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Decision Making Strategy at Beyond Meat

Introduction of Strategy And Decision Making Assignment

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Beyond Meat is a pronounced company for its plant-based protein food product in the USA. It has an orientation to replace the animal-based protein supplement in food products. It competes both in the USA and internationally. It possesses unique valued proponents for animal welfare and human health and therefore, strives to replace animal protein with plant-based protein. It has different resources and capabilities which is not only confined to delivering ready to eat plant-based food products but offers a set of other food products such as beyond breakfast sausage, beyond beef, beyond chicken products and fried chicken. It can deliver value sustainability because the supply of plant protein is sustainable and renewable; therefore, the company can deliver that value food product sustainability. Justification of the performance of the company over time can be done by observing the three useful business tests such as market demand, revenue generation and market expansion. Its revenue generation increased from 8.8 million $ in 2015 to 298 million $ in 2019. This figure substantiates the three tests of market demand, revenue and expansion of the market in other countries as well. Therefore, it can be further stated that the company in concern has huge market potential in the vegan food product industry which is the future of the world according to various studies.

Case Study on Beyond Meat, Inc.

Strategic management; role, importance, tools and techniques

It has different kinds of strategies such as marketing, growth, distribution, R&D, production and supply chain strategy. For example, it adopted product differentiation of the plant-based food product along with the expansion of retail stores for selling its product and stocking the same. In the growth sector, it has a strategy of increasing market expansion using retail grocery along with foodservice channels both in the domestic and international markets.

Distribution Strategy of Beyond Meat

(Source: Ostaev et al. 2019)

It has three broad perspectives of distribution strategies which are selective, intensive and exclusive distribution systems. Selective because it distributes some key protein resources edible by almost all the people of the home or international (Ostaev et al. 2019). Intensive is due to the continuous supply of the protein supplement and exclusive due to differentiation of both animal and plant protein to its supply chain.

Tools and methods of strategic analysis

(Source: Sulich et al. 2021)

There are several concepts and techniques of strategic analysis for an internationally operating business model. These concepts are logistical system analysis competitive advantage analysis, product quality analysis. The techniques are IT forecasting methods integrated measurement systems such as the application of machine learning and IoT in the data analytics of the company (Sulich et al. 2021). Other than that economic concept of strategic analysis of the international operation is also utilised by this company in its strategic analysis.

Role and importance of decision making in the international business management

Strategic decision making of this company includes identification of options and problems, information processing improvement of the business operations using feedback from both the employees and the customers and implementation of the same. Therefore, this company uses various steps to take decisions for corporate and international business practices (Miarka et al. 2018). In this way, a consolidated and scientific decision making and choosing method has been practiced by this company both in its domestic and international business operations. The theory of competitive advantage can be applied in the international business processes of this company. This theory says that, for strategic analysis, organizations must take into accounts factors of production, existing strategic structure, and rivalry profile of other companies, the feasibility of related or supporting industries and the demand of the product in both domestic and the international markets. This has been further depicted in the following figure.

In the above figure, the factors such as input materials processing factors of production and the quality of the product have been considered. After that, a comparative analysis with other company's products has to be made. The strategic part of this theory offers the taker of this strategy to observe its rivals in all its aspects and developed the counter strategies accordingly. Beyond Meat can take the advantage of the uniqueness of the product that came from the plant product to capture the domestic and international market (Ibrahim et al. 2019). This will help in determining the demand condition of the product and how the scale of demand has been increasing due to the unique features of the product.

Beyond Meat provides choices to its customers both related to animal and plant protein. It has enforced the tie-up with the KFC but is required to enhance its brands to capture the foreign markets. Therefore, key decision making approaches for this company would be to adopt branding its product so that a base of the international appearance can be created. It should take the approach of separating both plant and animal protein in different stores for the customers to attract more vegans in its store and retail shops. Even though this approach will cost the company for creating different retail stores, the long-term can outnumber the loss incurred in the short run. Other than that, Beyond Meat can also approach to tie up with the internationally operating hotels and restaurant organization to sell its product under its brand name. It will take some extra charges for marketing of the product by such restaurants and hotels, but the charges of general marketing on its own can be higher (Armstrong et al. 2019). Therefore, formulating and appraising the short-term critical decisions such as mentioned above can be subscribed to enhance the business operation in the international market along with its contexts.

The above mentioned strategic options can further be enhanced by adopting some other kind of decision. Some effective decisions are; taking the selling data of the rival company into consideration, measuring the demand of the customers for some specific type of protein supplement products and so on. This company makes effective decisions based on the number of vegans and non-vegan in the consideration. This help Beyond Meat to take appropriate production decisions by lowering the waste generation due to the mass production of food products. For example, plant protein food products can be costly and therefore, their sales in developing countries could be lower than the developed countries (Soule et al. 2019). Developed countries’ per capita income is higher and can subscribe to vegan products. On the other hand, per-capita income or the consumption expenditures of the food products of the developing countries is lower. They do not focus on food products mostly and simply rely on animal protein which is comparative lower priced. Therefore, in comparison to vegan and non-vegan products, developed countries will probably choose vegan products but the developing or least developed countries will choose non-vegan products. Therefore, an effective business decision of the company would be to sell the plant protein in developed countries and animal protein in the developing or least developed countries.

Specific issue appraisal for the international business operations

It has been observed from the case study that the R&D investment in Beyond Meat is huge and incurred 6.9% of the total revenue in 2019 (Mohor?ich and Reese, 2019). It becomes a specific issue for them. Therefore, Beyond Meat can adopt the strategic concept of outsourcing the services of R&D in its food innovation. This way, this company can reduce the expenditure on R&D drastically as the money resources for outsourcing such services will incur a relatively less amount to the company (Gerhardt et al. 2020). Other than that, critical tools such as data mining, feedback of the customers and machine learning can be opted to determine the customers’ base, choice of the customers and market for the product respectively which are other specific issues for the company.

Understanding and analysis of the strategic position of the organization require the deployment of various tools such as BCG matrix, SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis and so on. BCG matrix of Beyond Meat can depict the various competitive aspects of the specific product in the domestic and the international market. SWOT helps the organization in detecting the strength of the company in the food market, weaknesses, opportunities and the scope of the products in particular and the company in general (Belo et al. 2021). On the other hand, PESTLE analysis helps the company to analyse the impact of various social, technological, environmental, political and economic factors on the product and the company’s position from the strategic point of view.

International strategic decisions of the company comprise the decisions on tools and techniques in the business operations, the appropriate theoretical background of any new business decisions and the time and scale of implementations. Therefore, some critical thinking and arguments are required for Beyond Meat. this company uses various business management decisions such as investment in R&D for producing a new type of animal and plant-based protein food products (Fulkerson and Tushingham, 2021). In this sense, critical appraisal of business decisions can be delineated or defined as the timely, efficiently and resource-based decision making subject to competition, demand and number of customers in consideration. The timely decision is the essential appraisal for critical business decisions because the early start in the business always benefited the initiators. Efficiently implementation of the business decision by allocating appropriate resources is also critical from the business management point of view. This critical appraisal must confirm the constraints of competition, market demand of the products of the plant and animal protein and the number of customers for both the animal and plant protein. This way, the critical decisions of Beyond Meat can manage the business operation in the international and domestic market more critically and effectively.

Conclusion and Recommendations

This project report is overviewed in the descriptive term that the managing condition of the managing strategy of a company along with its states and function. The controlling power of the company holds down different aspects of raising its growing power and legibility. On different aspects the company hosts different progressive knowledge which is differently overviewed in this study. In the outlet of this project, it is overviewed the frequent change a company can have during a time and in its possible cause. The formation of the company takes the back opposition of any people where developing conditions are high. It is the report where the project is highlighted with the different frequency of timer and its change. On the receiving, to the company, internal condition it has a possible effort that is earned to have and system to account the organization perspective. In this case study on Beyond Meat, Inc. the evaluation shows different sides on the success towards a strategic view. The company also evaluates the simultaneous condition of the different structures of the company. This framework about the company is highly researched that the central idea of Beyond Meat, Inc. can be centralized on a different perception of wills and efforts. Whereas this study it involves the credential part of the company.


As per the overview of this report, the results and cause can be highly recommended.

  • A company can evaluate the situation of profit more rapidly when there is an organized function of processing. The function of this company can also overtake the other one by one service providing to a company employees so that they can have a rapid growth in its work. In different circumstances, it can be replaced by new inputted of the company in delivered growth. Hence moving forward to the company study it can also formulate different conditions to take forward a company in static methods.
  • In between different surveys of the company it can also satisfy its growth in maintaining the function and theory to overcome down situation. In the description, the company can change its background to evaluate the reference on its business strategy. The vigorous conviction on different strategies the company can also be overviewed on public strategy. On looking forward the company can visualize different customers and distributors involved in its production.

In condition, the comfort ability on this company gives 6he review on its products which can qualify the similarity of different other company. The ethical view also shows the exception of different competitive companies according to the high growing function. Therefore, according to the study about the company, it is highly acknowledged that the frequency of the company can have possible growing on then progressive needs. The commerce to overcome the practical situation the company Beyond Meat, Inc. can also circulate its production on world circle to find a legible growing function. The company study also proves the static condition of their public objects.


Appendix 1





Performance Indicator

Strategies followed by the organization?

The organization follows introduction of new components to market and sales capitalization with incentives.

What are the concepts to strategy implementation?

The organization focuses on the identification of their product in the market.

What is the relevancy of strategy in theory and practice?

The relevancy of strategy in theoretically is focused on the production process of vegan meat and practice follow is in the marketing process (Armstrong et al. 2019).

What is the key approach of the organization towards formulation of decisions?

Market analysis and the intervention of data from sales report are the main factors of decision making.

Implementation of Strategy

How does the organization analyze their strategic options?

The organization constantly researches n the best source of providing proteins.

Which specific strategies and tools are followed by the organization to critically analyze?

The enforcement of protein from plant based products. Implementing health with attaining sustainability.

How does the organization understand the strategic position in the organization?

The organization reads the impact of the product over the market and the effect on stakeholders (Soule et al. 2019).

How does the organization implement business management?

The organization upholds through data driven processes through the implementation of Artificial intelligence.

 Test for Evaluation

What is the purpose of the business?

The purpose of the business is to reform the food habits to a sustainable and nutritive output.

How does the organization strategize task, resource and time?

The organization involves the use of technology in every part of their operation to enhance the attributes.

What are the tests of Strategy evaluation?

The tests include sales margins, positive work culture and awareness of product (Mohor?ich and Reese, 2019).

Appendix 3

External Analysis

Pestle analysis


Political meat

The allegation towards the organization that it produces fake meat. The agenda deals with the political sovereignty of different religious beliefs.

So what?

This may affect the organization sales and profit margins.

Taxation policy

The taxation on the meat products can directly affect the consumption of meat products.

So what?

Taxation on real meat will help induce the growth of beyond meat

New presidential


The new president have termed low taxation on healthy meat products.

So what?

This has helped the organization in managing the prices of the products and increase the sales (Gerhardt et al. 2020).


Fluctuation of


The fluctuation in currency of the USD have impacted on the prices and investments of the product.

So what?

The popularity o the product have deceased amongst many nations


It has hit the industry in terms of the raw material supply chain.

So what?

It has affected the production cost of vegan meat products for the organization (Belo et al. 2021).


Hotel’s review

The products have been popular under many brands of hotels such as TGI Fridays.

So what?

The product is mostly preferred by vegan customers and provides a generous sales margin

Social medias

community and


The product is showcased widely in the social media community and is transformed accordingly.

So what?

It has increased the influence of the product and awareness to promote sales.

Viral and sharing


Since it is new concept food, there has been a sensation towards the food.

So what?

It has helped in the analysis of the revolutionary food product and determines the acceptance of the product to the people.


Live Chabot and

online application

Implementation of technology has proved to be an important factor and guidance schedules.

So what?

Implementation of technology helps in the reviving the consumers and retailer for the organization. It helps in providing authenticity to the process and meat production techniques.

AI technology

Application of AI helps in the data segregation techniques regarding the product favorability. Understanding the sales is also enhanced by AI

So what?

This helped in the process of decision making for the organization to develop strategies. It enhances the automation of the processes (Belo et al. 2021).



The environment is not at all affected by the organization. The procedure for meat production does not demand liable catastrophes.

So what?

The aspect is maintained by the fact that the environment conservation is constant and determinant towards the production process.


The safety of the product is major to the sales an execution process. Food safety and standards are well maintained via the product.

So what?

Safety and standards are maintained hence situation for disease does not occur at once.

High and Low


The availability of the raw materials marks the seasonal availability of the product. The quality of the fresh materials marks the highs and lows (Fulkerson and Tushingham, 2021).

So what?

The demand is increasing globally and to meet it effort to provide all products worldwide initiate is being implemented


Immunity to meat processing

The government has tested the process and has analyzed the patents of production to clear of the legal procedures.

So what?

It helped in gaining trust of the people as well as the government.

Porter’s 5 Forces

Power of

suppliers: High

The organization is highly dependent on the quality of the supplies. The raw materials are highly effective in procuring the taste of the products. Hence the power of the suppliers are quite high in maintaining the quality of the raw material.

Power of

customers: High

The power of the consumers is also high because the product belongs to a specific cluster of people and their likings. It is obvious that for other people there are alternatives. Hence preference of choice for the consumers holds a higher position.

The threat of


products: high

It has a high threat to its substitute’s o real meat products. The product is healthier and tastier in multiple aspects. Awareness and popularity of the product can be a threat to its substitute

Intensity of


rivalry: high

The business does have the potential to be a favored and health oriented food of the future. Competition is a expected aspect.

Threat of New

Entrants: low

Since the market is emerging there are no threats for new entrants presently

Opportunities and Threats



The organization has introduced an unique and totally new product that may help them revolutionize the meat industry.

Since the organization has produced the alternative of an available product it may happen that people do not favor the attributes of the product

The organization is substantial towards the involvement of technology in the process of production as well as the sales.

The price of the product can be more than that of the competitors. This may lead to losses for the organization

The organization does have the potential to update the product according to the needs of the customers.

Customization can prove to be a negative aspect for consumer liking natural tastes and textures.

The product is highly healthy and the effective item essential to the body can be managed. 

The taste factor of artificial meat will never be able to meet the atrocity of authentic. It can prove to be unfavourableness to the situation.

Appendix 4

Internal Analysis

Resource audit: The organization has been auditing the resources in order to determine the quality to maintain certification of safe food from WHO. Improbability in maintenance may lead to misidentification of the tangible and intangible resources.

Value Chain Analysis

Inbound Logistics


Outbound logistics

Marketing and Sales


The inbound logistics of the organization is focused on the supply chain from the eastern regions of Vietnam, and Malaysia

The operations of the value chain are credential based and the organization enhances sustainability in the process.

The product distribution procedure is vernacular. It support technology improvisations and quality maintenance of products.

The organization supports product awareness and alternative marketing procedures. Paid promotions and free tasting are among them

The organization tries to provide customized services. Implementation of technology is mainly for the purpose of customer service.

Threshold Capabilities: The organization limits its production according to demands and season. Availability of raw materials is also a factor for threshold maintenance. Application of food safety procedures and maintenance of standards impact the production line up with time management.

Strengths and Weaknesses



The organization focuses on the maintenance of standards.

The time management aspect of product is compromised because o standard efficiency

The organization implements technology in all parts of the organization.

The cost of production increase in short term efficiency management respect.

The organization pay heed to customized products from alternative sources.

The organization losses consumer trust if the taste is compromised

The organization targets a specific market of people and helps in promotion.

Identifying a specific market with available alternatives may get affected if consumer collapses


Resource Bundle

Strategic Support

Sustainable Competitive Advantage




Organizational support

Physical Assets





Financial Assets





Technological Assets





Organizational design,

structure, & operations





Brands, image and reputational






Human assets & intellectual






Company culture & incentive







Competitor Analysis

Market needs Correspondence


Vertical differentiators

· Information from third Party analysis program. e.g: traditional meat products

· Competitive Organization producing vegan meat.

Direct Substitutes

· Upper Scale

· Up scale

· Midscale or economy



· Semi-vegan products.

· Organic products

Appendix 5

External analysis


Backward: The Company has a backing up function on a different side of the growth on manual condition. It takes the utility of growing function on knowledge expansion of the company

Forward: The Company can be forwarded when people give the remark of its production and proper utilization. It takes forward a company to achieve growth.


Related: The growing power of the organization depends on the working ability of the company so that it can rise to a higher place.

Unrelated: The function of the company can be not related to the opposition of the quality and quantity even in the secondary production.

Appendix 6


Firm Strategy, Structure, Rivalry

The knowledge of competition gets on the rival companies

Factor Condition

The accepting condition comes forward in the dedication of the marketing function.

Related And Supporting Industries

In support of the company, growth demand should be high

Demand Conditions

The condition of the company gives a state to have firm decisions on different aspects.

Appendix 7



The profit and loss of an organization are depending on the quantity it has produced and to be produced.


The frequent change a company can have during a time and in its possible cause in equal time counted.


In the theory of the company, the circle of the company gives a rize of different output.

Appendix 8




The progress in production evaluates the terminating knowledge of the innovative formation of purchasing goods. Therefore by population and conditional term, it has the acceptance to have rapid growth

The knowledge of the company giving back the risk where the employees become less active the company holds rigid to get a fall back in the present situation. The negative aspect showed the shutdown possibility in the organization

Appendix 9


T Threat

? The company may have a downfall in its production and utility.

? Choice of the customer in the production.

O Opportunities

? The company can raise forward to improve its growing capacity in its functional hardships.

? The continuation of production in long-term methods.

W Weakness

? Market disability and promoting interface.

? Less effort on production

S Strength

? Technologic use in the organization.

? New launched technology for growth function.

Appendix 10


The company may have a downfall in its production and utility.

The company may get rapid growth in different equality

The accepting condition comes forward in the dedication of the marketing function.

The situation of the market states the equation of standing between accommodations.

Appendix 11


Short Term

The company may not experience proper growth function. The out face of the organization may not be able to take place in the market shortly.

Medium Term

The company gets an ability of promotion. The organizational view brings the frequent condition to evaluate the rise.

Long Term

The company evaluation brings forward the processing of the company outcome and avails high production cost

Appendix 12

























Armstrong Soule, C.A. and Sekhon, T., 2019. Preaching to the middle of the road: Strategic differences in persuasive appeals for meat anti-consumption. British Food Journal121(1), pp.157-171.

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