical situation and issues (McKinlay et al. 2021). older care can also be developed through gathering knowledge and assessment of the health care policies and facilities provided by NHS and local authorities and health care centers for the treatment and management purpose. A regular follow up and awareness procedures increase the healthcare knowledge of general people.

Lifestyle factor improvement is one of the major factors for proper management and control of negative health impacts. This is mandatory for increasing the efficiency of treatment, proper diet intake, maintaining a healthy environment, and mandatory exercises are also necessary for the process. In case of older care, exercises are mainly needed to be prescribed and instructed by health care professionals. They are mainly aimed at increasing the overall tolerance for movements and activity among older population and reducing the impacts of several lifestyle diseases. This is also mandatory for reducing an overall management aspect, which is necessary to avoid further development and control of the treatment process.


Mental health management is mandatory for the overall processing and management of the process. Mental health is mandatory for controlling the management aspects that are necessary for improving mortality rates. The complications and higher prevalence of this disease are observed among people from low-income standards in the UK. They tend to reduce the overall dietary and lifestyle factors that are associated with effective treatment and its outcome. Further degradation in situations can be observed despite treatment due to improper care and management of mental health. Hence it can be concluded that proper improvement can be possible through the implementation of Health policies related to smoking cessation, improvements in drug administration learning through smart interventions and increasing knowledge and awareness regarding risk factors for the disease.

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